Hair Apt

This morning I had a 10am hair appointment, but I was moving so slow. I couldn’t wait to get my hair done, but I had no energy. When I got to the salon, I was right behind Leanne. She and I talked for a bit before Kim started on my hair. She asked if we were doing the same thing, and I said, yes please, I loved it. My roots are a little darker at the top, but everything else is light blonde. It is like an ombre, but not really.

While I was in the chair, I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation last night at dinner, about how my father-in-law wanted to celebrate Aunt Tootsie’s 90th birthday on October 28th? I said, Oh well that is the same day as my birthday party here. He said, “it is Aunt Tootsie’s 90th.” I said, “Yeah, which we just found out about. I have been planning my birthday for at least 6 months. It is to coincide with the Cafe’s Halloween party.” Why do I even talk? No one seems to listen when I say things. He said, If her family can’t come up to see her, maybe Uncle Steve and I can buy her a plane ticket, and you can take her to Florida with you.” I said, “oh well the whole point of us going to Florida over Christmas is to get away as a couple. We actually were talking about nixing the idea of Florida, since we are probably going to Europe next year and going skiing.” He just gave us a look.  I love Aunt Tootsie, but there is no way I am taking Aunt Tootsie on our trip to Florida if that is what we decide to do. We haven’t even made definite plans yet. I was just so annoyed and so pissed off. Like, who does he think he is? You cannot tell us what to do on our trip.
As I was getting my hair colored, I texted his mom and told her how I felt about the conversation last night, and she said, “You know how dad gets when is tired, and if you just see if her family can come up, then that will be enough. We want you to do the nice vacations you planned alone, while you still can before kids come.” I knew she would be understanding, and that is how she truly felt, and I know she has a way of communicating with Tom.
While I was waiting for the color to take on my hair, I talked to Lynn and Leanne. Lynn is Leanne’s mom. She invited Drew and me to Jedi’s first Birthday party. It is sometime in September, on a Sunday. She is making a bunch of food on the grill at her and Joe’s place. I was glad she invited us, but I am not sure if I even want to go. I am not too crazy about Taylor. I just don’t see why we were invited, we aren’t close with them, but it was nice to be invited.
After my hair was washed, trimmed, and styled, I paid Kim and then left. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I met my parents’ at Eat n Park in Robinson for brunch. I had the biggest cup of coffee. They stopped serving lattes, but they still had the latte mugs, so I got a big cup of coffee, an omelet, two pieces of Italian bread toast, and hash browns. It was so yummy. I ate every bite.
After breakfast, I drove my mom to the dog groomers to meet my dad in Moon. I couldn’t wait to see my puppies. They look so good after they get groomed. I miss them so much. Louie let me hold him for a while, he isn’t too crazy about being held, by anyone. My parents left to go back home, and I went back home to Drew.
When I walked in the door, he loved my hair and was glad to see me. We talked about the chiropractor and the gym. He had a relaxing morning. We cleaned the house and did some laundry. We planned to go to the pool tomorrow, so we wanted to get everything done today. We cleaned the basement a bit and went through some things that we could get rid of. It was a productive day. We were able to finish the laundry, and the house was finally clean again.
In the afternoon, we went grocery shopping, then came home and cooked dinner. I made stuffed peppers again, with salad and tomato caprese. While we ate dinner, we watched Fox News’ Coverage on what was happening in Charlottesville, Va.

Offer from Pitt

Offer from Pitt

This morning, I woke up a little when Drew left for work, but I decided to go to back to sleep. I did text Leanne about possibly taking Maci to the pool, but she said that she went to the pool all day yesterday, and didn’t really get to see her, so wanted to spend time with her today, and plus it was supposed to rain. I just want to go to the pool so badly, but it looked like rain, so I rolled over and went back to bed until my phone went off. I looked at my phone and there was a text from my mother-in-law, asking if we wanted to go to dinner and see Ken and Cheryl. They were in town from Arizona. Drew and I had planned a date together, so I just ignored the text for now.

When I got out of my bed, and went downstairs I saw the clock on the stove said 11:00AM, I was in bed that long, crazy! I made some coffee and watched Jamestown. I flirted with the idea of going to the gym, but I am not sure if I even want to go. I am just so lazy. I FaceTimed my mom and we chatted for about a half an hour, then I went back to watching Jamestown.

