Gyno & the Avengers End Game

This morning, I had a gyno appt at 8:30am. Originally, today was my planned sick day from work. Drew took Thursday and Friday as vacation days. He needed to take a couple days so he wouldn’t lose them.

When we arrived at the gyno, I checked in on the screen and took a seat. Everyone there was pregnant and with their spouse. I looked at Drew and said, “We are the only ones not pregnant.” We both shared a little giggle. They took forever to call me back. I had an 8:30am appt and I didn’t get back into the examining room until 8:45am. Drew had a dentist appt and was hoping this wasn’t going to take too long. I undressed and put my gown on and then then took a seat on the examining chair. I never had to wait at the gyno. I was always in and out. Drew ended up taking an Uber home, and getting his car so he could make it on time for his Dentist appt.

Shortly after Drew left the room, the gyno came in and I she apologized for the wait. I told her not to worry. I didn’t want to make big deal out of it. There are other things in life to fret over. She examined me and all is well. When she was finished, I sat back and covered up. She left the room and I changed back into my clothes. All good for another year!

When I went outside, I called Drew and told him I was on my way to meet him at the Dentist. He just sat in the examining chair. When I arrived to the dentist, I sat in the waiting room. I am reading the book titled, Trapped with Ms. Arias by Kirk Nurmi. I have never been so glued to trial before. When the Jodi Arias trial was on television, I never missed an episode. I made sure to DVR it and watch it in the evening. I worked during the day, but at night I got caught up, or I would watch it live with my parents in the living room. It’s not the kind of thing you want to watch with your parents all the things they discuss in the trial, but it was so good and so interesting. It really was a hot topic for awhile and still is.  After this book, I will read the one from the prosecutor. It feels so good to read for pleasure again.

When Drew came out into the waiting area, we said goodbye to Donna the receptionist, then were off. We had some time to kill before the movie, so we got breakfast a First Watch. I haven’t been to a First Watch, since I visited Florida (I know what you are thinking, all this running around and I am supposed to be laid up sick.)  I had the Bacon Avocado omelet with home fries and 6 grain bread. It was so good. I could only eat half. I was getting full quickly.

After breakfast, we went to Cinemark to see Avengers End Game! I was so excited. I love Captain Marvel. She is my favorite. I used my inhaler before the movie, and tried not too cough too much, but I did blow my nose a lot. The movie was so good! I can’t wait for another one! Thor was hilarious (I won’t ruin it). It was my favorite Avenger’s movie so far.

After the movies, we went home and I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and resting.

31st Birthday and 3 Year Anniversary

Today is my 31st  Birthday, as well as mine and Andrew’s 3rd wedding anniversary. I was not looking forward to going to work, but I did anyway.  On my way to my building, I called my dad first and he sang Happy Birthday to me. Then I called my mom and she did the same thing. It was sweet. After I got off the phone with them, I sat down at my desk and started to work. Nancy came in and wished me Happy Birthday.

A delivery man showed up with some flowers and asked for me. I smiled when I saw the flowers. I was so surprised. I had to take a quick picture. I was in the middle of a project with Nancy. I called Drew and thanked him for the flowers and we face timed for a minute so he could see them. He was glad I liked them. He is so sweet.


Around 9:30am, we ate a catered breakfast in the conference room and had a staff meeting. Linda called us together to go over somethings and some procedures. She also announced that it is my Birthday! Everyone wished me happy birthday and I also told them that today is also my 3rd Wedding Anniversary. They wished me Happy Anniversary, as well. It was sweet.

After breakfast, I sat down and got some work done, until 1:00pm. Andrew and I were going to lunch at Fuel and Fuddle. When he came to my office, Melanie and I were going over a project and getting things ready for the Fall schedule.  We are meeting again at 3:00pm. It was going to be a busy  afternoon.

At lunch, I didn’t behave with my Keto Diet. I ate nachos, and Drew had an appetizer and a burger. We will be good tomorrow. 🙂 It is a celebration today. We had a good lunch and didn’t want to go back work.

Around 3pm, I met with Melanie and got things straightened out and we had a plan. I went back to my office and it was about 4:00pm. I started packing up to leave. I had to go meet my TA for my Politics and History class. She was going to look over my paper and give me some pointers. I still need to get the rest of the paper looked over by my tutor. I am starting to get nervous. This is too much left to close to the weekend. I wanted to be able to put it past me before the weekend arrived.

