Mary Queen of Scots Movie

Mary Queen of Scots Movie

In the day, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for a bit. I was trying to soak up as much time at the gym as I could over break, before I would be too busy with school and internship again.

In the evening, Drew took me to see the Mary Queen of Scots movie. He was not going to have any popcorn. I wasn’t feeling popcorn either. We just got a drink.

The movie was a darker take on Mary Queen of Scots. I liked the actress who played Mary Queen of Scots in CW’s the Reign better, but Saorise Ronan didn’t do a bad job, but it was definitely dark. Darker than the show Reign. Margot Robbie did an amazing job playing Queen of Elizabeth. I actually felt bad for her. Margot Robbie’s Queen Elizabeth the 1st displayed vulnerability, and it was a more honest take, whereas in reign, Rachel Skarsten’s Queen Elizabeth 1st performance made me not sympathetic for Queen Elizabeth the 1st. I kept cheering for Mary Queen of Scots, but we all know that doesn’t end well.

I am sorry if this is annoying it, but I kept comparing it to Reign.
Image result for ReignReign ending was so sad for me, but it ended as it should, and when it should, but if you are expecting glamour,  teen music, and beauty this is not the movie for you.


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This evening, we went to go see Aquaman. I couldn’t wait to see Jason Momoa. When we arrived at the theater. Drew already bought the tickets, so we just had to approach the ushers to be scanned in. I stopped to talk to my friend Theresa and she gave us the new bucket and drink cup for the new year and threw away our old ones. We got popcorn and a drink cashed out and approached the usher. He scanned our tickets. We walked down the hallway to the theater room and took our seats. We munched on some popcorn and waited for the movie to start.
The movie was amazing. There were some parts that were a bit too fantasy for me, but Jason Momoa was a great Aquaman and he is easy on the eyes. There were some humorous lines in the movie and a happy ending. At the end, of course, we have to stay after the credits for the scenes.

Spoiler Alert: There will be another Aquaman!

Venom Review

Venom Review

When we arrived at the theater, they had Venom cups and popcorn buckets. I was so excited for this movie. Typically, I don’t get excited about superhero movies, unless it is Superman, then I get excited. I will be excited to see Aquaman as well. When the movie started, Eddie seemed like a laid back and low key guy. Michelle Williams is definitely older. She played his fiance.

At one point, there is something unethical going on in a laboratory, and Eddie went behind his fiance’s back to expose it. She breaks up with him, ends their engagement and dates someone else. Eddie is determined to expose the lab and the owner of the lab, but ends up contracting venom.

Venom makes Eddie cooler and powerful but also really sick at first, and eventually his fiance helps him take down the lab owner who also has an alternate form of venom. Eddie and Venom have to defeat the lab owner together.

There will be a sequel! I am so excited.

Department Get Together/the Movies

After work, we had the annual departmental Beginning of the Year Get Together. It used to be a picnic in Schenley Park, but not we all meet up at a restaurant. This year it was the porch. Around 3:30pm, Nancy and I left to go to the Porch to make sure everything was in order for the food.
Once catering set up the food and took the drink orders, Nancy eventually slipped out and went back to the office. She said if I wanted to stay and mingle I could. Okay, I will have one beer. I had one beer. Snuggled Shayna’s baby for second and talked to some of the new grad students, then it was time to go back to my office to get my things and leave.
When I got back to the office, I grabbed my stuff and said goodbye to Nancy. I met Drew at the cathedral. He and I walked to the car. We were going directly from Oakland to the movies. We were going to see the Nun. I was so excited for this movie. I was hoping it was going to be so scary.
Once we arrived at the movie theater, we were so stiff after sitting in traffic we were going to have to sit for an hour or so at the movies now. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. We got our popcorn and headed into the theater. When the lights dimmed, they showed previews for the upcoming movies. All of a sudden I heard the familiar tune, it was the Halloween preview! I am so damn excited. I really am. We are taking off that day to go see the movie. I can’t wait.  I love Michael Myers and Halloween. He is my favorite villain. At the end of the preview, “I said, “YAASS!” Drew laughed.
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The Nun was so scary! There were definitely times that I jumped out of my skin it seemed. There were some parts that made me scream, as well. Sometimes it was hard to get into it because other people in the theater couldn’t stop reeling and laughing from the prior moments of suspense. I still thought it was good. I haven’t been that scared at the movies in a long time.  What it made it even more creepy is that I am Catholic and went to Catholic school all my life. They really cheeped out as a child. Not so much in high school, but they still made me uncomfortable.
After the movies, we went home and I got a shower and changed into PJs. I was so tired. I need to go to bed. I am still trying to get used to the class being in for the semester.  If I am not reading, I am in class, at work, or working on my internship. I like to stay on top of my assignments as best as I can.
When I went to bed, Drew got a call from his friend TJ he is in town for the Pitt/Penn State game tomorrow. Drew went to meet up with TJ and John. I was glad he got to see them. I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to go to bed. He wasn’t out late and climbed right into bed with me when he got home.

