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New Years Eve

This evening we met Stephanie, Mike, and their two kids Stephen and Emma for dinner in Chippewa at this Mexican restaurant called El Paso. I was so excited to see them. It has been so long since we hung out. I want to say since March, when it was Mike’s birthday!
El Paso was good, but I think Plaza Azteca is better. I had the fajita burrito. I could only eat half. I was so full.

After dinner, we stopped back at our house, got changed and into some comfy clothes. I put on some glitter sweats and top with a sweater. It was mild outside. When we arrived at Mike and Stephanie’s I put my Truly Rose Seltzer water. I also brought a bottle of champagne.

We watched a New Year’s countdown for the kids. They are like 5 mins long and they each end with the countdown.  It was cute. They went to sleep and the adults partied. We found a stream of the New Years special with Ryan Seacrest.  We played crabs adjust humidity a card game like cards against humanity but worse!

Once the ball dropped, 4 of us drank 3 bottles of champagne. Drew was the designated drive. We toasted to 2019 with some awesome friends and great pictures.


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Dinner and Out

After work today, I went home, changed, and got ready to go over Anthony’s. When I arrived, he was still inside. I needed him to buzz me into his apartment. Of course he is taking his good ol’ time. I took a Facebook life video (I will upload it later). As I was recording this video, he came out of his apartment building and scared me. It was pretty funny.


When we arrived to Settler’s Ridge, we decided to eat at Walnut Grill. The hostess asked us Lounge or Dining room. I said, “We are young, the Lounge.” Anthony laughed. We order drinks first. They had $4 dollar Titos. I know I am not supposed to have alcohol, but the week I had I felt like I needed a drink. I had a Titos vodka and water. I took my time browsing the menus. It is not hard to eat out on Keto, but it does take time to read the descriptions and decide.  I decided on a steak burger with extra bacon, lettuce, with a side of vegetables. I was being good, minus the alcohol.
At dinner we talked about his dating drama, but also my group drama and school. I told him we were placed in groups based on our MBTI results (Myers Briggs’) and I said, “I am an ENFJ…” He laughed and then it hit him and he said, “oh My God.” I am an ENFJ too!” We instantly grew even closer and developed an even stronger bond. We do get a long so well. Typically, two extroverts don’t, but we do!


We had to take this picture outside to signify that we are intellectuals, but more importantly we are best friends, who have the exact same personality type.

Anyways, we solved all the problems at dinner and we felt like we were successfully got up on each other’s lives.





We wandered into Michael’s craft store and checked out the Halloween Fall decor. I found some leaves and I had to wrap myself up in them. When I see fall leaves, I think of my wedding. I had such a beautiful October wedding. I was married on my birthday October 24th. I do love fall.

At Michael’s, Anthony did purchase a cute little wooden sign that says, “Thanksgiving is Cranberries without the liquor”, or something to that effect. I thought it was cute. If I hosted, Thanksgiving, I would have bought it myself.

Also, most of the Halloween decorations were cheap. I am picky when it comes to Halloween decorations. They can’t be cheap.

After Michael’s, we wandered into Barnes and Noble. I wanted to buy a Kate Spade Tumbler to reward myself for completing my first week of Keto and staying dedicated, so that is exactly what I did.
Image may contain: drinkThis tumblr is so me! I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but I will soon.  I do love some Kate Spade.



On the way out of Barnes and Noble I had to pay respects to my favorite author, F. Scott  Fitzgerald and favorite book, The Great Gatsby. I wanted to buy this poster, but I am sure there are some corporate rules and regulations about that. There is another poster I want in the store and it is by the Starbucks Cafe, the cover of the novel This side of Paradise.  I do love my Fitz!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and indoorAfter Barnes and Noble, I had every intention of going home,  but part of me wanted to get out a bit, and go to the Blue Moon, or somewhere.  I was dressed to go out a bit, and I don’t really get a chance to go out that often anymore. Anthony didn’t really seem to want to go out. I didn’t push it.

On the way back to Anthony’s to get my car, Dylan texted him and said, “Want to go to the Blue Moon?”

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Today, I woke up around 9:30AM,  showered, then got ready to go to my parents. Drew was working from home today. I didn’t want to stay inside all day. I drove to my parents.

On my way to my parents, I stopped at starbucks and was going to run through the drive thru and I saw Dave my parents’ handyman and also the father to both of my ex boyfriends. I dated both of his sons at one point or another. I bought him his chai tea latte, and my caramel latte. After exiting the drive thru, I parked in the space next to his car and gave him his chai tea latte. We chatted about the work he is doing at my parents, and his family. I had to interject and say, “well I think I need to start my day….” He will keep me there all day taking it I let him. He is a talker.