When I arrived to the TA’s office, she wasn’t there. I waited around until about 5pm then walked back to Posvar. I received an e-mail from her. Her meeting ran late and she apologized. I said it’s okay. She said she would come by office tomorrow whenever I wanted. I said that I had nothing going on tomorrow and I look forward to seeing her. I am getting so anxious.

Around a quarter to 6pm, my friend Julia approached the bench I was sitting on outside of our class room. She and I complained about the semester and etc. I told her my issues with the TA and she said that sucks. This is why I try to get things done as early as possible.

Leadership class went well. We got our papers back, our group got a 48/50. Whew! I wasn’t sure what we were going to receive. I was glad that we did so well. We also started to give each other performance reviews. I had to review Julie. She was so cool with everything I said and agrees with me.  I felt relieved.

After class was over, I met with Drew outside my department. I told him about my grade. He said, babe you are kicking ass!  I said, “I know right!” We went into my office and got my flowers so I could take them home. I didn’t want to leave them at work.

When we got home, I got a shower and put on some pjs, then we opened cards together. It was a sweet moment. Then it was bed time. We both were so tired. It has been a crazy week, but I had a great birthday and anniversary.

Pumpkin Picking 2018

Today, Andrew and I took a long weekend to celebrate my Birthday and our 3 year wedding anniversary. We started the day with breakfast at Central Diner. We both had the Italian Omlet. I treated myself to some Italian bread toast. I was celebrating.

After breakfast, we went to pick pumpkins at Soergel’s orchard. I take pumpkin picking very seriously.

We didn’t want to drag the wheel barrow all the way up the hill to the patch, so we just picked our pumpkins out of the huge crates they had outside. We actually found some nice size pumpkins.

After we got our pumpkins, we loaded them up in the back of my SUV, then we wandered around Soergel’s and walked in and out fo a couple stores. We had so much fun! We bought a few things; a hazelnut candle, a small container apple cider, sampler bags of coffee, and 2 bottles of wine.

After Soergel’s we went to Kirkland’s and they had their Fall stuff for 50% off. We did buy the giant ornament with an H on it. Andrew’s mom bought hers last year and I wanted one for us too. We also bought my mom a birthday gift, and we got a couple candles.

After Kirkland’s we went to Best Buy and got a case for my IPad. I can finally use it now. I am anal about my electronics and try to take good care of them.

After Best Buy, we went home and made some dinner. It was so nice to spend the day together wandering around and getting our pumpkins. We did some things around the house and had an awesome salmon dinner with some asparagus.

After dinner, we watched some AMC fear fest they were showing the Halloween movies. We were going to see the new one and I was so excited. We planned to leave at 9:00pm for the movies.

Wake Up Call

This morning, I woke up in the guest bedroom of my in-law’s house. I didn’t sleep that well the bed was not that comfortable and I could feel the dip in the mattress. My hip was a little sore. Outside it was still raining. My productivity was going to be so low today. I could just feel it.
When I went into their guest bathroom, I noticed they had a scale. Typically I avoid scales like the plague. I don’t like to get on them, as soon as I do I obsess about it and it isn’t good, but I decided what the hell I will get on it. I tapped the scale with my foot and waited until it read 0.0. Then I stood on the scale and tried to make sure I was standing tall and even, but I was looking down. I didn’t want to make any noise and drag the scale across the floor. I didn’t want anyone to know I was weighing myself. I hadn’t weighed myself in so long, so maybe I wasn’t standing as even and tall as one should to make my weight distribute properly. The scale read 180.0. I said, there is no way (I did have clothing on.)

I got off the scale and then went downstairs. My husband was sipping coffee on the couch with his dad watching the News. I was so in my head. I made some coffee and then went to go sit on the other couch. Drew smiled at me and I smiled back. In my head, I was obsessing about the scale.

When his mom woke up, she made some coffee and was in the kitchen. I asked her how accurate the scale is in the upstairs bathroom. She said it is pretty accurate, why? I said, well then I am in trouble. It says that I weigh 180 pounds. She said, oh wow. I said I know. We started talking about the Keto Diet. My mother-in-law has been doing it for three years now and has lost weight and is in much better shape than she was. I looked through her recipe book and I was determined to try it. I needed to do it. I needed to make a change. She said, “No more Starbucks.” (She knows me so well). She said, “When you go to Starbucks, get a coffee with espresso and cream. No fancy drinks.” I nodded. She is right. I need to cut out sugar.

