Lunch with Dad

Around 12pm, my dad came to my office. We were going to lunch at 1pm. My dad is a burger and fries kind of guy. We decided to go to Stacked, it is a burger joint. I was a bit nervous this was my first time eating out on the Keto diet. I knew that I couldn’t have a bun with my burger, and I shouldn’t have a side, but on the menu, I saw they had sweet potato fries. I decided on a piece of grilled chicken, lettuce, avocado, mayo, extra bacon, and cheese with a side of sweet potato fries.

While we were waiting for our food, my dad and I talked about grad school, my classes,  and my internship. He enjoyed hearing about my drama with my group. I am so open with my parents. I tell them everything. My dad is special to me though. I am a genuine daddy’s girl.

When our food arrived, it looked so good and tasted so good. I was hungry, but I didn’t finish all my fries, but I damn sure finished my chicken, veggies, and bacon. I took the rest of the fries to go. I knew Drew would probably want to snack on them.

I said goodbye to my dad and went back to work. It was hard for me to want to go back after having lunch. I wish I had the rest of the day off.

July 4th

This morning, we got up and got ready to go to the pool. We wanted to get there right when it opened. We didn’t have too much time to relax at the pool before our families were arriving for 4th. We were having a cookout. I always wear my American flag dress on the fourth of July dress. I didn’t bother with a selfie this year.

After we came back from the pool the madness set in. Once we came home, I got a shower and got ready for our parents to arrive. While I was in the shower, I listen to music on my phone (I keep my phone in the bathroom, in a glass container. I was listening to Florence and the Machine. I had the music going and the bathroom fan going. Thankfully, I was finishing up, but I heard Andrew yelling for me, “Danielle!” He was standing at the bottom of the stairs. He didn’t bother coming upstairs to tell me that his Dad was 15 mins away with Aunt Tootsie. I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me and opened the door and said, “I can’t hear you.” He said, “Turn the music down.” I said, “come up and talk to me.” He just laughed, then said, “My dad is on his way with Aunt Tootsie they will be here in 15 mins.” I said, “Okay, I am coming down.” I got dried off and dressed in my American flag dress. I have to wear shorts underneath, it is a bit too short in the back. It is cut weird. I got it at the goodwill.

When I went downstairs, I started making buffalo chicken dip. His dad arrived with Aunt Tootsie, walked in through the living room and said, “Where’s Dwarfy?” He calls me Dwarfy because I am short. I am 5’3 and everyone else is so tall in this family, including Andrew. I said, “I am in here.” When he came into the kitchen, he said, “What are you making?” I said, “Buffalo Chicken Dip.” While I was waiting for the oven to heat up, I started making guacamole. It was going to be one of those days, where I rarely sit and enjoy the company.
A little while later my parents arrived, the gang was all here. When I went to the movies with my dad, my dad opened his trunk of his SUV and gave me 75.00 of fireworks. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with them. I know they are legal now in Pennsylvania, but I have nowhere to set them off. We have neighbors and trees our HOA would be so mad if we burned our grass. I didn’t see how we would have any use for them. Well, last night, Andrew and I sorted through them and we were able to pull some small ones out that we could set off, but the ones that have artillery shells were going to have to wait for another day. My dad is so into fireworks and setting them off, and I think it’s cool, but there is a time and definitely a place for all that. It’s not the same anymore, where liability is a huge issue.
Andrew and his dad cooked dinner outside on the grill. His dad brought his grill, of course, Andrew had his.  It was nice for them to grill together. I was happy they got to spend some father/son time together. My dad hung outside with them as they grilled. I made sure everyone was staying hydrated. Dinner was fabulous; Burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, chicken salad, fruit, and Aunt Tootsie’s German chocolate cake! It was nice to spend time together.
Around 5pm, Andrew’s mom left, so did Dad and Aunt Tootsie. I sent some leftovers home for everyone. My dad, my mom, myself, and Drew set off some fireworks in the backyard. I am such a Daddy’s girl. The look on my dad’s face, when I told him we couldn’t set any of those fireworks off was just too much. I hate bumming him out. I am glad we were able to set off some. My mom was talking about making this a tradition. We will see. 🙂

