Coffee with my Professor friend

This morning, I was so sore from spin. I got a shower, got ready, and then went to go meet Dr. Pamboukian for coffee at Starbucks.

When I arrived around 8:30am, she was already there working on her tablet. I ordered my coffee and then approached her. She smiled and said, “hi.” She got up and we made our way to a table with two chairs. We chatted about literature, approaches to literature, new shows on Netflix, graduate school, RMU, and everything in between.

When I was an undergraduate, I was so intimated by her and all she knew about literature. I grew to respect her and value our friendship. She is definitely someone, who I admire. I seek her advice and feedback frequently. I asked her to attend the practice session that John and I hosted to prepare for the McDonough Leadership Conference. I co-advised 5 students to attend this conference. I wanted her opinion on their narratives.

Around 10am, she had to leave to teach class, but we promised to get together after the Christmas break.

When I left Starbucks, I went to my parents to drop off my hope chest. I asked my parents if I could store it at their house, along with my wedding dress (preserved in a box). Drew and I don’t really have the room. We are trying to clean out the furnished part of our basement, so we can make it into a room where we can entertain guests. My mom and I put my hope chest in my old bedroom, which is now a guest room.

Then my mom and I went to lunch at Hanlon’s in Crafton-Ingram shopping center. I told my mom how coffee went with Dr. Pamboukian, and how much I love hanging out with her. My mom was glad to hear it went well. We talked about thanksgiving, plans to go to the movies on Sunday, and how the semester is winding down.

After lunch, I went home to clean up the house some more and get ready for Drew to come home from work. I started working on my Diversity Initiative Proposal.

In the evening, we ordered pizza and watched Riverdale.

Starting to Feel Better

Today, after CMU I  went to Pitt to check in with my group for the functional area project. She was still having trouble, so I suggested we create a sway instead. So I created a sway, and trimmed the audio, so we wouldn’t have to re-record our audio. I added some pictures and some text, and then sent it off to one of the members for approval and then submitted it. I was over it.

In class, I got some confirmation about the projects that are due next week (after this weekend). I feel better and I am just going to do the best I can with the time that I have and I have found that it typically is okay in the end. Julia, my friend in the program said, she thinks we will survive. I agree with her.

After class, I went home and tried on my birthday present from Andrew. He got me Hunter rain boots. 🙂 I have been wanting a decent pair of rain boots for so long! I am in love.
Image may contain: shoes and boots

It is supposed to rain the next couple days here, and I am so excited because I have really cute boots now to wear in the rain!


Today, I did not have to go to CMU, because it was Friday! I went to my parents for a bit, then I met with John at 3pm.

When I arrived at RMU, John wasn’t in his office. His previous meeting was running behind. I put my stuff down in his office, and talked to Mikhalia, the work study in the office. She and I went to get something to eat. She has a ton of meal plan money.

After I ate, I sat at John’s desk, and started typing up a tasking sheet for the program that I am putting together for the Commuter Student event at RMU. I also was able to field out some questions from students, who arrived to the office looking for John.

When John came back from his meeting, I gave him back his desk. He was so busy. I told him that I made a tasking sheet, and I would just send him to him. He said, “sounds good.” he apologized, but I told him not to worry.

When I got home, Drew and I ordered pizza and watched Riverdale. My group for Assessment class, gave me the go ahead to submit the assessment plan analysis that was due by midnight that night. I felt like I was so behind on everything. Earlier this week, I was a bit under the weather, and trying to recover from Scotty Saturday, but I am hoping next week will be better!

Full Day

This morning, I had a meeting with my assessment group at Chatham University. We were meeting with the assistant resident director to assess their LLCs. Chatham’s campus is gorgeous.  It is so peaceful and so serene. I just want to sit outside and do work, or even just mediate. It is gorgeous.

Our meeting with the assistant resident director went so well. We have a better idea of our assessment project. They basically have it mapped out for us in a sense. We just have to hit the ground running.

After Chatham, I had some down time so I went to my parents. I fell asleep on their couch. I was so tired.

Around 3:30pm, I went to the Peterson Events Center to meet with the baseball team. Chris gave me their schedules, and then I met with a few of the players to introduce myself and to get a sense of what they were working on. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of the things we discussed for our next meeting.


Advisor Meeting

This afternoon, before class I met with Max, who is now my present advisor. We talked about paid internships. He mentioned one that came across his desk with athletics. He asked me to reach out to Chris to see what the position would be about and how much it would pay.

After our meeting, we walked to class, when I walked in, I sat with my assessment group and I opened my computer and I sent the e-mail to Chris. I have met him before. When I was working at Posvar, athletics borrowed apart of our floor while the Pete was getting remodeled. Chris reached out to me immediately, we set up a meeting to meet at the Pete on Thursday, which is the same day I am to mentor the football player. He e-mailed my advisor and he told my advisor that unfortunately, the position is unpaid. My advisor said, that I was free to explore, but would advise against an unpaid position. I totally understood, but at the same time. I really wanted experience with athletics. I would have to talk to Drew some more about this. I was still going to meet with Chris on Thursday.

HEM Cookout

In the morning, I fed the dogs and took my time packing up our things. I always seem to forget things when we dog sit. My parents were due home in the early afternoon. I had some things I needed to accomplish before we attend a cookout at my professor’s house.

When I arrived home, I made the spinach dip and cut up some French bread. I also packed a ziplock bag of crackers. I was afraid of not having enough up and crackers for such an abundance of spinach dip.

Around 3:30pm, Andrew and I left for my professor’s house. I wasn’t sure who all was going to attend the cookout. When we arrived, my professor has such a cute house. Most of the professors in the HEM program showed up. Most of the students were either in their last year of the program, or the first year. There were only 2 part time students there like myself, who weren’t in the cohort that were graduating in the spring, but we also not in their first year. It is one of those weird things. I had a good time mingling and chatting with my professor, who hosted the cookout. It was good for Andrew to meet the professors, that I have worked with and some of the students, who I worked with during other classes.

We left around 6:30pm, in time to watch the Steelers game and get ready for another week of school!

Dinner with Advisor

Dinner with Advisor

After CMU, I walked back to Pitt. I sat a table in Posvar where I used to work, and got some reading done before I went to Spice Island.

When I arrived at Spice Island, I was seated a table for 4. My advisor and two other girls worked on a project together. It was a bench marking project. Jean, my advisor congratulated us on a job well done. We had a couple changes to make, but we were done with the project.

I had Pad Thai for the first time and it was so yummy!

After dinner, Drew picked me up under Posvar in the parking garage. Then it was home sweet home.