1st Day at FedEx

After applying for jobs, going back and forth with a recruiter from Volt, and signing paperwork, performing a drug test, and finally my first day arrived. A new opportunity was finally here.

Today, was my first day at Fedex. I was excited and nervous. I got there a little earlier than I was supposed to. I had to meet with Jim Connolly. He was the IT director. I would be reporting to him. Jim came down to the security desk to meet with me, he gave me a tour of the building, and took me to get a photo ID badge made. I knew where the bathrooms were, and where to get coffee. I wasn’t so busy on my first day, which was kind of different for me. I was learning the ropes with an older woman named Patty. We talked about her son’s wedding, her plans for the weekend, and how she feels about her son’s fiancee’s family. It is nice to have someone to talk to. I could already tell that I would have a lot of work mommies here.

Throughout the day, I tried to hint a few times that I would love work here full-time in hopes that they would find some way to keep me on after my contract ends, but we will see! My hours here are 7am-3:30pm.


Shawn Mendes & Fifth Harmony

Today, Shawn Mendes and Fifth Harmony came to perform in our performance theater. Fifth Harmony was so sweet and so nice. At the end of the picture, they come in and surround you and do a huge group hug. It was cute.

Shawn Mendes also, performed and took pictures.  He was nice but very reserved and quiet.

Ironically, Camilla from Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes are now a couple!

Night Ranger

Night Ranger came into the studio for an in-studio performance. The staff is invited along with a couple viewers to go to the performance theater in the building and be apart of the show. It is like a little private concert. I invited my dad to come to the studio so he could meet Night Ranger and be a part of the concert. He was so excited. The only song of theirs I know is “Night Ranger.”


Alice Cooper

After work today, my dad and I drove to Key Bank Pavillion. I couldn’t wait to see Alice Cooper live. My dad raised me on late 60’s and 70’s rock. I definitely have his taste in music. The last time my dad saw Alice Cooper was in 70s. He said the concert is the same, the routine is the same, but the people are a little different. I love going to concerts with my dad. I am glad we are able to share memories like these together.


Meg Myers

Meg Myers came in to sing her new song, “Desire.” She is an upcoming singer and songwriter. Her music is pretty dark and intense. She is so shy and sweet in person. Before we posed for the picture I told her that I found her music on Spotify and I love her songs. She was glad to hear it and surprised she was on Spotify already. She said, “oh, really?” It was so cool.