Dietrich All Staff Meeting

Today, I wore my gold name tag for the last time at the Dietrich All Staff Meeting. The Director of Staff, and Dean Blee talked about the initiatives last year and their goals for this year.

After the presentation, there were refreshments in the Cloister area of Frick Fine Arts. I got some coffee, a little bit of strawberry yogurt, and a granola bar. I stood next to Phyllis and Lynn. Denise approached me and wished me well and congratulated me on my new opportunity. I saw Paula at the meeting and we chatted about the new opportunity and how I need to make it over to Music and visit soon.

I walked back to Posvar with Phyllis and Lynn. Then I went back to my desk to work on some more tasks. I decided to call Melanie and tell her that my last day is Friday. She was happy for me. I told her that I will continue to still work on things for orientation and I will let her know where I leave off. I also scheduled a meeting with Phyllis for tomorrow, and Melanie and I planned to meet tomorrow as well.

That evening, we stayed home and got caught up on The Hills: New Beginnings.

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