Increase in Responsibilities

In my assistantship, I have been tasked with a few more responsibilities. A staff took another position and is no longer in our department. The responsibilities of the position have been divided up. As a result, I have one more additional student organization to advise and that is AB (Activities Board) Publicity. Also, I am responsible for taking on more of the planning when it comes to the awards ceremony, and I am going to slate activities for senior week. Andrew (my supervisor) is still going be there for me to answer questions, but I am to try to take on as much as I can independently. I found most of this out on Monday, and then I talked about it with Andrew during our one-on-one.

At first, I was apprehensive about the additional responsibilities especially being more independent. I am afraid to not do well, and not do a good job. I did feel better after talking about it during the one-on-one meeting with Andrew. It has been a busy week.

I did not have class this evening, so I went to the gym and got a really good work out. I have been doing the elliptical lately. I did 1 hour on the elliptical and then did some weights. I don’t get a chance to work out as much, and I know there are people out there who think that an hour on the elliptical is too much, but it feels so good, and I actually feel like I get a great work out in, because of it. More so than when I work out on the treadmill.

After the gym, I went home and hung out until Drew came home from class. When he came home, we talked about work, and etc. It was so nice just go to the gym, and be able to clear my head. Talking with Drew helped as well.

Valentines Day

I did not have to report to CMU today and Andrew worked from home. I worked on some writing and then watched the new episode of Outlander. It is the last season of this show, and I know I am going to cry at some point.

When Andrew took a break from work for lunch, he went out and brought me home a bouquet of ballet pink roses. He knows I am not a red rose kinda girl.

After he got done with work, I made us dinner. We were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Andrew planned on cooking a nice steak dinner.

After dinner, we opened our Valentine cards to one another. He picks out such nice cards.



Charlie Batch: Guest Speaker for the Colonial Leadership Academy

This evening Charlie Batch was going to be the guest speaker for Robert Morris University’s Colonial Leadership Academy. Previously, I met Charlie Batch back in 2014 when I was a receptionist for iHeartMedia (picture on the left). I was excited to meet him again. When we were introduced, I told him that I met him once before back in 2014. I showed him the photo. He then said, “Let’s update it.” I smiled and said, “Okay!”

I so enjoyed his speech on leadership. He showed video clips from when he started against the Baltimore Ravens, while Ben was injured. The Pittsburgh Steelers won that game. It was cool to hear him speak. He talked about his foundation the Best of the Batch. He is such a good guy. I am glad to call him part of my social network.

Typist Needed

After CMU today, I met with a professor at RMU, who was in need of a typist. He needed someone to type his notes, essays, and etc. I responded to the job application on Facebook, and we scheduled a meeting. On my way to his office, I ran into my old pressor MC she and I talked for a bit, and then she showed me where Dr. Skovira’s office was located. I greeted him and said, “My name is Danielle. I am here about the Typist position.” He said, “Oh yes.” I took a seat across from his desk and he said that he is looking for someone, who can read his handwriting. He handed me a document and looked it over. I noticed he wrote in cursive. It wasn’t all that hard to read.

Growing up my mom wrote in cursive, so I feel like reading “handwriting” came naturally to me. Even though, I do not handwrite well. I did learn cursive in 2nd grade, but it was never enforced. I always admired people who could write so beautifully in cursive and had amazing Caligraphy skills. I do not. My handwriting is a mix of print and cursive. I mostly type.

I told him that I would definitely be able to type this document up for him in a word document. He told me that he wants it in 12pt font, Georiga, and double space. I nodded, smiled, and said, “I can do that.” He gave me the deadline of next Wednesday. We discussed payment, but I find it awkward to negotiate, so I am not sure what amount I will receive, until we meet next Wednesday, when I turn in the original copies.

After my meeting with the professor, I sat down and got to work on some school work. I had some time to kill before the CLA and there was no sense in going home and coming back.

Gym & Siesta Key

After CMU today, I went to the gym and hopped on the elliptical.  I only did 30 mins, but I kept my hooded sweatshirt on to keep the heat in. I did some reps on the hip abductor and then went home. I needed to get home in time to watch Siesta Key.

When I got home, I threw some chicken thighs in the oven, and then Andrew walked in the door. Finally, I got to sit down drink my protein shake and watch Siesta Key.

I love Laguna Beach and The Hills type “reality” tv. It’s my guilty pleasure. I could binge-watch those types of shows over and over again. Of course, at the end of the episode, they show the scenes for next week and they always leave me hanging.

After Siesta Key, I got a shower and then got ready for bed. Andrew stayed up to watch the State of the Union. I totally forgot it was even on.

A Day Cut Short

After CMU today, I went home and changed into sweats and crashed on the couch until around 4:30pm. I don’t know why, but I was so tired.  I didn’t sleep that well over the weekend, so I guess my body was trying to catch up.

Shortly after I woke up, Drew came home. He felt bad that I wasn’t feeling 100%. I heated up some leftovers for us for dinner. Then we hung out and watched reruns of the Office until it was time for bed.


Pitt Game & Superbowl

Andrew and I went to the Pitt vs. Miami Game. I thought there were a lot of people there. We are not used to sitting around so many people. Andrew and I had to be careful with our language there were children in front of us, and next to us. It was a close game. Thankfully Pitt won!

After the game, we went grocery shopping, then went home. After we unloaded the groceries, Andrew worked on his homework for class. I polished my nails, and then got changed.

We went over his parents for dinner. Tommy and Megan were there as well with Butters and Waffles. We celebrated Megan’s birthday, and watched the Superbowl.

Oh, yes of course the Superbowl. I wasn’t into it at all this year. It is weird not seeing Tom Brady and company. The half time show was alright. Jlo and Shakira did well, but it was missing something for me. I don’t know Superbowl halftime shows used to be so much better and worth the anticipation.

While we were watching the game, I received an e-mail from Gina. She canceled class due to pneumonia. I felt so bad for her, but I was glad I didn’t have to present tomorrow. We have to turn in our updated problem statements, 1 page summary, and an annotated bibliography of 3 sources next Monday. I will be busy next weekend. 🙂  I did send her a clarifying e-mail to make sure I understand how to do the summary correctly.

After the half time performance, we got ready to leave and head home. Tomorrow is Monday.

Restful Day

This morning we didn’t get up until 11am. I was going to go to the gym, but I didn’t feel like it. I drank some coffee and went to TJ Maxx and picked up some high end dry shampoo, and then went to Marshall’s to see if they had any clearance high end hair care items. I am always looking to try new hair care products.

After Marshalls, I went to Walmart. I picked up some shampoo for Drew, and a Valentine’s Day card. I didn’t want to go last minute and they would be all picked over. I am always ahead of the game.

Once I got home, I put some more laundry in the washer and put my clean clothes away. I tied up the living room, then I read for Ethics class, and prepped for my presentation on Monday. I am just taking it easy and as it comes this weekend.