On the Field

Today, I got to shadow the assistant athletic, events and facilities management at Pitt! I was so excited. I got to see the Pitt locker room, the official’s locker room, and be present at a meeting with the officials and senior leaders. It was such an experience and an honor. My dad and Drew got to be on the field as well. we took a family picture.
Image may contain: Andrew Hornyak, Danielle Hornyak and Paul Kayser, people smiling, stadium and outdoorIt was such a cool experience. It didn’t really start getting chilly on the field until the second quarter.

During half time, Blair and I took a seat on the heated benches. It felt so good.

Towards the end of the 3rd quarter, I went up to the club seats to meet my dad and drew. I figured it would be easier to connect at the end of the game if we were all together.

Even though Pitt lost, I had the experience of a lifetime!

Black Friday Shopping

This morning we took our time and slept in. I was not in a huge rush to go to the mall. We had to go to Ross Park Mall. I had a gift card to L.L Bean to get a new winter coat, and a Macy’s gift card to get Chanel foundation. They stopped selling Chanel at the Macy’s in Robinson, so it is a bit of inconvenience to drive to Ross Park. I was up for an adventure. We were hoping to get a good Black Friday deal on my winter coat, as well.

When we arrived at the mall, we had a tough time finding a parking spot. There were cars parked along the side of the curb, near the grass, and on the grass. Some people created their own parking spaces. It was so crazy! I forgot about the parking. Drew finally found a space. We saw a couple getting into their car to leave. We were able to pull right in. They took a little while to leave, but once they did half the battle was over.

When we arrived inside of Macy’s, I approached the Chanel counter first and bought my foundation. The makeup lasts me a long time, so I probably won’t need it anymore until next year or the year after.

After Macy’s we went to L.L Bean. There is no interior entrance from the mall to L.L Bean, so you have to go outside and then enter L.L Bean. it is a weird set up. Once inside, they were having a 20% off all L.L. Bean merchandise, which works out perfectly! I was able to find a coat that liked. It was the one I saw online when I was first looking at winter coats. Andrew also got a vest. He wanted this for Christmas. It was so cute he asked me to wrap it up when we got home.

When we left L.L Bean, we went back inside the mall and then got a drink at the Wigle Whiskey place. I am not a whiskey drinker, but I know Drew is and I thought he deserved to treat himself. He was being such a good sport coming out on Black Friday with me. I thought my drink was okay, but it wasn’t the greatest.

After the whiskey, we stopped at Yankee Candle and stocked up on some Christmas candles. They were having a sale. If you buy three jars, then you get three jars free. We were all set for Christmas scents.

After Yankee Candle, we made our way back to Macy’s to leave. I found a cute pair of pink and black Nikes. I was desperately in need of new tennies. They didn’t have my size. When we got to the car, I ordered them online and had them shipped to the store. They were only $30 dollars! I love Black Friday.

When we got home, Drew went to the gym and I did some laundry. We decorated for Christmas in the evening, as well.
No photo description available.There she is the Hornyak family Christmas tree. I love all the ornaments that we have collected over the years.

Our house is officially ready for Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2019

This morning, we got up a little early so we could pick up Aunt Tootsie in time and take her over to Andrew’s parents. I was so glad that we were going to have a nice home-cooked family dinner. I was afraid we would have to go out for Thanksgiving dinner. I would understand if we had to go out, but I would much prefer to stay home. Andrew and I brought dinner rolls, and my parents brought a pumpkin pie and apple pie. Andrew’s parents had all the thanksgiving dinner essentials; green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, coleslaw, and stuffing. Everything was so good. After dinner, I had a little apple pie, but I was so full.

We stopped over to see his Grandma and she was surprised to see us. She loves it when we stop by and see her. I wish we could see her more often.

Andrew and I had a great thanksgiving and have so much to be grateful for!

Director of Operations for Pitt

After CMU today, I walked to the Petersen events center to meet with Blair, who is the director of operations. I was so excited. I stopped by Chris’ office and touched base with him regarding the baseball athletes that I advise. We talked about coming back in the Spring and helping out on Mondays like I did this semester. I really enjoy assisting, advising, and helping the athletes develop a plan of study.

After my meeting with Chris, he walked me over to the area where Blair’s office is located. Blair and I shook hands and we went back to his office. He handed me a credential for the game on Saturday and a parking pass. I had a ton of questions, what time should I be there, what should I wear, etc. He told me we are going to have a meeting at 12:45pm. So I should probably plan to arrive at 12:30pm. He said to text him when I arrive and he will meet me. I am so grateful and so very excited!

After the meeting, I walked to the Cathedral to meet with Drew. He was glad to hear my meeting went well and was happy for me. We walked to the car and once we got home, we got ready to go to Primanti’s to watch the Pitt game.

Once we arrived, at Primanti’s it wasn’t as packed as it typically is. We were able to get a table in the bar area. One of the bartender’s turned on the Pitt game for us, and put on the RMU game as well. I was excited. We watched the first half of the Pitt game, then went home to watch the second half.

It was a great Monday!

Mr. Rogers Movie

This afternoon I took my mom to see the Mr. Roger’s movie. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it wasn’t going to be fully about Mr. Rogers, but more about a reporter who did a story on Mr. Rogers. I  grew up watching Mr. Rogers neighborhood. I used to love King Friday, and Daniel Tiger. I remember watching it at my grandma’s house.

