I woke up Monday morning, and I had not slept at all. I had pain in right ears. I was not feeling well at all. I got out of bed, when Drew got out of the shower. I turned around and said, “I am not going in.” I got back into bed. I sent a text to my boss and told him I was sick and not feeling well and that I would not be in today. I planned to go to medexpress when I woke up. I needed to rest a little longer.

Around 8am, I got up, got a shower, and then went to Medexpress. When the doctor finally came in, he told me that the good news is I don’t have strep. He said that I do have an ear infection. My ears are bulging and red. He suggested a Z pack, and Flonase for my nose. Okay, I got off the examining table and I made sure to fill my prescriptions there. Giant Eagle takes forever! The doctor gave me a note to return to work non Monday the 18th.

When I got home, I sent e-mails out to my contacts that I had meetings with this week and told them I would not be able to meet with them due to illness and asked to reschedule. I e-mailed my professor and he said, thank you for letting him know and feel better. Ugh! I already used my one excused absence. I was worried about my grades, but I am sick.

I laid on the couch and didn’t move.

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