In class today, our professor went over our papers. She said I have been getting a lot of e-mails about the paper. Let’s go over the difference between a topic and an idea. For example, Student Retention is too broad it is an idea. A topic would be Student Retention among minorities or some racial demographic. I looked over at my friend Julia, who is also in my class and I mouth. “Shit.” I had my paper done and it was on the overall aspect of student retention.
This morning, my tutor and I reviewed my paper and checked it for punctuation, so now I have to research again? I should have known better. At one point during the class,  we were working in our groups and discussing the readings. I turned to the professor and asked if I could speak with her during the break? She said, “yeah of course. You can walk with me to get a snack.” I said, “alright.”
When break time arrived, I walked with her down the hall to the faculty break room. I told her about my situation. I said, I finished my paper over the weekend and I have been back and forth with my tutor via text.  I wrote my paper on Student Retention, but I didn’t narrow it down. She said, “yea, you need to narrow it down.” At this point, we walked into the break room and she was getting her fat bombs out of the freezer (she is keto too). I said, okay, but here is where I am at, I spent all weekend writing my paper. I researched last weekend and wrote it this weekend. I have an internship in the evening on Thursday-Saturday and I work full-time I don’t really have the time to research again and get it to proofread.” she nodded her head. I said, “so do you think that I would be good to write about First-Generation college student retention or  retention among minorities?” She said, “I think you could find a lot out there on First-Generation college student retention. I want to know when we started looking at First-Generation student retention, not just student retention.”  I said, “Okay, I will do what I can with the time that I have.”  We walked back into the classroom, and I said, “I just wish you would have gone over that last week.” We laughed a bit and she said, “Sorry girl! I was just getting so many questions about it.” I smiled and thanked her for her time and took my seat.
The rest of the class I was annoyed and discouraged. It is so important that I do well on this first paper. At the end of class, she made an announcement, that we could do a re-write if we wanted. I thought to myself again, something that could have been mentioned earlier. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference in my anxiety, but I would be better prepared then I am now.
When I met up with Drew after class, I was so annoyed. I asked him how the class was, and he said that it went well. I told him about the situation with my paper and he felt bad for me. I told him I am not going to have the time to re-research everything again. I am going to weave it through my paper, as I can. I just need to find a couple of good sources about first-generation college students.  On the way home, I was feeling sick. I needed to take a sick day tomorrow. I was not in a good state of mind. I could rest and research, the two Rs.

Internship Meeting RMU

After work, when we arrived back home, I hopped in my car and drove to RMU. I parked in the visitor’s lot and went to get a parking pass. I asked the police officer if I had to purchase one or keep getting a visitor’s pass. He asked what I am doing on campus and I told him that I was a graduate student intern, but I was alumni here. He said, who ever is your supervisor should order you a pass, but if he doesn’t we can just write you up one that you can use and keep with you. I smiled and said, “Thank you!” I was going to put that on my list of things to discuss with John when I saw him.

When I walked into the Nicholson building, which is the main building I walked down the middle stairwell. John told me to meet him in the food court. He was going to buy me dinner. I wasn’t expecting it. I had a Paleo bar on the way there. When we met up, he had already ordered his food, so he went back with me to the counter to order mine. I got a Keto Diet friendly cheeseburger with just lettuce, and no fries. The guy behind the counter said, “no fries?” I said, “no thank you.” He said, you are breaking my heart.” I said, “it breaks my mine too.” We all shared a laugh. John was doing the Whole 30s diet there for awhile, and trying to get back into it.

Once he paid for our burgers, we went back to his office and we sat down at the table and ate. We talked out Keto, his play, and then we were finished eating. I took out my notebook and we got to talking about the narrative for the Leadership challenge, and etc. Then we talked about things I could do and get involved in. He gave me a key to the office and told me that I need to come back in on Friday to get a new freedom card, since my old student one won’t work.

