IT Chapter 2

IT Chapter 2

It has been so long since I saw my best friend Anthony. We both have been so busy. Thankfully, he understands what it is like to go to graduate school. He had two tickets to see the movie IT Chapter 2. I was hesitant. I don’t do clowns.

Prior to the movie, I stopped at the Goodwill and picked up 6 things for $12; a couple tops, and a dress from Old Navy. I love the Goodwill. I always seem to find something. After the Goodwill, I met Anthony for dinner at PF Changs.

At dinner, we got caught up on lives. We talked about work, CMU, RMU, grad school, his love life, and hanged house season, which we are both excited about. I ordered the honey shrimp, and he got a chicken dish. We split dynamite shrimp lettuce wraps. Dinner was yummy.

When we arrived to the movie, they were giving away IT posters to the people who were seeing the movie that night, I passed on one, but Anthony got one.  I don’t do clowns. The movie was good, and had some parts where I jumped.

One thing to note, is I was able to follow the plot without having to watch the first one. Being familiar enough with the concept of IT is enough to get you through the movie which I like when it comes to sequels, especially ones like IT.

At the end, Pennywise, could have been a bit scarier. I wasn’t satisfied with his ability to turn into what he did at the end, and how they defeated him could have been more majestic. I don’t know maybe that is just me. Please let me know what you think the comments below.

Lunch with Friends

For lunch, Wynn, Gene and I all went to Noodlehead. Wynn offered to drive us there. It was in Shadyside. I have never been to Noodlehead before, but it is an awesome Thai restaurant. I was excited to try it out. On the way to the restaurant, Wynn and I talked about the After book series that I got her hooked on.

When we arrived at the restaurant, her sister-in-law Maria was our waitress. I wasn’t sure what to order. She sat us at the best booth in the restaurant. It was in the back and the lightning and there were plants all around it was very zen and relaxing. Wynn knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted the Loveboat. It is her favorite. Gene ordered the Chiang Mai Curry. I read the description and was going to get street noodles, but I decided to go with the Chiang Mai Curry as well. I am so glad I did it was so yummy. The presentation was so cute too.

The price wasn’t too bad. It was $9.50.

After lunch, we drove back to campus and parked under our building. We all work in the same building. We walked around outside for a bit, then we went back to our desks. We are going to go again, next month before classes start up again. I am so excited!


Wave Pool with my Bestie

Wave Pool with my Bestie

This morning, we got up around 8:30am. I went to Starbucks and got us two cold brews. He texted me on my way home, that his friend Brent who cuts his hair, asked if he could come this morning at 10am for a trim. We did have plans to go to the pool, so as I said, as long as you are back by 11:30am. When I got home, I handed him his coffee, and kissed him. He was out the door.

I got my swim suit on and a pair of shorts with my Britney Spears t-shirt.
Then sat down to read my book for this week’s discussion. This book is titled, Seeking Common Ground Public Schools in a Diverse Society by David Tyack. Tyack references the treatment of women and institutional  minoritized students. The history was familiar from last fall, when I took Politics and History of Higher Education. I did find the history of the textbook interesting as well as the common historical figures that students seem to be familiar with, which includes more men, than women. I finished the book before we went to the pool. I want to let my thoughts marinate before I post them in the discussion board.

When we arrived at the pool, we met up with Anthony. He lost 70 pounds. He looks like a shadow of his former self. He and I laid out and took pictures. We gossiped about the latest drama. Sometimes I feel bad for my husband, because when Anthony and I get together we talk and talk and it isn’t always stuff my husband wants to hear.

We stayed at the pool until 2:30pm or 3pm, then we went and got Mexican food at Plaza Azteca. We made plans for fireworks with Anthony on July 4th. We were going to be at my parents that day and they live close to downtown, so we were going to be the neighborhood anyway.

When we got home, I got a shower and passed out on the couch until about 6pm. Drew went and did grocery shopping, I woke up and put some laundry in and then sat down to do my discussion post, while he replaced the blinds in our kitchen window.

Goals for the week

  • touch base with my friend from the radio station to pick up my Shinedown tickets for 7/10
  • finish my paper for assignment 1 that is due on 7/8 so I don’t have to do any homework over July 4th weekend
  • Perhaps start reading my next book titled,  The Global achievement gap: Why even our best schools don’t teach
    the new survival skills our children need- and what we can do about it. 
    by Wagner
  • Gym it up Monday and Wednesday
  • Make it through 3 days at work, then it is a four day weekend!

