Hair Appt

Hair Appt

Call me crazy, but I still went to my hair appt on Saturday. Misty is amazing and with the holidays coming it would be hard to get an appointment. I desperately needed my hair done. I went back to blonde, but I still kept my dark roots.  I love my blonde! I am finding that breathing is easier. No wheezing.

When I got home, I did some laundry and laid back down. I didn’t want to do too much. My hair appt was my big event.

Breathing Treatment

This morning, my mom took me to a breathing treatment at my doctor’s office. During the treatment, my doctor came into check my lungs and she said, you are better for the most part. Keep taking the steroids and relax. No going out this weekend. Rest up and you will be good to go back to work next week. I smiled and thanked her.

After the breathing treatment, I wasn’t as shaky, but I was shaky.

On the way home, I stopped at this place called Tropical Cafe for a smoothie. I got a detox smoothie; kale, spinach, and banana. They also poured some vitamin C powder in there for me as well. It was pretty awesome. I treated my mom to a breakfast sandwich. She didn’t want a smoothie. I am grateful to her. My parents are always there for me.

Primary Care Doctors

I wasn’t feeling any better at all. My sinus were throbbing and I had this pain in my jaw and bone behind my eye brow. I decided to call my PCP. They asked me if I could come in at 3:45pm. I agreed to the appointment time. I was hopeful that I was doing everything that I was supposed to be doing.

When I arrived at the doctor’s, I signed in and took a seat. They called me back immediately. She came into the examining room, and looked into my ears and she said, they are not really red at all.  You do have some fluid retraction in your ears. She listened to my chest and said, “you are wheezing. How long have you been wheezing for?” I said I didn’t realize I was. She said, “You have bronchitis. I am going to suggest an inhaler, and a steriod. You will take the steroid for 5 days.” I took a deep breath and said, “okay.” She said, we will fix you. She ordered a breathing treatment for me. One of her nurses came in and hooked up the breathing treatment. She also gave me a doctor’s note for my assistantship. I am home until next Wednesday. I was shaky after the breathing treatment. I need a minute to gather myself, so I could drive.

On my way home, I called Drew and he offered to stop and pick up my prescriptions. I am so thankful for him. When I got home, I laid down. He came home with my prescriptions. I started the steroid right way. I sent e-mails to my meetings on Friday and asked to reschedule. This was so unfortunate.


Today, I went to my chiropractor to get adjusted. I had a couple doses of the antibiotics in my system. I thought maybe an adjustment would help.

When I arrived, he looked at my ears and said they were still red. He adjusted me and then told me lots of fluids.

I went home went back on the couch to do nothing.


I woke up Monday morning, and I had not slept at all. I had pain in right ears. I was not feeling well at all. I got out of bed, when Drew got out of the shower. I turned around and said, “I am not going in.” I got back into bed. I sent a text to my boss and told him I was sick and not feeling well and that I would not be in today. I planned to go to medexpress when I woke up. I needed to rest a little longer.

Around 8am, I got up, got a shower, and then went to Medexpress. When the doctor finally came in, he told me that the good news is I don’t have strep. He said that I do have an ear infection. My ears are bulging and red. He suggested a Z pack, and Flonase for my nose. Okay, I got off the examining table and I made sure to fill my prescriptions there. Giant Eagle takes forever! The doctor gave me a note to return to work non Monday the 18th.

When I got home, I sent e-mails out to my contacts that I had meetings with this week and told them I would not be able to meet with them due to illness and asked to reschedule. I e-mailed my professor and he said, thank you for letting him know and feel better. Ugh! I already used my one excused absence. I was worried about my grades, but I am sick.

I laid on the couch and didn’t move.

Stephanie’s Birthday Dinner

Stephanie’s Birthday Dinner

This evening, We went out for Stephanie’s Birthday dinner. She is such an amazing friend. We went to Saga. We haimage.pngven’t been to saga in so long. It was so good to see her kids. I sat with her and Emma. Emma and Stephen call me Daniel Tiger. I am hoping I can work with Tracy and do something for them soon. I know Emma would love it. Tracy also has superheroes. Sometimes it is princess overload.
Stephen, Drew, and Mike sat at the other end of the table.




At one point in the dinner, the hibachi chief offered us saki shots. I couldn’t resist. It has been so long since I had saki!

After dinner, we said goodbye to Stephanie, Mike, Emma, and Stephen. Drew and I stopped at Primanti’s for one more drink, then went home.