Primary Care Doctors

I wasn’t feeling any better at all. My sinus were throbbing and I had this pain in my jaw and bone behind my eye brow. I decided to call my PCP. They asked me if I could come in at 3:45pm. I agreed to the appointment time. I was hopeful that I was doing everything that I was supposed to be doing.

When I arrived at the doctor’s, I signed in and took a seat. They called me back immediately. She came into the examining room, and looked into my ears and she said, they are not really red at all.  You do have some fluid retraction in your ears. She listened to my chest and said, “you are wheezing. How long have you been wheezing for?” I said I didn’t realize I was. She said, “You have bronchitis. I am going to suggest an inhaler, and a steriod. You will take the steroid for 5 days.” I took a deep breath and said, “okay.” She said, we will fix you. She ordered a breathing treatment for me. One of her nurses came in and hooked up the breathing treatment. She also gave me a doctor’s note for my assistantship. I am home until next Wednesday. I was shaky after the breathing treatment. I need a minute to gather myself, so I could drive.

On my way home, I called Drew and he offered to stop and pick up my prescriptions. I am so thankful for him. When I got home, I laid down. He came home with my prescriptions. I started the steroid right way. I sent e-mails to my meetings on Friday and asked to reschedule. This was so unfortunate.

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