Au Revoir Paris, Hello Again England

This morning, when we woke up I was somber. It was time to leave Paris. I hope we will be back. I was quiet and sad this morning. We got showered, got dressed and then went back to Tea Follies for breakfast for the final time.
When we arrived to the restaurant, the waiter recognized us and smiled. He looked me and the eyes and he said, “Bonjour.” I smiled and said, “Bonjour.” We took a seat at the same table, as yesterday. It was a bit chilly to start this morning, but it was going to warm up to be another hot one in Paris.
When the waiter came to our table, we both ordered the double espresso again and the same food from yesterday. He smiled. He went back to make the espresso. We made eye contact a few times, when he was behind the counter. I wasn’t flirting. Okay maybe a little. I tried to be discreet.  I love Drew, but Paris has a hold on me. I blame Paris.
When he brought our espresso, he brought us croissants. I sipped my espresso and nibbled my croissants. They will never be the same to me again. It was so quick, when our breakfast arrived. The waiter brought us our breakfast and gave me a quick smile and rolled his eyes. He knew it was too fast and we weren’t even done with our croissants yet. I smiled.
Throughout breakfast, the waiter and I made eye contact a few times and I smiled. When it was time to cash out, he was getting super busy, but still making eye contact with me here and there. We paid our bill, and he asked us how long we are going to be in Paris for? I said, “we leave today. I don’t want to go home.” He looked at me and smiled. I hesitated saying we were going to England, because there is a riff there with the French and English still, and it has been so many years since Winston Churchill blew up their ships.
Eventually we stood up, at this point the waiter was serving a table behind us. He was behind me when I stood up. I had my back to Drew. The waiter was facing me. We shared a moment. He looked in my eyes and said, “bonne journee.” I smiled and said, “Merci beau coup.” I took a breath and said, “Au revoir.” He smiled and said, “Au revoir.” I turned to walk away. We walked towards the Stress Relief Cafe, to go back to our Airbnb. I don’t know what came over me, but I blame it on Paris. I take a deep breath and look back. I don’t know why I looked back. Paris, it was Paris. There was the waiter. He made eye contact with me. I can still see his face in my head. I smiled and then slowly turned my head. I don’t know if he continued to watch me walk away, or if he just went back inside. I will never know. I don’t even know his name, but we connected. I know I am married. I would never hurt Drew, but part of me kind of wonders, if Drew knew I was having a moment, and it was Paris, and I would probably never see that guy again. No, that is not like Drew. I think Drew didn’t know, and didn’t realize…
When we got back to the Airbnb, we packed our things and I hung out in the living room and watched TV. We had a little time to kill before we left for the train station. I turned on the television and my limited French was a success. I found Versailles Season 3, but it was in French. How sweet, how authentic! I was in love.
While we were watching television, one of Eric’s friends came into clean up. We thought it was Eric. He told us his name (I forget now.). He said, “Eric is in the states for the summer.” I said, “oh okay.” We were on edge wondering if he would ever stop in, or not. The friend of Eric’s ran the dishwasher, and his English was okay, but not that great. He asked Drew to slow down, when he spoke. I did most of the talking, and tried my best to communicate with him in French and in English. He only stayed for a little, and then left. He was going to come back, when we were gone. I guess someone else was coming to stay the night and be in Paris. I am jealous of them and I don’t even know them.
When it came to leave, I opened the terrace doors one more time to say goodbye to Paris and take in the air and the sounds.

One thing about me that is a blessing and curse, is that I am very sentimental and full of emotion and feeling. I feel things differently then others, and I really try to savor everything and all the moments in life. I really try to squeeze as much nectar as I can. Paris, you will be so missed. This was so magical. I have no words.
Once on the Eurostar back to England, Drew snapped a picture of me looking less than thrilled. 
They served us cold quiche on the Eurostar for lunch. Ugh,this was not France.














Before we left for Europe, I bought a book at Barnes and Noble, Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. This is a memoir about Hemingway’s time in Paris. I cracked open the book on the Eurostar and began to read. I really haven’t had a chance to read it. I turned the page and it was the second paragraph on page 18, “I’ve seen you, beauty, and you belong to me now, whoever you are waiting for and if I never see you again, I thought you belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencil” (Hemingway 18).  I instantly thought of the waiter. Like Hemingway, who belongs to his pencil and pen. I belong to this marriage and to Drew, but we will always have Paris…
Once we made it to St. Pancras, we got a taxi and he drove us to our hotel in West Minister. It was so hot outside in England. On the cab ride, I took some pictures of Trafalgar square. The cab driver told us some things about the area and about this statue in particular, he asked, “Do you see the guy on the horse?” We both said, “Yea.” He said, “Well if you look really closely, you see the tail right?” We both said, “Yes.” He said, well right above his tail, you can see his the horse’s ass.” We all started laughing. I was waiting for something so profound. We were not in Paris anymore.

Our hotel is the Park Plaza, Westminster:

Oh, and they had our room ready for us, when we checked in. It was a gorgeous suite. Andrew immediately laid on the bed and it was so firm. We are going to sleep so good tonight.

Image result for park plaza westminster bridge london










This is the inside, once you take the elevator up:
What a view! Once, we got inside our room, we changed and got ready to go explore Westminster. We had a reservation for the London Eye at 7:00pm, so we didn’t want to be too long exploring. We wanted to get showered and cleaned up before the London Eye.








