After work, I drove to Robinson to meet my mom at Old Navy. I had some money on my gift cards and she had a credit she needed to spend. I wanted to pick up a pair of Pixie pants. They are so cute and the perfect pair of dress pants, skinny-legged, and they come up at the ankle a little.

Once the offer letter comes through for this new opportunity, which I know it will once my background check clears, I will need some new outfits. The dress code in the office is business professional and jean days on Fridays!

After Old Navy, we met up with my dad at Max and Erma’s. I haven’t been there in forever and the menu has really slipped down. It is a shame, they have such good food there.

After dinner, I went home to my husband and showed him my new outfit and he liked it. I got a pair of pixie pants and a top. He had to work from home a little bit this evening. I gave him the rest of my burger that I brought home from the restaurant. Then I took my clothes upstairs and put them in the closet. I was slowly getting ready.