Belated Father’s Day Gift

That morning, I woke up kind of restless and bored. I watched some more Riverdale, made us breakfast. I put my laundry away and cleaned some more around the house. Drew was feeling restless too. Drew got invited to go watch the World Cup game in the afternoon around 2pm at his friend Tony’s. I laid on the couch and watched  Riverdale until it was time for me to go meet my dad at the movie theater. I drove out to Bridgeville to Phoenix Big. Last time I was there was with Drew to see Avengers: Infinity War. The theater was just cited for mouse droppings.  I don’t mind going there. Mice won’t keep me away. I bought my dad Snocaps at the dollar store and I bought Sour Patch kids extreme for me.
Once I arrived at the theater, he was parked out front and I parked across from him. I gave him a hug and wished him a happy father’s day! He said, thank you! come here look what I got for you and Drew.” I go to the back of the car. he lifts up the trunk and pulls out a huge box, 75.00 worth of fireworks. I think the sunglasses were able to hide the shock on my face. He said, “don’t tell your mom.” I said, “oh wow. um, Daddy thank you, but I am not sure where we are going to be able to set these off at.” He said, “Oh you will find someplace, here open your car.” He put the fireworks in the backseat of my car. I texted Drew and told him about the fireworks. He said the same thing I did pretty much, thanks, but where are we going to set these off at?
Once inside the theater, I kept thinking oh my God I have 75.00 of fireworks in my backseat. I bought us popcorn and a drink. He was grateful. We walked to the theater room and took a seat. The theater was pretty much empty. The movie was okay. It was called hereditary. There were parts that made me jump and gruesome special effects, but it was just weird. There was so much hype calling it this generations “Exorcist,” etc. I didn’t think that was true. I noticed sometimes Daddy would close his eyes and fall asleep a little, but then wake right back up again. He is slowing down a little bit. My mom is too, but we will always have horror movies and are going to continue making as many memories as we can.
After the movie, I hugged my dad goodbye and drove home. Once I arrived home, Drew wasn’t feeling too well, but he was happy to see me. He said he had a headache. I told him I had one too earlier. I took some Motrin, I had a headache coming on.  I made dinner for us, and then we watched Smallville until it was time for bed. Another week was coming up fast.

Father’s Day

So, my work schedule has been so crazy lately. I have been trying to plan something for Father’s Day. If you ask me, I preferred it to be very low key, because of my crazy work schedule. I was lucky to have it off. Andrew and I offered to have Father’s Day at our place, and cook out for our families. We never have parties, partly because of the lack of space in our little town home. The night before we went to Walmart, and got what we needed to pick up grocery wise, so that was done. We also picked up my dad’s gift, and the wrapping as well, so all we had to do was put it together.

All we had to do was clean up a little, and wait for everyone to arrive. My parents were going to bring the pups, so I asked them to come a little earlier to get the dogs settled in, before Andrew’s parents arrived. I was so happy to see my pups. They were so good.

When everyone arrived, I put out some snacks, and then Andrew fired up the grill. Before I knew it the food was done, and I hadn’t put out the condiments, or the sides. It was a little intense. I wish I had some sort of warning, or time to get everything out, but it all worked out in the end. The food was good, the company was happy, all was well.

After dinner, we had cheesecake for dessert, and we gave our dads cards and gifts. For Andrew’s dad, we gave him a Pitt polo. He had been wanting one. For my dad, we gave him a Pittsburgh Penguins, Stanley Cup shirt he had asked for one, but he isn’t a Penguins fan. We also got him a Washington Capitals Tervis Tumbler glass. When he opened the glass, Andrew and I thought it would be funny to say, here is your Stanley Cup. When we said it, everyone laughed but him. He didn’t find it very funny.

When everyone left, we were so happy to just relax and hang out. We finished watching Season 5 of House of Cards. The ending was alright. I wasn’t a fan, but Spoiler Alert: Claire Underwood becomes President! The last line is, “It is my turn now”, or something to that effect. I knew it was coming, her being president, but what will happen to Frank, because she didn’t pardon him! Does he go to prison, does he not? I am wishing for a Season 6, but it is probably time to move on. I get so sucked into television shows and I hate when they end. Not sure what we will watch, while we wait for Game of Thrones to start.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary Tour

This morning, I woke up and felt a little out of it, like I was hung over, but I wasn’t it. I only had two drinks. I went back to bed for a little bit, when Drew left. When I woke up I decided to get dressed and go to the gym. I don’t know where I got the drive, and the want to work out, but it was there.

When I arrived to the gym, I was texting Dylan off and on about last night. I asked how Anthony was, and he said he was so weird last night. When they got home, he stripped down to his underwear, picked up the mattress and carried it into the living room and said, “I need air conditioning.” I laughed when I read the text. We talked back and forth about how good a nice breakfast would be from Eat n Park. We decided that when I got done at the gym, that he would give me some money to pick up hash browns, bacon, and donuts. I would bring over my eggs and rye bread. I said, “Do I have to cook?” He said, “That is your job isn’t it?” I laughed and finished up at the gym. I feel like I didn’t get anything done. I drove home, and got the eggs, the bread, and then went to Wal-Mart. I picked up hash browns, bacon, and donuts, along with coffee creamer, then drove to Anthony’s.

