A Day of Appointments

It was a short work week for me since I was off sick on Monday and Tuesday. I reported for work on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a planned sick day. I had a dentist appointment to attend and a dermatologist appointment to go to. I also need to help out at the Colonial Theatre for the musical “All Shook Up”. I am typing this entry as I sit in the Colonial Theatre. It has been a day!

At the dentist, I have no cavities, but they did want me to consider MTM, minor teeth movement. My bottom teeth are crowded a bit. They could be straighter I will give them that, but it is not too bad. It could be worse. MTM is comparable to Invisalign and it will cost $3,800. Now, our insurance does not cover Adult ortho, but it could cover children ortho under 19. I am too late. I have never needed braces and if my teeth were a big deal when I was younger, then I would have had them if I needed them. Whatever.

After the dentist, I went to Wexford for my Dermatologist appointment. No skin cancer, no biopsies. I am thankful. After I left the dermatologist, I went home to kiss my husband and to change. I had to get ready to go to RMU. I had a 3:15 apt with the director of student success.

When I arrived at RMU, I went to the office of student leadership and development where my internship supervisor’s office is. I put my things in the back room and changed into my heels. I pranced up to ROMOs and bought a French Caramel Latte. It is the same thing I used to get when I was an undergrad there. I love it. Then I went back to the office of student leadership and development. I saw an email from my student loan provider and had to clear up some issues with the amounts they were going to charge me. I looked around the cafeteria and thought this is what you have to look forward to kids after you graduate, don’t be in such a hurry!

After I got off the phone with them, I went to meet with the Director for the Center of Student Success. He wanted to give me a mock interview for the position that I applied for. Unfortunately, he is not able to consider me for the position because I do not have my Masters yet. I get it. It just sucks. I was hoping that they would work with me until I got my Masters.

After I completed the interview, he gave me some great advice. Things I never even considered before. He wants to continue working with me to help me perfect my skills. He even asked if I would present with him at a workshop on April 2! I have never been asked to present before at a workshop. I felt so honored.

By the time I got back up to the Student Leadership Development and Activities office, John had already stepped out. I talked to Mikhalia and she said, that he said he would meet me at the theatre.  She also said that he wants me to do the front house manager position. She and Jordan will sell tickets and swipe people in. I said, “okay, perfect.” I changed my shoes and went and grabbed her and I some dinner. We ate together, and then I got packed up to go to the theatre. She said she was going to go back to her dorm for a bit and meet me at the theatre. I asked her to give me the money since she was going back to her dorm. I didn’t want her walking around campus with the theatre money.  I put the money in my tote bag. She asked me to take the bake goods over for the ZTAs to sell at the theatre. I said I would do so.

When I left to go to the theatre, I took the forest of fun. I am remembered of my memories on campus. Every time I get so damn nostalgic. I love it there. I am going to end up working there one day. I know it.

When I arrived at the theatre,  I put the baked goods in the concession area. I was feeling stomach sick, it must have been the chicken that I ate. It was not agreeing with me. Eventually, Jordan showed up and we got the lobby set up. Jordan yelled at me for drinking Voss water. She thinks that is why my stomach was upset. She and I hung out until Ray came to set up the lights and he was going to tell us when to open the house. Mikhalia arrived with the tickets and I handed her the money that I had on me. I helped the ZTA girls set up the concession table. Then we waited for the guests to arrive.

Once John showed up, I gave him an update and he said, we would chat soon about McDonough and how my feedback/mock interview went. My parents arrived to see the musical. Once the show started, I only stayed for the first half then I went home. I was not feeling well for some reason. It was a long day.

Sick Days

Monday morning, I wrote an e-mail to my supervisor and the other admin that I work with and told them I was going to stay home sick. Andrew left work. I went back to sleep and around 9am I woke up and called my mom. She and Dad were going to pick me Wedding soup from Sarafinos in Crafton. This is my favorite place to eat wedding soup. When I lived at home, every time I was sick, I would get wedding soup from Sarafinos.
After I got out of the shower, I laid on the couch. I had to write my summaries for Student Development Theory class on Tuesday, but I didn’t want to, at least not right away. I watched the new episode of Victoria.

When my parents arrived, I got up and opened the door. I stepped aside so they could walk in the house. My dad had a McDonald’s bag with him. I was glad to see them. We sat down at the dining room table. I heated up my soup. Along with the soup, they also give you a chunk of bread and dipping oil. I hate half the bread and one bowl of soup. They brought me enough for two servings. I figured I would save the rest for later. We talked about school work, the interviews, what they were up to, and my cold. After lunch, my mom cleaned up and put my clean dishes away from the dishwasher and my dad took out the garbage. I was grateful they brought me soup and had lunch with me. When they left I went back to working on my summaries. I was able to get them done and submitted.

