Candle Lab

Candle Lab

After the princess parties, I got changed back into my normal clothes. I said goodbye to Tracy and thanked her.  I had to run home and get ready for an event for Carnegie Mellon University. They were doing a senior year experience event at the Candle Lab in Lawrenceville. I kept my false eye lashes on. My supervisor from CMU greeted me when I arrived to the candle lab, and asked how my parties went. I told them they went so well. it is so fun. I still have my lashes on. He said, that is good! He asked us if Drew and I wanted to make a candle. I picked out a jar and we sniffed all the scents.

We decided on banana brûlée, and bourbon. It wasn’t so bad at all. It was a little sweet with a little bit of liquor. We poured the wax in and then put the wick in and stirred the wax for a minute, or so. Then you have to let the candle sit for an hour.

Around 5:30pm, the students from CMU were being bused in. We were offering them food, and wine. My boss carded them at the door. Andrew and I wrist banned the 21 year olds, and they were allowed two glasses of wine. There were two groups of students coming. We had to make the food and wine stretch. It was fun to be a part of, but I was tired.

Around 8pm, we were able to leave for the night. I am excited to burn our candle.

My First Party as the Snow Princess

My First Party as the Snow Princess

This morning I arrived at Tracy’s around 9:30am. We had two parties to do today. We got dressed together, and did our make up. Then we were out the door. We got in her car, and drove to Party Lane in Mars.

When we arrived, we parked in the back, and unloaded the snow machine, her sound system, and the person who owns party lane, set up the equipment for us in the party room. We stayed hidden until we were announced.  I had a tiara in my hands for the birthday girl. We were going to give her a coronation and crown her an official Princess. When we were announced, and walked into the party room. The children screamed and were so excited. They said, “Elsa and Anna!” We hugged them and greeted them. They were so cute and so happy. There is something special about me part of the magic for them.  We crowned the birthday girl, an official princess. We danced, and Tracy sang the Frozen song, while I worked the snow machine. It was so much fun.

After that party, we got packed up and went to grab some lunch. We stopped at Wendy’s and went through the drive thru in our costumes. The workers loved it. They asked if we were on the Gateway Clipper. Tracy said, “No, that wasn’t us.” Apparently there are other businesses in the area, who do this. I didn’t realize how popular this was.

When we arrived back at Tracy’s, we ate lunch, then got ready to leave again for the next party. This one was in Sewickley at this place called the Hang out Spot. We crowned another Princess. We did not a do a full on coronation. Tracy sang and I operated the snow machine. We danced and signed autographs. I really love being a character. The children are so precious.


Blue Oyster Cult

Blue Oyster Cult

Tonight, Drew and I took my dad to the Blue Oyster Cult Concert. I got tickets from my friends at WDVE, a classic rock radio station. This was my first time seeing them live. My dad hasn’t seen them live in a very long time. I think since the 70s. This was Drew’s first time seeing them live, as well. I was so excited to hear “Don’t Fear the Reaper” live. We made sure to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We bought him a drink and dinner. It was so awesome to be there! image.png

Magic Wand Princess Parties

Today, I started a new job, in addition to my assistantship of course, as a character for Magic Wand Princess Parties. My friend Leanne, has a friend named Tracy. Tracy owns Magic Wand Princess Parties. She dresses up like the Disney princesses for parties, and charity events. She has been wanting to recruit me for awhile now. I was hesitant at first, I just had so much going on with school and my full-time job at the time. Now that I am not working my full-time and doing this assistantship I figured I would give it a try.
I tried on the following costumes:
Belle, Cinderella, and the snow princess.

The snow princess costume is similar to Anna in Frozen. 🙂 Tracy was being the snow queen for a party and I was to be Anna.  I was she excited for my first party as a character.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I am excited. I am officially going to be a character.




Unpacking the Past

This probably the most awkward post I have ever had to write. They say everyone has a past. Everyone has a complicated past or a complicated ex, or situation. There is one person who stands out to me. We never really found that closure and always found ourselves going back to one, another.

I went to RMU in the evening to meet with John and pick up a scarf that a workstudy made for me.
image.pngI love when my students make stuff for me. The color is amazing. I asked her to please make me a grey one as well.

I got my table set up with John’s computer to swipe in the students, who were coming to the magician event. I took a seat at the table and waited for the students to arrive. I was browsing my phone, and I checked my Instagram. I wanted to see who saw my stories about my scarf!

Then I noticed, I had a direct message notification. I tapped the notifciation and then the screen opened a direct message from my past, the ex, the complicated situation. He sent me an emjoi of him waving his hand. I took a deep breath. I wanted to say so many things. I started to text then I hit backspace. I started to text again. Then I hit back space. Then I thought of the only logical thing I could say to him, “Please leave me alone.” I hit send. I think that phrase was going to have to be good enough. Sure, it wasnt all that I wanted to say, but I can’t go down that rabbit hole, of wanting to unpack the past. I just can’t. He sent me the thumbs up emjoii. I blocked him.

As soon as this happened, I called Drew and told him. He was glad that I told him and that I did what I did. I even sent him a screen shot of the proof. He was grateful. I couldn’t explain to my husband, how much of a struggle it was just to send that simple phrase. My ego was ignited. He was still trying to talk to me. I might be able to talk to Drew(my husband) about it. I know my mom would understand, and my bestfriend.

After the event, I went home. I called my mom on the way home. Anthony, my best friend was on the way home from work and wasn’t able to talk right away. My mom definitely undersood where I was coming from and my urge to unpack the past. She was glad i didn’t respond with anything else except “Please leave me alone.” I told her how hard it was and I would type then hit back space. Type, then hit back space. My mom said, I did the right thing.

Anyone else experience this confliction? How did you handle it?

Annual Doctors Appt

This morning, I had my annual PCP appointment. I haven’t been to the doctors for an annual appt since 2016. I just haven’t felt the need to go. I am young (32) I keep myself healthy, so why bother? unless I am sick, then I go to the doctors, because I don’t have time to be sick.

While there, she took my height and weight. I am down 4 lbs. Not bad, all that walking really helps. Drew and I have been talking about trying to start a family (which may mean another blog or at least another section to this blog). I brought it up to my doctor and she said, I am at a good weight, and kind of told me now is the time, considering I am 32. This is the prime time to start our family. I do agree, but is it bad that I don’t feel like all maternal yet? Honestly, grad school takes a huge chunk of my time, and Andrew and I are pretty busy now as it is, but if it were to happen, it wouldn’t be terrible. Drew and I have also been flirting with the idea of going to Paris at least one more time this year.

When I got home, I talked to Drew and originally we decided to forgo Paris and try a family this year. In all reality, we couldn’t really try until March, because I have to build up a reserve of supplements (prenatal vitamins), so I have enough nutrients and folic acid in my system to help the baby’s spine develop properly. I started prenatal vitamins. I think deep down we are both pretty excited, but nervous about what is to come.

I worked on some more of my homework and then reported to RMU to assist John with an event happening at the theatre and this deserves another post dedicated to the events that occurred in the evening!


After CMU, I went home, got a shower and changed into a Halloween shirt, leggings, and socks. I turned on AMC Fearfest and began working on my homework that is due next week. I was going to have very minimal time to do it over the weekend. I had so much going on.

When Drew came home, we ordered pizza and turned on Riverdale. Riverdale had like a Halloween episode. It was pretty good. I was able to enjoy most of Halloween, but I am already looking forward to next Halloween!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!