CCAC Typing Test

After work today, I went to CCAC in the Northside to take a typing test. I had to be there at 1pm. I got there 15 mins early. Sue didn’t come down to get me until 1:30ish. I was so annoyed. She told me that they were having some issues with the typing test yesterday, but she thinks she has it figured out now. I thought to myself well, let’s hope so!

When we entered the room, she felt the need to explain everything to me about the test. I have taken a typing test before. I just nodded my head, and said I understood. She said, have you taken one before? I said, yes at the University of Pittsburgh. I said to myself, so I am sure I will pass yours. When she finally let me take the test, it took me an hour or so. I was so annoyed. I knew I was going to pass.

When I was finished, I remember her saying that she would be down to see me, when the computer notified her that I was almost finished with the test. Well she never came down, when I was almost finished, so I went back to the reception desk, and told her I completed the test. She said, “Okay, I will let Sue know.” Before you know it Sue arrived with my scores, and then she said to me, “Well Danielle, you did a real nice job.” She told me my scores, and handed me a slip of paper. The hiring manager will see my scores, and then call me for interview, if I am selected for an interview.

When I left CCAC, I had to get a card for Cassie. She sent Drew and me invitation to her graduation. We couldn’t make it obviously. We had to watch the dogs and I had to work, so we wanted to send her a card with some money in it. I stopped at the bank, then I went to Giant Eagle, and picked up a card. I called my dad and asked him to meet me in the driveway. I parked my car and filled out the card, and put the money in it, sealed the envelope and gave my dad the card.

When I got back to Moon it was closer to 4:00PM. I finally walked in the door, changed into some gym clothes and back out the door I went. I worked out so hard, and then went to Subway to pick up a sandwich for dinner. I was sick of cabbages. Drew was coming home tomorrow! I couldn’t wait to pick him up! After I ate, I watched television until I went to bed, tomorrow is Friday!

CCAC Interview. Ohio with Dad. Fish Fry

Today is the first Friday of Lent, so that means Fish fry! This morning, I got up around 7:30am, and got a shower, dressed for my interview, and then made my way out to CCAC in the North Hills. We were supposed to get some snow today, so Drew let me take his car instead. When I arrived at CCAC, I parked the car, and thought how cool is this? I am back at the campus where it all started for me. The friendships I have made, the struggle through math class, Sarah and I stopping at Sheetz before class, and ice cream at Brusters sometimes after class. I had two or three classes here at this campus, but it was so cool to be back. The same receptionist sits at the front desk still, after all these years. She and I talked a bit about how I used to go here, and how long she has been working here. I told her I was here for an interview with the Career Services Department, then the woman that I was interviewing with came around the corner and said to me, “Please tell me I told you, 10:00am? I said, “Yes you did, but I am always early.” She gave me a couple papers to fill out, and asked me to wait at the café. She will be down to get me. I went to the café, bought a small latte for nostalgia sake, and sat down at the table to fill out the papers.

As I was sitting at the café, a boy looked in my direction from down the hall. I didn’t recognize him. I am sure the people that I used to know here are long gone, and moved on from this place. A little while later, the boy appeared again, and made his way to my table. I saw him walking towards my table, so I kept my eyes focused on my papers, and then looked at my phone. I didn’t want to draw his attention to me. I wanted him to go away. I didn’t want him to think I was interested. I could tell there may have been something wrong with him. A minute later, he walked away. The woman who was interviewing me approached me, and took me up to the third floor where my interview was going to take place. When we made our way to the room, two men were coming out of the room. They were confused about the time and location. She said to them, “No you are in the right place.” She introduced me to the gentlemen. They all had a part to play in the career services department. Their titles escape me now. They were seated in panel style. I passed out my resume to them and the interview was underway.

During the interview, she told me about the position, my duties, and who I would be reporting to, the hours, the wage, etc. She said the position is part-time. One of my duties, would be to create resumes for students to use as template for their own. Wait what? I had to create my resume on on my own. Well Drew helped of course, and maybe Emily did too at Pitt, but it was up to me to make my own resume, and make the connections. This is babying at its finest. I don’t like that all. Part of the journey is figuring this out on your own. Well and as time went on, and my experience grew, and I started working at Pitt, Emily helped me with mine, but still I had to seek the help out on my own.

Suddenly my wrist band started to vibrate, and I looked down at my wrist casually, and saw it was a phone call. I thought maybe this is Pitt. Maybe this is them! I felt the need to be honest during the interview, and I told them the honest truth. I am looking for a full-time position, so just to be upfront. Also, I am waiting on results from a second interview that I had with Dean Davis, in the social work department of the University of Pittsburgh. She said that she was an alumnus of that University, and has her Ph.D in Social Work and is familiar with Dr. Davis. What are the odds!? She said, thank you for being honest and if Pitt is what you want, then we wish you the best of luck! I kind of figured that I wasn’t going to hear back from them.

