After CMU, I went home, got a shower and changed into a Halloween shirt, leggings, and socks. I turned on AMC Fearfest and began working on my homework that is due next week. I was going to have very minimal time to do it over the weekend. I had so much going on.

When Drew came home, we ordered pizza and turned on Riverdale. Riverdale had like a Halloween episode. It was pretty good. I was able to enjoy most of Halloween, but I am already looking forward to next Halloween!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!


After CMU, I went home and a shower. I got some comfy clothes on and turned on AMC Fear Fest and Halloween H20 was on. I love Michael Myers. I started my homework for the weekend. I managed to get most of my internship blog completed. I have yet to finish my presentation, blog post, and summary for assessment, but it is started.

Andrew came home around 8:00pm he had class, and then his parents came by and dropped off somethings for us. I put my homework away and spent the rest of the evening watching Halloween Resurrection, and starting the first Halloween (1978) before heading to bed.

I feel like this week has been insane, but I have better handle on my assignments now and will continue to do more work tomorrow and into the weekend.

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

The next morning Drew woke up not feeling good, but I was ready to go. I decided to scrape out the pumpkins and get to carving. Drew went back to bed, and I turned on some Halloween music on my phone and started the process.

First, I got out all the pumpkin goo and separate the seeds. I put the seeds in a colander in the sink. I like to bake them after I am done. Then, once I am finished scraping the pumpkin. I rinse off the seeds, pat them and then put them on a foil lined baking sheet. I set the oven for 400, and spread some melted butter over them, sprinkle them with salt, then put em in the oven for like 10 mins. They are so good!

I carved two pumpkins. One was a “Pitt” pumpkin and the other was a typical jack-o-latern. Typically, Drew is the pumpkin carver in the relationship, but I think I did a good job!

Around 12pm, I cleaned up my mess and woke Drew up to watch the Pitt game. It was their homecoming game. Unfortunately, Pitt lost to Miami. I was sad for them. This means that they won’t be going to Charlotte for the ACC tournament, which is a bummer, but we will see what the rest of the season brings for our Panthers!

This evening, we cancelled dinner reservations at Bistecca. Drew wasn’t 100%, but he still wanted to cook for me. He made me a nice steak dinner, sweet potato, and asparagus. I am so grateful for him.

Haunted Mini Golf 2019

Haunted Mini Golf 2019

This morning, I had a hair appt at 9am. I was so excited for this one. I wanted to go darker. I am ready to get my fall hair. I still wanted to be blonde, but I was going for mostly dark.

When I arrived, Misty got started on my hair. I love my Saturdays with Misty.  She and I got caught on all the latest that is happening in our lives and at the shop.

Before I left, I made my next 6 week appointment which will be 11/16. I can’t believe it, November!

After my hair appt, I went to Walmart, and got some groceries for dinner. I was in the mood to bake, so I picked up a box of spice cake mix and cream cheese icing.

When I got home, I baked the cake, and made some buffalo chicken dip for the game later. Then I made dinner. We were both hungry. I made a keto hamburger casserole. It was so good!

After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen, iced the cake, and then we got ready to go to the Windmill for Haunted Mini Golf. We do this every year. I looked back on our old pictures. We have been doing this since 2014. When we go, I get my annual Michael Myers picture.

When we got home, we turned on the Pitt game. They were away in North Carolina. Right before the start of the 4th quarter, I went to bed. I was hopeful they would win.

When Drew came to bed, he said, Pitt won! I was so glad turn on those victory lights!

Halloween 2018

This morning, I helped out at the RMU football game. It was student government day, so every student, who swiped their freedom card and received a ticket, could vote for the organization of their choice. The organization with the most votes would win $500. The band, who belongs to the KKY organization, didn’t swipe in but wanted to vote for their organization. The student worker that I work with, Jordan, she is a member of Sigma Kappa and wanted her organization to win. I actually am not sure, who won, but KKY did get the most votes, but not sure if they count since the band didn’t swipe in.

