Catch Up

I apologize for being so inactive, but I have been a little busy and haven’t had the time to sit down and write. I am officially on Spring Break. I do not return to class or my assistantship until Monday March 16th! Let me catch you up to speed

In my assistantship, I have been trying to get things checked off my list before I depart for Spring break. Last Friday, the 27th, there was a Late-Night. There was also a Late-Night on the 22nd. They both went smoothly. There are two more left this semester. Also, I collaborating with a senior to plan senior week. Senior week is my last project in this assistantship, so crazy to know that the end is in sight. I am continuing to advise AB Special events and AB cafe. I haven’t met with AB publicity yet. I am trying to ready the marketing for the SLICE Awards, as well.

Academically, I am doing well. We had a big writing assignment due for a portion of our literature reviews. I was able to finish it a head of time before the deadline. My professor ended up cancelling class on the day of the deadline to give us more time. I was confident in what I submitted. I am anxious to receive some feedback.

Special Projects, I still assist RMU with the Colonial Leadership Academy and last week I was able to connect with someone who works with NFL Alumni. We shared contact information and I asked if I could assist her with any events she had coming up, and she told me about an event happening in August. After the CLA, we have been in touch to meet for coffee on Monday. I am excited to connect with her again. Also, at RMU I had a meeting with the Dean of Students, to talk about my career goals, my graduate program, internships, and how I may be able to assist RMU. It was a great meeting. I looking forward to being able to assist the university in anyway that I can. RMU is so special to me. It is where it all started for me. Also, RMU is playing in the NEC championship. Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 10.42.38 AMI am looking forward to attending the game on Saturday. The game was not televised, so I had to keep loading the score on my phone which was annoying, but they won! I am so proud of them.
Socially, I had a happy hour last night with my two friends in my graduate program. Julia E. just had a Birthday and Julia S. just got engaged. We met up for drinks and bar food at Hemingways. We talked about the HEM program and our projects at work. When I entered my graduate program, I was expecting to make such amazing friends. I do not know what I would do without these girls! 


I am ready for Spring Break. I want to relax and rejuvenate. Clean the house and organize a bit, and recalibrate.



Charlie Batch: Guest Speaker for the Colonial Leadership Academy

This evening Charlie Batch was going to be the guest speaker for Robert Morris University’s Colonial Leadership Academy. Previously, I met Charlie Batch back in 2014 when I was a receptionist for iHeartMedia (picture on the left). I was excited to meet him again. When we were introduced, I told him that I met him once before back in 2014. I showed him the photo. He then said, “Let’s update it.” I smiled and said, “Okay!”

I so enjoyed his speech on leadership. He showed video clips from when he started against the Baltimore Ravens, while Ben was injured. The Pittsburgh Steelers won that game. It was cool to hear him speak. He talked about his foundation the Best of the Batch. He is such a good guy. I am glad to call him part of my social network.

A Day Inside with Netflix

This morning, my voice was slim to none. I had tickets to the Pitt game, but the roads were slick, and more bad weather was on the way, so we just decided to stay inside. I worked on the signs for the RMU day of service event that will take place on Monday. I also finished my problem statement for seminar class, which was also due Monday by 12am.

Also, I was able to get some reading done for Ethics.

We started this new series called “Dracula” on Netflix. So far I like the book better and I much prefer Johnathan Reyes Meyers as Dracula, but it’s okay.

We also finished that Aaron Hernandez documentary, which is also on Netflix. The series shook me. It was only 3 episodes. I am not sure what to think of it quite honestly. There has to be something there with the concussions and the toughness of the sport that is football, but in true student affairs terminology there is just a lot to unpack there. There didn’t seem to be anything positive in his childhood either. It’s sad.


First Day of my Last Year of Graduate School

Today, is the first day of my last year of graduate school. It is surreal. I am not quite ready to celebrate just yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I worked at CMU today until 4pm.

After CMU, I walked to the Petersen Events Center, and met with Chris. I helped him complete the Blue and Gold sheets, and we talked about the Spring semester. I am glad to be able to continue working with the baseball team. I stayed at the Petersen until 6pm.

Then I walked to Posvar for class. I took a seat on a bench outside of the classroom since I was a little early. I ate my salad that I packed for lunch. I was dreading this class. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did have the professor before she is good, but she is tough.

Once class  started, she said, “all you have to do to get the degree is write a lit review, that’s it.” She also said, She is going to be there to help us along the way and give us feedback as we go to build a upon. We are going to complete this using the scaffolding method. We have to turn in sections to hear by a certain deadline and she will provide feedback for us to go on for the next portion. This is so helpful. I was more at at ease when I left the class. It was a long first day back. The class runs from 7:15-9:55pm.

When we got home, I got a shower and went right to bed. I can’t believe tomorrow is only Tuesday…..

A Day of Research and Homework

This morning, I got up early and started to do some research for my literature review. I have some sources already, but I wanted to try to get a sense of what all I have and what  I still need to find. I am a little nervous about this process. Thankfully, the processor is going to scaffold us a long.

I took an hour break and got a shower, and hung out for a bit before I started reading for Ethics. I realized one of the books I need to read for next week will probably not arrive from Amazon in time. I ordered my text books on 12/19 to make sure they would arrive in enough time and with the holidays. The one that was still on the way was from a seller, who I guess works with Amazon. The seller’s name is RushLtd. Do not order any books from them.


Pitt Basketball Game

This evening I was able to shadow the assistant athletic director of events for the Pitt panthers once more. I was able to see what his responsibilities were for a basketball game. It was so cool to be apart of and so glad I had the opportunity to shadow him. I enjoy being on the sidelines of the court and being apart of the behind the scenes action.

When the players, came out onto the court to warm up. I made sure to high five them and wish them a good game. A few of them I knew from tutoring the baseball players.
Image may contain: 2 people, people playing sports and basketball court
Attendance wise, it was. bit empty to due to Christmas break. I was just so glad to have the experience.



Christmas Shopping & the start of break

After CMU, we decided to go finish our Christmas shopping. We are so last minute every year. After we finished up at the mall, we stopped at Bucca to toast to the semester being over and receiving my grades. We ordered a spicy sausage rigatoni. The small size feeds three people. We split the rigatoni and of course had some bread. I treated myself to a couple glasses of wine. It was so relaxing the semester is over, and I am offically on Christmas break! I want to enjoy every minute of this break.