Downton Abbey Movie

This evening, I finally saw the Downton Abbey movie! It was everything and more! I loved the story, and the plot. I mis this show so much. I will admit I cried at the end. There will never be another show like it. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing it again. I love lady grantham’s zingers. I highly recommend the movie!

Spoiler Alert! 

  • I liked how the whole Irish and English conflict was portrayed
  • Thankfully, George Clooney was not in the movie (he doesn’t need to be in Downton Abbey)
  • Lady Mary is still freaking out about whether or not it is best financially to run Downton
  • Lady Edith will win you over if she hasn’t already!
  • Old Lady Grantham tries to reassure Mary that she has to take over Downton and continue to keep Downton running, because she won’t be alive much longer. I cried I just cried. It was a passing the torch kind of moment. A nod to the newer generation!

The list goes on and on. I may have to watch see it again. I am just so in love!

Spaghetti dinner

Spaghetti dinner

In the early afternoon, Drew and I attended the spaghetti dinner to support my dad’s American Legion. I am so proud of my dad. He is my favorite person on this planet.

When we arrived at the spaghetti dinner, there was hardly anyone there. Drew and I wanted to go early, because we have some things to accomplish at the house and we need to get ready for the week ahead.

Dinner was yummy! It has been awhile since I had spaghetti. We bought some raffle tickets to support the legion. The winner was going to be called at 7pm.

After dinner, my dad stayed to volunteer and help staff the dessert table. We took my mom back to the house, then we went home ourselves. We had to get ready to go to see the Downtown Abbey movie!

Saturday Night

After the game, I came home and got a shower. I put on a comfortable outfit and passed out in our bed. I was so tired. When I woke up from my nap, we got ready to go to the cafe to meet his parents. Lately, I feel as though I have just been running on fumes.

When we arrived to the Cafe, I was feeling so tired. I ordered a BLT sandwich and fries. I talked, but I didn’t say much. I have 5 stages of tired. When I hit the fifth stage, I sometimes cry, that is how tired I was. Everyone seemed to notice too. They kept asking me what is wrong. I said, I am just tired.

When we got home, I changed into some pjs and went right to sleep.

Pitt vs. Delaware Champions Club

Pitt vs. Delaware Champions Club

This morning, we left for Heinz Field around 10:30am. Andrew dropped me off at Will Call to pick up the tickets. IMG_2528

Originally, I wasn’t sure about going to the game. We have been nonstop pretty much every weekend, but when my contact asked us if we wanted champions club tickets and a parking pass it was hard to turn down.

Once we were parked, we made our way inside the Champions Club entrance.  It is probably the nicest club there is at Heinz Field. It is much nicer than the PNC club that we were in last weekend. We are getting spoiled with all these club seats! We walked out to the stadium seating. We were in section FC3. We were so close! Closer than I thought we would be.

I saw some familiar names. It was so cool to see them that close. I have met a few of the players, when I worked in the Sociology department.

We stayed outside until half time then we went inside into the air conditioning and cooled down a bit. The event’s manager of Heinz Field bought us a cocktail, so I had a goose and soda water.

When the second half got started, we stayed inside a little longer. The panthers weren’t doing so well.

At one point, I stepped outside and they were playing Neil Diamond’s song, “Sweet Caroline” (but there is a Pitt version). I recorded a little video and Drew came outside to sing the song. We were hoping they could pull a win. We are loyal to our Panthers!

At the end of the game, the Panther’s won! We leaned over the railing and high five the players. It was such a cool experience. I am hopeful to have those seats again soon. They play Duke next week in North Carolina. I can’t wait for the next Pitt game!

Friday Evening

Friday Evening

This evening, I stopped at RMU’s Octoberfest. John, invited Andrew and I to stop by. Once we arrived, I didn’t see him at first even though he was standing right in front of me. We had laugh at that. Andrew and I got some food and took a seat a table, John joined us. We talked about all things RMU and things I could be involved in and one of them is the Meet the Colonials event, which is happening on October 17th. I am so excited about that event. I get to be stage manager again!

After Octoberfest, we went home for a little, then it was back out the door again. I had to stop by CMU and check in on the Late-Night event. This one was called the Colors of India. I received my first Airbrush Henna tattoo, and ate a samosa. I sent some pictures to Andrew and we left around 10:30pm.

Back in the Studio

Back in the Studio

In the morning, I worked on my blog post for internship. Then around 12:30pm, I went to the radio station to record some imaging with Scottro. I was excited to be back behind the mic. He brought the mic down in front of me and he handed me a sheet of paper with some lines he wanted me to say, such as, “96-1 kiss”, “an heart-radio station, “back to the music, 96-1 kiss is your concert ticket head quarters, Pittsburgh’s #1 for new music.” I had so much fun. It is so cool to still be able to do this.

After recording, I went to lunch with my parents at Cadillac ranch. I had a bunless burger and fries. I still wanted the fries just not the bun on the burger. Tonight, I am going to Octoberfest at RMU, then stopping by a Late-Night event at CMU more to come later.


Pitt Game

Pitt Game

This morning, we slept in a bit and then hung out until it was time to go to the Pitt game. We had tickets in the chancellor’s suite. I volunteered to be a Lineup marshal last Spring for the Ph.D commencement Ceremony. The chancellor offered everyone who volunteered club tickets and a parking pass! Of course we were going to go! We are so blessed!

The club seats were so awesome! It is definitely a game changer to how we want to go to games, but this was a once in a lifetime experience at least for now, that is. 🙂
We stopped at tailgate and talked to Dr. E. He was a professor that I worked with in the Sociology Department at Pitt. We chatted about the department, and about Pitt athletics. I told him who I am tutoring and how I am working with the baseball team at Pitt, as well as being a Grad Assistant at CMU. He was happy for me. We do need together together soon. He is such a good guy.

Also, at the tailgate, I ran into Scottro from 96.1 kiss. I used to work for the radio stations. While, I was a receptionist there,  I was asked to do voice overs for Blush gentlemen’s club, and a few other companies. I also did the voice imaging for the station. 96.1 kiss still uses my voice. I can hear myself when they play the bumpers and I said, “An iheartradio station!” I loved that job. Leaving that place, was the hardest decision ever so far in my life. Scottro told me that he wants to get me back in and record some more imaging for the station. We set a date for next Friday! I am so blessed and so grateful.  I am excited to be back in the studio.

The Pitt game was amazing! We won against the UCF knights 35-34. It was a last minute touchdown but a win is a win. I am so proud of our boys!