Alicia’s Bridal Shower

Today was Alicia’s Bridal shower. I had to get up at 7:30am, and I wanted to be out in Bridgeville, by 8:30am, which was the time we agreed upon. Naturally, I was there earlier even before Alicia’s mom. Charlie’s (Alicia dad) car broke down, and the battery needed jumped, hence the reason why they were late. I give up. When I first saw the room that the shower was going to take place in, I almost vomited in my mouth. It looked nothing like a bridal shower. The divider in the room was broken, so the agreement was they could have the entire room, but they chose to set up the buffet, in one area to divide the room.

As soon as wait staff showed up, I explained to them that this room was not complete, and they were to have the whole room, due to the divider not working. I kicked off my heels and got to work. I had them set up more tables, one for gifts, hats, and teapots, as well as a head table. I should have been an event planner, and then I would not have any weekends to myself, but I was good at giving orders.

The shower was beautiful, but I feel I did as much as a matron of honor should have done, and more. Alicia had a blast. I am glad. Andrew showed up at the end to help with gifts, but they ended up not needing his help anyway. So it was a total waste of time for him to be there, but he did help me carry things out. He is the best. I could not wait to get home. I was so tired.

Keep Calm & Hail To Pitt

Today, I had my staffing interview with the University of Pittsburgh. I was going to meet Drew’s coworkers today, before going to my interview. I was so excited. I have heard so much about them. I left the house around 11:00am and started on my way to Oakland, and it was an adventure! I had to park a little far away in what is called Panther Hollow. I have never driven to Pitt before by myself. The last time I was there was back in 2009 when I wanted to go to school there, and they wouldn’t accept me because I had “C’s” on my transcript. I guess it was a blessing in disguise really, the campus just seemed so intense and overwhelming. I don’t think it was something I was ready for at the time.

When I finally got to the Cathedral and walked inside the main floor, it looked like, a chapel from Victorian times and it was rather breathtakingly interesting. If I was a student that is where I would probably spend most of my time on my computer writing and blogging. I took the elevator up to the 7th floor, and put on my black high heels. I was so excited to see Drew. I met the admin, and told her who I was and that I was here to see Drew Hornyak. She let me go sit at his desk in his cube. I wanted to surprise him. Some people saw me in Drew’s chair and realized I wasn’t Drew. They introduced themselves to me. I was glad to meet them and they all seemed so friendly.

When Drew finally got out of the meeting, he came around the corner and saw me in his chair. He laughed. I said, “Hello Husband.” I got up and kissed him. He was happy to see me. He introduced me to everyone at work, and they all seemed so nice. I am so happy for him. I even got to meet his boss Bill, who said nothing but nice things about my Husband. I knew that he would. He is such a great man, and a hard worker.

After I met his coworkers, we went to Quiznos for lunch, and Drew asked me if I wanted to leave Butters there again for another night? I asked him why? If it was because he was so high-strung? Or if it was because he wanted more time with me? He said “well I want more time with you. I want another dog free night!” I would love another dog free night actually, but I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough food for him there, so I was going to have to drop some food off to him.

When it came time for my interview, Drew walked me to Craig Hall, and then he had to go back to work. He wished me luck, and kissed me goodbye. I had such a nice day with him, and I was sad to see him leave. It felt like old times again. Like we were on a date. I felt honored to be his wife, and so damn lucky.

The interview with the staffing woman from Pitt went really well. She told me how it works there and asked me about my previous work history, something that I just love talking about, but I try to do with grace and tact.  She told me that right they don’t have anything open, but will be in touch with me towards the end of summer. I said, that is perfect, and I look forward to hearing from her. She had to me do a typing test, which I aced. However, the Microsoft Word test I am not sure I did too well on that, but I think I knew most of them, but I am not sure I don’t feel as confident about that test as I do the typing test. I couldn’t wait to hear from then


Today, my mom and I spent the entire day running errands, and shopping. We had a small lunch, then we went out to dinner with my dad, in the evening. We went to TGI  Friday’s in Robinson, PA.

When I got into the booth, which is the same way that I always get into a booth, by sliding into the booth like a child, then I felt like something in my leg. I thought it was a splinter, or piece of wood or something. It did not hurt right away, and I didn’t realize that I did anything to it at all.

When I swung my leg around, I looked down at my leg and saw that there was a piece of something in my leg. It didn’t dawn on me, until I pulled it out of my leg, but it was glass. I had a piece of glass stuck in my leg. I immediately said, “Oh my God, glass.” My mom said, “What do you mean, glass?” I said, “Mom I have glass in my leg.” I didn’t feel pain, but I was definitely in shock. I took the glass out of my leg,  and pulled up my jean leg and saw the blood streaming down my leg. I got up from the booth and went to the hostess station.