At the end of the meeting, he asked me to complete a powerpoint for him for the Homecoming Court. He showed me what last year’s looked like, and when I saw it I thought it looked like an easy thing to replicate, but we will see. He sent all the pictures I would need to my e-mail with the copy that he wanted on the slides.
I sat down at the front desk where his admin sits, and turned on my computer and looked back into his office. I said, “Wait am I going to have a problem getting on wifi here?” he said, “Yeah, you are. I forgot.” I said, “I did too. I will go home and work on this remotely and get it to you before I fall asleep tonight.” He said, “okay, thanks.” I told him I would see him Friday after I got my Freedom card. I walked out of the office and up to the parking lot.

On my way home, I called Drew and told him he said, “oh wow baby.” I said, “yea, I am on my way home now to do this remotely for him.” he said, “sounds good, see you at home.”

When I got home, he had dinner cooking. I was so happy to see him. I sat right down and started working on the Powerpoint for the Homecoming Court. I couldn’t help but notice that they all looked so young. I created the powerpoint and tried to replicate it from last years’.

After the powerpoint, Drew and I packed up the rest of my things. I was heading to Crafton tomorrow morning and taking the bus into work. whew!

Leadership Class

When I walked into the classroom, it was the same classroom as the Monday night class. The tables were in pods. I took a seat near the back. On Monday night, I was in a group that was at the front of the class. I don’t like that so much. I much prefer the back of the room.
A few minutes before class, some girls from my class last semester walked in and took a seat at the table with me. I was hoping my friend Julia would be able to sit at the table too, but she ended up sitting at another table. She got there right before class started. The instructor is my adviser. She had a TA with her. I was a little nervous.
Once we got settled in, the professor had us go around the room and give our name, our school, and whether or not we had a leadership class before. It seems as though there were a good number of people, who had some form of leadership style class before and may not need to be in this class in particular.
At one point, one of the girls at my table said, “I thought this class was supposed to be smaller.” The other girl said, “Yea, but I think she opened it up to more people.” I try to listen to chit chatter as much as I can. You learn a lot, by just listening in.
After introductions, which took a half an hour, because it was such a big class, the instructor went over the syllabus and I see that we have a 15-20 page paper due on October 10th. It is a group paper, so it shouldn’t be too bad, but it has to be written in one voice. Hopefully, she will assign groups next class, so we can get a jump on this paper. This class and Politics in Higher Education will be the death of me. I do remember feeling like this last semester, and I ended up doing well, so maybe that is a good sign. I just get so in my head.
Throughout class, we did some activities and assignments in groups. It was so fun. I used to hate those things, but now I enjoy them. I do like a lecture and high tel type style. I like a little of both I suppose.
For next class, which is not until after Labor Day, we have to think about three books off the list that we would be interested in reading with our group. We have to pick one book per group. We have to analyze a leader, and we can’t pick president Trump.  I am ready to start this paper.
After class, I felt drained and exhausted. I met up with Drew and we were on the way home.  We talked about our classes and what he learned in Slovak class, and how class went with me. We talked about the assignments and how stressed I feel already. He is so supportive. Once we got home, I got ready for bed. I about had it for the night. I am going to be so busy this semester.


I heard back from Max, the professor that I had last semester. He also handles the internship portion. Max said, that the two projects sound like a great idea. I have to remember to take the internship class in the fall of 2019, and I am to have some of my hours completed by the time I take the class (no problem). There is no form and no proposal. I was so excited he wrote back so quickly and so happy that he approved.

Immediately, I forwarded the e-mail to John Locke. He texted me in the evening and gave me some details and we are looking to get a meeting together on the 28th to iron out some details and start working. I am so excited to be interning at  RMU.

RMU is where I received my bachelor’s degree. I was a transfer student. I started out my college career at community college. After I received my associates, I took a semester off to work and decide my next move. I looked at RMU’s campus and I Instantly fell in love with it. It was a gem and still is.

RMU was where I laughed, cried, struggled, and succeeded. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I am proud to be a Colonial. I feel so blessed I get to intern there.

