Stop Asking

Okay, ladies I have a question for you. How many times have you been asked if you were pregnant!? However, you are not pregnant, and are not trying to pregnant. Your stomach fat just looks like you may perhaps have a little bump, but there is no baby in that bump! No matter how you try to hide it with granny panties, but it’s hard to feel confident in a sweater dress and leggings, when people are approaching you asking you when you are due!?

Now, I will be honest I am 5’3″ and I weigh 150-160. I was on the Keto diet for a few months. October was my birthday month and my wedding anniversary, so I have since gotten away from Keto. I am going to try to get back on it. I felt better on it, but since I have been away from it with thanksgiving and now Christmas approaching!

However, this is the first time I have been asked since being on the Keto diet, well off the keto diet, whatever. I have been asked before I even started the weight loss thought and it used to make me so sad and depressed. Now I laugh in their face and say no, I am not. The girl was embarrassed and apologized as she should. She was younger I cut her a break, but it happened again a few minutes later. This time with an older woman and I said, no I am not pregnant, wow you are the second person. I looked back at Drew, my husband and he looked at me. I could see the concern in his eyes. He knew I used to get upset. I wasn’t upset I was frustrated I was annoyed. I was over it. I am not fucking pregnant stop asking me. I have a stomach because I am trying to lose weight back off.

In the past, I have had it happen to me when I was on the treadmill. ON THE TREADMILL! I have had someone ask me at Walgreens, I was printing a picture out for Drew’s grandma and the woman approached Andrew and I said, “I hope your package comes before Christmas!” I said, “Excuse me?” and she pointed to my stomach. I said, “I am not pregnant.” She said, “oh I am sorry.” It happened on our Honeymoon in Jamaica. I was drinking my face off and someone on the resort said, “Are you expecting?” I said, “No.” He said, “Oh, you better check on that when you get home.” I said, “Thanks, but I am not.” I was so pissed.

So stop asking if we are pregnant. If you don’t know for sure, then don’t ask. If I haven’t send you an announcement, or posted on facebook, then don’t ask!


Pitt Clinic

Besides it being a typical Monday. I had to make a stop at the Pitt clinic on my way to work. I woke up and my eye was so swollen and puffy. It was a little red in the corner. I bet it was from all the make up I wore over the weekend.

After I was seen they determined it was just a sty and it will go away in couple days. I am to put warm compresses on my eye 4-5 times through the day until it breaks open on it’s own, gross!

My eye was bothersome throughout the day, but I made it through. I wanted to get out of class, but I decided to suck it up and go. I was glad I made it through.

Bad Accident

This morning, I woke up at my parents because I was dog sitting. I sent an e-mail to Phyllis and Nancy. I told them I wasn’t feeling well and needed to rest and stay home today. I was not feeling 100%. I took the dogs out, fed them, showered, and then packed up my stuff. I felt bad for the dogs, but I had to get out of there.

When I arrived back to our house, I went inside and laid down on the couch and researched for my paper. I managed to find some good sources on first-generation colleges students. I typed up my paper and finished it. I sent it to my tutor for revision ( we have an appt on Friday.)

After I finished my paper,  I laid down some more, then decided to start bringing in things from the car, and cleaning up my office, and then I went downstairs to change the laundry when I tripped and my foot was under me. When I hit the floor, I slowly swung my leg around so my foot was out in front of me. My foot was swollen and huge. I had my phone on me so I called Drew.  I told him that I might have broken my foot. I am in so much pain. I fell taking the laundry downstairs. he said I will be right home. I got off of the phone with him and called my mother-in-law. She said she was driving on the bridge and is on her way home. She said, “go to the hospital. do not go to MedExpress.” I said, “okay, Drew is on his way.” I called anyone who could take me to the hospital immediately. I called my neighbor Andy. He said he would take me in 10 mins.