For breakfast, his dad made us omelets with eggs, cheese, ham, and veggies. I looked at his mom and said, “can I eat this?” She said, “Yes you can.” She toasted me a piece of her Keto bread. It was a little softer than real bread and not as crunchy. It was going to be an adjustment, but I needed to do something. I needed to change. I forced down the bread and enjoyed the omelet.

Today was going to be the day that I start the Keto lifestyle. My mother-in-law packed up some leftovers for us, and something to help me start the Keto process. She printed out her cream sauce recipe that is Keto friendly, that she used on all her meats in order to keep it from getting boring.  I can do this. It is just going to require some meal prep and effort.

On the way home, I stopped at Lens Crafters and picked up my glasses. They needed adjusted a bit, and I was good to go. When we got home, we brought the stuff in the house from his parents, and I went downstairs to fold laundry from the dryer. While I am downstairs folding laundry, I have my new glasses on, and I am stacking the folded laundry on the dryer.

All of the sudden I see something scurry out of the pile of plastic paint tarp that Drew left in the basement, this thing made it’s way to the center of the basement, where the sewage drain is that drains the water. It took me a minute for my brain to register that it was a mouse. I screamed and then yelled for Drew. He ran down to the basement and saw the mouse. I grabbed a bucket and put it over him, but he crawled right out of the bucket. Drew grabbed the laundry board and pushed him back into the center of the basement. He said, “Babe, we need something that is airtight. Something he won’t slip out from under.” I looked around and grabbed one of my half-burned Yankee Candle jars and put it over the mouse. He was trapped now.

Please don’t judge me for this post and what I am about to tell you. Once we got him trapped, Drew and I looked at each other. I said, “We have a mouse.” He said, “Yup.” I said, “I am glad we caught him now, instead of at 9pm at night.” This mouse just came out in the light and moseyed on over to the drain, like no big deal. Typically they come out at night, or when the light is not on. “Who do we call?” Drew said, ” I don’t know.” I called Dave my parents handyman. He came over within 10-15 mins.  When he came over, he came into our basement. I said, “Please watch your step.” He looked down at the glass container and saw the mouse. He said, “That’s good you guys have him trapped.” He took a paint can out and put it on top of the glass candle jar. Dave said, “Do you guys just want to put something under the glass container and take him outside?” I said, “No then he will find his way back in. When he dies, we will take him out to the trash.” I know it is cruel, but we were going to wait until he suffocated. I know this is wrong. It is so sad to suffocate an animal. I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me, but it was the only way to ensure that he wouldn’t find his way back in.
When Dave left, Drew and I cleaned up the basement. We swept up and he took the paint tarp out of the basement and was going to take to the garage. I was so over this day already and I had some reading to do for the class to stay on top of things a little bit. Eventually, Jasper, the mouse passed away. I asked Drew if we should say a few words. He said, “Do you want to?” I said my Catholic prayers and asked that God take him to heaven and forgive us for what we did. I looked back at Drew and I said, “Anything you want to say?” He looked at me then at Jasper in the glass container and said, “Thank you for messing up my day.” Drew went over to the glass container and shook the mouse from side to side. He didn’t move and was stiff. I grabbed some gloves and a garbage bag. Drew grabbed a flat tool to place under the glass container. We dropped the glass container and Jasper into the garbage bag and Drew walked Jasper to the garbage.
While he was disposing of the mouse, I got on my hands and knees with a brush and some bleach water and cleaned up the area where Jasper died. I felt a little like shit about all this, but it was what it was I guess. After the mouse fiasco, Drew went to the gym and I got a long hot shower, and put on some relaxing clothes and did some reading. I am loving these glasses!
For dinner, I heated up the leftovers. We split a sweet potato, but I had butter and cinnamon on mine because butter is Keto friendly! I had some veggies and some steak. After dinner, we cleaned up, and then watched Smallville. As I was laying on the couch, I could feel myself craving something like chips or a Reeses’ cup. I laid there and fought the craving. Drew felt a little bad for me but supported me and talked me through my sugar craving. I felt strong enough to do this.  I have this app on my phone it is called carb manager. It breaks down my carbs, fat, and protein, etc. I ate a total of 25 net carbs today. This is the maximum that I can have. I am definitely going to try this for a while. I am excited about the results.

