Second time Seeing Fuel

This was our second time seeing Fuel. I have been waiting all week for this concert! Fuel came out in the late 90s early 2000s.  Everyone that we talk to doesn’t really remember them, but they had a few hits and the are from the Pittsburgh area.

Andrew and I bought early entry seating and it was worth it. We snagged a table against the balcony, so we could look down and see the band and not have to worry about people standing in front of us, or crowding us.

They played all their hits, “Sunburn”, “Innocent”, “Shimmer”, “Bad Day”, “Jesus or a Gun”, and of course “Hemorrhage in my hands.” They also played “Falls On Me.” The last time we heard them live they didn’t play “Falls on me.” We were so bummed. I am so glad I got to hear it live. Finally.

I did not have a voice at all the next day. I hope we are able to see them again soon.


Blue Oyster Cult

Tonight, Drew and I took my dad to the Blue Oyster Cult Concert. I got tickets from my friends at WDVE, a classic rock radio station. This was my first time seeing them live. My dad hasn’t seen them live in a very long time. I think since the 70s. This was Drew’s first time seeing them live, as well. I was so excited to hear “Don’t Fear the Reaper” live. We made sure to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We bought him a drink and dinner. It was so awesome to be there! image.png

Andrew’s 33rd Birthday

When we woke up, I wished Andrew a Happy Birthday! We went to the pool and relaxed. The sun was out and the weather was better than yesterday. It was definitely a good pool day. We stayed at the pool until 2:30pm. Then went home and got ready to head down to the Northshore.

When we arrived at the Northshore, there were people everywhere. There was a Pirate’s game today, so every restaurant was packed with people. It was going to be an hour and 15 min wait for a table. We decided to check out the bar area. We ran into his previous boss from Service link who was there with his girlfriend. They were standing at a table in the bar area. We hung out with them and had a couple drinks with them. We ordered some food so we wouldn’t have to eat at the concert. They were going to the Pirate game. We talked about Europe and their upcoming trip to Prague. They recommended this site called European Destinations to plan our next trip to Paris.

Around 10 mins to 6pm, we left the restaurant to head to Stage AE for the concert. I was so excited. As soon as we entered the venue. There is a section where you can stand in the grass, or you can go towards the front of the stage. I secured our spot close to the stage. I am all about being in the pit.

Jimmy Eat World was amazing. They played the hits I was familiar with such as “The Middle”, “Sweetness”, and “Hear You Me.” I didn’t know all the other songs. There was a clear generational divide going on at this concert. The younger crowd newly 21-22 knew every Jimmy Eat World song, even the ones that were not the hits. I was there mostly for Third Eye Blind, but it was cool to see Jimmy Eat Word live.  During Jimmy Eat World, it started to rain. I didn’t care it was so hot outside, the rain felt so good. I just embraced it.

The rain stopped in time for Third Eye Blind to come on stage. Third Eye Blind was so awesome. It was a different kind of crowd when they came on stage. It was so cool to hear “Never Let You Go”, “Jumper”, “How’s it Going to Be?” The 10-year old inside of me was alive and in love again! We made our way out of the pit and headed towards the lawn. We stood in the lawn for  “Semi-Charmed Life.” Then we made a break towards the exit. I love the nostalgia of it all. I am happy I got to check theses bands off my list of bands to see in this lifetime.



Shinedown Concert

After work today, I drove to Anthony’s and parked my car. I sat on his front porch and waited for him to come from work. He was only a few minutes late. I wasn’t concerned. I was ready for this concert.

When he came home, we hung out at his house for a bit, so he could change, then we were out the door. We went to the Shiloh Inn for dinner. It was cheaper than eating dinner at the concert. We told the hostess table for two. She smiled and said I have a romantic table in the corner with some dim lighting for you, two. I smiled and looked back at Anthony (everyone thinks we are together!). He said, “I love a romantic table.” I laughed. We took a seat across from each other. We laughed about the comment the hostess made. I said, “It is the hat. You look straight with it on.” He said, “Oh I know, it is. Let’s order frozen cosmos.” I laughed and we that ordered frozen cosmos to start and then we shared some appetizers. I wasn’t feeling a salad or a legit dinner. It was Happy Hour so drinks and apps were half off. I was ready for this concert. I couldn’t wait to get to the venue. It was going to be a hot one though.

