Starting to Feel Better

Today, after CMU I  went to Pitt to check in with my group for the functional area project. She was still having trouble, so I suggested we create a sway instead. So I created a sway, and trimmed the audio, so we wouldn’t have to re-record our audio. I added some pictures and some text, and then sent it off to one of the members for approval and then submitted it. I was over it.

In class, I got some confirmation about the projects that are due next week (after this weekend). I feel better and I am just going to do the best I can with the time that I have and I have found that it typically is okay in the end. Julia, my friend in the program said, she thinks we will survive. I agree with her.

After class, I went home and tried on my birthday present from Andrew. He got me Hunter rain boots. 🙂 I have been wanting a decent pair of rain boots for so long! I am in love.
Image may contain: shoes and boots

It is supposed to rain the next couple days here, and I am so excited because I have really cute boots now to wear in the rain!

Today, I am 32!

Today, I am 32!

Today is my 32nd Birthday and 4 Year Wedding anniversary!IMG_2721 4 years ago today, I married
my best friend, my parter in crime, my support system, and the balance to my strong willed personality. He loves me no matter what version of myself I am in any moment, or at any given time.  I am grateful for him and honored to be his wife.

Today, Drew comes home at 4:30pm. I got home from parents and then went to get my nails soaked off. I had really long nails, and I broke one when I was on my way home. After my nails got soaked off, I picked up anniversary card for Drew. Got a free drink at Starbucks, and then went home to get a shower, clean the house, and do some laundry. I am trying to stay busy.

I am so excited to celebrate with my husband this evening. I am also making sure to take time for myself, and reflect on my 32nd birthday. I can’t believe it I am 32 and have been married for 4 years!

Sam’s Club

After work today, Drew and I went to Sam’s Club. We have a membership to Sam’s. I much prefer Costco, but the membership to Sam’s was a gift. It is only Drew and myself, so we don’t really have the need for the membership, but we stock up on things such as Deodrant, Dove Soap, and we bought teeth whiteners this trip as well. I do love buying the essentials in bulk, so you don’t run out of it quickly (paper towels, toilet paper, feminine products). I could just wander up and down the aisles and look at everything.

The only problem with places like Sam’s and Costco is that they are packed on the weekends. It is best to go on the weekdays. Also, sometimes the prices are better than the prices in the grocery stores, or even Walmart. You have to be careful with somethings. Some things are cheaper in the grocery stores, and at Walmart.

Hair Appt & Errands

This morning I had a 9am hair appt at Michael’s Hair Loft with Misty. This will be my second time getting my hair done by her. She and I bonded so quickly and we laugh so hard when I am in her chair. I decided to do all over highlights and get my eyebrows tinted like last time. I also decided to go tanning. Drew and I thought about going to the pool after my hair appt. I would just lay out in the shallow end. I didn’t want to get my hair wet after just getting my hair done. We decided not to, because it was supposed to rain, but it looked like a good pool day.

When I cashed out at the hair salon it was $196. Ladies, do you pay a lot for highlights? If so, what is the most you have ever paid for hair? I used to  go to a small neighborhood salon, and never paid over $60 bucks for Highlights. I am not complaining, because I work, and I am at the age now where I can pay a little more for my hair if I want to, but my husband was not too happy when I told him the total.

When I got home from the hair salon, I cleaned the house and put things away, ran the vacuum, and just cleaned until Drew got home. When he was on the way home from the gym, he called me and said that he tried to call me, but the call wouldn’t go through. He asked what all I got done at the salon and I told him. I get it he is the budget guy in our marriage. He knows how to manage our money, and he has a plan. He did ask me if I could get my eyebrows done every other time, instead of every 6 weeks. I told him I could do that. I just like how when they are tinted, I don’t even need to fill them in if I don’t want to. I am vain. I know.

