Robert Morris Wins the Final Round of the NEC Tournament

I am so proud to be a Robert Morris University alum! They won the final round of the NEC Tournament. Drew,  my father-in-law, and myself attended the game.  At the end of the game, the Colonial crazies stormed the court. It was so awesome! There were some familiar faces in the audience, Charlie Batch was court side, and Tim Benz was documenting the play-by-play for the radio stations. I was able to connect with both them. It was the perfect moment before the storm that would be upon us later in the week.

Robert Morris University will be apart of Selection Sunday for the first time since 2015. I can’t wait to see where their journey takes them. Let’s go Bobby Mo!

Robert Morris University NEC Tournament Game

In the afternoon, Andrew and I attended the RMU men’s basketball game. They are in the NEC tournament. If they win this, they go on to the next round. I was so excited for my alma mater! Our seats were in row A. We were behind the floor seats. It was as close as we could get to the court. We had a great seats for the game. RMU did so well and beat LIU.

After the game, Drew and I decided to go to the box office and get tickets for Tuesday’s game for the NEC Tournament Final. They will play St. Francis. We were not able to get the same seats, but we did get the same section. I am so amped for my school!

Catch Up

I apologize for being so inactive, but I have been a little busy and haven’t had the time to sit down and write. I am officially on Spring Break. I do not return to class or my assistantship until Monday March 16th! Let me catch you up to speed

In my assistantship, I have been trying to get things checked off my list before I depart for Spring break. Last Friday, the 27th, there was a Late-Night. There was also a Late-Night on the 22nd. They both went smoothly. There are two more left this semester. Also, I collaborating with a senior to plan senior week. Senior week is my last project in this assistantship, so crazy to know that the end is in sight. I am continuing to advise AB Special events and AB cafe. I haven’t met with AB publicity yet. I am trying to ready the marketing for the SLICE Awards, as well.

Academically, I am doing well. We had a big writing assignment due for a portion of our literature reviews. I was able to finish it a head of time before the deadline. My professor ended up cancelling class on the day of the deadline to give us more time. I was confident in what I submitted. I am anxious to receive some feedback.

Special Projects, I still assist RMU with the Colonial Leadership Academy and last week I was able to connect with someone who works with NFL Alumni. We shared contact information and I asked if I could assist her with any events she had coming up, and she told me about an event happening in August. After the CLA, we have been in touch to meet for coffee on Monday. I am excited to connect with her again. Also, at RMU I had a meeting with the Dean of Students, to talk about my career goals, my graduate program, internships, and how I may be able to assist RMU. It was a great meeting. I looking forward to being able to assist the university in anyway that I can. RMU is so special to me. It is where it all started for me. Also, RMU is playing in the NEC championship. Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 10.42.38 AMI am looking forward to attending the game on Saturday. The game was not televised, so I had to keep loading the score on my phone which was annoying, but they won! I am so proud of them.
Socially, I had a happy hour last night with my two friends in my graduate program. Julia E. just had a Birthday and Julia S. just got engaged. We met up for drinks and bar food at Hemingways. We talked about the HEM program and our projects at work. When I entered my graduate program, I was expecting to make such amazing friends. I do not know what I would do without these girls! 


I am ready for Spring Break. I want to relax and rejuvenate. Clean the house and organize a bit, and recalibrate.



Charlie Batch: Guest Speaker for the Colonial Leadership Academy

This evening Charlie Batch was going to be the guest speaker for Robert Morris University’s Colonial Leadership Academy. Previously, I met Charlie Batch back in 2014 when I was a receptionist for iHeartMedia (picture on the left). I was excited to meet him again. When we were introduced, I told him that I met him once before back in 2014. I showed him the photo. He then said, “Let’s update it.” I smiled and said, “Okay!”

I so enjoyed his speech on leadership. He showed video clips from when he started against the Baltimore Ravens, while Ben was injured. The Pittsburgh Steelers won that game. It was cool to hear him speak. He talked about his foundation the Best of the Batch. He is such a good guy. I am glad to call him part of my social network.