After dinner, we drove to the venue and the traffic wasn’t bad at all. On the way, we listened to Spice Girls. It was funny. We were on our way to a rock concert, and listening to Spice Girls. Once we arrived at the venue we took a picture for my contact at the radio station, who hooked us up with free tickets. Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak and Anthony Lombardo, people smiling, closeup

The picture didn’t turn out that bad. We did some walking around the venue, checked out the people, and the different stands that were set up. I purchased water it was like $7 for a bottle of water. That is a concert for you. We walked around before committing to a location on the grass. I wanted to get close enough to at least make out the people on stage. Anthony kept walking back. I said, not so far back we won’t be able to see who is on the stage. I like to get as close as possible.

While the openers were on, Anthony went to get popcorn, then came back and stood on the lawn next to me. We took some pictures and posted about how hot it was outside and how emo we were trying to look.

Image may contain: Anthony Lombardo and Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, sunglasses, closeup and outdoor
I was so happy to be there with him. He is my best friend in the world. We looked around and couldn’t find any hot rocker guys. Clearly, we had an image in my mind of what crowd we were going to find here like a hot rocker guy with skinny black jeans and a lip ring, but nope none of those guys existed at this concert. Anthony said, not one. There is not one single hot guy here.

When the openers ended, a man approached us and said, “Do you guys want to upgrade for free? We have some Pavilion seats left? I look at Anthony and he left it up to me. I said, “Sure! but if you have something as close as possible to the stage we will take it.” He said, “Really?” I said,”Yes, please.” He reached into his pocket and said, “I have something for you.” He gave us seats 4 rows from the pit! I was so excited and so thankful. I said, “Thank you so much!” We made our way down towards the stage. the seating attendant told us where to go. We were right in the middle of the row. There was no escaping to go to the bathroom now. We were so close to the stage. I loved it!
Shine down as amazing live! They sounded good, just like they do on the radio. I knew most of their songs.
IMG_1902.jpegShine down as amazing live! They sounded good, just like they do on the radio. I knew most of their songs. There were some songs that I did not know, but the ones from their “Sound of Madness” album and of course “45” which came out in 2003. I knew the beat the moment it started up. I love some 2000s rock. I really do. When they came out there were was fire and pyrotechnics. Anthony said all of those guys are so hot except for the drummer. I didn’t realize how hot they were. We had such a good time. I knew I was going to be half deaf at work the next day, but it was so worth it!

Disturbed Concert

We got a good bit of snow the night before and it was still falling in the morning. In the morning the snow was coming down fast and laying thick. We tried to make it to work, but decided to turn around and go home. We were slipping and sliding. Drew worked from home and I hung out and did some homework and some laundry. I was flirting with the idea of not going to the concert tonight because the snow was going to turn into rain and I wasn’t sure if the roads were going to freeze. Stephanie still wanted to go. This was her night out.

In the evening, Stephanie drove to my house and parked her car. She came in and said hi to Drew then I called for an Uber. I kissed Drew goodbye and went outside to wait for the Uber. When the Uber arrived, we got in the backseat and we were on our way. On the way, we talked about the concert, our husbands, and etc. The uber dropped us off outside of PPG paints arena. I was so excited for this concert.

We got something to eat at Friday’s and it was packed with the concertgoers. Guys and Girls in black concert t-shirts, make up. We got a drink at the bar, while we waited for our table. At the bar, I had a Titos and soda water. Stephanie had a beer. We got seated shortly after we ordered our drinks.

For dinner, we ordered spinach dip as an appetizer. I was so hungry. We both ordered bacon cheeseburgers. I ordered mine without the bun and I nibbled on my fries. I am trying to watch my carbs. I feel better when I don’t eat a lot of carbs. I am trying to get back on keto, slowly but surely.

After dinner, we walked down to the arena. The doors were already open. We got in line and made our way to our seats. Once we saw where our seats were, we went and got a drink. I bought a truly, mixed berry. Stephanie got a beer. We made our way to our seats and waited for Three Days Grace to come on.

This was my second time seeing Three Days Grace. I thought I knew what to expect. I am not a fan of their new singer. I already was going into this with mixed feelings about this band. I do like their songs don’t get me wrong. It’s just that singer’s voice doesn’t make them sound hard at all.  The lead singer kept calling for people to mosh. I just felt like he was trying too hard. He tries way too hard to be rock!

However, I was looking forward to hearing infrared. This is their new song off their latest album. So far it is the only one I like.

