My best friend in the whole world came over after work today. He picked up Chinese on the way to my house. Andrew joined in with us at dinner. It was nice to just eat Chinese and enjoy the evening. I drank a couple cans of Truly, the rose flavor. I needed to relax a bit. We ordered the Chinese from this new place called, Little Toyko. I have never ordered there before. Andrew, Anthony, and I all got the same thing to eat; General Tso’s Chicken, Egg Rolls, and Shrimp Tempura roll. It was amazing!

After dinner, we played games on the television with our phones and had a few good laughs. Then we played quite a few games of Mario Kart on the Nintendo switch. Anthony left around 11pm, then it was off to bed for us. I wanted to get up early and get started on my essay and summaries. It was going to be a weekend of homework and writing.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

This evening we met Stephanie, Mike, and their two kids Stephen and Emma for dinner in Chippewa at this Mexican restaurant called El Paso. I was so excited to see them. It has been so long since we hung out. I want to say since March, when it was Mike’s birthday!
El Paso was good, but I think Plaza Azteca is better. I had the fajita burrito. I could only eat half. I was so full.

After dinner, we stopped back at our house, got changed and into some comfy clothes. I put on some glitter sweats and top with a sweater. It was mild outside. When we arrived at Mike and Stephanie’s I put my Truly Rose Seltzer water. I also brought a bottle of champagne.

We watched a New Year’s countdown for the kids. They are like 5 mins long and they each end with the countdown.  It was cute. They went to sleep and the adults partied. We found a stream of the New Years special with Ryan Seacrest.  We played crabs adjust humidity a card game like cards against humanity but worse!

Once the ball dropped, 4 of us drank 3 bottles of champagne. Drew was the designated drive. We toasted to 2019 with some awesome friends and great pictures.


RMU Winterfest

This morning I got up at 7:45am. I got a shower and put on some gym clothes. I had to head to RMU to help out with Winterfest, but I wanted to go to spin class first. John Locke, my supervisor of my internship as well as my previous professor was the spin instructor. I was so excited about my first spin class.
Image may contain: one or more peopleWe listened to Christmas music, throughout the class. It was challenging, but fun.

After class, I went home showered, changed into black jeans and a red Colonials top. I dried my hair and then I was off to help out at Winterfest. I was going to be on hand to help with anything until 4pm, then we were going to Anthony’s Christmas party.

The student program board, set up the build-a-bears and the vendors came and set up for the wax hands, and the bead bracelets. It was nice.


When things started to get underway, John and I went into his office and had our meeting about McDonough. We talked about the abstract that I was tasked to write 300 words and I would have to submit it to him by Tuesday. He also wanted me to come back to campus on Tuesday.

While we were meeting, Ray walked into John’s office. I was surprised to see him. They talked about Theater stuff and Ray is going to stage manage for the musical in the spring. Ray told me that he and Anthony are looking for a place together in the Northside. They fell in love with the one duplex. I knew that was Anthony’s dream to live in the Northside. He is trendy like that.

After the meeting, I went back to the cafeteria and helped the kids clean up. Jordan and I got our pictures taken in the photo booth, and then we had lunch together. Shortly after lunch, I left campus and went home.

When I got home, Drew had the house cleaned up and was cooking dinner. I got up and got a shower and got changed into some party clothes. After dinner, it was out the door to Anthony’s.
Image may contain: Anthony Lombardo and Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing and closeup
When we arrived, Anthony greeted us, but Dylan seemed moodier than usual. He must be upset about the move. However, we still managed to get some Titanic references in. Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak and Dylan Murtha, people smilingHe wrote on my cup Rose Dewittbukater. He is my Jack Dawson.

We all sat around and talked about Anthony and Ray’s potential new place. We talked about Anthony’s job, and love life. Then Ray and Tony arrived, along with Rebecca and Shelley. Everyone was there.

