Dinner at my Parents

This evening, Drew and I packed up my car, and we drove to my parents’ in separate cars. We were going to eat dinner, and then I was going to stay the night to dog sit. Drew would go back to our house, then he would be over during the weekend. I am excited to spend sometime with my puppies, but I will miss Drew. I am excited for my parents and their vacation. They will arrive on Friday, and the first day they arrived the state re-opened.

Normal Limits

It was an aggravating day and a half, I was constantly wondering whether or not my thyroid was functioning normally, or not. I got up this morning, got, a shower, and then refreshed my e-mail. I noticed I had a message in MyUPMC app. I was hoping it would be the results of my test.

There it was my test results. My thyroid was within normal limits. Thank God!

I was reading all these things online psyching myself out like always. I am not worried at all. I had French class at 11am, and then I had to pack up to go to my parents. I was going to stay at my parents. They leave for Myrtle Beach Thursday morning. I pack EVERYTHING I never know what I am going to want to wear, etc.

A Week Of Wellness in the time of COVID

This past week, I had doctors appointments, and I was still finishing up my contact with CMU virtually. On Wednesday, I had a gyro appointment, nothing serious just an annual exam. Friday, I had a dentist appointment. I was due in March, but because of COVID-19 I had to reschedule not once but twice. When I arrived to the dentist, I had to wait in my car until the hygienist was ready for me. When I received call, I went in, and had to wear my mask, and use hand sanitizer. The. The receptionist handed me a pen that was sanitized. It was so weird, but necessary I guess.

Once I was escorted by by the hygienist who was in full gear. She had a shield over her face, scrubs, and a mask, and gloves. When I sat in the chair, I used my sanitized pen to sign off on the consent forms, then the cleaning began. The only couple differences I noticed were that they did not rinse my mouth enough due to potential germs, and prior to her cleaning my teeth, I had to do a mouth rinse. Other than those few things everything seemed normal. I felt that they were very clean. I met with the dentist, who checked my mouth after the cleaning, and I received a good report. I will see them again in 6 months, which will be November.

The next Monday, I had bloodwork done. A while back, I went to my doctors because I was sick and she diagnosed me with bronchitis. She told me I had a large thyroid and wanted me in for bloodwork after I felt better. Well I never went for bloodwork, but I have been wondering about it, and maybe it was time to get the bloodwork done, but it might explain a few things. I went to UPMC Montefore to get my bloodwork done.

When I arrived, I parked in the garage, and walked into the hospital. I had my mask on, but they asked me if I wanted another one. I gratefully accepted. The medical ones are way easier to breathe in. Then another nurse took my temperature and of course I didn’t have a fever. Then another nurse gave me a sticker saying I passed and the date. It was the easiest test ever. I took the elevator to the 5th floor, and went to the lab. The woman at the desk asked me if I had my labels? I said, no the doctor faxed in my order, and I have never been here before, so I am not sure where I need to go. She said, well you need your labels, go down the hall to the glass doors, and you will need to be checked in there to receive your labels. I smiled and said thank you. I went down the hall to the lobby with the glass doors, and checked in with the receptionist. She printed my labels and told me where to go. I said, thank you. I went back to the lab, and I checked in and told them I had my labels. It was a man behind the desk this time. He took my labels and told me to have a seat.

So I took a seat, and few mins later, he told me to go down the hall to the first door on the left. I went down the hall to the first door on the left. He told me to have a seat, I took a seat and set my purse down and he got to work on my left arm. I hate getting my blood drawn, IVs, and needles. The rude woman came into the room, and asked if I had my labels? I smiled and said. “Yes, I do.” You know I kept going back to this thought we are all in this together. Yes, it kind of sucks right now, but it is what it is.

After my bloodwork, I went home. I had to log in for CMU, or at least be available.

Mother’s Day

We went to my in-laws for dinner. We were in the guidelines when it comes to having small groups of people together. We were under 10 people.  I was tasked with making a salad. I was glad to see everyone and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Also, I was able to spend the past couple days with my mom and see her even though we couldn’t do anything special because everything was closed. I did promise her a pedicure once the salons open up again.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, especially the ones who are trying to be mothers.


Throughout this quarantine, I have found it increasingly important to take the time to do yoga. I loved ballet class when I was younger, and I enjoyed doing barre as an adult. I do know most of the barre moves so I am able to do them at my own pace. I  have started doing barre during the day, or in the evening. Recently, Andrew has joined in on doing barre workouts with me and we do a lot of core strengthening moves.

It’s been about a month now of this stay at home stuff, so I decided to go to my parents and use their treadmill.  I did a combination of running and walking. I may go back next week. Then I went home and did some core workouts with Andrew.

In the beginning of this stay at home order, I was working on completing my work for class, and not really feeling up to doing yoga or working out. I was feeling a little burned out but trying to stay focused at the same time. However, once I forced myself to get up and get away from the computer and move a little on my yoga mat, or when I went to a walk. I ended up feeling better.

I think Self-care is so important right now to take the time to step away from the screen and zoom conversations.


Star Wars Day!

Today, is May the 4th! It is Star Wars Day. I have on my Star Wars shirt and red lips for Darth Vader. He is my favorite villain (Next to Michael Myers of course).  I was ready for my zoom meetings today. I got a compliment on my shirt.

Today, is also Maci’s birthday. She is 9 years old! I made sure to text Leanne to tell Maci I said, Happy Birthday!

Nothing really going on here, just working on the Greek report. I have another meeting at 1pm.

May the Force Be With You!

Support Small Businesses

I can’t stress this enough! Support your small business!

Andrew and I stopped by my hair salon. They were having a sidewalk sale. All product was 30% off. I picked up some purple shampoo and conditioner to help tone my blonde, and two conditioning masks. One mask has a rose gold tint to it. The other has a platinum tint to it. I cannot wait to get my hair done again. The salon did not expect to be closed this long. It is so unfortunate.

Also, our car mechanic that have been going to since 2008 is thinking about going out of business. It is so important that we support our small businesses. I know money is probably tight for everyone, but it is important we take care of our local shops.