A Case of the Mondays

When I arrived at CMU, I worked on presentation for the Staff Meeting. I was giving an update on the Late-Night stuff. I started thinking about all that I have going on  and I was starting to get overwhelmed. I had to meet up with my group today after CMU to work on the functional area presentation. We needed to put the final finishing touches on the presentation and submit since it was due today. Also, I was due to present my HEd Talk. Oral presentations make me uneasy. The last time I did a presentation. I got a C! I never got a C on an oral presentation before ever in my academic life. It was my first oral presentation of graduate school!

After CMU, I went to Pitt’s campus, and walked into Posvar Hall. I thought about how I used to work in this building full-time. It seems like forever ago, but it was only a few months.  I waited for my group in the seating area of the School of Ed. When my group members arrived, we moved into a quiet study room and started to work on our presentation. While we were working on our presentation, I thought I smelled incense. Then I thought okay, now it smells like campfire. We just kept working through the smell. We finished our audio recording, and someone came into the room, and told us that there is smoke in the building and they are evacuating.  We packed up our stuff and left the study room, and as we made our way to the escalators, the fire alarms went off.

As we made our way outside, we stood around on the patio. I texted my husband and told him that there was smoke and a fire possibly happening in Posvar. He asked if I made it out safe? I texted back and told him I was safe. I looked around for people that I used to work with. I remember in the summer, when they were doing the construction in the building, the fire alarm would go off all the time. Nancy would tell me, “Take all your stuff with you. In case they don’t let us back in.” I would quickly pack up my purse and go outside. She and I would stand around and chat until they let us back in the building.

While we were outside, I texted my group and said, “I guess we are done for the day.” I wondered about submitting the project as is. I saw my instructor outside, and his capstone class was standing around with him. Some of them, I am in class with this semester. Then, another professor that I had last semester, who was supposed to teach class at 4:30pm, ended up combining her class with the other instructor outside on the patio. I went over and talked to my old workers, Nancy, Patty, and Cody. Nancy pointed to Cody and said, “he didn’t bring his stuff.” I said, “Oh you will learn.” I was telling them how think this time it is legit, because I could smell smoke as we were working on our group project.

A few fire trucks arrived, and Pitt police blocked off the streets and the building. It was legit. I decided perhaps I should just head home. Not living in Oakland, and living elsewhere I either have to stay on campus or go home? I had class at 7:15pm. I wasn’t sure. I took the bus, and my parents picked me up (Drew had class), by the time I got the bus stop and my parents picked me up, my dad took me back to Pitt’s campus, because the building was open and class was still on!

When I arrived back to Pitt’s campus, and walked back into Posvar it was like nothing had ever happened earlier! I went into class, and there were some students in there already since the class before in that room was cancelled, or held outside. It was just a weird day.

When my instructor entered the room, and class began we signed up in a particular order for our presentations. I was second. When it was time for me to give my presentation, I just wanted to get it over with. I was ready to go and should have done this two weeks ago, but I wanted to wait and see how everyone else did on their presentations. I think my presentation went well. I get nervous anymore doing presentations.

After class, I received my grade and it was an A! I was happy. I did agree with some of his feedback, and there are things to consider for my next presentation. I was so ready to go home. I met up with Drew downstairs by the bagel place, and we got ready to leave. I also received some texts from my functional area group that the presentation as not working. The audio was not matching with the video. They wanted to utilize the grace period. I just wanted to submit this thing. I hate last minute issues. I also needed to just go home and go to bed.

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