Possible Internship Idea with RMU

On Monday, I had a phone call with one of my old professors and the Director of Student Leadership Initiatives at RMU. We chatted about how he might be able to utilize me as an intern in his department, and that he needs to stalk to some of his colleagues at the student affairs fair that is coming up. We rescheduled a call back for Thursday.
On Thursday at 10am, John called me and had some good news for me. He said that there are two projects coming up, that I could be apart of. I would be the point of contact for the logistics of the event. I would be working on RSVPs, table numbers, seating arrangements, observation, and etc. The first event would be the African American Leadership Experience event in November. The second event would be in February and that event was the Leadership weekend Challenge, both events go hand-in-hand. I would be doing the same thing with both events, and or more.
The next step is to e-mail Max, get it approved and there would be either a form, or a proposal that John and I would have to put together. I can’t remember. Once I was off the phone with John, I fired an e-mail to Max. I couldn’t wait for him to respond. I was so excited and so impatient.
Well today Max responded back to me, and said both events sound like a great idea! I have to remember to take the Internship class in the Fall of 2019 and have some of my hours completed by then(it won’t be a problem). I am so excited! I e-mailed John Locke and I am waiting for him to tell me what’s next. I think I need a meeting with his team, or something. I am ready to report for duty. Hopefully, I hear something soon. I am so excited!
I am going to be so busy. Until this all gets ironed out, I am going to focus on reading, and getting things ready while I still can. I am so excited to work on this project with RMU and meet some new people in Student Affairs. I feel like I am on my way !

Busy Tuesday

This morning, I was late for the annual Graduate Studies; Grad Admin and DGS event at the UClub. I got tied up with Nancy going over the summer course work.

When I arrived to the UClub, Melanie as already at a table, and everyone was eating breakfast.  I put my stuff down at the table, apologized for being late, and then went and got breakfast. They had eggs, bacon, potatoes, pastries, coffee, tea, juice, etc. It was awesome.

When I sat back down, the Dean of Graduate Studies talked to us about the department and what is going on, how things are changing, and etc. All of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something scurry across the floor. I look really quickly and I see this little mouse, popping in and out of the vent. He then scurries up to where the Dean is giving his speech and then hops into another vent. My supervisor saw it, and notified her boss, and then I told Melanie, and she didn’t see it. I just kept watching the mouse.

At one point, we were allowed to ask questions. I didn’t have any questions to ask. I just listened. I thought it was informative and it was best for me to just soak it all in that day.

After breakfast, I went back to the office with Melanie and we updated one, another on the happenings in the office and my progress with my work.

When I got back to the office, Nancy asked me what was all over my back? I gave her a weird look and then took my shirt and moved it to the front, so I could see it. There was mud on my back. I wondered how that happened, then I realized I did accidentally step in mud on my way over to the UClub and must have kicked it up on me, because it is all over my jacket too. She asked me if I walk like a horse? I laughed.

At around 1:00pm, I had my meeting with the graduate committee. They had a huge agenda to discuss. I took notes, but my e-mail notifications on my phone kept going off. I know its is important that I be there, but I have so many issues with the course work, and need to get things sent off to registrar. There were a few times that I had to get up from the meeting and take care of requests.

After the meeting, I had to get ready for my 3 months with Linda. I wasn’t sweating it, and I feel like I have been doing well. I wonder what she was going to say. When I walked into Linda’s office, I took a seat. She asked me, how things were going? I told her they are going well. I am trying to finish this course work for the Summer. She nodded her head. Then we talked about how she feels as though I have such a great personality and that I have really good potential, but she wants to help me shape my personality into a more professional one. I told her I agree with her. She asked me, if I wanted her help? I said, yes, please. So, we have a plan now, and she is going to help me here and there, so I can be more professional. She said, other than that you are doing well and will go far. I was glad to hear it.

After meeting, I ended up staying until 5pm. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it to the gym again tonight.