After we did some picture taking, we went back to the hotel got showered, and got ready to go to the London Eye. We ate dinner at the bar of the hotel.  Before we left for the London Eye.















This is the bubble chandelier of the Champagne Lounge.

 I found a good window with some good natural light to get a couple selfies. I had a little photo session.   

When it was time to get on the London Eye, Samantha our tour guide called us to line up and she was going to walk us passed the general admission line, and then we would get into a pod, on the London Eye. We would all be in the same pod, and we will have another glass of champagne, once we are up.









When we arrived onto the platform, the wheel just keeps moving, there is no stopping it, so you can get on, you almost have to jump to hop on. Once you are inside the pod, it is shaped kind of like a pill. Our tour guide set up the champagne and once you are so many feet in the air, she starts to pour the champagne and hand it out. It started to rain outside, while we in the pod, the view of the sky was so beautiful, even though it was dark and cloudy. Seeing the rain, hit the pod was like seeing hail it the pod. The rain drops were so huge.

cloudy skychampagne.jpg

Thankfully, the rain held off for a few minutes, for us to make it off the pod in time, we were half way to our hotel, and it started to rain again. We both didn’t have umbrella.
Also, one more thing to note about our London Eye experience is that, we were in pod number 4. This was the same pod, that the Queen was in, when she visited the London Eye, shortly after it was built in the year 2000 to honor the Millennium. pod 4.jpg





This morning, I got up around 9am, and called RMU. I like my anxiousness get the better of me. I tried to send an email to the professor, but I can’t tell if it sent or not since it wasn’t showing up in my sent folder. When the professor picked up the phone, he asked me my last name. I didn’t come up in his caller ID. I told him who I was and how I interviewed with him a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to follow up with him and let him know that I am still very interested in the position. He said that he just finished up interviews on Friday and is now going over all of the applications. I said, “okay great I look forward to hearing from you regarding your decision.” Then he said “Thank you, okay bye.” I said goodbye, and we ended the call. Well I figured my phone call didn’t hurt, but it was a bit awkward, the way we ended it. I did catch him off guard.

After the phone call, I got a shower, got dressed, and watched a few episodes of Versailles,
Image result for Versailles seriesbefore I left to go meet my mom for lunch. When I arrived at my mom’s work, I was a half hour early. I am either really early or really late. I sat in my car and waited for her to come. While I waited for her, I picked up my library book that I brought with me and proceeded to read.

The other day, I checked out two books. One was Tender is the Night and the other is titled,  I’d Die for You.Image result for Tender is the Night book I am a huge Fitzgerald fan. I love a tragic hero. Image result for i'd die for you fitzgeraldI’d Die For You, is a collection of Fitzgerald’s short stories, that were never published. The book new and is only available to rent for a weeks time. Truthfully, I am funny about short stories, they are short and not always uplifting. My favorite short story so far in the book is titled, Nightmare.” In the story, there is a doctor and what seems to be a  patient love triangle, but she is a mild case. The doctor is insane, as well. You don’t find that out until the end of the story, but as you are reading it, you tend to wonder I bet the doctor is insane, as well. It kind of reminds me of the movie, “Stonehurst Asylum.”

When my mom finally came out, we hoped in her car and went to Carmody’s in Neville Island. This restaurant used to be in North Hills, but has since moved. It is a gem in this semi depressing town. So many Industrial plants, of a time when Pittsburgh was the booming industrial town that it once was, now places like Neville Island, Aliquippa, and Coraopolis are like ghost towns. However, Neville Island still has a little bit of life to it, but nothing like it used to be, I am sure. Nothing is made here in the US anymore. I digress.

At lunch, we talked about my interviews, gossiped a bit, and chatted about the upcoming wedding of Drew’s cousin Stephanie that is to take place this Saturday.  The food was awesome. I had taco soup, grilled cheese, and fries. I took half of my sandwich home to Drew.

When we left the restaurant, my mom said she really needed a pedicure and asked if I wanted one too. I said I would. She said, “I will pay for it.” I took her up on her offer. I called and made the appointment for Thursday. My mom, my dad, and me are all going for pedicures together. I don’t mind it. I wanted to get one, but then my situation with Fastest Labs happened.

When I got home, I watched more Versailles and then decided I needed to go to the gym. Drew was going to be painting the extra bedroom tonight, and I didn’t want to just hang out on the couch all afternoon and evening.

When I got to the gym, I did an hour on the elliptical, then the machines. I am increasing my weight and it feels good. I am noticing my arms, are getting stronger and I need to increase the weight more. My legs are getting there, but I still feel like I have a bit of a ways to go to build them up. I have always had thick thighs, apparently even as a baby, according to my mother.

After the gym, I went home and Drew was getting ready to paint. We greeted each other. He had a long day, and wasn’t in all that good of a mood, plus he had to paint, so I figured tonight was not a good night. I got a shower, and let him go. I did check on him throughout the night in between breaks from Versailles. The room looks so beautiful. I am so thankful for the job he is doing, both at work and in our home.

It is 11:08pm and I am tired. He is laying on ice, and I am ready for bed. More tomorrow.