Fleetwood Mac Concert

After work, I took the bus out of Oakland and was dropped off right outside PPG paints. I met my dad at TGI Fridays. I was so excited for the concert. I have been wanting to see Fleetwood Mac for so long! My dad brought me up on Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Tom Petty, etc. He is the reason why I have such good taste in music and a strong appreciation for music in general.

After dinner, we stood outside the arena until they opened their doors. Once inside we stopped at merchandise table and my dad bought me a t-shirt to add to my collection of concert shirts. Then I bought my dad a rum and coke and I got a Redd’s Black Cherry ale. I was falling off track with my keto diet, but tonight was a celebration.

Our seats were amazing! We could see right on to the stage, and make out who everyone was.
45200390_10156834249509712_7134276811386519552_n.jpgThe concert was a spiritual and relaxing experience. I knew most of their songs, but there were some I did not know. I just relaxed and stayed in the moment and listened to Stevie Nicks. It was so cool to see her on stage. I can’t explain how relaxing this concert was and how it was just what I needed. I needed to just be in the moment and listen to the music. I am a very spiritual person and Stevie Nick’s lyrics are spiritual and have such great meaning.





Stevie Nicks is a goddess. She was dancing around on stage, twirling and rocking. She has so much good energy about her. I just felt very at peace and very grateful for the experience.

My First Country Concert

Yesterday, on my way home, I noticed my friend Stephanie (Drew’s friend Mike’s wife) had posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone to go with her to the Jason Aldean concert. I messaged her and asked her if she had found someone to go with and she said, no not yet.” I asked if I could go, and she said, “of course!” I was so excited! this was my first country concert.

After work on Friday, I left Oakland at 3pm. I had a bag packed with my cowboy boots. I drove to Stephanie and Mike’s. Traffic was a nightmare! When I finally arrived, we had to go to Walmart and get a different flannel shirt for me to wear. The one she bought for me wouldn’t button.

When we left to go to the concert, we sat in traffic on the highway for 2 1/2 hours. So we took photos. So many people were getting out of their car to smoke, drink, walk up the road, and some people event abandoned their cars. It was crazy. I have never seen a concert like this.


At one point, her mom who was driving us said, girls do you want to just get out and walk? We weren’t too far from the venue. She said, we will figure out a meeting point to meet when the concert is done. I felt so bad. I wanted her to be able to go to the concert too.
When we finally got inside the venue, there were some girls throwing up in trash cans, guys peeing on the trees, girls lifting up their dresses and squatting. We got a beer, and a shot. I treated Stephanie because she didn’t let me pay for the tickets or anything. Music wise, we missed the Lauren Alaina, but got to hear Luke Combs sing Hurricane, then we decided to go to the bathroom before Jason Aldean came on. We stood in line for the Port o Johns and then got another beer. We made it and were able to hear all of Jason’s hits. It so awesome. I knew most of them.
However, Stephanie is a smoker. She smokes Camel Crush. I smoked some of her cigarettes with her and it felt so good to sway, dance, and hear some good music, while smoking a cigarette. I really enjoyed myself. I was so glad I got to hear “Hicktown”, that song came out in 2005. I remember being in love with that song, when it first came out.
After the concert, we met up with Stephanie’s cousin. He was able to get a guitar pick from Jason. Stephanie wanted to give it to her mom, since she couldn’t be there. It was so cute that she did that. After we said goodbye, to Stephanie’s cousin we walked out of the venue, and to the on ramp of 22/30 to meet Stephanie’s mom. She was glad we both had a good time, and was very appreciative for the guitar pick. She said, we all smelled horrible. We smelled like cigarettes and alcohol. I had such a great time. I would go back to a country concert again. I just don’t like that venue, and waiting in traffic.

