Baseball Team Pitt

After CMU, I made my way to the Pete to meet with Chris and hear about this possible internship opportunity with the baseball team. I know my advisor is going to advise against it, but I want experience with athletics.

When I arrived to the Pete, I cooled off for a moment. It is crazy walking from CMU to the Pete, and it was so hot outside. I needed to catch my breath before meeting with Chris. I took the escalator up to the athletics offices. I approached the front desk and didn’t see anyone, who could direct me. I walked past the front desk and down the row of offices, until I found Chris’. I knocked lightly on the door. He greeted me and told me to come in. I took a seat in his office, and he told me about the position. I would meet with the baseball players and make sure they are studying and are on top of their schoolwork. I am going to create a plan for them, and encourage them to meet with the tutors if they need help. I can do this.

At the end of the meeting, he said, I would gladly hire you if you are interested. When can you be up here?  I said, probably just on Mondays if possible until 6pm. He understood. I told him I had to meet with a football player to help him with a plan of study. He is in my program. He understood and thought it was cool.  We set up a plan for next Monday.


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