When I arrived at my parents, my mom, my dad, and my dogs were on the back porch. We sat outside and talked about my schedule and how it will interfere a little with the dog sitting in th evenings. I am going to make it work, because I did commit to September. My parents are going on vacation. We seemed to work everything out, and Drew will help me where he can.

My parents and I wine to breakfast are Hanlon’s for some reason I wasn’t all that hungry. I had the lighter fare: egg whites, one hasbrown, Italian bread toast, and bacon. I ate everything but the egg whites they didn’t taste good to me. I don’t care for restaurant eggs.

After breakfast, we went to kohl’s my dad and mom bought me a nice pair of black simply Vera wang heels. They have memory foam in them. I needed a new pair of black heels for work events and perhaps this internship.

When we went back to my parents, I brushed my dogs’ teeth and then I kissed them goodbye. I wanted to go home and see my husband.

When I got home, I kissed Drew and asked him how is work was coming along. He said it was coming. I feel bad this won’t be much of a weekend for him. I read while he worked, then I made dinner. We had salmon burgers with tomato’s, avocados, and onions. They were good.

After dinner, Drew did a bit more work, then we spent some time together. We watched an episode of Smallville, then went and got ice cream at the Sewickley Confectionary. I could tell it was good for him to get out, but he had his mind on work.

When we got home, I dropped him off and then I went to Anthony’s. Dylan was there and Anthony’s brother was in town visiting from Ohio. We played beer bong, and flip cup. I had one Octoberfest beer and two vodka and waters. Drew offered to pick me up, if I drank too much. I had to call Drew to come get me while we were playing this awful board game. FA9C2A8E-0071-44BB-8AB0-DFDDCE6EA8A5
After the game, Drew drove us home safely and it was off to sleep for this couple. I was buzzed, and had so much fun kicking back tonight.

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Baby Jackson

Today, we made breakfast, and hung out before we left to go to Tricia and Ben’s. We last saw baby Jackson in November of last year when he was so new to the world. We were due to see him again. We brought him a little toy. I never go anywhere empty handed.  Jackson was sleeping when we arrived, but eventually he woke up. Tricia carried him into the living room. He didn’t come to me at first, but she handed him to me. He is in the I want mommy stage.
Eventually he did warm up to me, and we played, but if Tricia leaves the room he crawls after her. They chose not to put him in daycare. Their families help them out and watch Jackson during the week. I think it is a smart idea. I understand some families need to put their children in daycare, but if you don’t have to and you are blessed to have your family watch your children, then it is better.  I hope Andrew and I will be blessed one day with children and our families will be able to watch them during the week.
At one point, I put Jackson on Drew’s lap and this is the look Jackson gave me. He was less than thrilled. Drew stiffens up a little, and doesn’t seem as relaxed with children.  He never played with baby dolls as a child, but instinct will take over, when we eventually have our own. Jackson is so adorable, and so sweet. Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and baby

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Ice Cream & Handmaid’s Tale

So I have not been going to the gym lately. I am having a hard time getting back into it. This morning, I had every intention of trying to go to barre class after work today, but it just didn’t happen.

After work, I waited for Anthony to come over and then we went to the Sewickley Confectionery and got ice cream. This place is so cute. It looks like your old fashioned neighborhood ice cream place. They have scoop ice cream, and not soft serve. They also have gelato. I was to get some gelato for Drew on our way home, but for now we were going to enjoy our ice cream.
When we went outside to sit, the tables were wet from the rain last night, so Anthony wiped his chair down a bit. I didn’t care I just sat down. I got bananas and cream ice cream on a cake cone. Anthony got a chocolate cherries? I am not sure. He had his in a waffle cone. We talked about the dates that he was getting ready to go on, and how he just doesn’t seem to care about dating anymore. We all go through phases.
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After ice cream, we went back to my house, and watched Handmaid’s Tale. This is the second to last episode before the finale. We were screaming at the TV. Girl don’t do that! Girl you are wasting too much time, get going! I am so nervous for the finale. We planned to watch it together next week and get ice cream again!

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Anthony’s Birthday Party & Pride

