Graduation Application

I wanted to get my application for graduation in December submitted. Then it hit me. I am applying for graduation from my Masters program! How in the world is this happening?

It feels weird my last class of my last semester will be in a virtual setting. I can’t believe this how my last semester at Pitt will end.

However, I am grateful to have the opportunity to get my masters and to be graduating in December!

Celebratory Burrito

When we were getting ready for dinner, I left my phone upstairs to charge. I was so hungry and so ready to go to dinner. I picked up my phone and noticed I had an e-mail. I opened my e-mail and Point Park offered me the Graduate Intern position! I was so excited and so happy. I did have an interview with Carlow University for a Graduate intern position as well, but they said they would let me know at the end of the month. I talked it over with Drew before e-mailing them back and accepting the position. We decided it was going to be good for me and I should accept it. I wrote an e-mail back formally accepting the offer. We are going to schedule a talk next week to go over the details. I love a Friday hire!

Drew and I ate a celebratory burrito at Plaza Azteca and endless tortilla chips. It was nice to sit outside on the patio and relax.

I am so excited to start at Point Park University and get situated. The fall semester is my last semester as a graduate student at Pitt. I am so excited to be situated for the Fall and gain more professional student affairs experience.

Graduate Assistant Interview

In the morning I had a graduate assistant interview via zoom. I think it went well. I had a good time talking with the women who interviewed me. They also said my resume was impressive. I love hearing that. I worked so hard to build up my resume and to hear that it is impressive is one of the things I have longed to hear at some point in my professional career. I may hear back in a couple weeks. Once I hear something, I will keep you posted.

June 1st

It is Monday again! I have been in touch with my hair stylist. She and I originally set up an appointment for today, but something came up, and we switched Wednesday of this week, but then Point Park e-mailed me and wanted to interview me at 11am, so we changed it to Thursday. The interview is for a graduate assistant. I have one more semester left of graduate school, I would like more professional development and more experience. The job market is kind of tough right now for higher education and probably for a lot of people, but I am trying to remain optimistic. I had call with my advisor last week and I feel better. He sent me the contact information for two graduate assistant positions one with Carlow and one with Point Park. I am excited to hear about both positions.

In the morning, I went walking in our neighborhood. It is a little different than walking at my parents’. The side street at my parents’ is longer and wraps around and they are connected. I can do 5.85 miles by going at least 5 or 6 times around. However, in our neighborhood there is one street across from where we live, it is just one giant hill, and then we circle around and walk back down. We do this over and over again. It takes so much longer do 5 miles. Its monotonous, but better than nothing. I have been walking every day at my parents and since I have been back home. It is good to get out in the sun for a bit.

Last night Drew came down with a migraine and was not feeling well. He went to the chiropractor to get adjusted again in the evening. Then we went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I made us dinner. asparagus and chicken cordon bleus.

Last Assignment Completed

Well the Spring semester is officially over. I just completed my last assignment which was a three minute video on an influential author from the course. I chose Johnson. I am officially done with the Spring semester. It feels weird. Typically, I would be ready to go out and celebrate, and hang out with friends, but nope social distancing is important right now I guess. I am getting to the point where I am over it a little.

I have no plans for the rest of the week. Over the weekend, I will be reviewing nominations for the SLICE Awards and ranking nominations. Andrew and I were just talking what is a weekend anymore? Since there is nowhere to go and nothing to do really except stay at home. I guess a weekend is just a couple days where you don’t have to log onto work. I already miss the old way. I know people are going to say the old way wasn’t working, but ignorance is bliss….

I hope everyone is taking care.


Today, I logged on for CMU and prepped for the virtual SLICE awards. Then, I took a walk with Andrew in our neighborhood. When I came back, I had my meeting with my supervisor. He gave me a few more tasks to work on regarding the SLICE awards and we checked in with one, another and talked about the weekend and how higher education is definitely different right now.

After the call, I logged onto check the balance for my summer class. I want to take french over the summer. I noticed the staff benefit has not be applied yet. I e-mailed them and asked them when that will be applied. I am hopeful that I will be able to take the class and it won’t cost us too much.

Also, I went on Amazon and didn’t really find anything that I wanted to read. I am picky when it comes to books. If I buy a book to read, I want it to be a part of my library, not just a random book.

Now, I am going to start the last assignment for Ethics and get everything turned in a head of time.

Passed my Lit Review!

This evening I was getting ready to take dinner out of the oven, when I got a text from my friend who is in my grad program. She said, results of her lit review was up and that she passed! I immediately grabbed my phone and logged in. I checked to see if my results were posted and they were. I passed!  I was so relieved. I am so glad that the hardest part is over with. I dropped my phone in excitement. Drew said, “Babe, talk to me! What is it!?” I said,”I passed!” He congratulated me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. He said, he was so proud of me. I am so grateful for him and for his support. I can’t believe it. I am one class away from my Masters degree! I called my parents and told them the news. There were so happy for me. I texted Andrew’s mom and told her. She congratulated me. This was a huge weight off my shoulders. I am ready for summer! One more assignment for Ethics class due next Thursday and the Spring semester is over!

Ethics Homework

Today, I worked on the first half of my ethics homework, and I planned to submit the second half later in the afternoon, or perhaps maybe even tomorrow. I had to read the first half of the book facilitating moral growth in college students, then read a blog entry. The professor sent us our grade on our ethical dilemma papers. I got an A-. He also graded our discussion post from last week, and I got an A on the post as well. I am not too worried about this class. I am anxiously awaiting the results of my lit review! The 20th can’t come soon enough.

Ethics Homework

Today, I work virtually with CMU until 2pm. I submitted my ethical dilemma paper. At 4:30pm today, I have to present with my group on our case study. Our case study is about GPA calculations, and the readings are about for profit colleges. I thought how am I going to apply this to the readings. I thought about it, but it was a stretch. I typed up my thoughts in the shared google doc. I had a call with the professor for ethics class on Monday, I asked for his advice, and he said he didn’t have to use the readings for the week. We could use any readings in the course, just as a long has we had a good conversation with him about the case and tried to apply our knowledge. I reported back to our group, and we just decided to run with it and see what happens. I wasn’t all that concerned. Today, we plan to discuss the case study and the reading at 4:15pm.  I know we will do well. This is the second to last assignment in the class. We have group discussions regarding the readings and one 3-minute video presentation on an influential author in the course that influenced us. I haven’t even thought about that presentation yet.

Right now, I have the window cracked open a bit, and the blinds are open. I am letting the sun and the fresh air motivate me. I plan to be as productive as possible today.