Last Day at Pitt

Last Day at Pitt

Today, is my last day working at Pitt in the Sociology Department. I am still going to be a graduate student in the School of Education’s Higher Education Management Program. I can’t believe it. I have learned so much here. I met my co-workers, who are my lifelong friends Wynn, Jenna, and Nancy.

Wynn, has been my mentor. She has helped me so much in this role. Sometimes we just go for walks outside around the building and talk about trashy novels. She was in my part of my position before Sociology became part of the Social Sciences Division. She is a departmental coordinator in Political Science now but was still willing to help me navigate my position, and was always there for me for anything.

Jenna, took Nicolette’s old position in Africana. Jenna has her Master’s in Italian. She is so sweet, and eventually took a job at Google and left the University. She and I still keep in touch.

Nancy, has been at Pitt since was 17 years old. Nancy will be retiring in January. She has been so awesome. She was like another mother figure to me. She would say the funniest things, and would always say her computer does whatever it wants. I will miss her dearly. Honestly, if I was still in this role, when she retired I don’t know how I would be able to do this position without her.

Being the Academic Coordinator in this role has allowed me to meet so many athletes. One of my favorite faculty members in this department works closely with the athletes. Sometimes some of the well-known football players and basketball players would stop by his office. I would make sure to say hi to them wish them well, and even get a selfie with them. I made friends with one of the advisors for the athletes and every once in a while, I will score some tickets to the football and basketball games. We are going to keep in touch. I am so blessed and so fortunate. I guess it is like any position. You can make it yours, and try to enjoy every day that you are in the role, or you can be miserable and count down the days until the next opportunity. I tried in this role, and I think I did well, but my heart is not in it. This position is just not for me and it is not a good fit for me and my personality, but I will miss my friends, and meeting the athletes. I hope to end up back at Pitt one day, but just in a different department, and on a different angle of the University.

Hail to Pitt!

Lunch with Audrey

Around 11:30am, I went to get lunch with Audrey. Image may contain: Audrey Wright and Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, closeup and indoorShe is our facilities lady in our department. She comes around everyday empties out the garbage cans in each office and is such a wonderful sunny presence. She is such a sweet woman. I took her to lunch at Mario’s. I wanted to thank her for everything, and for just being herself. We ate wings and fries. She only had a half-hour to eat lunch.

After lunch, I went to Panther Central and exchange my staff ID for a Student ID. It feels so weird, but it is all coming together!


Dietrich All Staff Meeting

Today, I wore my gold name tag for the last time at the Dietrich All Staff Meeting. The Director of Staff, and Dean Blee talked about the initiatives last year and their goals for this year.

After the presentation, there were refreshments in the Cloister area of Frick Fine Arts. I got some coffee, a little bit of strawberry yogurt, and a granola bar. I stood next to Phyllis and Lynn. Denise approached me and wished me well and congratulated me on my new opportunity. I saw Paula at the meeting and we chatted about the new opportunity and how I need to make it over to Music and visit soon.

I walked back to Posvar with Phyllis and Lynn. Then I went back to my desk to work on some more tasks. I decided to call Melanie and tell her that my last day is Friday. She was happy for me. I told her that I will continue to still work on things for orientation and I will let her know where I leave off. I also scheduled a meeting with Phyllis for tomorrow, and Melanie and I planned to meet tomorrow as well.

That evening, we stayed home and got caught up on The Hills: New Beginnings.

Offer letter

This morning, I entered my office and turned on my computer. I did some tasks and answered some e-mails, and then there it was. CMU sent me an offer letter. I signed and sent it back immediately. I can’t wait to get settled in. I e-mailed my notice to the payroll coordinator here at Pitt. Friday, August 16th will be my last working day at Pitt!

For lunch, I went with Nancy to get Chinese. I got an order of vegetable fried rice. We walked back to the department and ate in the kitchen. We talked about my last day, my notice, and things I need to accomplish before leaving.

After work,  Andrew and I went to the gym. I got on the treadmill next to Erin. We talked about her house and the offer at CMU. She was so happy for me.


Rejection is such a raw undeniable feeling. It happens when you least expect it.

I was on my way back from a meeting and I walked into my office and shook the mouse. I saw a rejection e-mail from the GSA position that I interviewed for on July 12th. This is the opportunity that I wanted to disclose to you all. I wanted to find out the decision first, and there it was a rejection. I kind of figured this was going to be the case, but I had my hopes up to leave this position that I am currently in now. I really thought I had it in the bag. I called Drew (my husband) he said he was so sorry, and felt so bad for me.

When I got off the phone with Drew, I went into Linda’s office and told her that I didn’t get the position and that I was going to be still here. I took a seat in her chair, and she said, you will be okay, back to the drawing board. I smiled and got up from the chair in her office, and went back to my office. I  went back to my desk. I texted Max, my professor, who really helped me prep for the interview and told him I didn’t get it. I emailed my advisor, who also helped me prep. Lastly, I told John Locke, my internship supervisor. I logged on to RMU’s website and saw that there is a position open for something within my skill set. I immediately started my application. I  attached my resume and then drafted a cover letter. I sent it off. John told me that he reached out to his contact, and she is going to look for my application. They would like to start the phone screen next week. Okay, take a breath and try to process this is what I kept telling myself.

To be honest, I didn’t plan for rejection. I didn’t plan for survival in this position. So here goes,  survival what does this look like? I don’t know, but it has to be this way for now. I worked a head on my projects, thinking I wouldn’t be here and wanted to make sure they were all complete. I am not sure what is next, but I need to process this first.


Ugh I have a serious case of the Mondays. I was so tired this morning. I didn’t want to get up and get ready for work. Sunday nights, are always hit or miss when it comes to a good nights sleep for me.

At work, there is absolutely nothing going on. Nancy is out on vacation all week this will make for one slow week.

At lunch, I ate in the kitchen, Linda and Kim were in the kitchen as well. Wynn stopped down and we talked about the weekend.

Tonight, I think I will go to the gym. I have absolutely nothing new to report.


This morning, I am so sleepy. I didn’t want to get up for work. On the way to our offices, Drew and I stopped at Starbucks and got a Cold Brew. I needed one today.

Hopefully nothing exciting goes down today at work and it is just a chill day. I am waiting for some people to respond back to me via e-mail, but other than that. I am taking it easy. I wish I could go to the pool!

After work today, I plan to go to the gym and get a little work out in.