Pitt Stronger Than Hate

In the morning, I went and got my  free Pitt Stronger than Hate t-shirt at the William Pitt Union. At 12pm, Nancy and I went to the Memorial for the Tree of Life victims. The memorial was held on the lawn of the Cathedral in between the Cathedral and Heinz Chapel.  There were thousands of people there.
Image result for pitt stronger than hateChancellor Gallagher made a speech, and so did Bill Peduto and Rich Fitzgerald. This was the first time I seen Bill Peduto in person. It was a cool experience.

On the way back, Nancy and I stopped at Taco Bell in the William Pitt Union and got lunch, then went back to the office.
After work I had the politics and history of higher education class. Julia and I had to give our oral presentation on Title IX. We both were ready and prepared for it. After a group did an engaged learning activity, we went up to present. We did so well and we made the time limit. I was so proud of us.

When I got back to my seat, I fired up my computer and she posted the grade of our presentation 60/60. Whew! Now I need to find out what I received on my second paper. 2 more assignments left. One more summary to complete, as well as the final paper on my philosophy of education. I am going to start the paper this weekend I think. I am ready for the end and for Christmas break!

Paper Writing

After pumpkin picking, and shopping around. We went home  and I sat down to write my second paper for class. We had to pick a policy and or a court case, and describe the importance to Higher Education, as well as who was excluded, and who did the policy help or hinder. I chose to write about the Grove City vs. Bell case.

I am not one for reading legal jargon. It is pretty dry stuff. I think I got the gist of the case. Writing always came easy to me, once I sit down and start it, but it’s just getting to the point where I am sitting down and actually writing it.

So I poured myself a glass of wine and I think it worked. I was able to finish paper by the end of the weekend!

Porch with Frank

Around 12pm I met up with Frank at the Porch. He handed me a poster for the Pitt Jazz seminar and concert (I have it hanging on my office door.). We talked about the jazz seminar and the committee. I  think Frank is doing a great job and I am glad he was chosen for the position and not me. I am also glad that a friendship came out of that situation. He asked if I could still work the jazz concert event at the raffle table like I did last year. I told him of course I would. I am hoping that this year goes smoother than last year.

I took a closer look at the dates on the poster. I am thinking of attending the Jazz kick off event, which is on October 29th at 12pm in the William Pitt Union. I will probably sit with Paula during that event. I know she likes to go. It shows support to for the music department and the Pitt Jazz Ensemble.

Then I checked the date of the Jazz Concert and that will be on November 3rd in the evening, which is the same day as the event I am working for RMU. I have already told RMU that I would help with their event so maybe it will end in time for me to head to the Jazz concert. I didn’t let Frank know, I will soon if there is a conflict, but I doubt there will be.

After lunch, I went back to my office and hung up my poster on the front door. I made sure my calendar was up-to-date.

Favorite Part of My Job

There are a couple things that I absolutely love about my job. One of them is connecting with the students and answering their questions. The other is meeting Pitt athletes. The athletes that I get the opportunity to meet and take pictures with are typically Pitt Football players and Pitt basket ball players.
On Friday, I was in charge of sign ups. Some of the athletes had to sign up for a recitation change with one of the professors I work with. He passed on the responsibility to me to make sure that if the athletes came by they would sign with me. Here are some of the athletes that I got to meet. I don’t know all their names.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing 

When I ask them for a picture they are always so nice and they think it is so cool that I want a picture with them. I have a Pitt Board in my office. On the Pitt board are pictures of athletes that I met and of course Chancellor Gallagher made my Pitt board. I am all about the Blue and Gold.

Grad Class

This morning, I was so tired the rain and this dreary weather was wiping me out. I did not want to go to work today, or go to class tonight. For breakfast, I had coffee with just a little bit of creamer, two hard boiled eggs with guacamole. It was good. The guacamole is definitely a bit hotter, than I like, but it was good. Thankfully, I can have coffee and cream. I don’t know if I would be able to do this if I had black coffee. Image may contain: coffee cup and food For lunch, I had my salad like I always do, but I added some peppers, a whole avocado, and some tuna. I also had some spaghetti squash with peppers heated up (could have used some butter). It as good overall.Image may contain: food

After work, I went up to class and I ate my cookie dough Paleo bar.  Also, I drank so much water like 3 yetis full of water. I feel good today. I don’t miss sugar. I don’t miss Starbucks. It feels like I am doing something good for my body.
In class, I was talking to some people in my group about keto before class started. My professor looked up at me, and she said, “I have been doing it for years.” I said, “really?we are going to go have to talk.” She said, “Definitely! I recommend these chocolate and peanut butter fat bombs.” I was glad to hear her advice.

