My best friend in the whole world came over after work today. He picked up Chinese on the way to my house. Andrew joined in with us at dinner. It was nice to just eat Chinese and enjoy the evening. I drank a few Truly seltzer waters. The rose flavor. I needed to relax a bit. We ordered the Chinese from this new place called, Little Toyko. I have never ordered there before. Andrew, Anthony, and myself all got the same thing to eat; General Tso’s Chicken, Egg Rolls, and Shrimp Tempura roll. It was amazing!

After dinner, we played games on the television with our phones and had a few good laughs. Then we played quite a few games of Mario Kart on the Nintendo switch. Anthony left around 11pm, then it was off to bed for us. I wanted to get up early and get started on my essay and summaries. It was going to be a weekend of homework and writing.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

This evening we met Stephanie, Mike, and their two kids Stephen and Emma for dinner in Chippewa at this Mexican restaurant called El Paso. I was so excited to see them. It has been so long since we hung out. I want to say since March, when it was Mike’s birthday!
El Paso was good, but I think Plaza Azteca is better. I had the fajita burrito. I could only eat half. I was so full.

After dinner, we stopped back at our house, got changed and into some comfy clothes. I put on some glitter sweats and top with a sweater. It was mild outside. When we arrived at Mike and Stephanie’s I put my Truly Rose Seltzer water. I also brought a bottle of champagne.

We watched a New Year’s countdown for the kids. They are like 5 mins long and they each end with the countdown.  It was cute. They went to sleep and the adults partied. We found a stream of the New Years special with Ryan Seacrest.  We played crabs adjust humidity a card game like cards against humanity but worse!

Once the ball dropped, 4 of us drank 3 bottles of champagne. Drew was the designated drive. We toasted to 2019 with some awesome friends and great pictures.


Christmas Day

This morning, I could tell Drew was a little better, but not one 100%. We still were going to go to his parents for Christmas. My parents were meeting us over there for dinner. I was excited to spend the day with everyone, but I was worried about Drew. He wasn’t doing so well.

When we arrived to his parents, we hung out and opened gifts with Tommy and Megan.
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Tommy and Megan got Drew a nice Eddie Bauer zip up, and they gave me a pink champagne 3-wick candle from Pier 1. I love Pier 1, candles, and pink champagne. They also gave us a $50 gift card to Lowes. We gave them together a gift card to Amazon and I bought Megan a little wine glass ornament with a Santa hat on it.
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I finally got to meet Waffles. I was glad to finally meet him. He has the sweetest little personality. He just comes right up to you and kisses you and pounces on you.

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Butters on the other hand, just wants you to throw him the ball. He is not about kisses and cuddles. Tommy and Megan said he is the athlete.









After gifts,  Drew and I went to get Aunt Toostie. We took his mom’s car. Chippewa is a bit of drive from his parents, but we made it. Aunt Tootsie was so glad to see us. She filled us in on what has been going on with her.
When we arrived back to my in-laws my parents arrived shortly after. I was glad to see them. I love it when we are all together. I just wish Drew felt better. Dinner was a huge spread. Drew seemed to have an appetite. I was glad of that.
After dinner, we hung out for a while, we decided not to go see Grandma. We would see her sometime during the week. We didn’t want her getting sick and getting what Drew had.





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This evening, we went to go see Aquaman. I couldn’t wait to see Jason Momoa. When we arrived to the theater. Drew already bought the tickets, so we just had to approach the ushers to be scanned in. I stopped to talk to my friend Theresa and she gave us the new bucket and drink cup for the new year and threw away our old ones. We got popcorn and a drink, cashed out and approached the usher. He scanned our tickets. We walked down the hallway to the theater room and took our seats. We munched on some popcorn and waited for the movie to start.
The movie was amazing. There were some parts that were a bit too fantasy for me, but Jason Momoa was a great Aquaman and he is easy on the eyes. There were some humorous lines in the movie, and a happy ending. At the end, of course we have to stay after the credits for the scenes.

Spoiler Alert: There will be another Aquaman!

Eiffel Tower Tattoo

Eiffel Tower Tattoo

I have been wanting to get an Eiffel Tower Tattoo for the longest time now. I already have 4 tattoos. This would be my 5th tattoo. I knew I wanted it in a place that I could keep hidden. I thought what about behind my ear. I could easily hide this. I always pretty much wear my hair down anyway, so that is what I did.
I got my tattoo done at Up in Arms. Dooner did a great job. I didn’t feel any pain either. I thought it was going to hurt. I was prepared to cry and I was so nervous. It didn’t hurt one bit. The vibration from the needle is what annoyed me, but other than that it was beautiful. I was so happy.

New iPhone and New Number

New iPhone and New Number

Drew is really good at spotting the deals when it comes to Verizon and new phones. He saw a deal that says buy one iPhone XR and get the other free when you activate a new line. He called Verizon and asked how he and I take advantage of this deal? Verizon customer care said, that we could simply change my number and cancel my present line. So we went through with the deal and they sent us only one phone. We called customer care again, and told them and said, that is because the cost never went through for the second phone. We had to pay the tax and activation fee for the second phone, and it didn’t go through. The customer care agent called the nearest Verizon store in our area, and made them aware of the issue and told them the plan. The customer care agent said, the store is expecting you and will take care of you.
Okay, so we arrived at the Verizon store and we had a bit of a wait before anyone could assist us. Eventually, someone came over and assisted us. We told them the breakdown of the situation and we brought everything with us. The manager said, well they are trying to care of you and I get that but it is also commission fraud because the whole point is to generate new business not just change your number. They were being too honest with us and sort of making us feel bad, but at the same time that is not for us to know. We are here as we were told to get the deal. Well in the end, it all worked out we walked out with brand new iPhone XRs. I did have to get a new number. I had a Kate Spade case and Drew had an Otterbox case.

Kate Spade Mug

So I did end up going back to Macy’s and getting the Christmas gifts for my mom that matched her Lenox: Winterberry set. Also I did get the Kate Spade mug and the ornaments Drew picked out that night at the mall. When I checked out, the bridal consultant gave us the bridal discount on each individual item. I was so happy and satisfied. This mug is so cute!