Ray, Dylan, Tony, and Anthony did the gift exchange game. It was hilarious to watch because there were only a few of them participating. Then we played the game where there is a giant ball and you have to unwrap it with oven mitts, without tearing a hole in it. It is so fun. Meanwhile, someone is rolling dice to get doubles so they can steal it off of you.
After that game, we all took pictures and I think it was around the time to go. I had such a long day and tomorrow was Sunday.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing

The Start of Thanksgiving Break

Today, we had a pre-holiday division lunch. Our Division Administrator treated us to pizza, and a move with legit movie theater popcorn and she put on the movie Christmas vacation.
Image result for national lampoon christmas vacationI am probably the only one in the world, who don’t particularly care for this movie. I mean it is funny, but I am not really into stupid humor. Wynn, one of my co-workers said it best, we have all of these characters in our families or someone that is close to resembling them.

While the movie was playing, we were all hoping that we would be able to leave early for the day since it was going to be the thanksgiving weekend. At the end of the movie, she said, “You may all go home now. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!” I was ready for Thanksgiving. I left the conference room and went down to my office and got all packed up and got ready to leave. I walked to the Cathedral to get my keys. Drew was going to have to take the bus home.

Also, I have been back and forth with Nikki, another TA in my class, who has been helping me with my rewrite. I feel as though I was almost done. It was a process and required a little bit of research. Now we are in the expanding portion of the paper. I am feeling pretty good about it. The rewrite was due November 26th.

Thankfully, I already started the third and final paper. However, Andrew and I are going to North Carolina on Friday, November 31st, and will be going on Saturday and return on Sunday, December 2nd. The final paper is due on the 3rd of December. I am so ready for this all to be over, but at the same time, I am trying to breathe in each moment and take it all in and appreciate every step and learn something from them.

Once I got home, I sat down and sent some corrections that I made to my rewrite and worked some more on my final paper. Thankfully, I had already started the last paper a while ago, or else it would have been so much to do on top of the rewrite. I was ready to rest and relax for the rest of the evening. I took a nap and waited for Drew to call me and tell me he needed to be picked up. I was so exhausted.

Hair Appt, Nail Appt, Write, Hundred Acres Manor

Hair Appt, Nail Appt, Write, Hundred Acres Manor

I wanted to get up early and start this paper, but I figured I would just sleep in a little. I got a shower and got ready to go to my hair appt. I fed the dogs before I left and Drew left to go to the gym while I was getting my hair and nails done. I was excited to get my hair darker for the fall. I will always go back to being blonde, but it is nice to have a change.

When I arrived at the salon, Kim was running 10 mins late and that meant I was going to be late and Leanne was going to be late. I was so annoyed and I haven’t even walked into the salon yet.

When she arrived, her other appointment was right behind her. She had to cut a little girl’s hair at 9:40am. My appt was 9:30am. It was going on 10am. When she finished with the little girl, and was about to put my color on, and her 10am appt walked in the door. She was so behind. I felt bad, but I was annoyed too. While my color was sitting, Leanne started on my nails. I was getting a full set on and I was silly. I needed something I wanted nice nails. It was about to be my birthday month.

When Kim washed my hair, trimmed the front, and blew my hair dry I was done. We scheduled my next appt for Nov 1st. I paid her and we back to Leanne. While I was getting my nails finished, Leanne’s mom asked if I could work at the salon from 11-4 on Saturday? I said, sure. She’s said, are you sure you are able to? I said, “Yes, I just have to at RMU by 6pm.” She said, not a problem. I will pay you now. How does $50 sound?” I said, “Sounds even to me.” I paid Leanne 35 from the $50 her mom gave me and I still had money left over. I scheduled my next fill with Leanne on October 5th. I may have to come during the week if possible since I have to be at RMU’s homecoming on the 5th. ugh! I don’t know what time I am supposed to be there for that. Hopefully, I find out next week!

When I got home, I spent all day working on this paper. Drew was taking care of the dogs, while I wrote. I felt okay about it, but I am so nervous. I want to do well. I have been back and forth my tutor I have an appointment on Monday and on Tuesday. I may need to cancel the one on Tuesday. I need time to make the corrections that we will discuss on Monday.