All of the sudden my phone rang, and I looked at the screen it was a Pitt number. I was so shocked. I picked up the phone and answered, “This is Danielle.” The woman on the line said, her name was Amy from the Human Resources Department of the University of Pittsburgh. She asked if I had a moment to go over an offer. I said, “of course.” I was smiling so big and I fought back the urge to scream and laugh with excitement. I paused Jamestown and went into the dining room, and grabbed my notebook and pen and jotted down the details. She told me everything regarding the position with social sciences. I wanted to just accept and shut her up, but I listened. She asked if I had any questions so far? I said,”Would I have to tell Heinz Chapel, or would you do that?  She said, “You would have to give your two weeks to Heinz Chapel, if you accept.” I said, “Yes, I formally accept.” she laughed a little and then she congratulated me and gave me the details of Orientation, and said that it would start on June 17th. Orientation would be from 8:30AM until 2:30PM. Then I would get my Pitt ID from Litchfield Towers, then go home. The 18th is when I would report to the department for my first day. I was so happy. I took down some notes, and then she said that she will e-mail me and send me an offer letter in the mail formally. I was so ecstatic.

When I got off the phone with HR, I tried to call Drew and he didn’t answer, so I tried my mom and she didn’t answer. I called my mother-in-law and she was so happy she almost screamed. She was at the casino with dad, and their friends. She said, she was going to place a bet for me and make her rich! I laughed, and when I got off the phone with her I texted Drew he was so happy for me. I called Heinz Chapel. Pat answered the phone. I told her that I unfortunately, have to put my two weeks in. She said, I know what this is about.” I said, “You do?” She said, “Yes, you accepted the position with Alumni Hall.” I said, “No, I accepted the position with Social Sciences.” She said, “Oh, but didn’t you interview with Alumni Hall? I said, Yes I did, but I was waiting to hear back from Social Sciences since the first week of June.” She said, “Oh Okay, well when do you start?” I said, “June 17th.” She said, “Alright, well lets make you assistant to Frank, that weekend there is no sense in you being Primary since you are leaving.” I said, “alright, thank you. I am sorry.” she said, ‘no it’s okay, I am not going to hold you back from a full-time position. It puts us in a bind.” I said, “I know I am sorry. I hope you have other people lined up, and thank you for this opportunity and for giving me a chance.” She said, “Well you are not done yet.” I laughed.

When I got off the phone with Pat, my mom FaceTimed me and I told her. She was so happy she cried a little. She asked me to call Dad. I did and he was so happy for me. Drew finally called me for a second and was so happy to hear the news and so proud of me. We are going to celebrate all weekend and probably next weekend. I feel so blessed.
Well I never made it to the gym. I did some laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, straightened up the living room, and the office. I noticed my stomach is a bit off. I ate a peanut butter sandwich, but that was it. I think it was nerves and all the feelings.

After I got a shower and got dressed, and waited for Drew to come home. We talked for a second on the phone, but he was so busy during the day.  When he finally came home, I greeted him with a kiss. He hugged me so tight. He was so happy for me. I was so relieved. He asked me to tell him how it went down. I told him how I got the call, and I was watching Jamestown. I didn’t leave any detail out. He was so excited, and proud of me. It felt so good.

When we left the house, we went to the cafe. We were going to meet his parents there, they were going to bring their friends with them. Drew and I ate dinner, and had some drinks, while we waited for his parents. When they arrived, this was my first time meeting Ken and Cheryl. They are the nicest, down to earth people. I have heard so much about them. They moved to Arizona after the Mills shut down. They got out, while they could.  When we got home, it was about 10pm. We went straight to bed.

First Day at Heinz Chapel

First Day at Heinz Chapel

So, I am finally laying down, and I have the chance to write something. I am not sure how I feel about how today went. So, it being my first day, there is so much to learn, but I was excited to be back to work at a University again, especially since it is Pitt.

However, out of habit and a fear of being late, I show up a half hour early. After I got coffee with Drew, I was still early. I stood outside and ate my hard boiled egg, and waited around for a familiar face from my interview to approach me. I face-timed my mom. She was excited for me. I showed her the building from the outside and how close it was to the cathedral. She was happy!

