Fun Friday

This morning my previous supervisor stopped by and she dropped off some Halloween decorations for me. She messaged me a while back, and asked me if I wanted some of her decorations. She and her husband love Halloween, but since her children are grown they don’t use them as much as they used to. I was so glad that she thought of me. In the picture above, she dropped off the coffin, skeletons, the witch to the left, the Lizzie Borden head stone, the cauldron and the broom. I am so obsessed!

The three of us carried the coffin to the garage. I wondered if any of my neighbors saw us. Once we got the coffin safely into the garage, we chatted some more. I invited her into our house so she could see our decorations. She loved them and was glad that her decorations were in the hands of a Halloween lover.

When she left, I virtually tutored two baseball players and hung out with my neighbor’s daughter. She is so cute and so funny! We colored a couple pictures and then she had to go to a birthday party.

Lunch with Mama

While I was getting ready to leave my house, I got a call from the jewelers my rings were ready to be picked up. I missed my wedding rings. I have been without them for a week! It is too long. My mom and I went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and then made our way to Beaver Valley mall. We checked out the closing sale at JCPenney’s. Everything was still 25% off. I didn’t buy anything. We then went to the jewelers to get my rings.

They look brand new. I asked how often I should get them rhodium dipped. They said, some people do it every three months or every six months. I might just tie it in with the inspection and have it done every six months.

After the jewelers, we stopped at Party City because they are going out of business. I went straight to the back of the store to the Halloween stuff. I am very picky when I purchase Halloween decorations. They can’t look too cheap. I need quality when it comes to my favorite holiday! I found this plate, it is quality like porcelain type material, not plastic. It says “Bone Appetite” has a skull on it. I also bought this scare crow that is motion activated and it talks to you and pops his head up when you walk by it. I love it. I am Halloween obsessed.

Back Home

My parents came home around 6pm on Thursday. I was off duty and was able to go back home to my husband. When I got home, I unpacked my stuff, and got settled in. We ordered pizza for dinner (the most carbs I have had in a couple days). I miss my pups. I did sleep well last night, but it was weird not having the dogs next to me. I am going to go walking today and catch up on my writing and reading. Drew is working from home and I am on summer break. I want to work on my fitness not just my body, but also my mind. I want to journal and soak up the sun.

Also, my parents gifted me with this really cute hoodie from Myrtle Beach. I am glad they are back safely.

Memorial Day

In the morning, we went walking and did about 4 1/2 laps in the neighborhood. While we were walking, we saw a C17 military plane fly over. It circled around a few times. It was so cool to see. I thought about how the military members and all who have lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. It is nice in this crazy time of COVID-19 to be able to take a minute and think about what Memorial Day actually means.

After our walk, we got showered and Drew spent most of the afternoon with me before heading back to our house. He has to work from home the next day, and it would have been too much to bring his computer and monitors over to my parents for only a couple more days. I was going to miss him.

Out & About

In the morning we went walking in the neighborhood. We did about 4 1/2 laps. Then got showered, and went to Robinson to see what stores were open. We ended up in Settlers Ridge. There were a few stores open, such as 5 & below, Michael’s, and the Pet Supplies Plus store. We wandered in and out of the stores. We bought a few things at 5 & Below, and I got the dogs some sticks from Pet Supplies Plus. At Michael’s, we wandered up every aisle and enjoyed being out and about. Drew found this cute platter in the shape of the American Flag and it was on sale for only 6 dollars. We picked it up. I could not pass on it.

When we got home, I cooked chicken cordon bleu for dinner, and we hung out with the pups.

Walking & Starbucks

This morning, I went for a walk in my old neighborhood. I went up and down the side streets. I did 3 1/2 laps. Then I took the dogs on a small walk, and then we got into my car, and went to get Starbucks. I haven’t had Starbucks in awhile. Paris and Louie are good in the car, but they did well. They didn’t really bark except when the women opened the drive through window and handed in me my drink. Then they made some noise. The woman said, “Look how small they are.”

After, Starbucks, I went home, and took a shower. Drew was on his way over in the evening. We were going to take it easy today. When Drew arrived, he got settled in and we made keto stuffed peppers for dinner, and watched American Pie 2. It was a chill Friday.

Local Mexican Restaurants

Over the weekend, we ordered from a local Mexican restaurant in order to support the smaller chain restaurants during this time. We also got a frozen lime margarita to go! I can’t remember the last time I had a margarita. Andrew and I both got burritos and we split an order of chips and guacamole. It was so good, but it is not the same as actually going to a restaurant.

Please remember to support your local restaurants!


This morning, I went into CMU for a couple hours, and then drove to the  Strip-District to meet up with my cousin’s friend. She was interested in perhaps working in athletes and was wondering what my thoughts were, and if I could possibly share my network. I wanted to meet up with her first before I gave her my contacts.