In the evening we made chicken for dinner. Anthony, Dylan, and Tony were on their way over we were going to go to Hundred Acres Manor, first Haunted house of the season! We bought General Admission tickets, but when we arrived, the line was over 2 1/2 hours long!


We decided to upgrade to VIP instead for $15 dollars more a person! It beats waiting in that line, and the worst part was the guys in front of us were playing ghetto rap music on a portable speaker. ugh! so annoying.




Once you get in the VIP line there is this jack-o-lantern over headgate (I am sure there is an official name, atrium? I don’t know). It was the perfect opportunity for Dylan and me to get our annual Hundred Acres Manor picture. I look so much thinner in this one, then last year.
Once inside the Haunted house, we got right in, Antony wanted Dylan to lead, but he was going to fast and we were catching up to the group in front of us, so they nominated me to go in front. I was in front, Andrew, Tony, Anthony, and Dylan. I walk really slow in a haunted house. I want the animatronics to scare me and the actors. We paid $50 bucks lets take our time. There were definitely a few points in the haunted house where I screamed and jumped and grabbed onto the wall next to me. Drew thought it was so funny.

Also, there were a couple times where we were catching up to the group in front of us, so I had to slow down. At one point, I looked behind me. I was leading a trail of people. I was shocked. I hate how they pack you in there.

At one point, I could smell a chainsaw and I heard one earlier. I soon as we got to the chain saw part. I ran away. I don’t do chainsaws and clowns, no thank you. Once we exited the haunted house, I had to catch my breath a little. I love to be scared. I really do.

On the way back, I sat in the very back with Tony and Dylan. Anthony sat up front with Drew to navigate us back to my parents. Tony, Dylan, and Anthony were going to the Blue Moon. Drew and I was going to bed. I had such a great night.




Blue Moon and Tequila Cowboy

Blue Moon and Tequila Cowboy

When Anthony told me Dylan texted him, we were on the way home from dinner and shopping. I looked at Anthony and I said, “Let’s go.” he said, “Alright. He is meeting me at my house.”

Once we parked at Anthony’s we went inside his apartment complex and Dylan was already there in Anthony’s apartment. We walked into the apartment, and he asked, “So how was dinner guys?” We both laughed and said, we had a great time, and how we are both ENFJ. We labeled Dylan to be an Introvert. We were going to give him the test on the way to the Blue Moon.

Before we left, Anthony made a drink and wanted to take it in my car. I said, “No, way. you finish the drink here, or you leave it here for when you come back.” he just gave me this look like I was insane.

When we arrived at the Blue Moon, it was so packed like it was Saturday night. A woman was on stage butchering Melissa Etheridge’s song “Am I the Only One?” I used to like that song. I ordered seltzer water. We stayed for two more people to sing and then we decided to cash out and leave. Anthony wanted to go to Tequila Cowboy ( a straight night club). I was happy to go and take them. I wasn’t sure about my heels though. My feet were sore already.

Once we arrived at the North Shore, we were able to find street parking. I parked my car and we walked to Tequila Cowboy. I was walking a little slower my feet were killing me and I was in heels. Anthony was in flip flops and Dylan was in casual shoes. Dylan made sure to walk with me. Anthony was ahead a little.

When we arrived at Tequila Cowboy, they checked our IDs and there was no cover. The entrance we walked in was through the 90’s room and it was called, “Little Red Corvette.” They played 90’s hip hop and R&B. This place brings back so many memories of Barroom. I spent every weekend of my 21st year at Barroom. Barroom was connected and had three other bars attached to it. The bars had different themes and were separated by a dark hallway. Tequila Cowboy is set up familiarly to how Barroom was set up (Barroom is now a parking lot in Station Square).

When you exit the Little Red Corvette Room and walk through the hallway you enter the country room. It is bigger than the 90’s R&B room and it has a shot chair, for $4 dollars you can lay back in an old school barbershop chair and a woman will pour a bottle of liquor down your throat that equals one shot. There is also a mechanical bull, a raised platform dance floor on top of a wooden dance floor and huge round bar.

