Mr. Rogers Movie

This afternoon I took my mom to see the Mr. Roger’s movie. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it wasn’t going to be fully about Mr. Rogers, but more about a reporter who did a story on Mr. Rogers. I  grew up watching Mr. Rogers neighborhood. I used to love King Friday, and Daniel Tiger. I remember watching it at my grandma’s house.

Admittedly, as I got older, most of the things that Mr. Rogers taught me in my childhood about forgiveness, respect everyone, and liking people for who are I have found is hard to do sometimes, as I have moved through life and have experienced certain things, but I am sure this is the case for everyone. However, Mr. Rogers makes us feel like it is never too late to start over.

I highly recommend this movie it will make you reevaluate things and give you a new perspective.

Off Day

This morning, I just felt so lethargic from the start. I made some coffee for the trip in, but it didn’t seem be enough.

When I arrived at CMU, I was just off. We have a big event on Saturday and everyone is crazy busy. I am in charge of the marketplace and setting table numbers for student orgs. We have about 22 tables, so far. I am excited for the event. It’s going to be a long day.

After work, I went home and changed. I took a nap on the couch for an hour. Then I made dinner. After dinner, I finished watching the end of 3 from Hell. I love Rob Zombie’s movies. They are so messed up, but I can appreciate the creativity. It is a horror cult movie.

After the movie was over, I ate dinner and then went to open the living room window. The blinds came down and hit my head. I was so annoyed. I called Drew and he came home. I felt bad he was leaving class early, but my head was really tender and I have no clue how to put the blinds back up.

When Drew came home, I was feeling better and he put the blinds back up. We watched some South Park and went to bed. It was just an off day.


on Sunday, my mom and I went to the movies to see Judy. I thought it was so good. Renee Zellwegger gave me an idea of what Judy looked like back then before she passed. I think she did an amazing job. Judy seemed to be a complex person. I loved the Wizard of Oz when I was a child.

At one point in the movie, she sang Somewhere over the Rainbow, and the audience joined in. I love that song. It brings back such wonderful memories from my childhood, and my grandmother on my dad’s side. I used to watch the Wizard of Oz over and over again.


Downton Abbey Movie

This evening, I finally saw the Downton Abbey movie! It was everything and more! I loved the story, and the plot. I mis this show so much. I will admit I cried at the end. There will never be another show like it. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing it again. I love lady grantham’s zingers. I highly recommend the movie!

Spoiler Alert! 

  • I liked how the whole Irish and English conflict was portrayed
  • Thankfully, George Clooney was not in the movie (he doesn’t need to be in Downton Abbey)
  • Lady Mary is still freaking out about whether or not it is best financially to run Downton
  • Lady Edith will win you over if she hasn’t already!
  • Old Lady Grantham tries to reassure Mary that she has to take over Downton and continue to keep Downton running, because she won’t be alive much longer. I cried I just cried. It was a passing the torch kind of moment. A nod to the newer generation!

The list goes on and on. I may have to watch see it again. I am just so in love!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Review (SPOILERS)

After work, I went to the movies with my dad. Even though, I was still all in my head. I couldn’t wait to see this movie and just hang out with my dad. I am a huge Leonardo Dicaprio fan. I was relying on Leo Dio to pull me out of my funk and turn my frown upside down.
Once we arrived at the movies, we got popcorn and a drink, then we headed into the theater. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie. I knew that there was going to be something in there regarding the Charles Manson murders, but not sure what.

The movie is kind of confusing. It does jump back and forth, around and around. Rick Dalton (Leo Dicaprio) is this western movie star, who is coming to a point in his career where he is getting older in the business. His age may have to take him into a direction, such as Italian Westerners, and he is struggling to accept it. Cliff (Brad Pitt) is Rick’s stunt double from back in the 50s when they worked on shows called Bounty Law and have remained inseparable since. he is also Rick’s driver because Rick lost is license due to too many drunken instances.

Margot Robbie plays Sharon Tate. I think she did a good job of portraying her. I was convinced. I love Margot Robbie. When it came time for the Manson murder scene, Tarrantino took a different direction with it. Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt were the ones, who were attached by Tex Watson and the Manson girls. However, they ended up saving the day and taking down the attackers. The very end of the movie is Rick Dalton going over Sharon Tate’s house for a drink since he saved the day. It actually made you wonder about how things could have been different.

When we left the theater, my dad said that brought back some memories for me. He used to live in California, and used to run around on Ventura Boulevard, and even went to the Fox movie theater to see a film. My dad has been some adventures. He is the coolest.

After review

After review

I have been wanting to see this movie for so long. When I saw the previews for the movie, I was at theatre with my best friend, Anthony. He said, this looks like a biopic of your life. We laughed.

The second time I saw the preview for After was when I went to the movies with Jenna and Wynn to see Cruel Intentions. Jenna turned to me and said, “What is the plot?” I shrugged my shoulders and said it doesn’t need a plot he is hot!

While I was watching the movie, I thought about what Anthony said and laughed a little. However none of the guys in my past were as hot as Hero. It has been a long time since there was a good chick flick movie. There are references to great works of literature such as Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice. After combines a hot male main character with a trouble past and literature! Two things that make me swoon! If you have the chance watch it.

After I finished the movie, I goggled “After” and found that the movie is actually a book series by Anna Todd. She based it off of Harry Styles fan fiction. Harry Styles? I don’t think he is that good looking, but okay. I am going to have to check out these books.

Spoiler Alert: The movie has an open ending! Ugh, I think they are together, but I need to know for sure.

Rocket Man Review

After work today, I went to the movies with Anthony. We went to Southside Works Cinema. I was excited to see Rocketman! I haven’t been to Southside Works Cinema in years. It is a little run down compared to Cinemark. Tickets were only $5. It was a half off movie night.

After we got our tickets, we went upstairs to the concession area. I bought us a small popcorn to share which was $6.75. Anthony bought two bottled waters that was $9.00. It is expensive! I typically smuggle in my own water, but I didn’t have time to stop anywhere on the way.

Once inside the theater, there was no one there we were hoping it was going to be an empty theater. We sat in the first row of seats that has a bar separating the platform from the floor. We like to put our feet on the bar. The seats were flimsy and didn’t recline. Anthony said, “What the hell is this.” We took a selfie in case we wanted to look back on this moment and laugh. The picture is a little dark, but it works.

Once the movie started, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was almost like a Musical, singing dancing. I didn’t know much about Elton John. I know his songs, but I didn’t know much about him as a person, or his background. His family life was kind of sad and his mom was supportive and mean.

However, he was so gifted on the piano from the time he was a child. It seemed as though he could hear a song and then play it immediately on the piano. I wish I could do that.

There were parts of the movie that moved kind of slow, but overall I really enjoyed it and it was a great start to Pride week. It is also Anthony’s birthday week. 🙂