About Me

My name is Danielle. I have been called many things in life, spoiled boujee, high maintenance, etc. However, I have to live a budget friendly life now that I am married, but I still want to be as Boujee as I can be, but I am doing it on budget. This blog isn’t all about money saying Boujee tips (there will be some of that). However, this blog is all about me and my Boujee on a Budget life.

I am the daughter to two amazing parents, who have each contributed in some way to amazing adult I am today.  Honestly, I am spoiled daddy’s girl, but I am so incredibly grateful for both of my parents.

My dad wanted me to become my own person, and be a free thinker. He also pushed the importance of Education without him, his support, and his love. I wouldn’t be where I am today studying for my Master’s Degree. My dad also passed down to me the importance of good Music. I share his taste in music (for the most part). He brought me up on the likes of the Beatles, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, and of course Tom Petty. Seeing Tom Petty live with my dad was a Spiritual experience.
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Music has always been my first love, then the written word. My mom made sure that I grew up to love reading. I love to read. I am a fan of the classics, but I also enjoy a good beach read from time to time. My favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald.  My favorite book is the Great Gatsby.  I love a tragic hero and Fitzgerald’s style of writing.

I didn’t start falling in love with writing and journaling until I was about 14 years old. I needed an outlet.  I remember the preteen years for me were as normal as they could be, but they were also very trying. Hormones are going crazy. As one enters their teenage years, things start becoming less and less black & white. Things can also be a shade of gray, so I turned to write, in order to cope. I wouldn’t keep a steady diary, but every time I felt like I needed to express my thoughts I would write in my notebook that was shaped like a butterfly. My notebooks from that time are nonexistent. It would be cool to see what 14 years old me had to say.

Writing is my form of expression, confession, and reconciliation. The arts (Music, Theater, Dance (Ballet), Yoga, and Writing) have always kind of been my form of church. I grew up Catholic (Grade school, high school), but have become more spiritual over the years. I do appreciate my Catholic upbringing. I am a sucker for traditions and rituals, but I still prefer the spiritual (Mom I can see you rolling your eyes, as you read this).

When I was younger, I took dancing lessons nothing serious, but I enjoyed it. I danced up until I was 15 then I quit. I think I was caught up with high school and wanted to focus on friendships, and the drama of the day back then. I used to regret quitting dance, but I have come to terms with my decision. I did try to go back 10 years later, and it was rough. I enjoyed the stage, dancing, and acting. I joined the dance team in high school for my junior year and senior year. Something about being on the stage, and just leaving all my worries at the door. I never thought about anything when I danced, I just danced, or acted. I never worried at all. I just channeled it all into the craft.

I am a wife to an amazing, supportive, and loving husband. I met Andrew in high school.  He didn’t know I liked him then. I guess it is a good thing. We both needed to have our separate experiences. I like to think we bring out the best in each other. We are both very supportive of one another’s individual goals and dreams. We are both complicated individuals at times, and sometimes see the world differently, but we agree on the things that matter. We both are crazy about one another, and truly do love each other. We are both Pitt Panther fans. He may have converted me and made me a Pitt Panther fan.  We both work at the University of Pittsburgh. We work in different departments and have different jobs. I also attend Grad School at the University of Pittsburgh. I am working towards a Masters degree in Higher Education Management. I would like to do something  within Student Services eventually. Andrew is my biggest cheerleader. He is front and center with me on this journey. It will be a bit of a long journey compared to the people, who are able to go full time, but I am going to try my best. I have always wanted a Masters Degree in something. I have always wanted to go back to school. I am so thankful for Andrew, and the University of Pittsburgh for giving me the opportunity!


I met my very best friend in college at Robert Morris University. His name is Anthony. He and I met in Intro to Theater class. He has opened my mind and my heart. He is the best friend a girl could have. He has always been there for me and all my layers. He is the type of friend who you can call at 2am and he will answer and be there to listen to your issues. He is also the friend that will be ready to get ice cream and have a “bitch” session any time of the day. He is the Becky to my Felicia. He is my Will and I am his Grace. We have been through so much together and continue to remain friends. I hope everyone has an Anthony in their life.




I have two beautiful dogs. Paris and Louie. We rescued them from a shelter. They are the sweetest babies. Both have very different personalities, but I am in love with them both.