Also, that evening we laid down mousetraps, in the corners and along the wall on the floor. Hopefully, we do not have any more mice!



Today, I woke up around 9:30AM,  showered, then got ready to go to my parents. Drew was working from home today. I didn’t want to stay inside all day. I drove to my parents.

On my way to my parents, I stopped at Starbucks and was going to run through the drive-thru and I saw Dave my parents’ handyman and also the father to both of my ex-boyfriends. I dated both of his sons at one point or another. I bought him his chai tea latte and my caramel latte. After exiting the drive-thru, I parked in the space next to his car and gave him his chai tea latte. We chatted about the work he is doing at my parents, and his family. I had to interject and say, “well I think I need to start my day….” He will keep me there all day taking it I let him. He is a talker.

When I arrived at my parents, my mom, my dad, and my dogs were on the back porch. We sat outside and talked about my schedule and how it will interfere a little with the dog sitting in th evenings. I am going to make it work because I did commit to September. My parents are going on vacation. We seemed to work everything out, and Drew will help me where he can.

My parents and I went to breakfast at Hanlon’s for some reason I wasn’t all that hungry. I had the lighter fare: egg whites, one hashbrown, Italian bread toast, and bacon. I ate everything but the egg whites didn’t taste good to me. I don’t care for restaurant eggs.

After breakfast, we went to kohl’s my dad and mom bought me a nice pair of black simply Vera wang heels. They have memory foam in them. I needed a new pair of black heels for work events and perhaps this internship.

When we went back to my parents, I brushed my dogs’ teeth and then I kissed them goodbye. I wanted to go home and see my husband.

When I got home, I kissed Drew and asked him how his work was coming along. He said it was coming. I feel bad this won’t be much of a weekend for him. I read while he worked, then I made dinner. We had salmon burgers with tomatoes, avocados, and onions. They were good.

After dinner, Drew did a bit more work, then we spent some time together. We watched an episode of Smallville, then went and got ice cream at the Sewickley Confectionary. I could tell it was good for him to get out, but he had his mind on work.

When we got home, I dropped him off and then I went to Anthony’s. Dylan was there and Anthony’s brother was in town visiting from Ohio. We played beer bong, and flip cup. I had one Octoberfest beer and two vodka and waters. Drew offered to pick me up if I drank too much. I had to call Drew to come to get me while we were playing this awful board game. FA9C2A8E-0071-44BB-8AB0-DFDDCE6EA8A5
After the game, Drew drove us home safely and it was off to sleep for this couple. I was buzzed and had so much fun kicking back tonight.

Andrew’s Birthday Pt.2

Andrew’s Birthday Pt.2

This morning, I had a nail appt with my mom at Bella’s nails in Crafton. I met my mom at my parents’ house so I can see my doggies. I got to see them for a bit, then it was out the door to Bella’s. I drove my car to the nail salon. We stopped to get coffee on the way. Once we got to Bella’s, I signed in and told them that I was here for Ana. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a full set or just a little bit of tip with the acrylic dip. I wasn’t sure. I needed to talk to Ana. I knew she was running late, but I didn’t want anyone else to do my nails, but Ana.
When Ana arrived, she asked if I could come outside for a second? I walked outside, and she said, “I am sorry, but I have an 11:30am. Do you mind if someone else does your nails? I feel terrible.” I said, “yes, that is okay.” she said, “I will still do mom’s, but what exactly do you want done to your nails?” I said, “Well I know I want the dip, but I think I want a little tip on the end for some length, but not too long.” She said, “Okay.” She walked in and explained to the man who was doing my nails what I wanted.  I was so nervous it was hard for me to relax. Well, they turned out great! Now I am trying to get used to life with nails again.  I thought Drew was going to kill me. He likes my natural nails.
After the nail salon, my mom and I met my dad at Hanlon’s for breakfast, in Crafton/Ingram Shopping Center. I love that place. I didn’t like it when it first opened up. I missed what it used to be, Andrea’s. The food tasted so good at Andrea’s. I was excited to see my dad.
At breakfast, we talked about work, and my upcoming semester of grad school, and etc. We talked about the concert, and how the lead singers aged and sounded a little different than what they used to sound like. My dad said, well that happens. The 90s were a long time ago. It just doesn’t feel that long ago.