Christopher Robin Movie Review

After work, I went with Anthony to Cinemark to see the Christopher Robin movie. It was discount on Tuesday! Andrew and I joined the Cinemark movie club for 8.99 a month you receive 20% off snacks, credits towards tickets roll over each month, waived online fees, etc. Andrew and I used to go to the movies more often, but the movie club seems worth it. However, we have been streaming movies lately, on our firestick.

When I arrived at Anthony’s, he came outside of his apartment and got into my car. I figured I would just drive. I  don’t mind. On our way to the movies,  we talked about work and the new boy that entered his life.  It is so good to catch up.
The parking lot was jam-packed. It was a Discount Tuesday Day after all.  Once inside, we got popcorn, and I filled up my refill cup with Sprite. I made sure they scanned my membership so we could receive points. Anthony buttered the popcorn, and then the usher scanned our tickets.
After we got our seats, the theater wasn’t so packed, but there were a lot of children, of course. I couldn’t wait for this movie. I thought for sure it was going to make me cry. The previews before the movie were mostly Halloween movies for children.  It is a habit when we got to the movies to comment on the previews and tell each other which ones we wanted to see and didn’t want to see. The Dumbo preview looks good, but it looks so sad too.
As the lights dimmed for the movie, Anthony looked at me and said, “This shit better be good.” We laughed, then it was time to get serious for the movie.  I forgot how Winnie the Pooh starts, and where he lived in Hundred Acre Manor. There were so many parts of the movie that touched my heart and made me we want to be a kid again. Pooh wanted a traveling balloon. Christopher Robin (older now) says “You don’t need a traveling balloon.” He said, “I don’t need one, but I would like one. It would make me happy.” I almost lost it. Christopher Robin got him a red balloon. I was so touched the whole movie was so cute. I really enjoyed it.
However, there was this young child, who was screaming and sometimes crying throughout the movie. It is what it is. You will have children in a theater for a children’s movie.  I tried to tune it out.

After the movie, we stepped outside, and it didn’t feel too humid. I drove us back home and we listened to music and talked more about this new boy. I am excited to hear what happens with this one. I hope something good comes out of it. I just want him to be happy. I really do.  Once I got home, I told Drew all about the movie, and he was glad I had a good time and that I liked it. I told him he has to see it.

I Feel Pretty Review

The movie I feel pretty with Amy Schumer is a must see for every girl! Too often do young girls, pre teens, and even adults fall victim to the unrealistic view of how women “should” look like. The media and fashion magazines say women should have a thigh gap, and be a size 2.

The scene where Renee (Amy Schumer) goes into a boutique and is approached by the sales woman and asks, “shopping for a gift?” Renee says, “no, for myself.” She says “oh well we have limited sizes in the store, but you maybe able to find your size online.” I felt so bad for Renee. Too often are women treated like that in the stores.

There were so many good scenes in that movie, like when she is at the cycling studio and she is trying to workout among all the thin girls. I have felt like that before at the gym. I remember when I first started I was self conscious and insecure. People at the gym seemed so fit. We are all on different journeys when it comes to wellness, and I just try to not think about it and do me.

The movie I feel pretty is so relatable to every woman out there. I am sure we can all see a glimpse of ourselves in Renee, but it shouldn’t take a soul cycle studio accident to make us realize that we are pretty, confident.

Hotel Transylvania 3

Image result for hotel transylvania 3Hotel Transylvania 3 was so cute! Spoiler ALERT: The macarena saves the day! I used to love the dance the macarena. It was a staple at all my sleep overs when I was 9 or 10.

In the movie, this creepy sea monster is trying to kill everyone at the dance party. He only responses to evil music.

When Johnny the DJ, plays a happy song, the monster stops trying to kill everyone and starts dancing. The last happy song, that did the trick, and made the monster happy was the macrena! I love it! I couldn’t believe it. Drew didn’t like the movie, as much as the first one. I agree nothing can be the beat first one. Sequels are touch and go for sure, but this was so cute and so well written. I approve.