When Wendy approached the chapel, she saw me standing outside. She said wow you are early. I said “Yes, I am typically either right on time, or running a few minutes late. You never know with the buses.”

When she unlocked the door, we went inside and she immediately turned on the lights, and then she said I could put my lunch in the fridge that was located in the book closet, then we walked around how the chapel gets unlocked. We put out the open sign, to let people know we are open.

Then Sharon walked into the chapel. I was to shadow her all day today. We shook hands, and then we went down to Wendy’s office and she handed me a set of keys. Then, I went back upstairs, and sat with Sharon. She seemed kind of distant and cold.  I was waiting for her to tell me what the day-to-day is like, and she said “I don’t know what to tell you, so just read over your stuff. You are like the 10th one I have seen here, every time I turn my back we have someone new.” I didn’t say anything I just picked up my stuff and started reading. I didn’t really say anything to her.

Eventually Sharon was called down to Wendy’s office and it seemed like she was there for a while, so I just read the information and hoped no one came in that needed anything or had any questions because I wouldn’t have the answers.

When she came back, I got up to go to the rest room and went downstairs to see Pat, after I got out of the restroom. She and I talked. She officially welcomed me. “Well the only people who know are you, Wendy, my husband, and she then cut me off and said, Paula knows. I said yes, but she is like my mother and she has been trying to get me in to Pitt, and has helped me and I trust her.” She didn’t have much to say about that, but then she said all your references from Music were fabulous, however one was not in your favor.” and I said, “oh? Well that is upsetting, because I worked really hard to network here at Pitt and build a good relationship during all my assignments. I find it hard to believe, and so unfortunate. May I ask who?” And she said, “I can’t say.” I said, “I am sure, but I think I may know who it is. We have had a run in before and she is the only one I had an issue with, but I can’t be sure.” I wanted to speak for myself, but when I started to she cut me off and said, “No I don’t want to hear it. Let’s just move on.” I said, “Okay.” Then she said, we all have had complaints about us, that have gone to HR. I have and I have been here 30 years, but learn from it, that is all.”

Then we went over, my schedule for June. She told me this Saturday, I am to shadow Frank and not open my mouth for anything, unless it is to ask a question. I tried not to raise my eyebrows this woman was a straight shooter, and I am going to learn so much from her.

After my meeting with her, I went back up to sit again with Sharon. It was almost lunch time. I watched some people come in and out of the chapel, visitors, and the like. Then, it was time to chat about a lunch schedule. Someone should always try to be up front in the chapel at all times. Frank was going to go to lunch first, me, and then Sharon.

Before I went to lunch, I went down to see Wendy, and I wanted to talk to her about my schedule, and something about what Pat said to me. I told her the story, and she said it wasn’t HR. It was someone from your first assignment. The reason why you didn’t get offered the position, is because they thought you were unprofessional. I then realized who it was. I had so much to learn still in my career and Pitt was worth it to change my attitude and to learn some lessons about myself.

Wendy gave me some valuable advice. At times, it is hard for us to separate our fun personality from our work personality. We wouldn’t talk the same way we do with our friends, as we would at work. I said, oh well I never heard anyone there give me a bad review from my first assignment. I was told I didn’t get the job, because I didn’t have enough experience as an executive assistant, and then I was immediately placed with Music. She shrugged her shoulders. I have a hard time beliving it was anyone from Katz. Then again, who knows, but I can only think of one person who would drag my name through the mud. I made that mistake in going to All Temps during my assignment at Music to talk to someone from All Temps and it wasn’t a good conversation.

After that conversation, we went over my schedule. What time I need to arrive on Friday, and Saturday, and I apologized again for what they heard from one of my references, and she said, well you are here because you did so well at Music and Dr. Rice loves you, and thinks you did an amazing job over there and was so upset you didn’t get the position, just do the same here, and I feel as though you already learned from it, or else Music wouldn’t have raved about you. I thanked her for her advice and off I went. What a day!

When I left her office, I went up to the office Frank wasn’t there, so I just sat down and read over somethings, and Frank approached me and sat down next to me. We talked about the history of the chapel, the high points to it, when giving tours, and how he was the Heinz family archivist and historian. I was interested in the history of the building. People came in and out of the chapel as we talked. I was kind of amazed how many people came in off the streets to see this place. I listened in on one of his tours. It was pretty cool how much he knew and he gave a great tour, so informative!