When I arrived to Anthony’s, I called him to let him know that I was out front. He came out and helped me carry groceries. I planned to shower at his place, but who knows if I was going to be able to, I felt so tired, so out of it, but I had so much fun last night.
After we ate breakfast, which was so good. I ate so much. They got ready to go to Bath and Body works. Anthony’s mom was coming over. I went home, and showered. I got ready to go to my parents, but before I did, I prepped the chicken for Drew with a note, so all he had to do was throw it in the oven.

When I arrived to my parents’, I got out of the car and said hi to my puppies. I missed them so much, then we left the house and had dinner at Hanlon’s. I was so excited for the concert. I couldn’t wait to see Tom Petty. When we got to Hanlon’s, we sat down in a booth, and ordered our food. I had a chicken salad, coffee, and water. I needed to amped up and get excited for this concert.

After dinner, we made our way to PPG paints arena. We parked in parking garage, and walked past my dad’s building. We stopped into my dad’s work and I met two guys he works with. They are security guards. They talked shop talk, then it was time for us to go to the arena. We had a bit of walk, and it was a little hot outside, but when the wind blew it felt so good.

When we arrived at the arena, we weren’t allowed into the building until 6:00pm, which was an hour before the show started. The crowd was a different kind of crowd mostly older, but there were some 80s looking groupies, and some young people, as well.When we got inside, we got our drinks. I bought a beer for myself, and my dad a coke in a souvenir cup. I thought it was the least I could do. When we found our seats, we sat down and waited for the show to begin. Joe Walsh came on first. I knew a couple of his songs, but I didn’t really know who he was. The crowd around us was calm at first, the only people standing where the ones on the floor. Right before Tom Petty came on, we decided to go to the bathroom, and then get back to our seats. I knew they were going to take a while to set up.
When we came back to our seats, Tom Petty came on and everyone stood up. It made it hard to see, so we stood up for his first song, and hopefully everyone would sit back down. We did stand for most of the concert, and ended up moving down some to the last two seats in the row for the rest of the show, so my dad could still see and sit at the same time. We enjoyed the concert so much! We got good pictures, and videos of him. I was so happy to finally see him. I have been a Tom Petty fan since I was in diapers.

After the concert, I went home and crawled into bed with Drew. He was half asleep. I missed him so much. Last night, I went out with Anthony and Dylan and tonight the concert. I missed him so much.

Easter Sunday

This morning we woke up and got a shower, had some coffee. We were excited to go to his parents today. We couldn’t wait just to relax and eat some good food. I was a bit tired from yesterday, so was Drew.

After we left our house, we went to see Grandma for a while. We were meeting Pam there and helping Grandma get into the car. She moves so slow anymore and gets winded so quickly. I feel so bad for her. Apparently, she has gained 22 pounds, so this only makes it harder for her to move around.

When we arrived at Grandma’s, she was so happy to see us. She loves when we can hang out with her. She was watching some old television show. Her apartment was so hot. she said, well I don’t want to open the door, if we are going to be leaving soon. Pam told me 1pm. I said, “I think she is meeting us at 1:30pm. she is going to text me.” She always asks me to do things, not Drew. Not that I mind, because I don’t mind doing things, but Drew can do them too. It is just one of the things I noticed.

When Pam arrived, we met her outside, and she was having a hard time making it to the car. When we finally got her in, we were able to get in our car and follow them to his mom and dad’s. We both were sad about Grandma, and how slow she moves. When we were on the way to his parents, it was pouring down rain. It was a little challenging going through the back roads to his parents’ house.

Once we were at his parents, we were able to get Grandma in safely, and right behind us was Tom and Aunt Tootsie. I was so excited to see her. She and I talked about my dad becoming a catholic, and how I had a crush on the priest. She understood and laughed. I think she may of had a crush on a priest too at one point or another.

Dinner was amazing as always; Ham, kielbasa, potatoes, baked pineapple, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and a lite vanilla pudding cake that Aunt Tootsie made. We were so satisfied. It was so yummy. We always eat well over there. Shortly after dinner, Tom took Aunt Tootsie home, and we helped Mom with Grandma, then we made a stop at my house. My mom was having my cousins over.

