Meeting at RMU

This morning, I woke up and made a quick Starbucks run for some espresso. Andrew was working from home today. I like when he is home. While he worked, I got started on my ethics paper, but I realized it wasn’t coming so easily to me. I decided to shove it away for a while.

Around 12pm, I got ready for my meeting with Chris King, Director of Athletics for Robert Morris University. I was going to meet with him and talk to him about his leadership philosophy and see if he had any advice for me as I attempt to break into the world of athletics. I was excited for my meeting with him. I arrived to campus a little early, and stopped at Romo’s, a café on campus. I ordered a French caramel latte with soy milk. I loved French Caramel Lattes when I was a student there that was my go to drink of choice. I stopped by John’s office to connect with him for 5 minutes.

Then I made my way to the arena for my meeting. I wasn’t all that nervous. I have spoken to him before at the CLA dinner. I didn’t want to ask him the same questions that he was asked at CLA. I didn’t want to waste his time, but I wanted to get in his circle and make that professional connection.

The meeting went so well. We had nice conversation about leadership, culture, and how important is to embrace the culture and not try to change it. He also put me in contact with Chelsea, so I could help with game day events. I am so excited for this opportunity and to be a part of my alumna mater.

RMU Meet the Colonials

This event is one of my favorite events ever! I love the backstage element and being able to stage manage the event.  I fell in love with the event last year, which was my first year stage managing the event.

When I arrived, John and I touched base with Chelsea the SWA. This year, the event was a little different. John and I just help with the theatre part of the event (when the players enter the arena floor from behind a curtain to a song, and they do a dance). After the players come out of the curtain, then our part is over and athletics takes over.

This was the first, Meet the Colonials event in the UPMC Events Center. I got the basketball players lined up in the practice gym and asked them to please remember their order, so they go out to the front song, and the correct name.  The men were to line up first. The women were going last, because they were last year’s NEC champions. Dr. Howard, who is the president was the first to make his entrance, then Coach Toole, and the basketball players followed one by one. It was hard to hear when their name was being called and to queue up the players, but I was hoping all looked good on the court.

When the last basketball was called, I stepped out from the side curtain and walked up to John who was standing by the DJ table. He said, “You did a great job it looked so good.” I took a couple deep breaths. I said, John it was so hard to hear.” He said, “next year we will get you a headset. I nodded. It took me a minute to reset my heart rate. I was so concerned that it wasn’t going to go well, but I am glad it looked seamless, because I was a nervous wreck.

After the event, it took some time to wind down, the energy was high!

Baseball Team Pitt

After CMU, I made my way to the Pete to meet with Chris and hear about this possible internship opportunity with the baseball team. I know my advisor is going to advise against it, but I want experience with athletics.

When I arrived to the Pete, I cooled off for a moment. It is crazy walking from CMU to the Pete, and it was so hot outside. I needed to catch my breath before meeting with Chris. I took the escalator up to the athletics offices. I approached the front desk and didn’t see anyone, who could direct me. I walked past the front desk and down the row of offices, until I found Chris’. I knocked lightly on the door. He greeted me and told me to come in. I took a seat in his office, and he told me about the position. I would meet with the baseball players and make sure they are studying and are on top of their schoolwork. I am going to create a plan for them, and encourage them to meet with the tutors if they need help. I can do this.

At the end of the meeting, he said, I would gladly hire you if you are interested. When can you be up here?  I said, probably just on Mondays if possible until 6pm. He understood. I told him I had to meet with a football player to help him with a plan of study. He is in my program. He understood and thought it was cool.  We set up a plan for next Monday.


Opportunity to Mentor

On my way back from CMU to Pitt. I received a text from my friend, who is the Director of Advising for the men’s basketball and football team at Pitt. He asked me if I knew of the football player, who was in my class? I said I think he is in my Monday night class. He said, oh okay, do you think you might be able to help him? I said, I can try what classes does he have this semester? He has politics and history (I had this class last year. It was not easy), research methodology (I had this class my first-year. It wasn’t easy as well), and Internship class (I am in that class now). I told my friend that he has a little bit of a tough schedule. I said to him to have him approach me during class, and I can help him if he wants to meet. I would feel weird approaching him.

That evening in class, we had to do some ice breakers with other people at different tables. It just so happens the football player was at my table. I told him that my name is Danielle, and that I was friends with Mike and I can help him if he wanted. He said, ya, he told me to reach out to you. I said, we can meet after this class, if you want, or we can set up another time to meet. He said, ya whatever works for you. I am going to need help.” I said, I will do my best.

After class, we connected and I gave him my number. I had not a clue how to do this, but I do want to work with athletics in the future, so perhaps this is good practice.