This morning, I woke up and had breakfast with Drew, made coffee, and then hung out and watched the Handmaid’s tale. I waited for Anthony to call me. It’s his birthday party tonight, and I know he mentioned the pool. Drew was going to go to the chiro and then to the gym. He was going to meet us at the restaurant tonight. I was going to miss him all day.
I got dressed in my swimsuit, and then I packed a bag and went to Anthony’s. When I arrived, I dropped my stuff off, and we went to go pick up Ray and take him to the pool with us. Dylan was going to meet us there. It was going to be so fun.
When we arrived at the pool, we typically lay out on the right hand side, but Anthony wanted to lay out on the left hand side, and it was his birthday weekend. We set out towels down, and I put some tanning oil, then went to get into the water. It was so cold. I was so glad to be back at the pool. It’s crazy to not have this much clothes on in public. Hard to believe it is summer. Dylan arrived shortly after we got settled. His shirt, said, “Sure Jan.” l had to laugh.
While we laid out in the water, we chatted about boys, work, memories, and they asked about my trip to Europe. They were glad I had a good time.  They played around in the water. I didn’t go out too far it was too cold. We stayed for a few hours, and planed the rest of our day. Anthony had so much he wanted to do before dinner tonight.
When we left the pool, Dylan went home to get a shower and get ready for tonight. I dropped Ray off at home. Anthony and I went back to his house had lunch. I got a shower, and Anthony did his laundry. Then we went to Great Clips, and he got his hair cut. Then we met Dylan back at Anthony’s house, where Anthony got a shower and got ready. Then we had to go pick up Ray.
Once we got Ray, we went to the Mall. I had to try to find something with this $60 credit that we had through JCPenney’s. It was so hard to find a dress, that three gay men agreed on. They both have different styles. I grabbed a few dresses they waned me to try and went into the fitting room. Ray and Dylan stood outside the fitting room. Anthony came back with me on his own. I didn’t even ask him. He just came back with me. It was so funny. I laughed so hard.
Well we didn’t find a dress, or anything, so I just wore what I had on for dinner. When we arrived at the strip district. I parked in a parking garage. Ray gave me $8 for the garage. We walked through pride in the streets. It was awesome to see some people swaying to the house music, some people were in costumes, and others were in normal clothes. It was cool. When we past pride in the streets, we were on our way to the restaurant, when I got a call from Drew. He said, “Turn around.” I turned around. I didn’t see him. He said, “do you see me?” He was across the street getting ready to walk across to meet us. I smiled and waved back. I hung up the phone. We waited for him to approach us so we could all walk to the restaurant together.
Once we arrived at Emporio, we had to wait for our table, so we went up to the beer terrace, that was on the second floor. We had a pre dinner drink. Dylan and I took a selfie together. He and I have come a long way with our friendship. We met through Anthony and have had our ups and downs, but now we understand each other. I had a vodka and tonic. Drew had a Moscow mule. We all stood around and talked. Shortly after our table was announced.
We all went downstairs, and took a seat a our table. The waitress explained the menu. I switched to a beer for dinner. I am supposed to be DD. I wasn’t sure what the plans were for tonight. I couldn’t be drunk, that is for sure. Dinner was so good. The meatballs were so big, you could get them in a bowl, sub, plan, etc.  I had the traditional meatballs in a bowl with some pasta. I was basic. I didn’t feel adventurous.
After dinner, we walked through Pride. Anthony said, “Hold on I have to be next Drew. I want to see his face.” we all laughed. Drew has never been to a Pride festival before. At some points he had some look on his face, that was a little like ew gross, at some of the costumes, and etc. I looked up at him and whispered. “Hey you can’t look like that.” he laughed. He said, “I didn’t realize I had a look on my face.”
Eventually Drew went with Anthony and Ray to the bar. Dylan and I hung out in the crowd and talked about everyone. After awhile, they came back with drinks. The drinks were huge. Andrew had a beer. I couldn’t believe how big the drinks were. Andrew stayed for longer, than I thought he would.  🙂 I was proud of him. He saw a few minutes of his first local drag show.
When he left I kissed him good bye, he was walking towards the sidewalk, when he got hit on. A guy stopped him and said, “Whoa Whoa wait.” He turned to look at him. The guy looked at him and down and said, “What’s up?” Drew looked over at me and laughed. I watched the situation and I laughed. I walked up to him and took his hand. We walked to the sidewalk.  I said, “You should be good now. Please text me, when you get to your car.” He laughed and kissed me again. I walked back to my group and we waited for the ABBA tribute concert to begin.
The ABBA tribute band opened with the song everyone knows and loves, no matter if you are gay or straight, “Dancing Queen.” We danced and sang along. Anthony took videos. It was fun. Other than Dancing Queen, I am lost. I am not a huge ABBA fan. At one point, Dylan got a text from Carrie that said, “Richard is here at the Blue Moon.” Okay, since when do Carrie and Dylan text? Are they still friends? Didn’t know that they were still talking. Dylan showed the text to Anthony. Richard is Anthony’s ex, that Dylan messed around with, while he was with Anthony. It is the drama, that goes unspoken. Anthony forgave Dylan, out of convenience. Dylan is someone for Anthony to hang out with, when it is convenient for Anthony, but he doesn’t trust him. I know what you are thinking, then why have him around? Like I said before, Anthony and I are friends even if we don’t agree with the decisions one another makes.
Well we all walked back to my car, and drove to the Blue Moon. I didn’t want to go. There were other places we could go. This was a bad idea. Anthony had been drinking so much already, this was not good. I understand why Anthony wanted to “bump” into him. We all have been there, but not like this, and not now. We are celebrating his birthday!
When we walked into the Blue Moon, and immediately to the left there was this little table, that could only seat two.  There he was, Richard and his boyfriend. I looked at him. He made eye contact with me, smiled, but didn’t say anything. I think it didn’t click in his head who I was. I looked back at Anthony and smiled. Then I turned back to Richard. He recognized me, hugged me and said, “Oh my God. how are you?” I smiled and said, into his ear (the music was so loud) I said, “I am well. Anthony is here. He looked behind me and saw him. He looked at his boyfriend and said, “Oh my God. We have to go.” I looked at him and said, “Dylan too.” He looked at me like he seen a ghost, and then behind me and turned a little and saw Dylan. He said, “Oh my God are you serious?” I said, “If you are going to continue to act like this, then it looks like you are not over him. You need to say hi to him, and be the bigger person. I am sure he would say hi to you, but he hears you acting this way, then perhaps you aren’t over him….” He looked at me and said, “No you are right, but you said, bigger person I am not even going to go there.” He laughed. He was trying to make a fat joke about Anthony. I shook my head.
Eventually Anthony and Richard did talk. Richard introduced him to his boyfriend. Anthony told him about his job, and his apartment, and etc. Anthony has so much going for him. Richard didn’t look good at all. Dylan was at the bar getting a drink, while Anthony and Richard were talking. He turned to watch them talk. He looked at Richard, up and down. It was gross how he was looking at him, in front of Anthony like that. I think Dylan would betray Anthony again. Dylan would do it again with Richard behind Anthony’s back, if Richard would have him. I just know it. It was creepy.
The Blue Moon was packed. There was a drag show tonight. We watched most of the drag show. Bambi Dearest is my favorite drag queen ever. She is the best, but she knows it, which is okay. She puts on a great show. The others not so much. It was around 12:50am when I rounded up the troops. I was getting tired. I asked Anthony if we could leave. He said, he didn’t mind. He was already so drunk. I said to Dylan, “Let’s go, we are leaving.” He said, “By yourself?” I said,”No we all are going to leave now. I am super tired.” He said, “oh okay.” We were walking to the car Anthony is crying and is emotional. He said, “I am just so happy to be gay.” Dylan is super quiet. Ray is laughing and is so drunk. This was going to be a long ride home.
Once we got to Anthony’s,  I went inside and grabbed my bag. I said, Goodbye to Dylan. Anthony walked me out, and then we were talking about the night, Richard, and Dylan. I told him I would text him when I got home. When I arrived home, I texted him that I was home safe. He thanked me for everything tonight. I got a shower, then climbed into bed with Drew. I was exhausted.