Leanne’s 40th Birthday

Leanne’s 40th Birthday

After work, we went home for a bit and changed and then got in the car and drove to the fire hall where they were having Leanne’s Birthday party. It was nice that it was local for us, but truthfully I would have driven anywhere to celebrate her birthday. When we arrived, I saw some of her friends standing outside talking and gathering. I have seen them many times before at other events. Some I have known for many years. We said hi, and then Dan came outside, Leanne’s husband. He gave me a hug and shook Drew’s hand. He told us that she was inside. I kind of cocked my head to the side a bit. This was supposed to be a surprise right? I walked past Dan and inside and saw Leanne standing there talking to some members of her family. I approached her and said, “Surprise!” She said, “oh I knew about it.” I smiled and gave her a hug. I said, “Happy Birthday!” She said, “Thank you!” I asked her who is taking care of gifts, so I know where to put my card. Shes said, “ask Tracey.” I said, “Okay.” I don’t know if she being distant, or just overwhelmed with the event. I went in search of Tracy. I handed my card to Tracy and got two drinks out of the cooler one for me and one for Drew. They had White Claw and that is my favorite.

I found Drew still outside talking. I gave him a beer and I cracked open my can of White Claw. I said, “Leanne is inside, you should go say hi to her.” He said, “Okay, I will be in.” I went back inside and took a seat at a table with Jenna, Patrice and Jess. I have known Jess and Jenna for awhile. I have only seen Patrice a couple times. We never really talked, just said hi and goodbye. I don’t know her, as well as my other friends.  Jenna and I talked about student loans and her nursing program.

Then Drew came up behind me, and I stood up and turned my back to see him. I smiled and then saw Leanne’s mom and Uncle Joe walk in, I said hi to them and we ended up sitting at table with Leanne’s family. Leanne was off talking to people throughout the night.

At one point, I took pictures of her and her family. I also got a selfie with Maci. She is so big now. When I first saw her and gave her a hug, I cried a little. She asked me why I was crying? I said, you are just so big.  I love her so much.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, closeup

It is crazy how time flies.  When I lived closer to them at my parents, before I got married, I would be over Leanne and Dan’s hanging with Maci almost every day. Its a little different now that I don’t live close to them anymore. My life has changed a bit. I am married (almost three years), work full-time, attend grad school, and working towards my 300 hours of internship time at RMU. I love my schedule. I don’t mind the chaos, but sometimes I do miss living close to Leanne, Dan, and Maci, but things have changed a little bit for me.

Around 10:30pm, we said our goodbyes and were getting ready to leave. I said, goodbye to Leanne and she said, “You should come around more, so the next time you see Maci she isn’t as tall as me.” I smiled and said, “I know. I do need to come around more.” I turned to say goodbye to Dan. Dan said, “Yea, you went and got your number changed and didn’t tell anyone.” I said, “Oh, I did get my number changed.” He said, “I just invited some random person to the party, who has your old number.” I laughed a little. He said, “Yea, you wait three months before you give it to her.” He pointed to Leanne. “She is your best friend.” I look over at Leanne. She isn’t saying anything. Dan just goes on and on then turns his back and walks outside. I took a deep breath and looked back at Drew and he looked at me. I looked at Leanne and approached her said, “Is he really mad at me over not updating you with my number right away?” She said, “No probably not you know how he is.” I said, “Are you mad at me?” She said, “I was hurt and confused. I wanted you to see what I was doing to the bridesmaid’s dress that I wore to your wedding. I am making it a bit different.” I said, “Well I want to see it. I did reach out to you.” She said, “Yeah, I know I was confused who was asking me about Maci’s birthday because I didn’t know your new number.” I nodded and said, “I am sorry, but it wasn’t personal.” I thought to myself are we really doing this?

When I went outside, I approached Dan and he told me how she was upset and hurt. I nodded and said, “You know I treat Maci as if she was my own, and we have been friends for years. I thought we were better friends than this.” He said, “Yea, but you guys are best friends.” I said, “Dan I wish I had time to be upset about things like this.” I was so over it. Drew didn’t say much he let me do the talking. When the conversation was over and we said our goodbyes, we got in the car and went home.

When we got home, I was upset a little. I mean how petty!? I got a shower, dressed in some comfy clothes then we sat outside for a bit. I talked to Drew. I said, “I am spread thin it wasn’t personal. I didn’t intentionally want to hurt her by not giving her my new number. The people I updated right away were people that I work with, and that I do my internship, you, my mom, and dad. It just slipped my mind. I hate mass texts. This is just silly.” He said, I agree. I hoped to feel better in the morning.



A Night Out With Stephanie

A Night Out With Stephanie

In the evening, Stephanie came over around 6:30pm. She curled my hair and we drank a couple White Claws. We were going to call for an Uber around 9:30pm. She had never been to a night club before. We were going to go all out. Once we got into the Uber, he drove us down to the Northshore to Tequila Cowboy.


Thankfully, there was no cover. It was still a little early, so I showed her around the night club. When we first walked in, we walked into the Country room. There was a live band playing.  I showed her to the karaoke bar where Todd the bartender still bartends. He used to bartend at Saddle Ridge. He used to comp me with drinks back when I went to the club non stop when I was 21 and 22. I introduced him to Stephanie. We ordered our drinks and I kept my tab open. I wasn’t expecting to get comped, because the 30s are for paying for your drinks.

I showed Stephanie the 90s/hiphop room. It wasn’t too packed yet. I told her this place will be crowded later on. She wanted to go back to the country room, so we went back to the country room and danced on the outskirts of the dance floor. Eventually, we danced in the middle of the dance floor.