When you exit the Country room through yet another hallway, you enter the Karaoke Room titled, “Wanna Bs.” It is where all the bachelorettes sing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and many other hits that are for kissing the Single Life goodbye. There is a long bar and some tables for people who like to hear the tone-deaf drunk singers (we have all been there).  If you were to exit Wanna B’s then you would enter the lines for the bathroom.

That night, we spent our time bouncing back and forth between the country room and the 90’s R&B room. At one point I had to sit. I was getting tired, my feet, and hips were hurting. I was ready to go home.

As I sat at the bar, I couldn’t help but realize how long it has been since I have been to one of these places. It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was 21 but it has been a while, and my life has changed. I probably could hang if I had the right footwear. Everyone looked so young. Todd the Bartender from saddle ridge, still bartends. He tends in the Karaoke room. I said hi to him and he gave me a high five. Other than him, I didn’t know anyone there. The population has changed. There are so many baby-faced 21 year-olds now.

We left the club at 1:30am. I had fun but I was glad to be going home to my hubs. Anthony carried me halfway to the car on his back. We looked like conjoined twins.

When I home, I showered and crawled into bed with my husband. I was happy to be home.

Dinner and Out

After work today, I went home, changed, and got ready to go over Anthony’s. When I arrived, he was still inside. I needed him to buzz me into his apartment. Of course, he is taking his good old time. I took a Facebook life video (I will upload it later). As I was recording this video, he came out of his apartment building and scared me. It was pretty funny.


When we arrived at Settler’s Ridge, we decided to eat at Walnut Grill. The hostess asked us Lounge or Dining room. I said, “We are young, the Lounge.” Anthony laughed. We order drinks first. They had $4 dollar Titos. I know I am not supposed to have alcohol, but the week I had I felt like I needed a drink. I had a Titos vodka and water. I took my time browsing the menus. It is not hard to eat out on Keto, but it does take time to read the descriptions and decide.  I decided on a steak burger with extra bacon, lettuce, with a side of vegetables. I was being good, minus the alcohol.
At dinner, we talked about his dating drama, but also my group drama and school. I told him we were placed in groups based on our MBTI results (Myers Briggs’) and I said, “I am an ENFJ…” He laughed and then it hit him and he said, “Oh My God.” I am an ENFJ too!” We instantly grew even closer and developed an even stronger bond. We do get along so well. Typically, two extroverts don’t, but we do!


We had to take this picture outside to signify that we are intellectuals, but more importantly, we are best friends, who have the exact same personality type.

Anyways, we solved all the problems at dinner and we felt like we were successfully got up on each other’s lives.





We wandered into Michael’s craft store and checked out the Halloween Fall decor. I found some leaves and I had to wrap myself up in them. When I see fall leaves, I think of my wedding. I had such a beautiful October wedding. I was married on my birthday October 24th. I do love fall.

At Michael’s, Anthony did purchase a cute little wooden sign that says, “Thanksgiving is Cranberries without the liquor”, or something to that effect. I thought it was cute. If I hosted, Thanksgiving, I would have bought it myself.

Also, most of the Halloween decorations were cheap. I am picky when it comes to Halloween decorations. They can’t be cheap.

After Michael’s, we wandered into Barnes and Noble. I wanted to buy a Kate Spade Tumbler to reward myself for completing my first week of Keto and staying dedicated, so that is exactly what I did. This tumbler is some! I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but I will soon.  I do love some Kate Spade.

On the way out of Barnes and Noble, I had to pay respects to my favorite author, F. Scott  Fitzgerald and favorite book, The Great Gatsby. I wanted to buy this poster, but I am sure there are some corporate rules and regulations about that. There is another poster I want in the store and it is by the Starbucks Cafe, the cover of the novel This Side of Paradise.  I do love my Fitz!

After Barnes and Noble, I had every intention of going home,  but part of me wanted to get out a bit and go to the Blue Moon, or somewhere.  I was dressed to go out a bit, and I don’t really get a chance to go out that often anymore. Anthony didn’t really seem to want to go out. I didn’t push it.

On the way back to Anthony’s to get my car, Dylan texted him and said, “Want to go to the Blue Moon?”