Last Grad Class of the Semester

Today, I attended the volunteer luncheon at the Petersen events center for the PhD Commencement Ceremony. I walked to the Pete with Brian, who is also a graduate admin. Once we arrived into the Pete, we took the escalator up to the second floor, and then got into the elevator to go up to the campus view club. They had lunch for us. I ate Chicken Florentine, a little mushroom ravioli with a salad. We sat a table with someone from the Grad Dean’s office. This was her first time volunteering. This was my second time volunteering and Brian’s 3rd. I helped out at couple events for Pitt, so it was cool to connect with the friends I have in the Office of Special Events. 🙂

After lunch, we had to report to our designated areas for training. Stacy, from Special Events recognized me and gave me a hug. She thanked me for volunteering and was so happy to see my name on the list of volunteers. 🙂 Stacy explained our position and how we are to report to our stations at 4:15pm. The lunch or early dinner would be served at 3pm. I was in the same position as last year. I as working with the person from the Grad Dean’s office and was responsible for lining up the Arts and Sciences graduates. It is cool to be apart of.

After training, I went back to the office. I had my last Student Development Theory class tonight. My group was going to meet me in my office at 4pm to go over our presentation and make sure we were good to go for class tonight. I was ready to get the semester over with and go home.

After finalizing our presentation, we went up to class. I walked into the class room and sat next to my friend Julia. I looked at the board. They were playing hang man. I laughed a little. You could tell everyone was so over the semester and ready for summer.

Our professor, Max walked in and saw the hangman and it said, “We Love Student Stories.” Max had this smile on his face and he was laughing. I snapped a quick picture of him in frontIMG_1373.jpeg of the board.

When it  came time to present our student stories, my group went first. I wanted to be done. He liked our presentation and two people had questions for us including Max. He asked about our model and he said, we did a great job! I am so glad to be done.

After our presentation, 5 more groups presented and then he wished us a happy summer! I am excited to see my grade.

In the fall, I will see Max for Internship. I am looking forward to next semester, but I am excited to relax for the summer!

Pool Day

This morning, we woke up and made breakfast. I started the coffee and the bacon, but he took over. He likes to make breakfast, but he was happy I got it started. I watched Jamestown while he made breakfast. I was almost finished with the show.

After we ate breakfast, I cleaned up, and we got ready to go to the pool. We wanted to get there around 11:30am, that is when it opens, and we are always the one standing in line, waiting for it open. I decided to wear my green and black bikini, something different.

Once inside the pool, they weren’t really all that busy, but we figured they would get busy soon. We got our spot. Drew went to go get a bottle water for us, and I laid out our towels, and sat down. I started applying the sun screen, and then Drew arrived. We got lathered up, and then I stepped into the water, and laid out, by the shallow end. I call it sauteing.

When the bell would ring, and the waves would start, I would sit up some, and tie my top. I am not a fan of tan lines, or after I would tie my top. I would go back to the towel and reapply my lotion and check on my Husband. Sometimes I would lay on my stomach, so I can get some sun on my back.

After the waves were over, I would go back into the water. When we first arrived, Drew and I went swimming in the deep end together. I don’t call it swimming. I call it trying to survive and save my life. I am not a good swimmer. Drew was there to rescue me, and help me.  He is a great swimmer. We swam for a wave session, then once the waves were over, we went back to laying out.

When we left the pool, it was about 1:40pm. We decided it was probably time to go. We had a couple hours of sun, and I had a nice color to me so far. We wanted to get our grocery shopping done for the week. We also weren’t sure what to cook for dinner, but we remembered his parents saying something about having Sunday dinner at their place. Ken and Cheryl would be there, and they invited some other friends of Dad’s over. We decided to see if we were still invited.

When we got in the car, Drew turned on his phone, and there was a text from mom saying that dinner would be at 5pm, if we changed our minds. We told her we would be there, and wanted to know if there was anything we could bring. Dad said just to bring 4 little acid cigars. We went to the grocery store and did our grocery shopping. We had to pick up the ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip. We were going to make that for the cook out on Tuesday.