When Sharon came back, she and I chit chatted some more and talked to some visitors, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what the hell happened and was it really that woman from HR, or was it my first assignment? I don’t know I can’t get over it. It is bugging me. Gawd!

When it was 10 minutes to 5pm, we started to close up, and Drew came over to see me and the chapel. I have been texting him off and on about all this and he was upset for me. When he came into the chapel, I introduced him to Sharon, and then I followed her around as she closed. Then, I was out of there.

As we walked to the bus, I talked to Drew about everything and he felt so bad for me. He and I racked out brain, but still came to the same person. I hope I can get over this soon. I fought back tears all day.  When we got on the bus, we talked about it some more, and then before you know it, we had to get off to catch our transfer bus. I had to take the G2 so I could meet up with my mom in Crafton. She was taking me dress shopping, and to dinner.

When I said goodbye to Drew, I got on the G2, took a seat, and put my earbuds in and played some rock music. My mom and I texted and kept in touch, while I was on my way to Crafton. I didn’t want to leave Drew. I wanted to stay with him, and have him make me happy again.

When I got to Crafton, my mom picked me up and we went to dress barn, and she bought me three dresses and a pair of no show socks for my flats, then to Walmart, and then Max and Erma’s for dinner.

When we got to Max and Erma’s, she and I talked the entire time and she said for me to get over it and learn from it, and don’t let it affect my work in this new opportunity. I agree. I won’t, but it just sucks. Always seems to be something that sets me back, whether it is myself or someone else.

Dinner was yummy. I had a salad again. Salad for lunch and a salad for dinner, and a salad tomorrow. I don’t want to put on any extra weight with this job, and I want to try to get the gym in whenever I can.

Thankfully, Drew is around to help me get ready for our Father’s Day cookout on Sunday. He is going to clean the house and go grocery shopping, and pick me up from work. I am one lucky girl. I have such a busy weekend. Rehearsal until 5:45 tomorrow, wedding Friday, and 3 weddings on Saturday. Then Sunday Monday, and Tuesday I am off. Whew!

Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.

Mike and Stephanie’s Wedding

Mike and Stephanie’s Wedding

This morning, we slept in for a little, and we were able to have a little bit of breakfast. We had to get showered and ready for Mike and Stephanie’s wedding. His cousin was getting married. I was so happy for them. I was excited to see Megan as well. She was making the trip for the wedding.

Before we left the house, I called his mom asking her if she needed our help with Grandma. She said, no I think we got it. I said, oh okay, Drew said something about following you guys to the church? Or helping with Grandma? She said, “Oh, he mentioned he didn’t know where the church was.” I said, “Oh okay, I do, and we will just meet you at the church, if you don’t need our help.” She said, “Alright, we will see you at the church.”

Our way to the church, we stopped at McDonald’s and got a breakfast sandwich we weren’t sure when we were going to eat, then we got a coffee at Starbucks. Then we were on our way to the church. We actually got there before his parents. I was surprised. They supposedly left a little early. We took our seats, and then when they arrived, his mom asked us if we wanted to move up to the front with them, since they had grandma, we could have better seats, so we all sat in the third row. It was nice. Megan and I sat together. She was studying on her phone during the unimportant parts, and texting Tommy throughout the ceremony.  I can’t imagine how hard it is.

When the ceremony got started, the bride walked down the aisle without her veil on, and then halfway through the mass, the priest made a statement and said, “Lets take a moment, and get your veil on and get you married.” How does that happen!?! After the ceremony, Drew and I wanted to go to the bar at the Hotel and just hang out. Megan wanted to join us, as well. I don’t blame her. Grandma had to stay for a few pictures, then Drew helped her in the car. We then drove off to the hotel. Megan, Drew and I all chatted on the way to the hotel.

Once we arrived to the hotel, Drew let us off at the front and we went inside to the bar, and ordered two Bud lights. She and I gossiped and chatted about her weekend in Texas with Tommy, and about our family. She was more open with me, and I finally feel like she is connecting with me, as a friend. I am so excited. I know she is different, but we are definitely bonding.

