Today, I did not have to go to CMU, because it was Friday! I went to my parents for a bit, then I met with John at 3pm.

When I arrived at RMU, John wasn’t in his office. His previous meeting was running behind. I put my stuff down in his office, and talked to Mikhalia, the work study in the office. She and I went to get something to eat. She has a ton of meal plan money.

After I ate, I sat at John’s desk, and started typing up a tasking sheet for the program that I am putting together for the Commuter Student event at RMU. I also was able to field out some questions from students, who arrived to the office looking for John.

When John came back from his meeting, I gave him back his desk. He was so busy. I told him that I made a tasking sheet, and I would just send him to him. He said, “sounds good.” he apologized, but I told him not to worry.

When I got home, Drew and I ordered pizza and watched Riverdale. My group for Assessment class, gave me the go ahead to submit the assessment plan analysis that was due by midnight that night. I felt like I was so behind on everything. Earlier this week, I was a bit under the weather, and trying to recover from Scotty Saturday, but I am hoping next week will be better!

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