I pulled myself up the stairs by arms. I could not put any weight on my foot. I army crawled to the door to unlock it and open it. When my neighbor arrived, he helped me up, but I couldn’t put weight on my left foot what so ever. He said he had to get his kids off the bus, then he would be back over. When his kids got off the bus, he helped me out of the house, and then had to carry me to his car. Once in his car, he drove me to Sewickley hospital.


At the hospital, they checked me in right away and then took me back to an examining room. A doctor came in and examined my ankle, ordered X-rays, then I was given a shot of Motrin in my behind.

While I was waiting for X-rays, Drew arrived and he sat with me. The doctor came in and told me that it was not a break, but a bad sprain. I have to ace bandage it, wrap it, and keep it elevated for the next couple of days. She gave me a doctor’s excuse for work and school. The nurse came in and gave me some crutches and then I was on my way home.


Once we got home, Drew propped me up on the couch and I sent a text with an image to the other admin I work with and told her that I would not be in the office tomorrow. She wished me well and told me to rest up. I laid up all evening and watched tv and had to ice my foot off and on. This was terrible.

Gym Monday

Work was good, but it was Monday. I don’t know where I got the energy from, it must have been adrenaline. I wanted to go to the gym.

When we got home, I got ready and we drove to the gym separately. I wanted to get back into it and I was feeling guilty from eating McDonalds last night.

When I arrived to the gym, it was a little packed for my liking. I was glad to see a treadmill available. I hate running next to someone though, but it was going to have to do. I walked on a 3.5 incline at a 3.5 speed, for about 5 mins. Then I lowered the incline to 0 and turned up the speed to 4.7. I ran at this speed for about 3-5 mins, then went back to to walking at the 3.5 speed with the incline at 3.5. I kept this repetition up for about 20 mins, then did some strength training.

When I left the gym I was sore, but it felt good to whip myself back into it. When I got home, I got a shower, and watched Very Cavallari. I missed the episode that aired last night.

Farewell Dinner

This morning we had a chiro appointment. It has been a little while since I was there last. I was busy with grad school and work. I know I needed this appointment. He adjusted my neck, my back, and my left hip. After our adjustment, we made an appointment for the Saturday that we return from England. We are going to need adjusted after the trip.

On our way home, we stopped at Starbucks. I called and they added up my rewards, and I had two free drinks to cash in. I got an iced caramel macchiato and Drew got an Iced coffee with a shot of espresso.

All of the sudden, we heard the brakes of a car skidding and then heard a crash. We looked out the window and car had collided with another car.  I told Drew perhaps he should go outside and see if they need help directing traffic until cops arrive. He agreed and went outside to check on the people involved. No one was hurt, but the airbags did deploy. Thankfully an ambulance was not too far down the road.
When Drew came inside, we grabbed our coffees and got in the car. We wanted to get on the way before they shut down the road. We went back home and I got in my car and went to my 11:30am nail appointment in Crafton. I was going to get a gel manicure before we went on our trip.
When I arrived to the nail salon, they took me right away. Anna filled me on the gossip at the salon and did a great job on my nails. After I left, the nail salon I went to my parents and hung out with them. There was no point in me going back to Moon, then back out to Crafton again.
So I went to 4pm mass with my mom and dad. They like it when we go to church together as a family. I wish Drew arrived in time to go, but he was at the gym. At church, my dad likes to get there really early and get a parking space. My mom doesn’t like to get there a half hour early, and I don’t blame her, but I find it cute that my dad is that excited about church.
After church, we went home I helped my mom get dinner ready. I requested my favorite dish. Meatball stroganoff over rice. I helped her with the meatballs. Then Drew arrived. I was happy to see him. It felt like old times; him arriving to my house to see me at my parents. We kissed, and then he grabbed a beer, and went into the living room with my dad.
After we ate dinner, I cuddled with my dogs and visited with my parents, then it was time to go. We wanted to have the rest of the evening together. We stopped at Walmart for some last minute things for our trip, then it was home to watch the Office and Riverdale.
When we got home, we snuggled and watched Riverdale. I fell asleep during it, and then my period finally came! I was cramping and it was awesome! I am so glad it is here, then I can get it out of the way before we go to England!

