Sick Day

Today, I took a“sick day Drew and I had some things to take care of before we leave for England and France. We needed a week day to get them done.  Yesterday, the doctor’s office faxed me over a script to get blood work done before we left for England. Drew already had his script, when he went for his annual check up, just never got the test done.
When we arrived at the doctor’s office, I had to receive an updated Hepatitis A vaccine. I will have to receive another in 6 months. While, I was in the examining room, the nurse was prepping my arm for the shot, and I told her that I was 10 days late for my period. She said, do you want us to give you a pregnancy test? I said, “I already took two and they are negative.” she said, “You are probably irregular. Although, I would take another one again today. If you are, then you should be okay to travel in your first trimester, but if you are not, then you are not and have a good time in England.” I thought thanks for the certainty and the words of wisdom. I better not be pregnant. It just wouldn’t be ideal, and I don’t think I am so ugh!
After I left the doctor’s office, then we went to Quest lab to get blood work done. When we walked into the lab, they had a little waiting room with an IPad there to greet you. It was kinda cool. We check in on the IPad, and then they call us back. It is scary that machines are doing what humans can do, but kinda cool.
When they called us back, I went into one room, and across the hall Drew was in the other. We could see each other. He winked at me. I love when he does that. It makes me feel like old times again. The nurse asked me which arm? I said, “Lets go for the left. I am already marked up over there from my shot.” She laughed and prepped my arm. I don’t like needles. I have tattoos and piercings, but there is something about needles in a medical setting that throws me off.
After our blood work, which was quick and painless. She only took one tube. I thought she was going to take more than that, we went to have breakfast at Central Diner. Drew as getting hangry, and when he is hangry, he is quiet and antsy. We were seated right away, we both ordered omelettes. We sipped on our coffee and I tried to talk to him a little, until our food came, but he was distant and quiet. This is how he gets when he is so hungry. When our food came, we ate, and we didn’t say much to each other.
After breakfast, we went to Robinson, I had to pick up some little bottles of shampoo at Ulta. Drew thought Ulta was only for women, but he looked around the front of the store a bit, and I told him that there are guy things here too. Then, we went to Barnes and Noble. He wanted to go to the Starbucks in there.
Once inside Starbucks, they have posters of certain books along the walls. One of them is Walden by Thoreau. It always reminds me of American Lit one with Dr. Ruzich at RMU. That story is not an interesting read. It is about Thoreau’s time in Walden woods, how he lived in a cabin, and enjoyed the “simple life.” Ugh, sounds miserable. However, it provided him time to reflect on his life and things, so I guess that is cool. I can respect reflection, but it is not my favorite story that is for sure.
Another poster that is up by the Starbucks was Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise Now he is my favorite author. I love a tragic hero, the roaring 20s, and Fitzgerald overall. I wish I could buy that poser. It would look so cool in my office. I did purchase a book and renewed my membership. I bought Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. it is about his time in Paris in the 1920s.
After we got coffee, we went to Beaver Valley Mall, to get my ring. It was ready for pick up. It needed to be sized. I was glad to have it back. While we were at the jewelry store, we talked to Carrie about Rachel’s death. They all think it was the police who either did it, or had some involvement in her death. All this speculating made me a little eerie being in the mall and in Beaver County. I am just creeped out a bit, and so is Drew. After we left the jeweler’s, we got a slice of Pizza and then we went home. Drew dropped me off at home and he went grocery shopping. I started power cleaning. I didn’t sit down once. I  didn’t want to come home from our trip to a house that needed cleaned.
When he got home, I helped him put the groceries away, and then we made dinner. I wasn’t the least bit hungry, but Drew was. We had chicken salads. After dinner, we relaxed for the rest of the evening and watched the office. We had another busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Restful Weekend

This morning, I stayed back, while Drew went to the Chiropractor. I watched the Handmaid’s Tale. Season 2 started this past week. I am hoping it is going to be a good season. I got up and got ready for Drew to come home. When he got back, we were going to go to Eat n Park for breakfast, and then to Beaver Valley to see about my ring.

When we arrived at Eat n’ Park, we ate breakfast. He had an omelette and I had a breakfast sandwich. I only ate half of it, and took the other half with us. After we left Eat n Park, we made our way to Beaver Valley Mall. I was excited to hear about my grandma’s wedding ring. I wasn’t sure what the jeweler was going to say about it.
When we arrived at the mall, we typically would walk in through Macy’s, but Macy’s is closed, along with mostly everything else in that mall. It is sad. I don’t see it lasting much longer. When we walked into King’s Jewelry, Mike was happy to see us. We talked about new things in life, before getting down to jewelry.
After I gave him my grandma’s ring, he told me that it is definitely platinum, it doesn’t need to be mounted, and is in good shape for how old it is. He sized my finger. We asked how much it would cost to get it sized? He said, for a normal couple $100.00, but for you guys, 83.00. I said, “okay, well we are going to have to wait until we get back from England.” I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to pay for this now, and Drew agreed. Mike and a few of his co-workers talked to us about England, and asked us about our trip. Meanwhile, my rings were being soaked in the cleaner. They were so dirty.
When we finally left the jewelry store, and I had my rings back on my finger. We went to Bath and Body works and I got some soaps and scent things for my house. Drew was going to the gym and do some grocery shopping. I was going to go home and do some cleaning and organizing, as well as some laundry. It feels weird not to have homework to do.
When we arrived at home, Drew got the bin of summer and warmer weather clothes from the garage, and I started to put away some of the thick sweaters. I am always early to get this done, but it supposed to get warmer soon, and I want to be ready, and I know I am not going to be wearing some of this stuff anymore, due to the weather getting warmer, so lets just get it put away, before it is more to do later.
When Drew came back from the gym, and the grocery store. We made fish for dinner. It was nice to have a nice cooked meal. Tonight, we watched the Office and relaxed. It was a nice day.