When I arrived to the Strip District, parking was a nightmare. I was looking for that one street, I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s where they filmed a scene from Mission Impossible 3. There for a fact is parking usually up and down that street.

However, it was in the evening, when I remembered there being parking, not in the afternoon on Friday! Instead of battling for street parking. I parked in parking lot on 23rd street. It was going to be $10. I didn’t care. It was better than fighting the other cars. I walked towards the coffee shop where I was to meet Lauren, but I texted her and asked if she wanted to meet for lunch instead. She suggested a restaurant, that was around 21st street. It was half way to her work. I went to the restaurant, and it was jam packed. There would probably not be anywhere for us to sit and it would take longer to get our food. I went to the sushi and soup restaurant next door and it was mostly empty. I texted her and told her where I was and how it wasn’t crowded at all and it would be easier to have conversation there.

While I waited for Lauren, I ordered a huge bowl of Chicken noodle soup.
IMG_3178.jpg I have never seen anything like this before. I texted her and told her I ordered some soup already. She said, not a problem and she was 5 minutes away.

When she arrived, I stood up and shook her hand. She thanked me for meeting her. She sat down and ordered her soup. This was her first time there as well. We chatted about athletics, and her background.  She was a student-athlete and is more interested on the events side of athletics and game day operations. I told her how I might be able to able her. I told her I could send an e-mail e-introducing her to who I know. The rest would be up to her and my contacts. I am so grateful to the people who have helped me along the way, and if i can do the same for someone else. I am happy to pay it forward.

After lunch, I wondered in and out of the shops in the strip district. I got my father-in-law his Christmas gift. When I saw it, I immediately thought of him. Then, I bought a Burberry type looking scarf. It’s not a real one, but it looks just like it!

When I got home from the strip district, I got to work on editing our final paper for assessment class. After the edits, I downloaded the paper from the google doc to check over the formatting one last time, and then I submitted it to Max for our group. The waiting game for the grade to appear began! I completed the online evaluations for my group members. The semester was officially over!

Black Friday Shopping

This morning we took our time and slept in. I was not in a huge rush to go to the mall. We had to go to Ross Park Mall. I had a gift card to L.L Bean to get a new winter coat, and a Macy’s gift card to get Chanel foundation. They stopped selling Chanel at the Macy’s in Robinson, so it is a bit of inconvenience to drive to Ross Park. I was up for an adventure. We were hoping to get a good Black Friday deal on my winter coat, as well.

When we arrived at the mall, we had a tough time finding a parking spot. There were cars parked along the side of the curb, near the grass, and on the grass. Some people created their own parking spaces. It was so crazy! I forgot about the parking. Drew finally found a space. We saw a couple getting into their car to leave. We were able to pull right in. They took a little while to leave, but once they did half the battle was over.

When we arrived inside of Macy’s, I approached the Chanel counter first and bought my foundation. The makeup lasts me a long time, so I probably won’t need it anymore until next year or the year after.

After Macy’s we went to L.L Bean. There is no interior entrance from the mall to L.L Bean, so you have to go outside and then enter L.L Bean. it is a weird set up. Once inside, they were having a 20% off all L.L. Bean merchandise, which works out perfectly! I was able to find a coat that liked. It was the one I saw online when I was first looking at winter coats. Andrew also got a vest. He wanted this for Christmas. It was so cute he asked me to wrap it up when we got home.

When we left L.L Bean, we went back inside the mall and then got a drink at the Wigle Whiskey place. I am not a whiskey drinker, but I know Drew is and I thought he deserved to treat himself. He was being such a good sport coming out on Black Friday with me. I thought my drink was okay, but it wasn’t the greatest.

After the whiskey, we stopped at Yankee Candle and stocked up on some Christmas candles. They were having a sale. If you buy three jars, then you get three jars free. We were all set for Christmas scents.

After Yankee Candle, we made our way back to Macy’s to leave. I found a cute pair of pink and black Nikes. I was desperately in need of new tennies. They didn’t have my size. When we got to the car, I ordered them online and had them shipped to the store. They were only $30 dollars! I love Black Friday.

When we got home, Drew went to the gym and I did some laundry. We decorated for Christmas in the evening, as well.
No photo description available.There she is the Hornyak family Christmas tree. I love all the ornaments that we have collected over the years.

Our house is officially ready for Christmas.

New Years Eve

When we woke up, we went to the gym, and got a little work out in, then I came home, and did some more laundry. We made a nice dinner, and had a few drank together. We had a great New Year’s Eve, but I was so hormonal.

On top of the fact, that New Year’s Eve, makes me uneasy already. It always has. In the blink of the moment, 2016 will be over, and it will be on to another year, whether we are ready for it or not. I hate not knowing what is around the corner, but I was ready for 2017..sort of?