Admittedly, as I got older, most of the things that Mr. Rogers taught me in my childhood about forgiveness, respect everyone, and liking people for who are I have found is hard to do sometimes, as I have moved through life and have experienced certain things, but I am sure this is the case for everyone. However, Mr. Rogers makes us feel like it is never too late to start over.

I highly recommend this movie it will make you reevaluate things and give you a new perspective.

Coffee with my Professor friend

This morning, I was so sore from spin. I got a shower, got ready, and then went to go meet Dr. Pamboukian for coffee at Starbucks.

When I arrived around 8:30am, she was already there working on her tablet. I ordered my coffee and then approached her. She smiled and said, “hi.” She got up and we made our way to a table with two chairs. We chatted about literature, approaches to literature, new shows on Netflix, graduate school, RMU, and everything in between.

When I was an undergraduate, I was so intimated by her and all she knew about literature. I grew to respect her and value our friendship. She is definitely someone, who I admire. I seek her advice and feedback frequently. I asked her to attend the practice session that John and I hosted to prepare for the McDonough Leadership Conference. I co-advised 5 students to attend this conference. I wanted her opinion on their narratives.

Around 10am, she had to leave to teach class, but we promised to get together after the Christmas break.

When I left Starbucks, I went to my parents to drop off my hope chest. I asked my parents if I could store it at their house, along with my wedding dress (preserved in a box). Drew and I don’t really have the room. We are trying to clean out the furnished part of our basement, so we can make it into a room where we can entertain guests. My mom and I put my hope chest in my old bedroom, which is now a guest room.

Then my mom and I went to lunch at Hanlon’s in Crafton-Ingram shopping center. I told my mom how coffee went with Dr. Pamboukian, and how much I love hanging out with her. My mom was glad to hear it went well. We talked about thanksgiving, plans to go to the movies on Sunday, and how the semester is winding down.

After lunch, I went home to clean up the house some more and get ready for Drew to come home from work. I started working on my Diversity Initiative Proposal.

In the evening, we ordered pizza and watched Riverdale.

2nd Spin Class

After CMU today, I went home changed for spin class, then heated up some keto hamburger casserole from last night. I hung out for a while, and watched Jersey Shore reruns before heading out the door to spin class.

Once I arrived to RMU, I parked at the campus recreation center, and swiped my card at the front desk. I walked into the spin room and saw John was there stretching. I greeted him with a “what’s up.” I picked out a spin bike in the back next to two other girls. We chatted about the semester being almost over and thanksgiving break. I adjusted my bike a  little. I forget how to do this. The last time I did Spin was almost a year ago. It was last year at Winterfest.

Once class started, we hit the ground running full force. John is a great spin instructor. He plays awesome tunes and keeps us motivated to make it through the class. I probably didn’t push as hard as I could, but I already got my walking in today. I walked from Pitt to CMU and back to Pitt to where I parked my car, so my legs were already worked out! It was a good class over all. I was sweaty after and that is how I know I got a great work out. As soon as I got off the bike, my legs started to feel like jello.

After class, John and I talked about things I could assist with in the Spring semester. He and Maureen still want to utilize my help with events even though my internship class will be complicated and my hours will no longer count towards my internship. I was glad to hear that I was still going to be able to help as needed. Ideally, I would love to work at RMU full-time after graduate school. I am so grateful to John and to Maureen for giving me the opportunities to be involved and to build my social capital.


Back in the Groove

Today was my first day back at CMU since being out sick for two weeks. The Yoga Nidra helped, but I was hoping the pressure in my ears would go away soon.

I had a pretty full day. I met with AB Special events and we talked about the last day of classes event. Then I met with Bhangra in the Burg. I feel terrible for not going to their event on Saturday. If I wasn’t sick, I would have been in attendance. There aren’t any  regularly scheduled advisor meetings for Bhangra in the Burg in the Spring, unless it is just to wrap up their expenses from their event. I am so glad I got to meet theses women and was able to co-advise them. I learned so much from them.

After CMU, I met with football player that I tutor. We worked on his last paper. I helped him with some research and gave him some pointers on his paper.

Yoga Nidra

After my team meeting, I attended my first Yoga Nidra session. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did google it and it seems pretty relaxing.

When I arrived to the campus rec center, I checked in at the front desk, then went upstairs to the studio. I took my shoes off upon entry, and laid out my yoga mat. I sat down on the mat, prepared for my first Yoga Nidra session. I was given a blanket and a bolster pillow for under my knees.

The instructor explained to us that Yoga Nidra is a meditative sleep yoga. You lay on your back the whole time, and she guides us through the meditation. I was excited. The bolster pillow helps to support your lower back, while you are laying flat. The blanket is to keep you warm, because when the body is totally at rest it becomes chilly.

After the session ended, I was so relaxed. It is hard to shut down and reboot, but it felt so good. I do recall at times it was hard to keep the thoughts at bay, and just be totally present it must take some practice. I am looking forward to attending another session as soon as possible.


Hair Appt

Call me crazy, but I still went to my hair appt on Saturday. Misty is amazing and with the holidays coming it would be hard to get an appointment. I desperately needed my hair done. I went back to blonde, but I still kept my dark roots.  I love my blonde! I am finding that breathing is easier. No wheezing.

When I got home, I did some laundry and laid back down. I didn’t want to do too much. My hair appt was my big event.