After I got home from the football game, I went home and grabbed my acrylic dip powder set, and went to my parents. I did my mom’s nails. Then I went home to do some homework until it was time to go to Leanne and Dan’s. I couldn’t wait to get all dressed up.

After I got my witch costume on, I put my make up on and ended up dropping the eyelash glue cap down the drain. Drew had to take off the p-trap and get the cap out. I was a little off that night. I was starting to get a headache as well. I was a little hormonal, but I just had a day of being on the go and no time to catch up.



When we arrived, to Leanne and Dan’s, we knocked but then walked into the house. No one was in the living room. We walked inside the living room and I yelled, “Hello?” Maci came down the stairs dressed as a mermaid. She gave me a big hug she looked so cute.
44946624_10156822124644712_6338108845302218752_nShe is getting so big. I miss her being so little. I could tell that she is kind of a little uninterested in hanging out with me anymore. I am not around enough. It breaks my heart a little. I don’t live close to her anymore, so I don’t get to see her as often as before. Leanne hangs out with other moms, who have children that are friends with Maci.

One of the moms was there and Maci was playing more with her and not really sitting with me, and being around me like she used to. I will always be her Daniel, but she is growing up now.

I walked over to the stairs and shouted up to Leanne and said Happy Halloween! She said, “Hey broad.” she was up getting ready. Drew went down to see Dan and the rest of the boys. I went upstairs to say hi to Leanne before making my way down to the basement. Leanne was still getting ready with her friend. Eventually, I made my way down to the basement to join Drew and the guys. At one point, Nikki and Paul came in and Paul was dressed up as the mad hater and Nikki was dressed up as Alice and Wonderland. It was good to see them. I haven’t seen them in a while.

Andrew and I didn’t stay long. We left around 10:30pm. I was tired of having an early day that day. I needed to go home and go to bed. I had some homework to do tomorrow. Halloween was different this year

Halloween 2018 Movie Review

Halloween 2018 Movie Review

Let me first start by saying that I am in love with the Halloween franchise. My dad let me watch my first horror movie with him at the age of 6 or 7. It was a father/daughter thing for him and I. We share the love of horror movies.  since I first saw Halloween II (the original from the early 80s) when I was probably in about 4th grade or even 5th grade? My friend Amber had the VHS. She brought it over one night, when she slept over. I remember being so scared. She and I watched all the movies several times in our friendship and I started collecting them on DVD.

I am a huge fan of the original Halloween the 1978 version. It is the original Halloween. The special effects were cheesy, the acting was mediocre, and Michael Myers was so bad ass and creepy. Halloween II picks up where Halloween 1 left off. This time Laurie is in the hospital and eventually escapes Michael and he goes up in burning flames at the end of the movie. This is the movie where she finds out that she is Michael Myer’s sister.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch, there is no Michael Myers, so I never bothered with it and haven’t bothered to watch it.

Halloween 4 and 5: No Laurie, but she had a daughter who is being taken care of by a foster family, who has an older daughter, named Rachel. Jamie knows who her mother is, but not what happened to her, or why she is having nightmares of the boogeyman.  Eventually she is confronted by the boogeyman, and Rachel eventually figures out that the boogeyman is Jamie’s uncle. At the end, Jamie touches Michael’s hand, and ends up getting infected with the murderous desire to kill. Jamie kills her foster mother.
Halloween 5 Jamie suffered PTSD and is now unable to speak and is deaf from the gun shot wounds that were fired at Michael, or by touching him. She needs to use sign language to communicate. She lives in an orphanage. Rachel goes to see her every so often, but Rachel is eventually killed off and so are her friends. Jamie lives on at the end of the movie, but then we don’t hear from her again.

Halloween: The curse of Michael Myers. This was the scariest of them all. When Amber and I watched it we couldn’t fall asleep that night. Laurie Strode’s relatives live in the Myer’s House, which is across the street from a now grown up Tommy Doyle, who is played by Paul Rudd. Tommy Doyle was the little boy Jamie was babysitting in the first Halloween. He is determined to be ready for when Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield. Tommy Doyle and Kara strode team up to defeat Michael Myers.  The actor who plays Dr. Sam Loomis passed away after this movie was made.

