Off Day

This morning, I just felt so lethargic from the start. I made some coffee for the trip in, but it didn’t seem be enough.

When I arrived at CMU, I was just off. We have a big event on Saturday and everyone is crazy busy. I am in charge of the marketplace and setting table numbers for student orgs. We have about 22 tables, so far. I am excited for the event. It’s going to be a long day.

After work, I went home and changed. I took a nap on the couch for an hour. Then I made dinner. After dinner, I finished watching the end of 3 from Hell. I love Rob Zombie’s movies. They are so messed up, but I can appreciate the creativity. It is a horror cult movie.

After the movie was over, I ate dinner and then went to open the living room window. The blinds came down and hit my head. I was so annoyed. I called Drew and he came home. I felt bad he was leaving class early, but my head was really tender and I have no clue how to put the blinds back up.

When Drew came home, I was feeling better and he put the blinds back up. We watched some South Park and went to bed. It was just an off day.

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