Frozen Surprise

This afternoon, Tracy and I surprised Drew’s cousins as Elsa and Anna.  Tracy sang a couple songs for the girls, we took pictures, and signed autographs. It was so cute. They loved it.

When we left the house, I changed in Tracy’s car into normal clothes, so I could go back and join the party. I was hoping the girls wouldn’t recognize me. Tracy was invited to join the party, but had other plans with her family.

When I walked back in to the house to join the party, I said, “Merry Christmas Everyone!” The twins were walking around with their pictures of Elsa and Anna. I was waiting for them to tell me who was there. I hugged Drew’s cousins. I asked one of the twins what they had in their hands? They showed me their autographed picture of Elsa and Anna. I said, “Oh wow! When did you see them? Did they come here?” They nodded. One of the twins looked at me closely and said, “You is Anna!” Then it caught on to the other cousins and they started saying, “Who ever thinks she is Anna raise their hand!” I said, “I am not Anna.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

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