At one point, we were dancing and a man made eye contact with me as he walked by and I said, “Oh my God, Mike!” He smiled and said, “Danielle, what’s up!?” We hugged. I introduced him to Stephanie. I said, “Stephanie, this is Mike I have known him since I as a senior in high school. He was a club promotor back when I was 21. He is the reason I was Mardi Gras Queen back in 2013.” Mike and I laughed. He said, “We go way back.” When he walked away, I thought wow time really flies. The scene has changed since I was 21. The 21 year olds look like 12 year olds, and I am only 31. It was 10 years ago that I went out every weekend.

Around 1:00am, we cashed out and our bar bill was only 23.50 for each of us. I was shocked actually. We got comped. 🙂

At around 1:30am we got an Uber back to my house. Drew was on his way back from hanging out with Stephanie’s husband, Mike. We did a spousal exchange. 🙂

Pool Day/Anthony’s Birthday Dinner

Finally, the weather was going to be warm enough and it wasn’t supposed to rain. Stephanie and I have been back and forth via text about a pool day soon. When we woke up on Saturday, it looked like a great day for the pool!

We went to Stephanie and Mike’s around 11am. I helped her get packed up and ready.  Drew was able to see Mike for a little bit before we left. We decided to take our car to the pool. Stephanie had Stephen’s Birthday gifts in her trunk and she didn’t want him to see them.

When we arrived at the pool, we set up our lawn chairs, and the kids wanted to go in the pool right away. It was so cute. I put sprayed some sun tan lotion on Stephen while Stephanie finished getting things out and setting up.

Stephanie and Mike’s children call me Daniel Tiger. For those of you who don’t know who Daniel Tiger is, he is a character from Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. It is a popular children’s show here in Pittsburgh! Emma is getting older know and knows how to say Danielle, but it is still cute to hear them say, “Daniel Tiger!” 🙂 I got in the water and swam around a bit, but I just wanted to lay out and work on my tan.

Admittedly, I did not put sun screen on just tanning oil. I didn’t think I was going to get burned. It wasn’t that hot and there were some clouds in the sky, but I should have known you can still get burned when there are clouds!

Around 3:00pm, we left and went home. We got showered and changed. Then went to Bakersfield Tacos for Anthony’s Birthday Dinner. My best friend Anthony is 27 years old. Dinner was interesting. Image may contain: 9 people, including Dylan Murtha, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

The tacos are Ala Carte and they are small like three full bites worth. I had two a steak one and a baja shrimp one. Drew had the same. We also ordered chips and guacamole. Plus drinks it was a bit pricey. Anthony chooses places that are  interesting.
After dinner, they had reservations to go on a boat tour of the city. Andrew and I didn’t join them. I wasn’t that interested. I had to go back to my parents and drop off of a form for them that they need to fill out, so I can fax it on Monday at work.

When we said our goodbyes, Drew and I went to the meatball restaurant where Anthony had his birthday last year. They have a beer garden on top of the roof. Andrew and I had a drink there before heading to my parents. It was good to get out, but I was ready to head back.

When we arrived to my parents, I said hi to my pups and held them for a bit, and my mom filled out the form. My Uncle Larry passed away and his funeral is on the 17th. She needed to fill out this form and then I am to fax this form and my uncle’s DD214 on Monday. We talked about the funeral, my dad’s eye surgery to remove a cataract that he has in his eye, and about the family.

Once Drew and I got home, I started feeling nauseous and I had a headache. I wanted to sit outside, but I decided to get a shower and head to bed. My monthly visitor is on it’s way and this usually happens right before it arrives.

Rocket Man Review

After work today, I went to the movies with Anthony. We went to Southside Works Cinema. I was excited to see Rocketman! I haven’t been to Southside Works Cinema in years. It is a little run down compared to Cinemark. Tickets were only $5. It was a half off movie night.

After we got our tickets, we went upstairs to the concession area. I bought us a small popcorn to share which was $6.75. Anthony bought two bottled waters that was $9.00. It is expensive! I typically smuggle in my own water, but I didn’t have time to stop anywhere on the way.

Once inside the theater, there was no one there we were hoping it was going to be an empty theater. We sat in the first row of seats that has a bar separating the platform from the floor. We like to put our feet on the bar. The seats were flimsy and didn’t recline. Anthony said, “What the hell is this.” We took a selfie in case we wanted to look back on this moment and laugh. The picture is a little dark, but it works.

Once the movie started, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was almost like a Musical, singing dancing. I didn’t know much about Elton John. I know his songs, but I didn’t know much about him as a person, or his background. His family life was kind of sad and his mom was supportive and mean.

However, he was so gifted on the piano from the time he was a child. It seemed as though he could hear a song and then play it immediately on the piano. I wish I could do that.

There were parts of the movie that moved kind of slow, but overall I really enjoyed it and it was a great start to Pride week. It is also Anthony’s birthday week. 🙂