Before Drew came home, I got another shower and laid back on the couch. When he came home, I heated up some chicken casserole that we had last night for dinner. I heated up myself some soup. We ate dinner and he started to feel sick as well. I felt so bad that he was catching my cold.

Tuesday, I stayed home one more day. I was still so congested and not feeling 100%. I sent an e-mail again to my supervisor and the other admin I work with and told them that I was going to take one more sick day. I was still congested. Andrew left for work and I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t fall back asleep, coughing and blowing my nose. I got a shower and laid on the couch. I watched TV and watched some movies. I e-mailed my professor and told him that I wasn’t going to be in class, and I wanted to use my one absence. I told him how my interviews went and he gave me some good advice. Drew stopped at Walmart on the way home. I got a shower before he came home, and put on some cut up kielbasa and sauerkraut in a pot for dinner. When he came home, he was not feeling well at all. We ate dinner and watched Siesta Key (my guilty pleasure).  Then off to bed. I was going to go to work in the morning. I couldn’t wait to feel better.

Sick with a Cold

Friday, after work I felt like I had a sore throat coming on. I thought I was getting a cold. My ears were starting to get a  little bothersome too (I had a few ear infections as a child. My ears are sensitive). We stayed in for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, I woke up, got a shower, got dressed and went to med express. I felt like my throat was on fire. When I arrived at Medexpress, they were a little busy. I had to wait about 40 mins until I was seen by the Doctor.  She said my throat is sore and that my ears have some fluid in them. She prescribed me a z pack and some gargle for my throat. I went home and laid on the couch. Drew picked up my prescription and I started my two pills of the Z pack. I did not move from the couch. I watched movies all day; Scream 1 and 2, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Mean Girls, and Dear John. Andrew did laundry and cleaned for me. In the evening, Drew turned on some documentary about a basketball team that was on Starz? I fell asleep during the documentary.

Sunday, I had to interview student-athletes at Pitt for my project for class, even though I was coming down with a cold. I didn’t want to miss my window to interview them. When we arrived I got set up in the conference room, and I interviewed them. The longest interview was about 15mins long. I interviewed 6 in total. I wanted to make sure I had enough information to write a paper on the themes of my interviews. I got home, and got a shower and laid down on the couch. I tried to watch Slenderman, while Drew did homework, but I kept dozing off and it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. I am glad I didn’t pay to see it in theaters.

Polar Vortex

I hope everyone is staying warm during this Polar Vortex. I used to never like the cold weather. I used to think it was miserable. As I got older, I found a sense of comfort in the cold weather. When I was studying towards my undergraduate degree at RMU, sometimes I would have to walk from one end of the campus to the other. It was beautiful to walk in the fall and early winter on campus. Even on cold, but not polar vortex cold days, it was easy to breathe and enjoy the scenery on my walk.

However, 10 degrees is too cold for me and polar vortex cold is too cold to enjoy. I stayed home from work today. I wanted to keep an eye on our pipes in the powder room. We have had the pipe connected to the toilet freeze before and it wasn’t pleasant. Andrew worked from home today. I managed to get some homework done so I won’t have to do too much over the weekend. Also, I got my laundry finished, as well. It was productive.

Yesterday, I stayed home from work, as well. I had a migraine and some nausea. This usually happens, around my time of the month. I just stayed on the couch and watched movies and tv. It was nice. I watched a Siesta key, my guilty pleasure reality show, and the movie Cruel Intentions, an oldie, but a goodie,

Tomorrow, we go back to work. Then it’s the weekend!

Stay warm and think happy thoughts!

Stop Asking

Okay, ladies I have a question for you. How many times have you been asked if you were pregnant!? However, you are not pregnant, and are not trying to pregnant. Your stomach fat just looks like you may perhaps have a little bump, but there is no baby in that bump! No matter how you try to hide it with granny panties, but it’s hard to feel confident in a sweater dress and leggings, when people are approaching you asking you when you are due!?

Now, I will be honest I am 5’3″ and I weigh 150-160. I was on the Keto diet for a few months. October was my birthday month and my wedding anniversary, so I have since gotten away from Keto. I am going to try to get back on it. I felt better on it, but since I have been away from it with thanksgiving and now Christmas approaching!