Typist Needed

After CMU today, I met with a professor at RMU, who was in need of a typist. He needed someone to type his notes, essays, and etc. I responded to the job application on Facebook, and we scheduled a meeting. On my way to his office, I ran into my old pressor MC she and I talked for a bit, and then she showed me where Dr. Skovira’s office was located. I greeted him and said, “My name is Danielle. I am here about the Typist position.” He said, “Oh yes.” I took a seat across from his desk and he said that he is looking for someone, who can read his handwriting. He handed me a document and looked it over. I noticed he wrote in cursive. It wasn’t all that hard to read.

Growing up my mom wrote in cursive, so I feel like reading “handwriting” came naturally to me. Even though, I do not handwrite well. I did learn cursive in 2nd grade, but it was never enforced. I always admired people who could write so beautifully in cursive and had amazing Caligraphy skills. I do not. My handwriting is a mix of print and cursive. I mostly type.

I told him that I would definitely be able to type this document up for him in a word document. He told me that he wants it in 12pt font, Georiga, and double space. I nodded, smiled, and said, “I can do that.” He gave me the deadline of next Wednesday. We discussed payment, but I find it awkward to negotiate, so I am not sure what amount I will receive, until we meet next Wednesday, when I turn in the original copies.

After my meeting with the professor, I sat down and got to work on some school work. I had some time to kill before the CLA and there was no sense in going home and coming back.

Meeting at RMU

This morning, I woke up and made a quick Starbucks run for some espresso. Andrew was working from home today. I like when he is home. While he worked, I got started on my ethics paper, but I realized it wasn’t coming so easily to me. I decided to shove it away for a while.

Around 12pm, I got ready for my meeting with Chris King, Director of Athletics for Robert Morris University. I was going to meet with him and talk to him about his leadership philosophy and see if he had any advice for me as I attempt to break into the world of athletics. I was excited for my meeting with him. I arrived to campus a little early, and stopped at Romo’s, a café on campus. I ordered a French caramel latte with soy milk. I loved French Caramel Lattes when I was a student there that was my go to drink of choice. I stopped by John’s office to connect with him for 5 minutes.

Then I made my way to the arena for my meeting. I wasn’t all that nervous. I have spoken to him before at the CLA dinner. I didn’t want to ask him the same questions that he was asked at CLA. I didn’t want to waste his time, but I wanted to get in his circle and make that professional connection.

The meeting went so well. We had nice conversation about leadership, culture, and how important is to embrace the culture and not try to change it. He also put me in contact with Chelsea, so I could help with game day events. I am so excited for this opportunity and to be a part of my alumna mater.

Building Bridges Through Basketball

I did not have to report to CMU today and I did not have class at night, so I assisted Robert Morris University with their community service event titled, “Building Bridges through Basketball.” I helped with the logistics for the event, stopped and got balloons to decorate the hall of Colonials.83113883_10158023551694712_4641828670141366272_n

The hall of Colonials is a hallway where the trophies and memorabilia on are on display from championship games. Up and down the hall way were craft stations for the student-athletes to assist children with such as; face painting, pom-pom making, coloring, and poster making. There was also sports clinic where the children could participate in various sports alongside the athletes. We also had student-athletes stationed in the stairwells, and outside the stairwells in order to direct the families throughout the arena. We were not sure how many children were going to attend. I think we actually had a pretty good turnout.

Coffee with my Professor friend

This morning, I was so sore from spin. I got a shower, got ready, and then went to go meet Dr. Pamboukian for coffee at Starbucks.

When I arrived around 8:30am, she was already there working on her tablet. I ordered my coffee and then approached her. She smiled and said, “hi.” She got up and we made our way to a table with two chairs. We chatted about literature, approaches to literature, new shows on Netflix, graduate school, RMU, and everything in between.