After the grocery store, we went home and unloaded the groceries, and got ready to go to his parents house. I wanted to wear this white little sun dress to show off my tan and some flip flops, very chill and summery. Drew needed to stop for gas, so we stopped at GetGo. After he pumps his gas, we go inside and get some ice tea. When we get to the check out counter, we put our teas on the counter. The guy tells us the total. he looks at me and says, “Nice Dress.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” I look up at Drew. he doesn’t look back at me, so I look at the guy. Then the guy said, “Just wondering, do you both like Horror Movies?” We both said, “Yes we do.” He asked, “What is your favorite series?” We both said, “Halloween.” He said, “Yes Michael Myers is good, but I am a Friday the 13th fan myself.” I said, “Yes, Jason Vorhees. Camp Crystal Lake.” He said, “I am just wondering, because I am getting ready to make my own horror movie.” I was thoroughly crepped out. Now if you know me, you will know that it doesn’t take too much to shock me, scare me, or surprise me. I have a pretty open mind, but today and in this moment, I was officially scared.

When we were on our way out the door, only one door was working. The other door was locked. I knew that coming in, but I was in such a hurry to get out of there, I kind of stumbled into the locked door, before quickly pushing open the working door. Drew was laughing at me. I turned to look at him once we got outside. I said, “What the hell was that? ” We both were a little crepped out by that guy.

Once we got to his parents, we told his mom and dad the story. They laughed. Eventually Ken and Cheryl showed up and then we all sat outside, and talked about everything Poltics, LGBQT community, the word today, history, and the like. Then we all decided to go inside and eat dinner.

As we were eating dinner, another couple shows up. Dad’s friend Larry and his wife. They joined our table, but different really eat. They seemed a bit different. They had 5 children and they home schooled all of them. I find that to be very selfish. I never knew anyone who was home schooled, but talk about wanting your kids to stay in the confines of their home, and never being allowed to experience things that other kids experienced. It is actually pretty sad. I liked Ken and Cheryl better they are more down to earth.

When we got home, while I finished watching the Jamestown series, I painted my nails.  I borrowed some nail polish from my mother-in-law and painted my nails and my toes. I wanted to do white and red for the 4th, but I couldn’t get the red bottle open, so my nails are white, and so are my toes. The color is called a Pearl of Wisdom from the OPI Infinity Shine collection. I like this polish. I will have to invest in it sometime. I wanted 4th of July nails. I think this is the closest I am going to get.

When the Jamestown series ended, I thought it was okay. I am glad I watched it, but it wasn’t all that good. I thought some parts were better than others, but the plot line and the characters were a bit a weak.  I was hopeful for more. It had a happy ending, which is nice. Not many historical fiction shows do, but I am ready to start a new series. I will have to find another one to get sucked into.

Bittersweet Day

This morning, I was able to sleep in a bit, which was nice. I didn’t have to be in Oakland until 12:30pm. My second interview with Alumni Hall wasn’t until 1pm.

Around 11am I got dressed in my grey business suit, with a white blouse. I looked very professional. I wasn’t sure what to honk about this interview, but I was excited to have made it to the second round.

When I arrived in Oakland, I parked a long S. Bellefield, by the Music Department. I hate parking on Fifth or any main street for that matter. I always feel pressured, and parallel parking is not my forte.

When I walked into Alumni Hall, I had 15 minutes to go before my interview started, so I introduced myself to the receptionist, and told her who I was here to see. She notified my contact, and I changed my shoes. As I was changing my shoes, and putting on my heels, Kathy came around the corner and shook my hand on her way to lunch. She is one of the women I met with during the first round of interviews.

After I was situated, I took a seat and waited for my contact to greet me. When he came around the corner he shook my hand, and introduced himself. I told him my name and he invited me back to his office. On our way to his office, he introduced me to his assistant, and then we went into his office. He shut the door behind me, and asked me to sit at the round table.

Once I took my seat, I handed him my resume, and the interview was underway. He was straight up with me and told me this position, would be like trying to get a drink out of a firehose. I kind of laughed a little, thinking he was trying to be funny. He said, no I am serious. I said I never heard that phrase before. He said, well it is a new positon, and the duties are going to be very vague. I am not even sure who you will be reporting to, but you will be upstairs in a cube, responsible for many different tasks. You will be at many events, etc. I am not sure what they told you about the position, or if they really told you much at all.”

