Advisor Meeting

This afternoon, before class I met with Max, who is now my present advisor. We talked about paid internships. He mentioned one that came across his desk with athletics. He asked me to reach out to Chris to see what the position would be about and how much it would pay.

After our meeting, we walked to class, when I walked in, I sat with my assessment group and I opened my computer and I sent the e-mail to Chris. I have met him before. When I was working at Posvar, athletics borrowed apart of our floor while the Pete was getting remodeled. Chris reached out to me immediately, we set up a meeting to meet at the Pete on Thursday, which is the same day I am to mentor the football player. He e-mailed my advisor and he told my advisor that unfortunately, the position is unpaid. My advisor said, that I was free to explore, but would advise against an unpaid position. I totally understood, but at the same time. I really wanted experience with athletics. I would have to talk to Drew some more about this. I was still going to meet with Chris on Thursday.

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