Sick Day

Today, I took a“sick day Drew and I had some things to take care of before we leave for England and France. We needed a week day to get them done.  Yesterday, the doctor’s office faxed me over a script to get blood work done before we left for England. Drew already had his script, when he went for his annual check up, just never got the test done.
When we arrived at the doctor’s office, I had to receive an updated Hepatitis A vaccine. I will have to receive another in 6 months. While, I was in the examining room, the nurse was prepping my arm for the shot, and I told her that I was 10 days late for my period. She said, do you want us to give you a pregnancy test? I said, “I already took two and they are negative.” she said, “You are probably irregular. Although, I would take another one again today. If you are, then you should be okay to travel in your first trimester, but if you are not, then you are not and have a good time in England.” I thought thanks for the certainty and the words of wisdom. I better not be pregnant. It just wouldn’t be ideal, and I don’t think I am so ugh!
After I left the doctor’s office, then we went to Quest lab to get blood work done. When we walked into the lab, they had a little waiting room with an IPad there to greet you. It was kinda cool. We check in on the IPad, and then they call us back. It is scary that machines are doing what humans can do, but kinda cool.
When they called us back, I went into one room, and across the hall Drew was in the other. We could see each other. He winked at me. I love when he does that. It makes me feel like old times again. The nurse asked me which arm? I said, “Lets go for the left. I am already marked up over there from my shot.” She laughed and prepped my arm. I don’t like needles. I have tattoos and piercings, but there is something about needles in a medical setting that throws me off.
After our blood work, which was quick and painless. She only took one tube. I thought she was going to take more than that, we went to have breakfast at Central Diner. Drew as getting hangry, and when he is hangry, he is quiet and antsy. We were seated right away, we both ordered omelettes. We sipped on our coffee and I tried to talk to him a little, until our food came, but he was distant and quiet. This is how he gets when he is so hungry. When our food came, we ate, and we didn’t say much to each other.
After breakfast, we went to Robinson, I had to pick up some little bottles of shampoo at Ulta. Drew thought Ulta was only for women, but he looked around the front of the store a bit, and I told him that there are guy things here too. Then, we went to Barnes and Noble. He wanted to go to the Starbucks in there.
Once inside Starbucks, they have posters of certain books along the walls. One of them is Walden by Thoreau. It always reminds me of American Lit one with Dr. Ruzich at RMU. That story is not an interesting read. It is about Thoreau’s time in Walden woods, how he lived in a cabin, and enjoyed the “simple life.” Ugh, sounds miserable. However, it provided him time to reflect on his life and things, so I guess that is cool. I can respect reflection, but it is not my favorite story that is for sure.
Another poster that is up by the Starbucks was Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise Now he is my favorite author. I love a tragic hero, the roaring 20s, and Fitzgerald overall. I wish I could buy that poser. It would look so cool in my office. I did purchase a book and renewed my membership. I bought Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. it is about his time in Paris in the 1920s.
After we got coffee, we went to Beaver Valley Mall, to get my ring. It was ready for pick up. It needed to be sized. I was glad to have it back. While we were at the jewelry store, we talked to Carrie about Rachel’s death. They all think it was the police who either did it, or had some involvement in her death. All this speculating made me a little eerie being in the mall and in Beaver County. I am just creeped out a bit, and so is Drew. After we left the jeweler’s, we got a slice of Pizza and then we went home. Drew dropped me off at home and he went grocery shopping. I started power cleaning. I didn’t sit down once. I  didn’t want to come home from our trip to a house that needed cleaned.
When he got home, I helped him put the groceries away, and then we made dinner. I wasn’t the least bit hungry, but Drew was. We had chicken salads. After dinner, we relaxed for the rest of the evening and watched the office. We had another busy day ahead of us tomorrow.