Halloween H20: It has been 20 years since the first Halloween took place. Laurie Strode is back, but she changed her name to Keri Tate and is a teach at a prep school. She still is shaken up by the events that took place 20 years ago. She has a son, Josh Hartnett. His son has a girlfriend, Michelle Williams. Michael comes back on Halloween night to kill his sister. Laurie manages to survive along with her son and his girlfriend Molly. Laurie chops his head off with an axe.

Halloween Resurrection: Laurie is in psychiatric facility for killing the wrong man! On the roof of the facility Laurie and Michael battle it out, but he stabs her and she falls off the roof the building into the bushes. There is a reality show being tapped at the Myers’ house,  A Dangertainment production. College students are recruited to stay the night in the Myers’ house and be wear little cameras that will broadcast live to the viewers. Busta Rhymes makes it out alive, so does Rachel with the help of Decker her online boyfriend.

Rob Zombie made two Halloween films and gave the back story as Michael as a childhood, and it was gruesome and good. He did a create job I think of giving the Halloween fans a good artistic take on the Halloween franchise. Michael was more of  bad ass, and still iconic.

Halloween 2018: I have been waiting so long for this movie to come out. I read some things like don’t expect it to follow the previous movies, it’s an artistic take. This will take place 40 years after the first movie, and etc. Michael was older and grey, but still frightening. Laurie Strode suffers PTSD and has become a shut-in and lives in an house that is built for a zombie plan; cameras, and high tech security, and even a bomb shelter type basement equipped for survival. The movie was gruesome and full of gore. I didn’t like the story line. I was expecting more. I  thought the best part was the murders and the blood, and of course seeing Michael Myers. However, I did not appreciate how they portrayed Laurie. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I just didn’t care for this film and how they went about it. For me, the Halloween franchise deserves better and deserves more.

I am still a fan of Michael Myers and the Halloween movies, but I will stick the original, the older films, and Rob Zombie’s version.

Halloween 2018 Trailer

Halloween 2018 Trailer

First of all, I live for Fall, pumpkins, Halloween, leaves changing, cold breeze, leggings, cute boots, but most of all scary movies! My all-time favorite horror movie released a trailer! Halloween is back  I am so excited. I am actually listening to Laurie’s Theme on Spotify now as I type this entry.

My love for horror films goes back to when I was probably about 5 or 6. I have been in love with horror movies ever since I was little. My dad and I used to rent movies at Blockbuster when my mom would have plans with friends or be out for the evening. He would rent a horror movie, and I would rent a kid’s movie. That day, my dad rented Child’s Play 1 on VHS (No DVDs in the early 90s). Of course, when we got home, I already watched my kid movie, but Dad was downstairs, sitting his chair; watching Chucky. I went downstairs and asked my dad if I could watch it with him. I think he said, “Okay, but don’t tell your mother, and just remember it is not real. It is make-believe.” I sat on the couch and watched Child’s Play 1. I remember being so scared at first. Shortly after that movie, I didn’t want dolls in my room, and my mom was not happy that I saw my first Child’s Play movie, so young.

As a preteen and maybe a little younger, it became a father/ daughter commonality between us we both shared a love for a good horror movie. I used to watch Halloween movies with my friend Amber. She had Halloween II on VHS. I remember her sneaking it over my house, and we would watch it in my bedroom, in total darkness. We were so scared. I remember trying to distinguish the differences between the Halloween movies and understand their order. I would look forward to Halloween time and they would all be on television. The AMC Network runs a program called Horror Fest. I remember it used to be much better than it is today. I feel like they showed the Halloween movies more often, then just week of Halloween. I look forward to this time of year all year long. Halloween is my Christmas.

When Andrew and I started dating, he was forced to love the Halloween franchise like I do, and adopt the love for scary movies and Halloween.  As a matter of fact, our second date was a haunted house, Scarehouse to be exact. I love to be scared. One year for my birthday, he got me a Michael Myers bobblehead, and it says up in our house all year long. Michael has a permanent place in our home. Drew watches AMC Fear Fest with me every year and sits through the same Halloween movies every year for me. He is truly a good husband.