During the conversation, I tried to reflect on what what said during the first interview. Granted that first interview took place like a week ago, so I really can’t remember what all was said. Other than the fact that, they asked me what I thought of Stallings and Narduzzi. I did however appreciate him being straight up with me about the position. I have done very little with Alumni, but I always thought I would love working in this department, and have loved what little I did, but was it enough to survive in this position?

Around a quarter after 1pm, he said the reason why I keep looking at the time, is because the director of Heinz Chapel is due here at 2pm and you need to be out of here. I don’t want her to see you. I said, oh okay, that is a good reason.” I don’t want Heinz Chapel knowing that I am seeking another position, but he did say that if I were to be there candidate that he would chose, then he would take it upon himself to tell her. I don’t believe they would hold me back, but I don’t want to assume anything here.

After the interview was over, he told me not to be alarmed if I don’t hear anything back for a couple weeks with the holiday approaching, it will take some time to sort everything out, and for all of this to go up the flagpole. I was just honored to have a chance.

On my way to the car, I called Drew and told him what happened and how it went. He thought it was funny that She was on her way to meet him, and I was there. I was glad I didn’t run into her. He was glad it went well, and we both thought this would buy me some time to hear from Linda as well.

When I got home, I made some lunch, and thought about throwing in some laundry, but I just tossed in the basement, and left it for Friday. After lunch, I took a nap, and woke up to a phone call coming in from my mother-in-law. I answered the phone and we chatted about my interview. I had to get up and get ready to go to the gym, when Drew got home.

When Drew came home, we talked for awhile about the two positions, and what it would mean if I chose one or the other. We also discussed how intense and vague the alumni one sounded. Perhaps I would be better off with social sciences.

When we finally got to the gym, we went our separate ways. I did my usual routine, an hour of cardio then machines. I really needed the workout and I did have some energy to burn off. It felt good.

When I was finished, I went to the lobby and waited for Drew. I checked Facebook and as I am scrolling I see one of my friends had a picture up of Geri Allen, and the caption said something to the effect, Rest In Peace my dear friend. I couldn’t believe it. She is gone. Someone I worked for has passed away.

Dentist & Hair Appt

This morning I got up around 7:30am and got a shower, got dressed, and went to the dentist.  I had this slight pain in my tooth where the crown is. I had a root Canal there, so it is hard to believe I have pain. I hope it’s nothing, but we will see.

When I arrived to the dentist, Donna was so happy to see me. I told her about my position at Pitt, and she was excited for me. She asked, so does this mean that we are going to make your 6 month smiles appointment. I said, “I am not sure about that right now. We have to get our finances together.” Always looking for a way to get money out of me.

When Dr. Barber examined my mouth, he didn’t find anything wrong. He drilled down the bite a little, and said perhaps I was grinding my teeth in my sleep, and aggravated my teeth making them sore. Perhaps, but I am still a bit uncomfortable. We will see if it doesn’t clear up, I may make an appointment with the people who did my root canal.

After the dentist, I went to my parents to see my dogs, before my hair appointment. I didn’t want to go back home and have to come back out again. I sat with them for awhile and had a bowl of cereal.

Around 15 mins to 11am, I went to my hair appointment. I wanted to do something a bit different, but professional. I had a big interview tomorrow. I wasnt sure I wanted to be bright light blonde.

When I got to my hair salon, I told her what I was thinking and she said, that I was going to hate the gold at the roots. It would be hard to like. I agreed with her gold can be funny. She pulled out her color swatch and we decided on a darker blonde at the root, and keep the light blonde. I was so nervous. It turned out way better than I thought it would. I am super happy with it.

After my hair was done, I hung out with Leanne and Maci. I refreshed my e-mail, and noticed Linda from social sciences responded back to my e-mail. I had emailed her trying to follow up with her about the position, that I interviewed for with her and her team. She wanted to know if I was still interested, and if so she was going to reach out to my references. I went outside to call her and when she picked up I asked if she had a few minutes, and she did.

