Pitt Panthers First Home Game

Pre COVID-19, Andrew and I would be at Heinz Field today taking in all the festivities of the first game of the season! We would probably be meeting up with a professor I used to work with in the Sociology Department, tailgate a little. Then head into the stadium to cheer on the Panthers!

However, due to COVID-19 there will be no fans in the stands for now. So the first home game of the season looks a little different this year. We decided to make the most of it, and invite our families over for dinner.

In the morning, I put the pork in the crockpot I order to make pulled pork. I took a 5.85 mile walk in a local office park. Then came home home and made the buffalo chicken dip and waited for our families to come over.

My mom and dad brought the baked beans, buns, and a little dessert. My mother-in-last and father-in-law brought her famous coleslaw. I spent most of the time in the kitchen with the women, while the men watched the game.

The Pitt Panthers won! It was not even a close game. I loved having everyone over. It’s so nice when we can all get together.

Author: Boujee On a Budget

Hello there, welcome to my blog! My name is Danielle. I am a daughter, a writer, a wife, a lover of literature, and music. Britney Spears is my girl crush. Paris, France is my favorite place on earth. Fitzgerald is my favorite author. Kate Spade is my favorite designer. I have been called high maintenance, "boujee", "someone, who has champagne taste on a beer wallet", etc. You know what I am boujee and I am embracing it, but there is no denying that I am on a budget.

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