After breakfast, I drove my mom home, and then I went home myself. I  had some birthday things to do with Drew tonight. When I got home, I kissed Drew and tried to hide my hands. I didn’t want him to see my nails, not just yet. I knew he would notice them soon enough, but I wanted to wait as long as I could. I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and then we went to Best Buy. Drew wanted to get the Fitbit Versa for his Birthday gift.

On our way to Best Buy, I had to stop and get him a birthday card. This is so unorthodox. The element of Birthday surprises is gone when you get married and if you chose to have a joint checking account, well then there goes the surprise for certain. We also got candy to sneak into my purse at the movies. When we arrived at Best Buy, it is like a gadget lovers paradise. Everything looks so bright and shiny in that store. We went to the FitBit area, and there was the Versa, now the Fitbit is much better for tracking activity, then the iwatch I will say. I do miss my Fitbit sometimes, but my iwatch is more of a smartwatch, then a fitness tracker. The iwatch still tracks my fitness, but it is not as good as the Fitbit. Drew picked the special edition version of the Versa. The band was more of a nicer mesh material, instead of a rubbery feel. I told him he never treats himself. He should get what he wanted.
After Best Buy, we went home and talked about going to see hotel Transylvania 3. I made dinner and Drew ordered tickets. We were all set for the 8:50pm showing. I was so excited for this movie.  I was hoping it would be good. Drew set up his Fitbit. He looks so happy!
After dinner, we got ready to go to the movies. I couldn’t wait to see this movie. I was just hoping it was going to be good. Once inside, we promised to try to see this movie without popcorn, since we just had dinner, and smuggled in candy. We were sitting in our seats at the theater and we couldn’t take it anymore. I went into the lobby and bought popcorn. I brought down. I only got a medium though, with butter in the middle, and no butter on top. However, I do love a ton of butter, but we need to cut back and be healthier.
When the previews, started they showed the preview for the new Winnie the Pooh movie, that I can’t wait to see. I think Anthony and I are going to go see it. I know I will cry my eyes out. Goosebumps 2 was coming out. I loved those books as a child, I will probably drag Drew to see it with me when it comes out. It looks so good.

Belated Father’s Day Gift

That morning, I woke up kind of restless and bored. I watched some more Riverdale, made us breakfast. I put my laundry away and cleaned some more around the house. Drew was feeling restless too. Drew got invited to go watch the World Cup game in the afternoon around 2pm at his friend Tony’s. I laid on the couch and watched  Riverdale until it was time for me to go meet my dad at the movie theater. I drove out to Bridgeville to Phoenix Big. Last time I was there was with Drew to see Avengers: Infinity War. The theater was just cited for mouse droppings.  I don’t mind going there. Mice won’t keep me away. I bought my dad Snocaps at the dollar store and I bought Sour Patch kids extreme for me.
Once I arrived at the theater, he was parked out front and I parked across from him. I gave him a hug and wished him a happy father’s day! He said, thank you! come here look what I got for you and Drew.” I go to the back of the car. he lifts up the trunk and pulls out a huge box, 75.00 worth of fireworks. I think the sunglasses were able to hide the shock on my face. He said, “don’t tell your mom.” I said, “oh wow. um, Daddy thank you, but I am not sure where we are going to be able to set these off at.” He said, “Oh you will find someplace, here open your car.” He put the fireworks in the backseat of my car. I texted Drew and told him about the fireworks. He said the same thing I did pretty much, thanks, but where are we going to set these off at?
Once inside the theater, I kept thinking oh my God I have 75.00 of fireworks in my backseat. I bought us popcorn and a drink. He was grateful. We walked to the theater room and took a seat. The theater was pretty much empty. The movie was okay. It was called hereditary. There were parts that made me jump and gruesome special effects, but it was just weird. There was so much hype calling it this generations “Exorcist,” etc. I didn’t think that was true. I noticed sometimes Daddy would close his eyes and fall asleep a little, but then wake right back up again. He is slowing down a little bit. My mom is too, but we will always have horror movies and are going to continue making as many memories as we can.
After the movie, I hugged my dad goodbye and drove home. Once I arrived home, Drew wasn’t feeling too well, but he was happy to see me. He said he had a headache. I told him I had one too earlier. I took some Motrin, I had a headache coming on.  I made dinner for us, and then we watched Smallville until it was time for bed. Another week was coming up fast.