This morning, I woke up refreshed and ready to go. We were on our way to the car and I said, “That is the smell of the promise of a new day!” He said, “Get in the car.” We both laughed. Somehow, some way I became a morning person and I am not sure why. I don’t mind mornings. It is weird. I never was this way as a kid, or even in high school. I was always moody in the mornings, when I was younger.

When we arrived in Oakland, we stopped at Starbucks. I ordered a venti, iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso. Then I said, “And whatever this Ray of Sunshine wants.” She smiled and took down Drew’s order, and wrote on the cup his name and the words, “Ray of Sunshine.” I laughed. I told Drew what was on the cup and he laughed. I was hoping they would call it out, “Andrew Ray of Sunshine”, but they didn’t.

Today, Nancy is back! I am so happy to see her. She looks like she doesn’t want to be here. She says she is tired from the weekend and having two days off. I bet she is ready to just hang out and do whatever. Nothing too really exciting is going on today.

After work, I met up with Drew and we drove home. It was a bit of a long drive home. There was some traffic. After we got home, I got changed, kissed Drew goodbye, and went to the gym.

When I arrived to the gym, it was dead for the most part. I got on a treadmill and did five minutes of cardio before class. I like to get a little in, before I start barre. When I was finished, I cleaned the machine and then walked into the basketball court area, where the class was being held. I grabbed a chair, a mat, weights, and stretchy band. There were only 2 other people in the class. I liked it that way. I set up in the middle of the floor.

Next to me, there was an 8 year old girl, who was going to take the class for the first time. She thought it was going to be ballet, so she started doing little twirls up on the balls of her feet. I felt bad. She was also deaf and a little slow. I was hoping the instructor would be nice to her and go easy on her, but at the same time I wanted to be sore the next day have a good class. Is that wrong of me?

When class got underway, we started our piles and leg work like always. Then Chris, the instructor kept correcting the little girl. I felt so bad. We did the typical leg lifts with the chair, some arm work with the band. It seemed as soon as the little girl figured out what to do, we were on to the next exercise. It was hard for her to keep up. Of course we did some ab work on the mats.

While we were laying down on the mats, I glanced over at the little girl and she smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I was touched. She looked to me to mimic my positions. She was trying so hard to keep up. I told her that I was sleepy in sign language. She said, she was too. I do not know much ASL, but this little girl inspired me to learn.

After the class was over, we were putting our stuff back, and cleaning our mats. The little girl approached me and gave me a high five. I high fived her and said, we did it. She smiled, and gave me a thumbs up. She asked me how old I was. She signed me her age. I signed her my age. She was shocked. It was cute. She was cute.

When I was getting ready to leave the gym, her mom was sitting on a chair waiting for her daughter. I said, she is so cute. Her mom was a little deaf too, but she seemed to be able to hear bits and pieces. She said, Thank you with her voice and in sign language. The little girl was trying to get my attention, so I looked back at her. She said, “Goodnight” to me in sign language. I looked at her mom. Her mom taught me how to sign goodnight. I hand so many things in my hands; my phone, keys, ear buds, and water. I tried to sign using what hand motions I could with how much I had in my hands. She smiled and gave me thumbs up. I said, Goodbye to Chris and then I was on my way home.

When I arrived home, I packed up to go to my parents, and then I got a shower. It is so much to pack up to go over there for a few days.  I put all my stuff by the stairs. I got a text from Drew’s mom asking we could pick up Aunt Tootsie and bring her over to his parents for dinner on Sunday? I said, I would ask Drew when he got home from the gym. I told her that I am just meeting him at your place, because my mom and I are getting pedicures in the morning before heading over.

After I sent the text, I called Drew and asked him if he would be okay with picking up Aunt Tootsie and taking her to his parents on Sunday? He said, yea no problem. I said, Steve and Maryann may pick her up, but they haven’t confirmed if they are  coming to dinner yet or not. He said, not a problem. I texted Drew’s mom and told her that I just spoke with Drew and he said, he can pick her up, if need be. She said, thank you. I thought to myself damn he is way more easy going than I am.