After the interview, I drove to my parents.’ I told my dad I would go to Ohio with him. He had to make the final payment on an end table, and pick it up today. Afterwards, we were going to go to the Dutch Haus for lunch.

On the way to Ohio, we drove through a snowstorm. We couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us. We made it to Sheely’s safely, then to the Dutch Haus. Once we go to the restaurant, I wasn’t all that hungry, so I had the salad bar, and a cup of soup. I had to be careful what I ate. It was Friday, so no meat. I didn’t want to spoil dinner either since we were getting fish from Moon’s fish fry.

Once we got back to Crafton, I stayed at my parents for a while, so I could see the dogs and keep them occupied while my dad set up the end table. When he finished the end table, I left to go back to Moon.

On my way back home, I stopped at the Fish Fry and picked up our dinner. Fish isn’t good cold, so I was going to have to reheat it when Drew gets home. When Drew came home, he brought us beer and I reheated the fish. It was yummy. We were ready for the weekend to begin!

Cafe. Dan’s Birthday Bowling Party

Today, I went to the gym in the morning for an hour. I didn’t want to sit around and watch the reruns of the Hills anymore. I just needed to get out. I was so bored and feeling a bit anxiety ridden, exercise helps. I did the treadmill and the elliptical, but it felt like there were too many people around. After the elliptical, I went home.

On my way home, I needed to get into a project. It was 74 degrees outside! I opened the windows, and started putting away some heavy sweaters, that I know I am not going to wear anymore for the rest of the winter. I knew it was going to get colder again next week, but I needed something to do and I am home anyway. I called Leanne while I was putting clothes away in the garage. I told her about the drama, and she thought it was funny. I said, he is a bit of a wild card. People change, but I don’t know about that one. Leanne was saying how tired she was, and needs a nap before the party tonight.

After organizing everything, and putting everything away. I was exhausted. I logged on my computer and saw that the position I have been waiting on was reposted. It kind of threw me for a loop, because does that mean either Danielle’s are not viable candidates for this position, or did it expire? And they have to keep it up until it is filled, even though they have narrowed it down to two Danielle’s! I am going insane.

On the other hand, CCAC North Hills called me, and wants to interview me next Friday at 10am for the their temp pool. They have a temp position open. I was excited about that, but its not the position that I wanted.

When Drew came home, we had a moment together, and we talked about how hard things have been for me. He told me that Dr. Bailey, said he was fighting off a cold, and all his symptoms were coming and going, but his immune system is strong. I was glad that he was fighting it off, but shocked that it was a cold, and not allergies. He also told me what was causing the smell in his car, and it was the pork chops that we bought from the grocery store last weekend, they slid under the passenger seat. Needless to say, we had to throw those away. We got ready and left to go to the café in Aliquippa to meet his parents for dinner.

When we arrived at the Café, Brett was happy to see us, and as usual let us sample two different beers. One as Creme Brulee, and the other was a citrus hoppy one. I can’t remember the name of it. I just got a small miller lite. I was feeling a little down, emotional, and anxiety ridden waiting for the University of Pittsburgh to call. When his parents came in, they sat across from us, and it didn’t take long for me to start crying. Talking about this job situation is testing me. I am trying to stay so positive and do whatever I can, but I am just so sick of being unemployed. His parents said that I am doing everything I can and it is hard. This is life, but it makes you stronger. Something is going to happen for you. You just have to stay positive and straighten that crown of favor. She told me to say some affirmations under my breath and thank Jesus for my gifts and all that he has given me. I could do more of that actually.

After dinner, we went home to put the watermelon beer in the fridge that Brett gave us, and the rest of my salad that I couldn’t finish. Then it was back out the door again to go to Dan and Mikey’s birthday party, which was going to be at Crafton bowling lanes. I told Drew that my ex Bumper was going to be there. I just wanted to let him know so he wasn’t blindsided. It is actually okay for us all to be in the same room now. I didn’t do too bad at bowling. Nikki, Leanne’s sister came with her new boyfriend. They brought a bottle of fireball. I never tried it before. It was yummy. It tasted just like big red gum. I think I bowled better when I was sipping it. I will admit it. I kicked back a bit, but I made sure not to get drunk. It would only make things worse for me emotionally.

After bowling we went home and went to bed. Drew was starting to feel worse. I was actually surprised he last the whole time, not feeling well.