When he got home, he complimented my hair and really did like it. He also thanked me for cleaning the house. He asked me if I wanted to get things ready for my interview, so when I get called in to interview for the GSA position, my business suit will be good to go. I tried on my suit. The good news is that the pants need taken in a bit at the waist. I guess I lost some weight since the last time I wore this suit. It will be almost three years since I have interviewed for a position. I am nervous, but I am going to spend the time prepping for the interview, and ask my adviser if we could do a mock interview, or if she has any tips for me. I am hoping I get called in this week, or next. I face-timed my mother-in-law and showed her how i look in the suit and she said that it needs taken in at the waist and suggested we call some places that do alterations.

When we hung up the phone with his mom, I called Diane’s Cleaners in Moon, they no longer do fittings, just alterations. So I would already need to know where it would need taken in at, and have it marked myself. Their seamstress just stops by and picks up the alterations. I then called Macy’s and she said they use an outside vendor and gave me the name of a place called Alterations Express. I called them and they said they do fittings and alterations, as well as same day alterations (up charge). I said relayed the information to Drew. He said, if we don’t do the same day, how long would it take? They said, 4 business days. Drew said lets take it in today, if they can do it today and pay the up charge. He wanted to make sure I was prepared.  I thought it was sweet.

Once we arrived at Alterations Express in Bridgeville, they told me to go into an empty fitting room and put on what I need altered. Then open the door, so they know I am ready. I went into the fitting room, and put on the dress pants and shirt. I tucked it in, so they could get an accurate idea. A girl came in and marked me where I would need taken in, and then told me I could get my normal clothes back on and then I will be good to go. When she left, I changed back into my normal clothes, and walked out of the fitting room. Drew was sitting there waiting for me. I laid my clothes on the counter and we checked out. They said, for us to stop back in 45 mins-1 hour.

So we went to the Bottleshop Cafe to day drink and kill some time. When we walked in, this place is clearly a guy’s place. They had the Liverpool soccer game on, some guys were sitting at the bar wearing Liverpool shirts. There are TVs in every corner. I ordered a White Claw (Alcohol Seltzer water). I have never had it before. I have always had Truly. White Claw is a little better than Truly. The flavors are better and they are no so over powering.

After about an hour at the bar, we went back to check on my dress pants. They were ready to go! We hung them up in the back of the car and we went home. When we got home, I hung my suit pants up in the closet. I am so hopeful this will work out.

New Hair Salon

New Hair Salon

Yesterday, I was bound and determined to try to find a new hair salon. I did not want to go to the one I normally go to.  I  wanted to try some place different, even if that meant paying a little more.  I called around Friday morning and everyone was booked up for Saturday. I desperately needed my hair done my last call was to Michael’s Hair Loft. They had an opening at 9am, which is what I needed. I booked the appointment with Misty. I was so excited a new salon and a new hair stylist.

This morning, I woke up early and got a shower. I made some coffee and hung out with Drew for a bit, then I left and went to my hair appt. I was so excited. When I arrived, I was greeted immediately by Misty. I introduced myself and she took me back to her station. I took my hair out of my ponytail and I had some serious regrowth in the back and probably needed a trim. I explained to her that I usually get all over highlights, but I like the dimensional blonde and not all one blonde. She said that she will pull some pieces and had some dimension to them, but keep me mostly blonde. Then she said, how about the roots. I said, Well I like the rooty look, so when the highlights grow out it doesn’t look too streaky. She said, I totally agree with you. We can do that. Then I asked her if she uses bleach or olipex. She said, I will show you. It is a brand called illusionist they have the color and the toner. I said, awesome. I prefer no bleach. She said, not a problem. We decided on layers and a little trim at the ends.

Honestly, I have been getting my hair done since I was 15. I started with highlights. I longer hair, and the hair dresser at the time pulled my hair through a cap and gave me bleach high lights. Sure I was bleachy blonde, but the high light process hurt when my hair was pulled through a cap. She refused to do foils. I changed salons and went to another salon that did foils, which I have been dedicated to for the most part, but I did stray and go to Ulta (too pricey) and then to the Cutting Edge Salon (Stephen moved to Florida). I know my hair products and proper hair care.

