Old Navy

When I got home, I got a shower, and then took some things back to Old Navy. While, I was there I bought a super cute pair of jeans that have some holes in them. I can’t tell you the last time I wore distressed jeans. I also bought a couple tops. I ended up returning $60 dollars and spending $69.46. I thought I did well for myself.

Wednesday Gym Day

This morning, I was slow to get up and get ready for the gym. I reserved an elliptical for 10am. I arrived around 9am I walked on the treadmill for a little, then did the stair master, until it was a quarter to 10am. I approached my reserved elliptical, and I was so worn out from the work that I did before that I didn’t last the whole 30 mins. I did about 20 mins. I may change things up when I go again on Friday.

After the elliptical, I did strength training mostly arms, since I did so much with my legs already. I was still super sore. When I was leaving, the gym I almost forgot to drop my dirty towel in the basket. The staff approached me and reminded me to drop my towel in the basket. I apologized. I said, “We will get there.” She said, “sooner or later.”

A Day with Mama

Today, was my off day from the gym, and I was feeling pretty sore. I took my mom to lunch at Hanlon’s, then we went home and I got changed into some walking clothes.

My mom and I walked the side streets and we did 2 laps around, and walked up by the church. It was like 90 degrees out. She was worn out. I felt kinda bad, but I know we got a good walk in for the day. I could have walked a few more laps and just kept going, but I went back home with her. I love it when we get to spend time together.

Back to the Gym

This morning at 5am the Sewickley Y opened! I was excited and nervous for my first time back to the gym. I read an e-mail they sent out and watched a YouTube video showcasing how things have changed at the Y, and what to expect upon your first visit.

I arrived around 10:00am, and I had to sign off on a new wavier, get my temperature checked, and wear a mask in the lobby. The front desk attendant is protected by a glass barrier. When you enter the cardio and strength training machine area, you have to pick up a clean towel, and then follow the arrows to the machines. If a machine has a reserved sign on it, then you cannot use it as it is being reserved for someone who called a head, and reserved the machine.

I approached a treadmill without a sign, I cleaned off the treadmill, took off my mask and walked/ran on the treadmill for a bit, cleaned it off, and appraoched a stairclimber without a reserve sign on it, and got on the machine and climbed the stairs for 10 mins (I can’t do anymore it’s so tiring, but good). Then approached an elliptical that didn’t have a reserve sign on it, and planned to do that for 10 mins as well. As I was finishing up, my 10 mins the owner came by and I told her I was just finishing up and had a minute left. She explained to me these are for reserve and it best to call a head and reserve a machine, if you know the time that you are going to be coming in. I figured it is better to be accommodating then be an ass, so I said, “I will remember do that next time. We are all in this together.” I got off the machine and cleaned it. I picked up my belongings and figured I did enough cardio. I will do weights for the rest of my time. I have been so accommodating throughout this whole COVID-19 situation and precaution, but I think if someone is utilizing the machine, they should tell the person who is reserving the machine that they are unable to book it at that particular time, and do it in half hour increments. It shouldn’t be a big deal if you don’t reserve a machine, but whatever, that is just my opinion. I didn’t want to get it into it, and be rude, so I just let it slide.

When I got home, I made sure to call them and have ask to reserve the elliptical for 10am on Wednesday! Andrew and I were still figuring out our login information and you cannot reserve a machine through the app. 🙂 It will be okay, we will get through this. This is may be the “new” normal until there is a vaccine, so I guess I will just have to reserve a machine and see how it goes. I just wonder what if you use multiple machines, shall I just reserve the machines that I want to use in half hour increments before going to the gym? I am sure I will figure it out the next time and be more confident the more I go.

I went walking with Drew during his lunch break, then got showered and hung out the rest of the day. I was feeling so fatigued. I must not be used to working out that much, and need to get back into it again. Drew cooked out on the grill for dinner; chicken thighs and wings. I made some asparagus on the stove and it was early to bed for me.

Breakfast at Central Diner

As of yesterday, we are finally in the Green phase of reopening, so that means that restaurants and stores are open, but they have social distancing measures and safety precautions in place.

In the morning, Andrew and I went and got breakfast at Central Diner. When we arrived, we asked to be seated outside. There was only one other couple seated outside.

We enjoyed some coffee and espresso. It was so nice to sit outside at a restaurant again. The wait staff was so nice. They of course had masks on, but they seemed happy to be back to work again.

I ordered the French Toast Napoleon. I had it before, and it is so sinful.