Andrew’s 33rd Birthday

At lunch today, Nancy and I got pizza for lunch and invited Gene, Patty, Lindsay, and Kim. We never sit down and eat lunch together. It was nice. I was so over pizza. Drew and I ordered pizza last night for dinner. I am excited for the  concert tonight. It is going to such a chill night.
After work, I met up with Andrew at the fountain, outside of the cathedral. He was walking down the steps and I got a good look at him. You know when you look at your spouse and you see them for the first time in a long time and they just look so good to you, even though you have looked at them 100 thousand times, but this time just seems different. We kissed, and then walked to the bus stop together.
Once we got to the bus stop, a bus that we needed to take was sitting at the red light. We still had time to hop on, but he seemed as though he didn’t want to open the doors and pick us up, but he did anyway. Once we got on the bus, and sat down Andrew asked me, “What was his problem?” I thought the same thing, but I just shrugged and said, “It’s your birthday!” He smiled and we kissed again. I don’t want him worrying about stupid petty drama on his birthday.
At the stop for the T-Station, we got off the bus, and walked across the street. We took the steps down to the T-Station. We took the T to North Shore, and walked to our car. We dropped off our stuff and our bags, and then went to get something to eat at Southern Tier.
On our way to Southern Tier, we had to walk a little ways past the stadium. I didn’t mind the walk. It felt like the first time we walked like this since, Paris.  I do miss walking all over Paris and London. We walked past the concert venue Stage AE where the concert was tonight and some people were already standing around. I didn’t think this was going to be a packed show, but I could be wrong. When we bought the tickets they were buy one get one free. I wonder if the hype for nostalgia is slowing dying. I hope not. I love the 90s alternative music, and the nostalgia.
When we walked into Southern Tier, I gave the hostess my name, they said about 30-40 mins. I looked back at Drew he said, he was cool with it. They were going to text us when our table was ready. We figured we would just go to the bar and if something opens. At the bar, they so many beers on draft. I didn’t know what to choose from. I decided on the Lemon Sun Drop beer. It was like a Lemon Shandy. Because it was Drew’s birthday he got a free Crowler.  I guess it is spelled like Growler typically, but not at Southern Tier, they  spell it Crowler. He chose the Lemon Sundrop to have in his Crowler. We were going to walk it back to the car before we went to the concert venue. I was glad he didn’t drink all that beer before the concert, although he probably would have in the past, but we can’t party like we used to anymore.                                    Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, drink and indoor         There were two guys standing at the end of the table, they ordered their food, and put the food menu back on the bar. Drew and I were talking about just standing here and ordering food. Drew asked the guys at the end of the table, and they said, they just put the food menu on the bar. One of the guys went and got the food menu from the bar top, and then handed it to Drew. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. He seemed like a nice guy.  Drew bought him a beer. While Drew was at the bar, I asked the guys if they were going to the concert tonight. They said, “No, but who is in town?” I said, “Gin Blossoms and Tonic.” They nodded their heads they said, they were in town for a golf outing. I smiled and said, “Very cool. where are you from?” They said, “Ohio.” I said, “Oh are you brown’s fans?” They said, “No, we are not.” They laughed. I laughed and I didn’t really talk to them too much anymore I didn’t want them to think I was flirting. I have to be careful with that. I am naturally friendly and bubbly, but it comes off very flirty.
When the waitress brought our food, we ate and then had to cash out, so we could walk to the car, before going to Stage AE. I wasn’t all that hungry, so I just ordered a soft pretzel. I am so sick of carbs. Drew had a pork roast sandwich and fries. He didn’t have pizza for lunch. 🙂
After we got back from the car, with his crowler tucked away safely, we were on our w way to Stage AE. The line of people didn’t extend too far. We were right by the ramp, that leads up to the grassy area. Once I was there for Breaking Benjamin, a few years ago the line wrapped around the sidewalk.
Once inside the venue, there is a Coors Light stand, and the restrooms are like trailers that line the back wall. They are really nice if you go before the show starts, if you wait until after, then they will be a mess. I made sure to go before the show starts. Stage AE is such an awesome venue. If you want to be in the grass you have that option, if you want to be in the pit you have the option, there is not a bad seat in the place. If you are a high roller, than there is a section of tables and chairs, but that is no way to see a concert. I prefer the pit, but Drew has a complex about him being so tall, so we stick to the grass, but I have been in the pit before and it nice to be close to the band. Stage AE was giving out free sunglasses that night. Drew got them when he went to get us drinks. He said, “I figured you would want them.”
Stage AEWhile we were waiting for the opener to come on stage, I started  talking to this couple next to me. The one said, he used to work for iHeartMedia, the radio stations in Greentree. I said, “Oh wow no way, i was there 2014-2015. The guy said, he left before I got there. He told me how he did on-air stuff and promotions for 96.1 kiss, and 96.1 the river. I remember right before 96.1 Kiss FM happened, there was a station called 96.1 The river. It didn’t last long though. He knows all the same people that I know. Drew was so cute he was talking me about how I did on-air stuff with Scottro, recording the bumpers, and practicing my air checks, I was flirting with the idea of trying to become an on-air talent. After talking all about radio, we then talked about where all we went to high school. He said, “I went to OLSH.” I said, “No way, I went to OLSH.” He said, “Oh my God, what year did you graduate?” I said, “2006.” He said, “Oh i was gone long before you got there.” I forget what year he said, he graduated, but I think it is the same year that our neighbor graduated OLSH. He is a bit older than us.
The opener came on and it was a band named Punchline.  They weren’t all that great. However, they sounded similar to Yellowcard. I loved Yellowcard. While the opener was playing, we saw someone walk through the walkway, that looked familiar. Andrew said, “I think that is Sarah Woessner.” I looked over and leaned over the railings and yelled, “Sarah Woesnner!” She turned around walked over to me and hugged me. I hadn’t seen Sarah in so long! She was with Jess Rogers. They both hugged me, and then came up and around into our grassy area. Drew hugged them both. he didn’t remember Jess right off the bat, but he did remember Sarah. Sarah looks the same.  It was good to see her. We caught up for a bit, and then she dragged Drew and I down to the pit and told Drew to get over his height complex.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, sky, outdoor and closeupImage may contain: 3 people, people smiling, drink