Over the phone, I told her about heinz chapel, what Pat said about one of my references not being in my favor and how I may have rubbed elbows with someone the wrong way, and that I have learned from it, and how is didn’t want that to interfere with my chances. She understood and was glad I was honest. We talked about my references, and she confirmed them. She explained to me that after, she talks to my references she will give me a call about the next step in the process, and if they are moving forward with me or not. I was happy to still have a chance, but I won’t be settled until I get an offer!

After I got off the phone, I painted my nails and toes and did Maci’s nails and toes. Then I went home. There is only so much negativity I can hear from Leanne. I love her, but small doses.

When I got home, I put a load of laundry in the washer, and talked to my mom. She was on her way over. We were going to Dunkin’ for coffee, then she was coming over to visit. I told her about the opportunities with Pitt and she was so happy for me. We talked about her golf outing, and I started dinner for Drew and I.


Errands, Swollen Right Hand

This morning, I noticed my hand was so swollen. I was scared that I was possibly having an allergic reaction. I had to take Drew’s car to Dan’s autobody, but I was so concerned about my hand.

Once my dad and I got home, I took benedryl and laid down, I was in such a daze. I finished the series the Cable Girls on Netflix. It was good and had an open ending for season 2 to begin. I did fall asleep throughout the show. I was able to snuggle with my dogs as well all day.

Around 2pm, I woke up my dad and decided I need to go to MedExpress. He took me to the MedExpress in Greentree. The doctor there told me that it is quite possible that I am allergic to mosquito bites, and will need to see an allergist. My hand isn’t as swollen as it once was, but prescribed me a steroid to keep the swelling down. I had already decided I wasn’t going to take the steroid, but I did need to pick up a new box of benedryl. The one at my parents’ expired back in January.

On our way to get the car, I picked up the benedryl, and then we drove to McKees Rocks. Drew’s car was done and it passed inspection. I was glad of that, but anxious to get back home and rest. It started to storm on our way to the rocks, and I did get a little wet, when I got into the car. I drove back to crafton, and took some benedryl. I was so out of it. My dad picked up Drew when he got off the bus in Crafton and brought him back to my parents.’

That evening, we did go to dinner in two separate cars. We went to Pennsbury Pub. I was so out of it. I ate my entire chicken salad. I was pretty hungry, but still in a daze from the benedryl. I couldn’t wait to get back to Moon. When we got back to Moon, I took a shower, and took some more benedryl and laid on the couch with Drew, and watched the Pens Game. We won! I did fall asleep off and on throughout the game. I couldn’t wait to go to bed.

Good to See Friends

This morning, we went to the chiropractor, and I was so tight. I knew this wasn’t going to be fun. He got me to crack little bit, but sleeping on my parent’s bed, and my hips, my ankle were a little tender. I am due to go back on the 20th, and I think I will be better for that visit, especially by then we will be back in our old routine of going to the gym and sleeping in a firmer bed.

After the chiro, we went to Starbucks, and then we went to Autozone in Moon. We had to pick up the stuff he needed in order to change his brakes, and his oil. While we were at Autozone, RMU’s commencement ceremony just ended. We were right across the street from the campus, and I got to thinking about my interview, and how bad I wanted that position, and how bad I wanted to work on campus. I am not sure how it is going to go, next week, or even if I will get an offer. I don’t have the feeling one way or the other. I am not sure. I watched some of the graduates walk across university to the shopping center with their families. I tried to remember my graduation, but I couldn’t. I don’t really remember it. I remember bits and pieces, but nothing really stands out, weird how that happens over time.

After we picked up the tools to fix the brakes, we went to walmart to get Maci a birthday gift. I figured I would just give it to her today, since her birthday was last week. We are going to her birthday party next weekend, but I figured she should have her gift now, instead. We got her a shopkins set, and hoped she didn’t already have it, and a little Poppy doll. I hoped she didn’t have the Poppy doll either. While we were in Walmart, I was on the phone with Anthony he was telling me about the drama, and how he is not friends with Dylan and Carrie anymore. I heard the drama, and then Drew ran into an old coworker of us his from Service Link, so I got off the phone with Anthony, and was able to chat with his old coworker for a few minutes. Then we left, and went home to hang out for a bit. I got to do some laundry and relax with Drew for a while, before we left for Leanne and Dan’s.