I can only eat half of it. I didn’t need to add any butter or syrup to it. It was perfect without adding anything to it.

After breakfast, we went home and grabbed a 4ft entrainment type shelving unit that we have in our garage. We wanted to donate it to St. Vincent De Paul. Andrew also grabbed a TV that we wanted to drop off for appliance recycling. Then we were going to go to Kohl’s to return a top that I purchased online during quarantine and ended up not being too crazy about it.

While, we were at St. Vincent De Paul, I browsed the racks of clothing and tried to find something, but I did not have any luck. I dabble in bargain shopping, but. I have more luck at the goodwill. The goodwill is where I find a lot of my professional dresses.

When we arrived at Kohl’s they had so many sales going on. They have been closed since March. I found a couple things and was able to return my top. Andrew found a couple things as well.

When we got home we brought some things from the car, then it was time to get ready for Mike and Steph’s!

From Agony to Activism Webinar

I attended this webinar and it was so powerful and so moving. The Dean of the School of Education was on of the panelists. I also knew one of the other panelists. In the beginning of the webinar, we were asked to hold our breath for as long as we can. I think it was like 19 seconds. When we were told release our breath, we were asked to imagine how long George Floyd had to go without breathing. I was so moved. I enjoyed hearing from the panelists and learning about ways we can work together to change systemic racism.

To be honest, I am learning about my privilege and my whiteness and how I can use my privilege for the good. This has been hard for me and it is not easy. I have read books about white privilege and tried to really understand how best to stand up and help all students. I am trying to learn and to open my eyes to what is going on out there, and to not ignore it anymore. Imagine what humanity would be like if we took the time to understand our privilege and how to channel it in the right direction.

I reached out to the person who asked us to hold our breath. We are connected on LinkedIn and I told her how much it meant to me, how I appreciate her, and how that moment will remain with me.

Graduate Assistant Interview

In the morning I had a graduate assistant interview via zoom. I think it went well. I had a good time talking with the women who interviewed me. They also said my resume was impressive. I love hearing that. I worked so hard to build up my resume and to hear that it is impressive is one of the things I have longed to hear at some point in my professional career. I may hear back in a couple weeks. Once I hear something, I will keep you posted.

Period Pieces

This morning, I went to Starbucks for Drew and I. I brought back our iced americanos, and I finished the show Catherine the Great on Hulu.

Watch "The Great" Series Premiere May 15 | Hulu

I loved it. I hope there is a season 2. The language is a bit much at times, but it was written well. I don’t know too much about Catherine the Great, but the show kept me hook and the way Elle Fanning portrays Catherine is so empowering. Peter is cute, the actor, who plays him.

After, I finished the show, I went walking I did 5 laps in our neighborhood, and then I came inside. I ate a cheese stick and a handful of blueberries then started watching a Bonfire of Destiny on Netflix.

When I first turned on the Bonfire of Destiny, I noticed it was dubbed over in English. I found that is much better if you turn off the dubbed English and keep it in French and have English subtitles. I am surprised how much of the French I was able to pick up without reading the subtitles. I love Paris, France, the French culture, and the French language. This show already has me hooked. I was in the middle of the first episode, and Drew told me he was going to go walking, so I went back outside with him and did 3 more laps, then I went inside.

Bonfire of Destiny' Ending: How It Set Up Season 2, Explained ...

June 1st

It is Monday again! I have been in touch with my hair stylist. She and I originally set up an appointment for today, but something came up, and we switched Wednesday of this week, but then Point Park e-mailed me and wanted to interview me at 11am, so we changed it to Thursday. The interview is for a graduate assistant. I have one more semester left of graduate school, I would like more professional development and more experience. The job market is kind of tough right now for higher education and probably for a lot of people, but I am trying to remain optimistic. I had call with my advisor last week and I feel better. He sent me the contact information for two graduate assistant positions one with Carlow and one with Point Park. I am excited to hear about both positions.

In the morning, I went walking in our neighborhood. It is a little different than walking at my parents’. The side street at my parents’ is longer and wraps around and they are connected. I can do 5.85 miles by going at least 5 or 6 times around. However, in our neighborhood there is one street across from where we live, it is just one giant hill, and then we circle around and walk back down. We do this over and over again. It takes so much longer do 5 miles. Its monotonous, but better than nothing. I have been walking every day at my parents and since I have been back home. It is good to get out in the sun for a bit.

Last night Drew came down with a migraine and was not feeling well. He went to the chiropractor to get adjusted again in the evening. Then we went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I made us dinner. asparagus and chicken cordon bleus.