When we arrived to my parents, they were getting ready to have dessert. Mackenzie was there sitting at my parents’ dining room table. She has two tattoos on her arms. One of a turtle and the other was the Chinese sign for Faithfulness. I was shocked. I can’t say I saw that coming. I made Drew and I a drink. We both had piece of cheesecake. Angie was sick with an ear infection and was putting on a show for everyone. She just wanted to go home. I am sure she didn’t feel well, but still. I was glad to see them for a little bit, but when they left, we did too. Monday was coming too quickly.

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil

This morning, I had to get up early and get a shower, then head over to SSJ. Drew went to the gym. We had confirmation practice at 11am for tonight’s Easter vigil. When my dad and I walked into church, Father J was there talking to some members. He broke away from them and hugged me and shook hands with my dad. He said, “Big night tonight!” My dad said, “I am ready.”

When BethAnn approached us, she escorted us outside to get the practice started. She explained there was going to be a big fire out here, and this is where we would gather around the fire, we would then process into the church with our candles lit, then we would take a seat in the first pew, with our candles still lit. Then Deacon Jim is going to sing a song about the pascal candle, then we can blow our candles out. She went through the whole process.

When we went inside, we took a seat in the pews and then we practiced the order of the baptismal rites for Karen and Mo. Father J talked to us about what is going to happen, be said, and the responses, as well as where to stand. At one point, one of the candidates was so concerned with when to genuflect, and when to bow to the tabernacle. Father J said, “don’t be concerned with that, you are going to have enough to focus on, just genuflect when you enter the pew and you will be good.” He looked at me and made a face, and rolled his eyes. We both shared a little laugh. There was still quite a connection there.

Next my dad, myself, Don, and his sponsor were called up to the altar, and we had to stand there next to our candidates, and put our right hand on their shoulder. We even practiced picture taking. While we were at the altar, BethAnn saw my black heels and tried to warn me to wear more comfortable shoes, because it is a long service. I got Father J checking out my heels, and looking at my tattoo. I said, “Oh I am wearing higher ones, tonight.” She laughed at me.

After practice, Father J hugged me again, and said to me, “I will see you tonight.” He shook my dad’s hand. Then I got in my car and went back to Moon. I got changed, and shortly after I got home, Drew came home and he got a shower and got ready. We took our time packing up the car with the food from the fridge, then we were off to my parents.

Once we got to my parents, I helped my mom a little getting things ready for company. Alene and Bob showed up first, then BB and Doug, and Carol & Fred. They were all coming to church, as well to see and support my dad become a Catholic. I was happy to see them all again.


After dinner, Daddy and I left to go to church. We had to be there earlier, in order to get briefed by BethAnn. When we showed up, we gathered around the fire, and waited for everyone else to attend. Daddy was so nervous, but ready. Once the sun set, it was time. Everyone else arrived and went inside and took a seat in the pew. We stood around the fire, and father J said a prayer, and Deacon Jim brought the new pascal candle to be lit by the fire, he led the procession along with Father J. Once inside, we lit our candles, and processed to the front of the church. We took our seats in the first pew. Deacon Jim’s candle song took 45 minutes! My feet were killing me.

Once we sat down, there was a reading, then it was back up for a blessing from Father, then we had to sit back down again. This happened a total of 6 times, before the gospel! I texted my mom and told her no wonder why I only remember doing this once as a child. she laughed. Drew I am sure was dying of boredom.

Then Deacon Jim stood up and gave a homily, about his friend, who is going to shrink a few inches tonight, and that was the pascal candle. We all laughed so hard. We weren’t expecting his friend to be the pascal candle. After his homily it was time for the candidates, to be baptized, Karen and Mo. After their baptism, then we stood up and went to the altar, and Daddy was confirmed with holy oil on his head. I was so excited and happy for him. Then we took our seats, during the peace be with you. Father J came down from the altar, and approached me. He gave me a hug and shook my dad’s hand. He made his way down shaking hands. I was going to miss Father J.

After mass was over, we all stood up for a picture, and people clapped for us. Once the congregation cleared out, we went to the banquet hall and had a little champagne toast, veggies, crackers and cheese, and cupcakes to celebrate Easter, and the new members of the Catholic church. I sat down at at table with Drew while we munched on our snacks. Doretta, the music minister from the University of Pittsburgh, came over to our table, and talked to us about Pitt, and my dad becoming a Catholic. She was going to put me at the top of her prayer list. I was glad to talk to her.

When we left, I said goodbye to Father J. He gave me one last hug. He shook Andrew’s hand, and then we were on our way home. We couldn’t wait to go to bed. It was a long mass for him, and a long day for me.