Image may contain: 3 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, sky and outdoor

Once inside the pit, the view is so much better. I love seeing a concert from the pit.  I took a selfie with Jess as well. I don’t think I have seen her since high school.   Jess told me how much she loved me in high school, she thought I was so nice and just a good person. She reminded me of a time when people were bullying her and I stuck up for her. I guess I apparently cussed some people out for making fun of her. I laughed when she told me about the memory. Yea, it sounds like something I would do. I just laughed. It felt so good to hear. Jess was a sweet girl and still is a sweet girl.

The view from the pit was incredible. I love seeing concerts from the pit. After the opener ended, Tonic’s set began. Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument and night They opened with “Open Up Your Eyes.” The lead singer, Emerson Hart’s voice has definitely changed. It is a little noticeable. However, they were still good to see live. This was our second time seeing them. The best is when they played, “If could Only See.” Jess, Sarah, and I danced together like we were in high school again. It was so cool, but this band came out long before we were in high school! Sometimes the lead singer, tells the audience the backstory of the song. “If you Could Only See”, is about a relationship that the lead singer had with an older woman, and his mom did not approve of the relationship. I was like oh wow I did not know that was true. Drew told me this was the back story, but part of me didn’t believe him. They also played, “You wanted More.” I didn’t know that song was written for the American Pie movie. The things you learn when you attend 90s concerts.
After Tonic, Gin Blossoms came on stage, and we haven’t seen the Gin Blossoms since 2013. We were due, but man they aged a bit. It is amazing what a couple years can do. They played all their hits and some new songs. We didn’t care so much for the new stuff, we wanted the old hits. Robin, the lead singer came down into the crowd and played his tambourine with some of the people in the audience. They finished with “Follow You Down.” I love seeing them live. It truly was so awesome.



The Handmaid’s Tale Finale

My plans on Wednesday fell through. Originally, I was supposed to go to barre class, then get ice cream at either the Sewickley confectionary, or dairy queen like last week with Anthony. Then come back to my house and watch the Handmaid’s Tale. Well, Anthony texted me and said he had a hell of a day and was not feeling well. He canceled on me. I was bummed at first, but it all kind of worked out. Ever since Monday, I have been a little off with my stomach. For lunch, I typically bring a home made spinach salad with mushrooms, little tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, and oil is the dressing. I eat that every day no problem.
On Monday, I used mushrooms from last week thinking they were still good. I bet they weren’t. My stomach was off on Monday, in the afternoon, and still off (I am better now). I hate feeling sick at work. Having Anthony cancel on me, was probably best.
When we got home, Andrew went to the store for me and got me some soup and crackers.  He heated up the soup and I watched the finale of the Handmaid’s Tale. Here are my thoughts. SPOILER ALERT: Okay, what the hell was Offred thinking?!? Get in the Hummer and get out of there! Are you going to stay in Gilead!? for what!? I am glad you got Holly/Nicole safely, but are you thinking girl!? You missed your chance. I love how she slapped the commander. Yes, thats right! That was probably my favorite scene.  I hated how he said, “Could be nice, we we could try for a boy.” Ugh gross. No way. What about Nick? I feel back for Luke/June, but I like Nick and June better. I don’t know. I just do. Nick is way cuter. What are they going to do in Season three? Is she really going back to that house? They won’t take her back. I am so ready for Season 3. Comment below if you like.

Counting Crows & Matchbox 20

After work today, I met Anthony in downtown. He was going to drive us out to Keybank Pavilion.  I was excited for the concert. It took us awhile to get from Downtown to Keybank. Once we got to Keybank, the drive to a parking spot was bumper to bumper. I didn’t care about the opener, but I didn’t want to miss the first act, which was the Counting Crows.

Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak, smiling, eating, sitting, food and outdoor
When we finally got parked, and showed the event staff our tickets, we grabbed Chickie and Pete’s crab fries. I never had them before. They were so good. We shared them, and ended up getting another one. I bought nachos and a drink. The nachos were horrible and the cheese was cold. The fries were better.
While we were in line, we heard Counting Crows start up. I went up the lawn and took a seat and waited for Anthony. The lead singer of the Crows looks the same pretty much a bit older, and bit fatter, but still sounds the same. When Anthony approached me, he had me hold the fries, while he laid the towels down. I was excited to just chill at a concert. I haven’t done that, ever. This was going to be a chill concert. The Crows played all their hits; Omaha, Colorblind, Mr. Jones, Rain King, Big Yellow Taxi, etc. They played some I wasn’t familiar with, but it was good to hear them live.
After their set, we got ready for Matchbox 20. We met up with Shelley and Rebecca. I went to high school with Rebecca. She was in my ex’s class. It was weird to see her at first, because she knew me, when I was with Bryan, and it is weird for me a little, but it was good to see her and hang out with Shelley. Shelley and Anthony are so funny.
When Matchbox 20 came on, they referenced Starlake. Keybank Pavilion, used to be Starlake, so it is cool that he referenced it and still calls it Starlake. I am sure everyone does. They played all their hits too, and a few new songs, but my favorite was seeing and hearing them play, “Push.” I remember that music video coming out in ’96 or ’97. I saw it on vh1 when it first came out. I loved it then. Rob Thomas is still good looking.
After they played 3am, we left and got a head start on getting out of the parking lot. They had two more songs left to play in their encore, and we didn’t care about them. We made it out the parking lot by 11:00pm. It was awesome!
On the way home, we played Spice Girls and sang at the top of our lungs like always. Then we played the Burlesque soundtrack. He dropped me off around 11:30pm. I hugged him goodbye and thanked him. I was going to be so tired in the morning.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary Tour

This morning, I woke up and felt a little out of it, like I was hung over, but I wasn’t it. I only had two drinks. I went back to bed for a little bit, when Drew left. When I woke up I decided to get dressed and go to the gym. I don’t know where I got the drive, and the want to work out, but it was there.

When I arrived to the gym, I was texting Dylan off and on about last night. I asked how Anthony was, and he said he was so weird last night. When they got home, he stripped down to his underwear, picked up the mattress and carried it into the living room and said, “I need air conditioning.” I laughed when I read the text. We talked back and forth about how good a nice breakfast would be from Eat n Park. We decided that when I got done at the gym, that he would give me some money to pick up hash browns, bacon, and donuts. I would bring over my eggs and rye bread. I said, “Do I have to cook?” He said, “That is your job isn’t it?” I laughed and finished up at the gym. I feel like I didn’t get anything done. I drove home, and got the eggs, the bread, and then went to Wal-Mart. I picked up hash browns, bacon, and donuts, along with coffee creamer, then drove to Anthony’s.

When I arrived to Anthony’s, I called him to let him know that I was out front. He came out and helped me carry groceries. I planned to shower at his place, but who knows if I was going to be able to, I felt so tired, so out of it, but I had so much fun last night.
After we ate breakfast, which was so good. I ate so much. They got ready to go to Bath and Body works. Anthony’s mom was coming over. I went home, and showered. I got ready to go to my parents, but before I did, I prepped the chicken for Drew with a note, so all he had to do was throw it in the oven.

When I arrived to my parents’, I got out of the car and said hi to my puppies. I missed them so much, then we left the house and had dinner at Hanlon’s. I was so excited for the concert. I couldn’t wait to see Tom Petty. When we got to Hanlon’s, we sat down in a booth, and ordered our food. I had a chicken salad, coffee, and water. I needed to amped up and get excited for this concert.

After dinner, we made our way to PPG paints arena. We parked in parking garage, and walked past my dad’s building. We stopped into my dad’s work and I met two guys he works with. They are security guards. They talked shop talk, then it was time for us to go to the arena. We had a bit of walk, and it was a little hot outside, but when the wind blew it felt so good.

When we arrived at the arena, we weren’t allowed into the building until 6:00pm, which was an hour before the show started. The crowd was a different kind of crowd mostly older, but there were some 80s looking groupies, and some young people, as well.When we got inside, we got our drinks. I bought a beer for myself, and my dad a coke in a souvenir cup. I thought it was the least I could do. When we found our seats, we sat down and waited for the show to begin. Joe Walsh came on first. I knew a couple of his songs, but I didn’t really know who he was. The crowd around us was calm at first, the only people standing where the ones on the floor. Right before Tom Petty came on, we decided to go to the bathroom, and then get back to our seats. I knew they were going to take a while to set up.
When we came back to our seats, Tom Petty came on and everyone stood up. It made it hard to see, so we stood up for his first song, and hopefully everyone would sit back down. We did stand for most of the concert, and ended up moving down some to the last two seats in the row for the rest of the show, so my dad could still see and sit at the same time. We enjoyed the concert so much! We got good pictures, and videos of him. I was so happy to finally see him. I have been a Tom Petty fan since I was in diapers.

After the concert, I went home and crawled into bed with Drew. He was half asleep. I missed him so much. Last night, I went out with Anthony and Dylan and tonight the concert. I missed him so much.