Once we got to Leanne and Dan’s, I couldn’t wait to see Maci. We parked in their garage. I let the boys get to work, and I went up to hang out with Maci and Leanne. She loved her gift. She already had a little Poppy doll, but she didn’t have any of the Shopkins that we bought her. I was so happy! I also got to meet little Rosetta the new kitten in the family, who looks just like Tigger. Leanne showed me the new fire stick that they got for their television. They paid 100 to have it jail broken. I said, “Drew could have done that for you for free. We are going to get one too.” Leanne, said, “Damn I wish I would have known.” She showed me how it works, and I was able to search for the shows I wanted to watch when we got ours. I was impressed, illegal, or not. It is still cool.

Maci and I watched Moana, and then a little bit of the Boss baby. Leanne made Drew and I tacos for dinner. I had two, but then it dawned on me that we were supposed to go to the cafe with his parents that night. I figured I would just eat small there. Drew didn’t get a chance to eat. He was busy with the car. It eventually took a few hours to get the brakes done, and we didn’t leave there until 7:30pm. I looked at the clock at one point, and saw that it was 7:15pm. I called his mom and told her that we were going to be late, this took a little longer than expected. She was understanding of it. She knew we had things going on. His dad was getting annoyed and probably wasn’t in the best mood. I knew this was going to be fun!

Once we arrived at the cafe, his dad was in the worst mood. It has been awhile since I seen him this cranky. I tried to ignore it, but it wasn’t our fault that it took as long as it did. We had shit to do and I told them that before. We put our order in, while we were on the way there, so it would be ready, when we got there. It came out shortly after we arrived. I wasn’t all that hungry, but I did eat some wings and a side salad. They were dead for the Pens game. The pens ended up losing to the capitals, but there were still many games to be played. I was hopeful that the pens would win against the capitals when all was said and done.

During dinner, we told his parents about the fire stick, and his dad said, “you gotta watch those fire sticks, my barber has one and said it is constantly buffering.” I just ignored him and said, “Leanne and Dan have one and it works great.” He didn’t say anything back to me.  Drew and I just looked at each other. We both knew what kind of mood he was in. I talked to his mom most of the time, and I told her that RMU is supposed to let me know next week, and how excited I am. She was praying for me, and I am so grateful for it. I need all the help I can get.

Once we got home, we went to bed. It was a long day.

Work/Phone Screen for RMU

At work this morning, I told Chris about the event. He agreed with me that it was kind of pointless for our business. I said that it seemed like a reason to drink with a bunch of people, and for guys to creep on girls. He was glad I at least went and experienced a networking event.

At lunch, I had to leave and go to my parents. I blamed it on the dogs, but I had a phone screen scheduled with RMU and I wasn’t going to miss it for ANYTHING! I sat in the back alley of my parents’ house, during the phone screen. It went so well! They told me that they would be in touch with me next Wednesday or Thursday to set up the in person interview.  I was so excited!

When I drove back to work, and walked into the office. I was talking to Chris, about my dogs, then all of the sudden my wrist band started vibrating. I looked down at the phone number, and it was RMU. I ran outside, and took the call. They said, I know that we just spoke, but I wanted to schedule the in person with you now. I said, wow that is great news, thank you! She laughed and said that they are excited to meet me in person. They scheduled it originally for May 2nd at 9am. I formally accepted the interview date and time. I was so excited!

When I went back into my office, I was hoping it wasn’t going to be awkward. I did my best to make it through the day; cold call, work my leads the best possible, so he wouldn’t ask or have any doubts about me.

After work, I met my dad at my parents’, we were going to church for Holy Thursday. On our way to church, we stopped at Pizza Hut and had dinner before going to church, a little unconventional. Daddy was going to have his feet washed at church. I was not participating in the feet washing, but I was still going to go to mass.

At Mass, the assistant RCIA director, was sitting with me. I asked her if she was going to church tomorrow? she said, yes she was, and asked me if I was going to go? I said, I am thinking about it. She said, she would meet me there if I was going to go? I told her I would try. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend three days in a row at church, but I would think about it.