The hostess ran to get the manager. The manager hurriedly escorted me to the back office, where we had to fill out insurance paperwork, so I don’t sue them obviously. He gave me some wipes, and a band aid. The manager said that our bill would be on him tonight, and he is very sorry for all this. I told him that it was okay, and that I did plan on going to med express after dinner to make sure all is well. He said, “Definitely do that.”

When I got back to the table, I noticed my leg would burn off and on, and I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I kind of thought it was funny. We had a great dinner! I called Andrew and told him what happened. He was shocked and so worried. I told him that I was going to go to MedExpress after dinner, and he said definitely do that and to let him know, what they say.

When we finished dinner, we went to med express. They numbed my leg with a needle in two places, and dug around inside the wood for glass, and then bandaged me up with a strip, and a Band-Aid. No stitches thankfully!

When we left Medexpress, I went back home to Moon, but I stopped for a 6 pack of Coors light, and Band-Aids, before going home. Once I got home, I texted Drew that I was home safe, and on the couch resting. He was happy to hear all went well and was excited to see me tomorrow! I couldn’t wait to see him. He was in Orlando for the IBM Vision Conference.

My Last Day at FedEx

Today, is my last day at FedEx. It is bittersweet. I am sort of glad to see it end. I think it was time to move on.  I am not really going to miss it here at all. I will miss the people, and think about them often, but the job itself was boring, probably because I was a temp.

However, I am sure if they were to bring me on full-time they would have me doing more. My feelings would be different, but whatever. The lady that I am replacing is coming back Monday. I really got to be a part of so much here. I had a little bit more responsibility more than,  I ever was able to have before. Jim utilized me more than Harry. Harry didn’t want me to do too much for him, because when Dorothy came back, things would go back to the way they were. Jim had me organizing his One Note, attending staff meetings, making flight arrangements, building itineraries for his team members, etc.  Venkat allowed me to proof read a document for him that was a legal document. He wanted me to make sure it was clear in civilian terms. I felt like I had a little more responsibility with this position. I knew I could handle this and more. I just needed the right position for it to work for me.

Before I left, I stopped by Venkat’s office, and he gave me a hug and wished me well. He handed me a little box. Inside the box was a little “FedEx” pin. I was so touched. I almost cried. I never felt before like I meant so much to organization before. If the opportunity was ideal, then I would definitely work with FedEx full-time.

Today, I am listen to songs from my youth, and the one that I am listening to at the moment, is Hilary Duff’s song, “Fly.” This song comes on right before a big break through happens in my life. It is a good song and very inspirational. I will see where this next adventure takes me, but now it’s time to “Fly!” More later.

Alicia’s Bridal Shower Meeting

Today, I had to go to Alicia’s house, for her Bridal shower meeting. I wanted to help make this day special for Alicia. I just had so much going on in my personal life, with starting a new job, and trying to be a good wife, who can pick up the financial slack in the house, but I was the matron of honor.

Andrew went to the gym and I went to Alicia’s around 2:30pm. Her parents still live in the same house, that she and I pretty much grew up in. Every time I drive up her driveway, the memories come flooding back to me. I can still hear the little girls, that we once were giggling and screeching.

One thing that never changed about Alicia is her inability to be on time.

Once I walked into the house, I fully expected her to be ready to go and ready to meet. Well, she was in the shower, so I played with her dogs until she came out of the bathroom.

Finally the bridesmaids showed up and we could get this meeting underway. We talked about who is in charge of what and how the games are going to work. We were excited for her and she was excited. It wasn’t that hard to keep everyone on track, but it was time consuming. I am a person, who takes control and wants to get things done. At the end of the meeting, I was pretty drained. There were so many ideas and still so much left to do. We sang happy Birthday to her (her birthday is in March), drank tea and ate cake, then it was time for me to go home.

1st Day at FedEx

After applying for jobs, going back and forth with a recruiter from Volt, and signing paperwork, performing a drug test, and finally my first day arrived. A new opportunity was finally here.

Today, was my first day at Fedex. I was excited and nervous. I got there a little earlier than I was supposed to. I had to meet with Jim Connolly. He was the IT director. I would be reporting to him. Jim came down to the security desk to meet with me, he gave me a tour of the building, and took me to get a photo ID badge made. I knew where the bathrooms were, and where to get coffee. I wasn’t so busy on my first day, which was kind of different for me. I was learning the ropes with an older woman named Patty. We talked about her son’s wedding, her plans for the weekend, and how she feels about her son’s fiancee’s family. It is nice to have someone to talk to. I could already tell that I would have a lot of work mommies here.

Throughout the day, I tried to hint a few times that I would love work here full-time in hopes that they would find some way to keep me on after my contract ends, but we will see! My hours here are 7am-3:30pm.


XXI No More

Today, I was let go from Penn Mutual. To be quite honest. I saw it coming in a sense, but it still surprised me and the suck factor was still present.