After she applied the foils and the color to my root, I sat under the dryer, which was a high tech heat lamp. We talked about the weekend and Easter. After my color was set, she took me to the sink and she washed my hair, and took the foils out. I was so excited to see what it looked like, but it’s hard to tell when your hair is wet, if you are a blonde. The anticipation was killing me! I couldn’t wait for her to dry it. She trimmed me up and gave me layers. I already felt lighter and so much better.

After she finished trimming my hair, she blew my hair dry and round brushed my hair. I absolutely loved the color! It was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. I was so happy I almost teared up. She was glad that I loved it. After my hair was styled and dry, I decided to get my eye brows colored. I never had it before, and I hate having to fill in my eyebrows. She took me into her relaxation room and put on some peaceful zen like music and I laid down on the table, and she colored my eyebrows and waxed them. I was so relaxed.

When she was done, she handed me a mirror and I was like I love them! I have eyebrows. She said, “your husband is going to have to take you to dinner tonight.” I said, I know right someone better. 🙂  When it was time to check out, I booked my 6 week appt. I was so happy. I excited for my next appt!

When I got home, I finished my legal paper and submitted it. I am so ready to be done with the semester. When Drew came home from the gym, he said, “I like your hair baby.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” We talked about the end of the semester and what he wanted to do for dinner since tomorrow is Easter. He said, “We should probably go out.” I asked him where he wanted to go? do we have any gift cards anywhere? He said, “I don’t think we have any left.” I said, “We have that coupon for Plaza Azteca.” He said, “We could go there.” We got ready to head to dinner around 5pm to beat the dinner crowd.

We were seated at a table and I ordered the same thing I always get the Burrito Espinaca. We also had guacamole as well. I love Mexican food. After dinner, we went to the mall, we had to get his mom a birthday card. We also wanted to get her a gift card to Philip Pelusi where she gets her hair done.

Then we stopped into Hot Topic, and they had t-shirts on sale buy 2 get one free. Drew and I bought shirts for the new Avengers movie. I bought a Captain marvel shirt. The 1 free shirt I got was a Britney Spears shirt. It was her album cover from “Oops I did it Again.” I can’t wait to wear it! I was thinking about wearing it for Easter dinner tomorrow, but I probably won’t. 🙂

After the mall, we went home and watched tv, until it was time for bed. Tomorrow is Easter!



After work today, I drove Drew’s car back to Moon. I had to go to the tattoo shop, then to American Eagle. When I as on my way to the tattoo shop, I have to go up this bigger hill and sometimes you have to give the car a little bit of a punch to get up the hill. Well his car started to act up some, and wouldn’t speed up. The check engine light came on, and then the symbol with the car and a windy road light. I pulled over, put my four ways on. I put the car in park, and turned the car off an on again. Then I tried to make my way up the hill. It was still doing the same thing, not being able to speed up, check engine light and the car with the windy road light. I pulled over one more time. I turned the car off and turned it on again after a couple of seconds. I tried again and thankfully I made it up the hill, but the check engine light was still on.

When I arrived to the tattoo shop, I called Drew and told him about the car. He asked if I was speeding I said, no. I wasn’t. He said, he would call the dealership tomorrow. I didn’t tell him that I punched it a little to get up the hill. I figured I will tell him just later. When I walked into the tattoo shop, I talked to Dooner the artist who did my tattoo. He took a look at it, and said, yeah, it does look a little faded. I can take you in a few minutes. I am almost done with my client. I had to fill out a form, then I took a seat on the couch in the waiting area.

A few minutes later, Dooner called me back. I laid down on the make shift like examining table, and he took a look at my tattoo. He said, “I am going to shave it a little.” Then I am going to start. When he had the tattoo gun in his hand, he asked me if I was ready? I said, “Yes, fire away.” He did go a bit heavy and made sure to get some ink in there, and it took only 15 mins. It didn’t hurt at all. He put a sticker type band aid over it with clear instructions to change this bandaid in 24 hours, then put a new one on for three days, then I should be good. He did warn me that this was going to fade a bit quicker, because of they location of the tattoo. He didn’t charge me for the touch up.

