Britney Spears “Mood Ring”

Britney released her song “Mood Ring” off of her Glory album and it is amazing! I have had it on repeat for the past couple days. She is amazing. I will always be a fan of Britney and her music. This song is definitely a bop and I can’t stop listening to it. If you haven’t heard it yet what are you waiting for?! Head over to Spotify and listen to it.

Back Home

My parents came home around 6pm on Thursday. I was off duty and was able to go back home to my husband. When I got home, I unpacked my stuff, and got settled in. We ordered pizza for dinner (the most carbs I have had in a couple days). I miss my pups. I did sleep well last night, but it was weird not having the dogs next to me. I am going to go walking today and catch up on my writing and reading. Drew is working from home and I am on summer break. I want to work on my fitness not just my body, but also my mind. I want to journal and soak up the sun.

Also, my parents gifted me with this really cute hoodie from Myrtle Beach. I am glad they are back safely.

Seizing the Beautiful Day

This afternoon, I met up with my supervisor from CMU, and I returned to him the lap top, HDMI cord, mouse, and my CMU ID. He handed me two gifts and a card. One gift was a set of CMU wine glasses, the other is a bottle of wine. The note was so sweet. I will miss my colleagues at CMU. I am not sure what is next for me. I have a call set up for tomorrow with my advisor to see if there are any opportunities for the Fall semester that I could apply for. I am hopeful something will come up.

When I got home, I got changed and put on some walking clothes and seized the beautiful day.

I thought about how I used to go trick-or-treating in this neighborhood and how I used to think these streets were so big, and so long. Now as an adult the streets don’t seem as big. I thought about how I have grown since living at my parents, and the opportunities I had. I walked up one side street and down the other. they kind of connect at the bottom of the street.

When I walked up one of the side streets, and looked over to my right and up some. You can see a little view of Downtown Pittsburgh.

I thought there she is. Downtown Pittsburgh. In the image way off to the left you can see the Cathedral of learning. I took a minute and thought about my opportunities and all that I accomplished. It as a very existential moment for me. Even though NSYNC and the bops from my pre-teen years were in my ears playing through my Beats ear buds, but I have come so far and have had so many amazing opportunities. Something is going to pull through. I am grateful for my skills, abilities, and opportunities.

After my walk, which was 5 1/2 laps totaling 5.85 miles. I was whooped. I haven’t felt this good in a while. I am loving this walk. I will miss it when it is time to go back home.

Memorial Day

In the morning, we went walking and did about 4 1/2 laps in the neighborhood. While we were walking, we saw a C17 military plane fly over. It circled around a few times. It was so cool to see. I thought about how the military members and all who have lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. It is nice in this crazy time of COVID-19 to be able to take a minute and think about what Memorial Day actually means.

After our walk, we got showered and Drew spent most of the afternoon with me before heading back to our house. He has to work from home the next day, and it would have been too much to bring his computer and monitors over to my parents for only a couple more days. I was going to miss him.

Out & About

In the morning we went walking in the neighborhood. We did about 4 1/2 laps. Then got showered, and went to Robinson to see what stores were open. We ended up in Settlers Ridge. There were a few stores open, such as 5 & below, Michael’s, and the Pet Supplies Plus store. We wandered in and out of the stores. We bought a few things at 5 & Below, and I got the dogs some sticks from Pet Supplies Plus. At Michael’s, we wandered up every aisle and enjoyed being out and about. Drew found this cute platter in the shape of the American Flag and it was on sale for only 6 dollars. We picked it up. I could not pass on it.

When we got home, I cooked chicken cordon bleu for dinner, and we hung out with the pups.

Memorial Day Weekend

In the morning, Drew and I got ready and went to the store. We picked up some hamburgers, hot dogs, onion, tomato, and macaroni salad. We had ourselves a little Memorial Day cookout. Drew cooked on my dad’s grill, and we sipped on corona lights and enjoyed the nice weather. The dogs sat outside with us as well while Drew cooked. It was nice memorial day weekend.

Walking & Starbucks

This morning, I went for a walk in my old neighborhood. I went up and down the side streets. I did 3 1/2 laps. Then I took the dogs on a small walk, and then we got into my car, and went to get Starbucks. I haven’t had Starbucks in awhile. Paris and Louie are good in the car, but they did well. They didn’t really bark except when the women opened the drive through window and handed in me my drink. Then they made some noise. The woman said, “Look how small they are.”

After, Starbucks, I went home, and took a shower. Drew was on his way over in the evening. We were going to take it easy today. When Drew arrived, he got settled in and we made keto stuffed peppers for dinner, and watched American Pie 2. It was a chill Friday.

Last Day at CMU

Today, is my last day at CMU. It is a weird way to finish my time. In the morning, I had a staff meeting. Paris and Louie joined me. It will be alittle hard to get things done, but I am happy to be here with them. I love my babies. After my staff meeting, I had my final meeting with Andrew. We went over my evaluation, and it was all good. In the late afternoon, Andrew hosted a virtual farewell party. We played a Kahoot game and he showed me the gift that the SLICE office purchased for me. They got me little wine glasses with the CMU crest on them. I am s grateful for my time at CMU, and will miss everyone!

Dinner at my Parents

This evening, Drew and I packed up my car, and we drove to my parents’ in separate cars. We were going to eat dinner, and then I was going to stay the night to dog sit. Drew would go back to our house, then he would be over during the weekend. I am excited to spend sometime with my puppies, but I will miss Drew. I am excited for my parents and their vacation. They will arrive on Friday, and the first day they arrived the state re-opened.

Normal Limits

It was an aggravating day and a half, I was constantly wondering whether or not my thyroid was functioning normally, or not. I got up this morning, got, a shower, and then refreshed my e-mail. I noticed I had a message in MyUPMC app. I was hoping it would be the results of my test.

There it was my test results. My thyroid was within normal limits. Thank God!

I was reading all these things online psyching myself out like always. I am not worried at all. I had French class at 11am, and then I had to pack up to go to my parents. I was going to stay at my parents. They leave for Myrtle Beach Thursday morning. I pack EVERYTHING I never know what I am going to want to wear, etc.