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Anthony’s Birthday

Today, is Anthony’s birthday as well as the start of Pride weekend. I want to dedicate this little blog post to my very dear and best friend Anthony. Anthony and I met in the spring of  2011 at RMU. He was in my theater class. I was in such a dark place that year. I was going through a horrible break up with my ex fiance. I gained some weight. I was unhappy with myself and my academics last semester were suffering and I was going to have to repeat two classes, next fall. I wasn’t looking forward to that. i was losing a sense of myself.
In the past, I always enjoyed theater and being on stage. I used to take dance classes, up until I was 15 and It always filled me with such great joy and excitement.  I enrolled in theater class in the spring of 2011, determined to do something for me, and get back to me.
On my first day, I didn’t know anyone in the class. The theater teacher turned off all the lights, he set a pillar candle in the middle of the stage, lit the candle, and said, “Be careful, but find your way to the stage, and take a seat around the candle.” We all got up and made our way to the stage. People bumped into each other here and there, but once we made it o the stage. I took a seat in Indian style. He turned on the light, came back to the center of the stage and blew out the candle. He said, “The point of this exercise is to use your senses. Theater is about using your senses.”
Throughout class, we did different warm ups, learned some tai chi, and acted out some scenes. One time in Tai Chi, we were stretching and I was in a standing position bent over, I looked in between my legs to the person behind me. He was cute and Italian. I wondered if I should flirt or not. He didn’t really seem to notice me.  One day, I was assigned the cute Italian boy as my partner for a scene we had to act out. His name was  Anthony. In this scene, we had to act intimate with one, another. It had to be insinuated, that we were being intimate. For research purposes, and because I was curious. I asked him if he was gay? He said, “Honey I am a male in a theater class. Of course I am gay!” I laughed.
Anthony and I have been friends ever since that day. We have been through so much together, and have been remained friends through it all. Today, is his 26th Birthday. Although we may not agree with the decisions we make regarding our personal lives, we still respect each other and love each other. He is the friend I can call any hour of the night and he will talk me off the ledge. He has opened my mind to the LGBTQ community, and I have made so many friends through him from the community. I am proud to say that I am an ally.

Happy Birthday, Anthony!

The first picture we ever took together:
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