Nails & Mother-in-Law’s Birthday

This morning, I got up at 10am, got a shower, and had some coffee. I made us pancakes for breakfast, and I watched some episodes of Reign. I am almost finished with Season 4. I will miss this show. Drew got ready to go to the gym, and I got ready to go to my parents in Crafton.
When I arrived at my parents, I noticed there was an unfamiliar car parked next to my dad. I wondered who is here, and they didn’t tell me that anyone was coming. When I walked inside my parent’s house, my dogs greeted me at the door. I bent down to pet them. I walked past them and into the living room. I was curious to see who was there.
When I entered the living room, I looked over to the couch and saw my cousin Bing. I thought oh great, he is going to sing, or he has already sung. It is coming. I kissed my parents, and then sat down on the floor and listened to the older generation talk. This is pretty much my life. I was an only child, so I heard lots of adult talk and Bing didn’t really seem too interested in talking to me, just parents, so I picked up one of my dogs and just snuggled one of them on my lap.
All of a sudden, Bing burst out into song. I looked down at Louie, my dog, who was laying in my lap. His head was turning to the side, and wondering what is all that noise. I tried to keep from laughing. I knew it was only a matter of time. I texted Drew. I said, Bing is here, and he is singing. Drew said, Of course. I had to hold back some laughter. Now you may think I am mean, but it is like the Johnny Angel and the Halos type music. If you aren’t from Pittsburgh and don’t know who Johnny Angel and the Halos are, then think of it as old jazz music, or like “old-timey” 50s music. Not something that I listen to really.
Around 15 mins to 2pm, I kissed my parents and my dog’s goodbye. I had a nail appointment to attend. I drove to the nail salon, and Leanne packed up her nail stuff so we could go to her house. She had enough of the salon and was getting annoyed with the people there. On the way to Leanne’s, my car notified me that there was low tire pressure in the front right wheel.
When we arrived at Leanne and Dan’s, we went inside and she got to work on my nails. Dan came home with Maci, who I was so happy to see! She gave a hug and a kiss. I love her. Dan is a mechanic and has done work for us before on my old car. He put air in my tire and told me that after I drive it, the sensor should go off and I should be good. He handed me a beer, a miller 64. I couldn’t turn it down.

After my nails were done, I drove home to Moon. I had to meet Drew at the house, we were going to get in his car and go to Beaver Valley Mall, so the jeweler could look at my grandma’s ring. It is too small and is going to need more platinum added to it. The ring is starting to get thin. it is 81 years old. I love it! I feel so honored to have it. I wear it pretty much every day.

On my way to Moon, the tire pressure notification was still on and I was really losing air rapidly. When I got home, I kissed Drew, changed, and then we were out the door. We decided last minute to take my car to NTB. We took separate cars. He drove mine and I drove his car.

We took his car to the mall, to look at the luggage for our trip. We needed one more suitcase, he and I both. We needed a bigger one. We found a 30″ at JCPenney’s and it was on sale. We both got one, and then we got the call from NTB. They said I had a small hole the size of a pin. They were able to patch it up until I would need a new tire. I was happy it was fixable, that costs $30.00.
After the mall, we drove to NTB, since they were going to close at 7pm. We picked up my car and took it back home. We then got in his car and went to the store to get a card and a gift card. We were going to meet his parents and his brother at the cafe, in Aliquippa. Well when we arrived, it turns out that Tommy wasn’t there only his mom and dad, which was okay. We talked about everything vegetarianism, LGBT, my ring, my parents, our England trip, their Arizona trip, grandma and we gave them their birthday cards. Andrew’s dad’s birthday was last month. I had grilled cheese with tomato and fries for dinner, and Drew had a burger.
After dinner, they picked up something to take home to Tommy. They kissed us goodbye and then they left. I was tired and ready to go home. I had enough for the day. I really did. I was over it. I got my corrections from my tutor via e-mail. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of homework.

Beaver Valley Mall

Today, we woke up around 10am. We wanted to get an early start. Andrew and I got showers, then went to Eat N Park for breakfast in Moon. We both were so tired from last night. I feel like I have a hang over, but I don’t it’s weird.

After breakfast, we went to Beaver Valley Mall. We managed to dodge the rain when we got out of the car, we noticed that Macy’s is closing, so we took advantaged and stopped there first. I did find my business suit. It is grey with a white blouse underneath. His mom is going to reimburse us in cash, but we got three pieces for only $102.00. It was fun to shop.

After Macy’s we went to King’s to drop off my ring to get it cleaned, it desperately neeed a good clean. After King’s, Victoria Secret, because I had a 75.00 gift card from my parents for Christmas that I didn’t spend. They were running a deal that if you spend 85, you get a free tote. He let me get the tote! I got a sports bra, and underwear. I desperately needed underwear.

After Victoria Secret, we picked up my ring, and then we had to stop at the grocery store. We both agreed that it was sad seeing Beaver Valley Mall look that way. It looked dismal, and sad. It was kind of depressing. I wonder how long it will be until it closes. When we got to the grocery store, Andrew picked me up a Valentines Day card, and then we did our shopping.

When we got home, I unloaded groceries, and my shopping bags, and took my suit upstairs to the extra bedroom closet. I started some laundry and decided to stay back and just hang out. I feel like it would have been a waste for me to go to the gym today. When drew left for the gym, my parents stopped over. I put on my business suit for my mom and she really liked it. I do need the legs hemmed up some, so I am going to take it to the seamstress tomorrow, and tell her I need it ready by Thursday. I am so excited for my interview. When Drew gets home, I will make dinner, and then that is all that is going on for the day.