However, this is the first time I have been asked since being on the Keto diet, well off the keto diet, whatever. I have been asked before I even started the weight loss thought and it used to make me so sad and depressed. Now I laugh in their face and say no, I am not. The girl was embarrassed and apologized as she should. She was younger I cut her a break, but it happened again a few minutes later. This time with an older woman and I said, no I am not pregnant, wow you are the second person. I looked back at Drew, my husband and he looked at me. I could see the concern in his eyes. He knew I used to get upset. I wasn’t upset I was frustrated I was annoyed. I was over it. I am not fucking pregnant stop asking me. I have a stomach because I am trying to lose weight back off.

In the past, I have had it happen to me when I was on the treadmill. ON THE TREADMILL! I have had someone ask me at Walgreens, I was printing a picture out for Drew’s grandma and the woman approached Andrew and I said, “I hope your package comes before Christmas!” I said, “Excuse me?” and she pointed to my stomach. I said, “I am not pregnant.” She said, “oh I am sorry.” It happened on our Honeymoon in Jamaica. I was drinking my face off and someone on the resort said, “Are you expecting?” I said, “No.” He said, “Oh, you better check on that when you get home.” I said, “Thanks, but I am not.” I was so pissed.

So stop asking if we are pregnant. If you don’t know for sure, then don’t ask. If I haven’t send you an announcement, or posted on facebook, then don’t ask!


RMU Winterfest

This morning I got up at 7:45am. I got a shower and put on some gym clothes. I had to head to RMU to help out with Winterfest, but I wanted to go to spin class first. John Locke, my supervisor of my internship as well as my previous professor was the spin instructor. I was so excited about my first spin class.
Image may contain: one or more peopleWe listened to Christmas music, throughout the class. It was challenging, but fun.

After class, I went home showered, changed into black jeans and a red Colonials top. I dried my hair and then I was off to help out at Winterfest. I was going to be on hand to help with anything until 4pm, then we were going to Anthony’s Christmas party.

The student program board, set up the build-a-bears and the vendors came and set up for the wax hands, and the bead bracelets. It was nice.


When things started to get underway, John and I went into his office and had our meeting about McDonough. We talked about the abstract that I was tasked to write 300 words and I would have to submit it to him by Tuesday. He also wanted me to come back to campus on Tuesday.

While we were meeting, Ray walked into John’s office. I was surprised to see him. They talked about Theater stuff and Ray is going to stage manage for the musical in the spring. Ray told me that he and Anthony are looking for a place together in the Northside. They fell in love with the one duplex. I knew that was Anthony’s dream to live in the Northside. He is trendy like that.

After the meeting, I went back to the cafeteria and helped the kids clean up. Jordan and I got our pictures taken in the photo booth, and then we had lunch together. Shortly after lunch, I left campus and went home.

When I got home, Drew had the house cleaned up and was cooking dinner. I got up and got a shower and got changed into some party clothes. After dinner, it was out the door to Anthony’s.
Image may contain: Anthony Lombardo and Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing and closeup
When we arrived, Anthony greeted us, but Dylan seemed moodier than usual. He must be upset about the move. However, we still managed to get some Titanic references in. Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak and Dylan Murtha, people smilingHe wrote on my cup Rose Dewittbukater. He is my Jack Dawson.

We all sat around and talked about Anthony and Ray’s potential new place. We talked about Anthony’s job, and love life. Then Ray and Tony arrived, along with Rebecca and Shelley. Everyone was there.

Ray, Dylan, Tony, and Anthony did the gift exchange game. It was hilarious to watch because there were only a few of them participating. Then we played the game where there is a giant ball and you have to unwrap it with oven mitts, without tearing a hole in it. It is so fun. Meanwhile, someone is rolling dice to get doubles so they can steal it off of you.
After that game, we all took pictures and I think it was around the time to go. I had such a long day and tomorrow was Sunday.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing

Home Sweet Home

When we finally landed in Pittsburgh, my parents picked us up from the airport and took us home. We were so tired. I had to edit my paper. My TA got back to me with a few revisions to make. I wanted to get unpacked and get the laundry started, as well.

Once we were inside and my parents left I got to working on my paper. I made the revisions she suggested and sent it back to her for one last review. I added a few more things to my group paper for leadership, but I submitted everything for the most part before we left for Charlotte.  Drew went to the gym and I took a nap.

I slept until about 4:30PM then I got up. I switched the laundry and when Drew came home with the groceries I made dinner. I was ready to go tomorrow. I was going to submit my paper once I got to work in the morning. Now all that we had to was relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. We had such a blessed and awesome weekend.