When I was an undergraduate, I was so intimated by her and all she knew about literature. I grew to respect her and value our friendship. She is definitely someone, who I admire. I seek her advice and feedback frequently. I asked her to attend the practice session that John and I hosted to prepare for the McDonough Leadership Conference. I co-advised 5 students to attend this conference. I wanted her opinion on their narratives.

Around 10am, she had to leave to teach class, but we promised to get together after the Christmas break.

When I left Starbucks, I went to my parents to drop off my hope chest. I asked my parents if I could store it at their house, along with my wedding dress (preserved in a box). Drew and I don’t really have the room. We are trying to clean out the furnished part of our basement, so we can make it into a room where we can entertain guests. My mom and I put my hope chest in my old bedroom, which is now a guest room.

Then my mom and I went to lunch at Hanlon’s in Crafton-Ingram shopping center. I told my mom how coffee went with Dr. Pamboukian, and how much I love hanging out with her. My mom was glad to hear it went well. We talked about thanksgiving, plans to go to the movies on Sunday, and how the semester is winding down.

After lunch, I went home to clean up the house some more and get ready for Drew to come home from work. I started working on my Diversity Initiative Proposal.

In the evening, we ordered pizza and watched Riverdale.

2nd Spin Class

After CMU today, I went home changed for spin class, then heated up some keto hamburger casserole from last night. I hung out for a while, and watched Jersey Shore reruns before heading out the door to spin class.

Once I arrived to RMU, I parked at the campus recreation center, and swiped my card at the front desk. I walked into the spin room and saw John was there stretching. I greeted him with a “what’s up.” I picked out a spin bike in the back next to two other girls. We chatted about the semester being almost over and thanksgiving break. I adjusted my bike a  little. I forget how to do this. The last time I did Spin was almost a year ago. It was last year at Winterfest.

Once class started, we hit the ground running full force. John is a great spin instructor. He plays awesome tunes and keeps us motivated to make it through the class. I probably didn’t push as hard as I could, but I already got my walking in today. I walked from Pitt to CMU and back to Pitt to where I parked my car, so my legs were already worked out! It was a good class over all. I was sweaty after and that is how I know I got a great work out. As soon as I got off the bike, my legs started to feel like jello.

After class, John and I talked about things I could assist with in the Spring semester. He and Maureen still want to utilize my help with events even though my internship class will be complicated and my hours will no longer count towards my internship. I was glad to hear that I was still going to be able to help as needed. Ideally, I would love to work at RMU full-time after graduate school. I am so grateful to John and to Maureen for giving me the opportunities to be involved and to build my social capital.


RMU Meet the Colonials

This event is one of my favorite events ever! I love the backstage element and being able to stage manage the event.  I fell in love with the event last year, which was my first year stage managing the event.

When I arrived, John and I touched base with Chelsea the SWA. This year, the event was a little different. John and I just help with the theatre part of the event (when the players enter the arena floor from behind a curtain to a song, and they do a dance). After the players come out of the curtain, then our part is over and athletics takes over.

This was the first, Meet the Colonials event in the UPMC Events Center. I got the basketball players lined up in the practice gym and asked them to please remember their order, so they go out to the front song, and the correct name.  The men were to line up first. The women were going last, because they were last year’s NEC champions. Dr. Howard, who is the president was the first to make his entrance, then Coach Toole, and the basketball players followed one by one. It was hard to hear when their name was being called and to queue up the players, but I was hoping all looked good on the court.

When the last basketball was called, I stepped out from the side curtain and walked up to John who was standing by the DJ table. He said, “You did a great job it looked so good.” I took a couple deep breaths. I said, John it was so hard to hear.” He said, “next year we will get you a headset. I nodded. It took me a minute to reset my heart rate. I was so concerned that it wasn’t going to go well, but I am glad it looked seamless, because I was a nervous wreck.

After the event, it took some time to wind down, the energy was high!