After the tattoo shop, I went home and switched cars. I grabbed my keys and got in my car. My SUV does not have Sirius XM satellite radio, so that is unfortunate. I drove to American Eagle.  I spoke with Hannah. I told her that I was there on Saturday and spoke to Sam the store manager about possibly coming in and working a shift on Sundays only. I told her that I used to work there. She said, oh okay yea, when did you work here? I said, 2013. She said, “Okay, there is no sense in going through the whole interview process, so I will send you an offer letter, with a link to complete the tax form and on boarding paperwork. Can you come in for Orientation this Sunday?” I said, “Yes, I can.” She said, “Great, it is from 10am-1pm.” I told her that I couldn’t start until the last week of April, because I am in grad School, finals will be over by then, but I am taking a Summer class, and I work full-time at Pitt.” She said, “Not a problem, just remind us on Sunday at the Orientation.”

When I got done with the Orientation, I went to the Goodwill and browsed the racks and waited for Drew to let me know he was on the bus. I got a 2 sweaters, a long sleeve top with black lace on the shoulders, a zip up, and a brown dress. You can never have too many professional dresses.

After spending $25.00 at the Goodwill, I went to go pick up Drew from the bus stop. When he got in the car, I told him that I punched his car. He laughed and said, I know, was that bothering you all day? I laughed and said, “a little.” I told him what I spent at the Goodwill, and he was cool with it.

When we got home, Drew took his car to Autozone to get the light checked. They have a little scanner. I got a shower, got dressed and went to the mailbox to get my jeans from American eagle. They had to order a size 12 in dark blue. They didn’t have them in-store. I got comfy on the couch and Drew walked in and said, that he has to take his car to the dealer, auto zone just said it something with a sensor. I apologized for his car, and he said it wasn’t my fault.

Personal Day

Today, I took a personal day. I needed some me time and time to get some homework done with this weekend with all that we have planned. I also had a couple errands to run. In the morning we went to breakfast at a French and American Cafe, Cafe Des Amis. I am Boujee (as you know) and I am a bit of snob, but Drew and I went to Paris and we went to England. We have been to great restaurants and not so great restaurants. The food at Cafe Des Amis is awesome, but the staff and service is a C- it can be so much better and should be so much better.

When you walk in, you got to the counter, place your order, pay for your meal and then seat yourself. You have to get your coffee yourself, it is self serve as well as the bottled water, and bottled drinks. I hate that. If I am going out to eat I want to be waited on. The least they did was bring you the food once it was ready.
IMG_0947.jpegI ordered the French toast and it was served on a baguette. It was amazing. The food was so good. Drew got a bacon and avocado omelet. I won’t hurry back to the restaurant at all, but the food was so good.



I don’t know what do you guys think of having to serve yourself pretty much at cafes? Does it bother you?

After breakfast, I went home and started to work on my homework and he went to his annual PCP appointment. I worked on homework until about 11:15am. Then I got ready to meet one of my old colleagues from the radio station where I used to work. He was hooking me up with lunch and Disturbed tickets. I was not hungry at all but he treated me to lunch. I had a small grilled chicken salad. It was good to catch up with him, so much has changed there since I left.

After lunch, I stopped to see my old boss from Fastest Labs, Chris and then I talked to Earl the maintenance man, who also does the maintenance for the radio station where I used to work. The buildings are in the same office complex.

After visiting with my old friends, I went to get my oil change then to the goodwill. At the goodwill, I snagged a blue Calvin Klein dress for $6 dollars and a top that had the tags on it still. The top was $58.00 and never worn. If that is not Boujee on a budget then I don’t know what is. I have become such a good goodwill shopper. I have always found a few things when I go.  I think I am going to wear a blue dress to the ballet tomorrow. I will be sure to post some pictures.

Also, I was able to set up my interviews for my project for Student Development Theory. All-in-all it was a nice and relaxing day.