Drew eventually joined us, and he ordered a Bud light as well. We munched on Gardinello’s and it was relaxing. While Drew was in the bathroom, his parents showed up with Grandma. Andrew’s dad joined us at the bar, and ended up picking up our tab.

Finally, we were allowed outside to the cocktail hour at 5:00pm. Megan and I walked outside, Drew and his dad eventually joined us. She and I checked out the seating chart. Drew, Megan, and I were at the same table, whereas Mom, Dad, and Grandma were at a different table. I was hoping we could all sit together, but at least we were with familiar faces. Carl, Uncle Carl, MaryJo, Kelly, and her date were at our table as well.

The cocktail hour was okay, we had some cheese, bread, tomato caprese on a stick, Swedish meatballs, and I had a stain on my dress. I went to the bathroom with Megan, and she used the restroom, and I dabbed the stain on my dress, which I was able to get out no problem. We stopped over to see how mom and grandma were doing. They weren’t at the cocktail hour. They were sitting in the lobby until the reception started which wasn’t until 7pm. Megan and I sat with them for second, and his mom said, “I don’t know why the Catholic’s can’t have a wedding after 2pm.” I said, “Well they have to have 4pm mass, it is a business.” She said, “I just can’t stand the catholic faith, more pedophiles as priests and their rituals.” I said, “I understand, but I found a new found respect for the catholic faith, watching my dad become a catholic. It is special the rituals and the way they do things.” Grandma chimed in, “I can’t stand the Catoholics. Are you a catholic?” I said, “Yes, Grandma I am. I had a Catholic wedding and you were there. There is good and bad in every faith.” They didn’t say anything. I stood up shortly after to go back to the cocktail hour. Megan went with me. She said, “Does she always do that to you? I said, “Yes, dog my faith? Yes.” She said, “Wow, I mean it’s not for everyone, but I don’t judge.” I have been dealing with it for so long now, but I am getting tired of keeping quiet.


The Reception moved kind of slow. The bride didn’t have her garter, and one of the bridesmaids had to go retrieve it from the hotel room.  Ashley had a tree nut allergy and there was one nut in her salad, she ate it and someone had to find her a Benadryl. It was chaos. No one was really dancing, but we were having so much fun eating the cookie table, and drinking. Drew and I left when his parents’ left. It was about 10:00pm. We both were so tired and it was a long day.






Leanne and Dan’s Cookout

This morning, when we woke up, we felt pretty useless from all the food and beer we consumed the night before. I was laying on the couch with Drew, watching television when he got the text from Dan saying the car is done for the most part, and it should be ready by 1pm. Then Leanne texted me asking me if we were coming to the cookout. I really didn’t want to go and neither did Drew. I just wanted to pick up his car and be on our way. Drew wanted to cookout on his grill, and we wanted to be alone at some point during the weekend.

Well we ended up going to the cookout, and Maci was sick. We didn’t bring anything. We offered, but we didn’t need to, so we didn’t. Dan put the finishing touches on the car, and Drew pulled it out of the garage, finally!  We helped them set up the tables, chairs, and tent for the cookout.

At one point Dan started cooking, but then he had to run out and get plates and forks. Everything was behind because he didn’t finish the car on time, and things were rushed. Maci was sick. Leanne was sitting around bullshitting with Gretchen, Shawn’s girlfriend. I was so annoyed. After we ate, we hung out around the table and then they started talking about Bumper’s wedding. George said, “if it even happens. He proposes to every girl he sleeps with.” They all looked at me. I made the motion with my hands like cut it out, stop. It is so awkward when they bring him up, and the fact that I was his girlfriend at one point makes me feel like I am forever marked. It’s fucking awkward for Drew too I am sure. I can’t stand them sometimes. I just put up with the bullshit because I am friends with Leanne.

After the conversation, switched gears we got up to leave. Drew and I had enough of the O’Grodnik House. We needed to go grocery shopping and we wanted to get back, relax, and finish watching Black Sails. I will miss this show. It was full of swashbuckling pirates, Long John Silver, trade deals, and relationships. We said our goodbyes, which always takes a few minutes. Then we were on our way back to Moon. We stopped at the grocery store and did some shopping, then went home and relaxed for the rest of the night.
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