Let me start at the beginning; this morning, woke up with this renewed sense of acceptance. I felt mystical and relaxed in my own skin. I felt ready to accept it all and work through everything that is happening at work and focus on the fact that I get to help at this event (On February 18th Mallory asked me to help promote the company at an event, which was going to take place at River’s Casino). The awards ceremony is something that I was excited about attending. I just wanted to accept this position and hope that it would soon be better.
Well, I got a shower, went into work, and made my coffee, sat down to eat my yogurt, and work on project for Erin. She asked me to make folders, and get a copy of the documents for her from the copier. Okay, no problem. I finished my yogurt, got up and went to the copier and put the papers, in the tray, when Mark came around the corner and asked me to come into his office. I said, “Oh okay.” When it comes to Mark, you can never tell if it is a joke or if it is serious.
When I walked into his office, I shut the door behind me, and took a seat across from the desk. He told me this wasn’t going to work out, he said, that he could tell that I  wasn’t happy and that he likes me as an individual, but something is not clicking. I am not listening to Erin and Chrissy, and how they are trying to help me, etc. I just let him talk.
When it was my turn, I simply let him have it and I cleared my mind and said, “Mark, it’s not that I am miserable here. It’s just I don’t know how to get along with Chrissy. She never has time to train me on anything, which she admitted herself. All the things she has already trained me on, I feel as though I am doing well on those projects, if I had any questions I asked her. She doesn’t need to hover over me, and micromanage me like she does. She did say I wasn’t 100% okay, so if I am not what else can I do? And if I am doing better than tell me, so I know if I am on the right track or not. It is her fault that I am not getting better. He didn’t say anything. I took a breath and then said, “I went to Erin about it numerous times and nothing comes from my conversations with Erin and Chrissy is still the same and in the future, you might want to consider the fact that Chrissy is not management material. She doesn’t have the time to be, or the personality to be.” I let him have it. I  didn’t think he knew what to say, because he likes Chrissy. He is too afraid to do anything about her and so is Erin, so he went on telling me what else I was doing wrong, and then he said, “Okay, but you were applying for jobs.” I said, “Yes, I am writer. I was looking for moonlighting writing jobs to do on the side, as a hobby. (total lie, but so what) she shouldn’t be creeping over my shoulder it is none of her business.” I knew she went back and said something. He said, “Okay, well I have your term letter here, good luck to you.” I said, “Okay, do you need me to sign anything?” This wasn’t my first rodeo with term letters. I am not proud, but it is what it is. He said, “Nope. I said alright.” I took the letter and walked past Chrissy. I didn’t pay her any attention. He offered to help me with anything. I said, “No thank you, I am good.” He said, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yes.” Erin came around the corner. I gave her my keys and she said, “I am sorry.” I said, “it’s okay, your copies are on the copier.” She offered me her help.  I said, “No thank you.” I got it. I did not want anyone to help. They couldn’t help me with my job, and train me properly, so no way I was going to let them help me out the door now.

However, I will admit I was a bit blind sided. I felt like I was ready to take it on and just deal with it and be accepting of the situation, well I guess that’s not what the universe had in mind for me, so I dedicate this entry to the snow moon. I have read up on the snow moon and it is a symbol of change and enlightenment. The snow moon, is a symbol of change and it will bring about a newness, so I am interested to see what is next. I am not sad, but I am not going to deal with what happened between Drew and I the last time this happened. Either he is with me or against me in this. Life is going to happen shit is going to occur.

Are you going to stand next to me through this? Or are you going to be the reason why we argue? All I know is I am not looking forward to being in this house, all the time and I am back to searching for jobs again, only this time I am steering clear of anything that has potential for me to be chained to a front desk. I have considered different areas, retail AGAIN, substituting, etc. I have an interview tomorrow for a marketing and sales firm, I am not sure what to expect or what is going to happen here, but I am pretty sure I know what that interview tomorrow is going to be like, but it is practice. Lutner called me. I know people who used to work at Lutner and now they work at Penn Mutual. No thank you, I will pass.

However, when I think back to my first week at Penn Mutual, I remember Chrissy being a little envious of the light that I brought to that office. Prior to working at Penn Mutual, my most recent position was with iHeartMedia. I was the receptionist. I also did some on-air work and read some scripts for clients.

One of the clients, was Blush night club. I saved all my ads that I recorded on my phone. I was proud that my voice was on the radio. When word got around the office about my ads at Penn Mutual, Mark wanted me to play them all the time for people in the office including the President of Penn Mutual. Chrissy asked me if I thought that was a good idea. Why can’t I have my time in the spotlight? Especially as a new kid on the block? Women can be so hard to work with sometimes, and I get it, but I just don’t like it.

Since being gone from Penn Mutual, I have learned a few things about myself and that situation. I just needed to apply them to my next adventure.