This year, Halloween is coming back. Over the years, many directors have tried to bring back Michael Myers and create more to the storyline, but nothing is as scary as the original and the second one.  Halloween 3, took a break from the character Michael Myers and wasn’t all that good.

Halloween 4 & 5 Laurie Strode is not present at all in the movie but has a daughter, Jamie (Danielle Harris). So Jamie is now the niece of Michael Myers. Jamie ends up touching him at the end of 4 and the last scene she attacks her mother and starts acting like Michael.

Halloween 5, Jamie is in a mental hospital, is mute has psychological trauma, and suffers from seizures due to the events of last Halloween. After a night of trying to not be killed by Michael, they are returned safe and sound but finds her uncle’s jail cell empty. He was let out by a mysterious “Man in Black.”

The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6), is the last film that Donald Pleasance (Sam Loomis) appears in. Jamie is pregnant, as her baby, Nurse helps her escape before Michael and the mysterious man and black can get to her.  The mysterious “man in black” is a Druid-like cult leader. Kara Strode lives in the Myers’ house with her family, across the street lives Tommy Doyle (little boy from Halloween 1). Tommy Doyle saves the baby from a bus station, where Jamie abandoned the baby, before her death. Michael comes back to Haddonfield. Kara, her son Danny, and the baby are taken to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium by the Mysterious Man in Black, who goes by the name of Wynn.  Tommy Doyle and Dr. Sam Loomis save the day. Michael is dead for now, but will come back! I remember being so scared when I saw this movie.

Halloween H20, the viewers finally see Jamie Lee Curtis, she goes by Keri Tate, not Laurie Strode. She is a professor and headmistress for a prep school where her son John (Josh Hartnett) attends. John has a girlfriend, Molly (Michelle Williams) and is a normal teenage boy, who thinks Michael Myers is dead and his mother needs to get a grip. Laurie is still haunted by the events that happened 20 years ago on Halloween night. The students in the academy attend a field trip to Yosemite, but John, Molly, and friends stay behind on campus and plan a romantic Halloween night. Laurie and her boyfriend remain on campus grounds to keep an eye on the children, who decided not to go to Yosemite. Michael arrives, and Laurie ends up chopping his head off. Josh, Molly, and Laurie survive.

Halloween Resurrection, Laurie is in a mental institution for chopping off the wrong man’s head. It was a father of 2 dressed up like Michael Myers for Halloween. Laurie is sent away for treatment, but she knows she is not insane and knows Michael will come for her. He does, eventually and she is stabbed in the back by Michael and falls off the sanitarium roof, she is dead right?
Meanwhile, back in Haddonfield, everyone at Haddonfield University is excited for the taping of a reality show by an entertainment production company, titled Dangertainment. Busta Rhymes and Tara Banks star as the people in charge of the production of the reality show, that will take place inside the Myers’ house. They need to audition 6 people to stay in the Myers’ house on Halloween night. They will be wearing cameras, that will stream live footage to the people watching on their computers at home (this is the beginning of reality television when this movie was made).
Eventually, inside the house, all goes wrong, and the people watching on their computers, try to help Sara (the main character) and her friends escape the house alive. Sarah receives messages on her palm pilot from a boy she has been chatting with online, named Decker, who is watching the horror take place on his computer with his friends. Sarah is the only one to survive, everyone else who was in the house and the crew of Dangertainment do not survive. Michael’s body is taken to a medical examiner’s office, and when the doctor opens up the body bag, his eyes open and the credits start. Michael is alive!

Finally, 16 years later we have Halloween 2018! The one thing to keep in mind is that this is a whole new take on the franchise. You can’t consider any of the movies except for Halloween 1 and 2. This is it. As long as you are familiar with the main characters that is all you need to know when going to see this movie. I must have watched the trailer a dozen times. Let me know what you think. I am so excited. Andrew and I are thinking of taking a day off of work to go see it.