After we discussed Takai, we had a break. We took 15 mins and then went to the bathroom, or stepped outside the classroom to make a phone call etc. I talked to my professor about the keto diet. She was open to sharing recipes and tips. She told me to follow her Instagram for recipes and fitness pointers. I was glad to make that connection. I noticed we vibed in class after that conversation.

After class, I met up with Drew and we walked to the car. We talked about school, keto, work, and our day. I couldn’t wait to get home. Once we got home, I had two pieces of string cheese and then I was done eating for the day.  I feel like I had good day so far of keto day 1. Tomorrow is day 2.

Pitt Panthers vs. Penn State Lions

Today is the biggest game of the year. It is the Pitt vs. Penn State game. This is the 99th time they have played each other. I so desperately wanted Pitt to win this game. There is this rivalry between the two schools. I tried to get tickets, but decided we would have more fun watching the game with his parents. His dad was going to make steaks on the grill. Plus it was going to rain all day!
During the day, I did some laundry, and cleaned up the house a bit. I was able to finish my reading for the weekend. I was ready to go for class this week. I just needed to do some things for my internship. I figured his mom might be able to help me. She had to write her own job description, so I know she will be a good person to ask.
Around 4:30pm, we got the car packed up and drove to his parents. When we arrived his mom opened the garage door and said, “Hey Roomies!” She was so happy to see us. I was glad to see her and be able to just relax this evening. We cracked open a Truly and brought our stuff in.
We sat down to eat dinner around 6:30pm. We had steak, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, broccoli, green beans, sausage, hot dogs, peppers, etc. We were so grateful for dinner and to be able to have the time with them. Dinner was so yummy. I was so full. After dinner, I painted my nails a grey color. My mother-in-law uses the OPI infinite shine polish. I love it. I need to invest in it.
After I painted my nails, it was time to get ready for the game. We all sat in the living room and watched Pitt mess up the coin toss. Pat Narduzzi looked so mad. I thought this is not a good sign. We scored first. There was so much cheering and yelling. We thought Pitt was going to win and that they had this.
As the game went on, Pitt was making serious errors and in the end, Pitt fell to Penn state with a score of 51-6. It was heartbreaking. After the game, we got ready to go to bed. I wondered if I would see the players around the campus on Monday, or if they will try to keep a low profile.

Leadership Class

When I walked into the classroom, it was the same classroom as the Monday night class. The tables were in pods. I took a seat near the back. On Monday night, I was in a group that was at the front of the class. I don’t like that so much. I much prefer the back of the room.
A few minutes before class, some girls from my class last semester walked in and took a seat at the table with me. I was hoping my friend Julia would be able to sit at the table too, but she ended up sitting at another table. She got there right before class started. The instructor is my adviser. She had a TA with her. I was a little nervous.
Once we got settled in, the professor had us go around the room and give our name, our school, and whether or not we had a leadership class before. It seems as though there were a good number of people, who had some form of leadership style class before and may not need to be in this class in particular.
At one point, one of the girls at my table said, “I thought this class was supposed to be smaller.” The other girl said, “Yea, but I think she opened it up to more people.” I try to listen to chit chatter as much as I can. You learn a lot, by just listening in.
After introductions, which took a half an hour, because it was such a big class, the instructor went over the syllabus and I see that we have a 15-20 page paper due on October 10th. It is a group paper, so it shouldn’t be too bad, but it has to be written in one voice. Hopefully, she will assign groups next class, so we can get a jump on this paper. This class and Politics in Higher Education will be the death of me. I do remember feeling like this last semester, and I ended up doing well, so maybe that is a good sign. I just get so in my head.
Throughout class, we did some activities and assignments in groups. It was so fun. I used to hate those things, but now I enjoy them. I do like a lecture and high tel type style. I like a little of both I suppose.
For next class, which is not until after Labor Day, we have to think about three books off the list that we would be interested in reading with our group. We have to pick one book per group. We have to analyze a leader, and we can’t pick president Trump.  I am ready to start this paper.
After class, I felt drained and exhausted. I met up with Drew and we were on the way home.  We talked about our classes and what he learned in Slovak class, and how class went with me. We talked about the assignments and how stressed I feel already. He is so supportive. Once we got home, I got ready for bed. I about had it for the night. I am going to be so busy this semester.