After Three Days Grace, we went to the restroom, then got another drink. I bought another truly. Stephanie got another beer and we got ready for Disturbed! I was so excited to see them live, finally! I have been waiting to see them for so long.

Disturbed’s intro consisted of video clips and audio from when they first came out back in the late 90s early 2000s. They played clips of reporters trying to describe their style of music. I remember when they first  came out with “Down with the Sickness.” I was 14.  I liked that song when it came out.

The lead singer David Draiman came out on stage dressed in a trench coat. I loved it!

Of course, he can still make those crazy sounds with his voice as he does in the songs. He sounds just like he does on the radio. I knew most of their songs. I was 4 alcoholic seltzer waters deep by the end of the show. Stephanie had a good time, as well. We made plans to get a friendship tattoo and are excited for the next concert!

Fleetwood Mac Concert

After work, I took the bus out of Oakland and was dropped off right outside PPG paints. I met my dad at TGI Fridays. I was so excited for the concert. I have been wanting to see Fleetwood Mac for so long! My dad brought me up on Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Tom Petty, etc. He is the reason why I have such good taste in music and a strong appreciation for music in general.

After dinner, we stood outside the arena until they opened their doors. Once inside we stopped at merchandise table and my dad bought me a t-shirt to add to my collection of concert shirts. Then I bought my dad a rum and coke and I got a Redd’s Black Cherry ale. I was falling off track with my keto diet, but tonight was a celebration.

Our seats were amazing! We could see right on to the stage, and make out who everyone was.
45200390_10156834249509712_7134276811386519552_n.jpgThe concert was a spiritual and relaxing experience. I knew most of their songs, but there were some I did not know. I just relaxed and stayed in the moment and listened to Stevie Nicks. It was so cool to see her on stage. I can’t explain how relaxing this concert was and how it was just what I needed. I needed to just be in the moment and listen to the music. I am a very spiritual person and Stevie Nick’s lyrics are spiritual and have such great meaning.





Stevie Nicks is a goddess. She was dancing around on stage, twirling and rocking. She has so much good energy about her. I just felt very at peace and very grateful for the experience.

My First Country Concert

Yesterday, on my way home, I noticed my friend Stephanie (Drew’s friend Mike’s wife) had posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone to go with her to the Jason Aldean concert. I messaged her and asked her if she had found someone to go with and she said, no not yet.” I asked if I could go, and she said, “of course!” I was so excited! this was my first country concert.

After work on Friday, I left Oakland at 3pm. I had a bag packed with my cowboy boots. I drove to Stephanie and Mike’s. Traffic was a nightmare! When I finally arrived, we had to go to Walmart and get a different flannel shirt for me to wear. The one she bought for me wouldn’t button.

When we left to go to the concert, we sat in traffic on the highway for 2 1/2 hours. So we took photos. So many people were getting out of their car to smoke, drink, walk up the road, and some people event abandoned their cars. It was crazy. I have never seen a concert like this.


At one point, her mom who was driving us said, girls do you want to just get out and walk? We weren’t too far from the venue. She said, we will figure out a meeting point to meet when the concert is done. I felt so bad. I wanted her to be able to go to the concert too.
When we finally got inside the venue, there were some girls throwing up in trash cans, guys peeing on the trees, girls lifting up their dresses and squatting. We got a beer, and a shot. I treated Stephanie because she didn’t let me pay for the tickets or anything. Music wise, we missed the Lauren Alaina, but got to hear Luke Combs sing Hurricane, then we decided to go to the bathroom before Jason Aldean came on. We stood in line for the Port o Johns and then got another beer. We made it and were able to hear all of Jason’s hits. It so awesome. I knew most of them.
However, Stephanie is a smoker. She smokes Camel Crush. I smoked some of her cigarettes with her and it felt so good to sway, dance, and hear some good music, while smoking a cigarette. I really enjoyed myself. I was so glad I got to hear “Hicktown”, that song came out in 2005. I remember being in love with that song, when it first came out.
After the concert, we met up with Stephanie’s cousin. He was able to get a guitar pick from Jason. Stephanie wanted to give it to her mom, since she couldn’t be there. It was so cute that she did that. After we said goodbye, to Stephanie’s cousin we walked out of the venue, and to the on ramp of 22/30 to meet Stephanie’s mom. She was glad we both had a good time, and was very appreciative for the guitar pick. She said, we all smelled horrible. We smelled like cigarettes and alcohol. I had such a great time. I would go back to a country concert again. I just don’t like that venue, and waiting in traffic.