Pool Day

The next morning, I woke up still bothered by the conversation and the events of last night. We got ready to go to the chiropractor. I didn’t bother showering. We were going to the pool after anyways. I put my swim suit on, a pair of beach pants, and a t-shirt. We went to Starbucks first, and for two cold brews. Then, we went to the Chiropractor. My hip was not in good shape, which I figured was the case. I could tell my gait when I walked was a little off. I haven’t been to the chiropractor in a while and I haven’t been good about stretching. I am trying to work out more now that it is summer. He wants to see me back next Saturday.

When we left the chiropractor, we stopped for breakfast at Eat n park. My hip was a big sore from him working on it. After breakfast, we were on our way to the pool. I left my phone at home, but I felt like I needed to send Leanne a message. I wrote her a message on Facebook  with Drew’s phone. She explained to me that she was kind of hurt, by me not updating her with my new number, and that I need to make time for my friends too. I shook my head a bit. I get where she is coming from, but at least we are cool.

When we got to the pool, Drew and I laid out and talked more about the drama her message. I was just having such a hard time with all of it. I try so hard. I really do. We stayed at the pool until about 2:30pm, then we wanted to stop at the Community Days that our townhome complex was having.

When we got home, I showered and changed. I put on some shorts and tank top and then we walked down to the cookout. The cookout was taking place in the parking lot outside of one of the board member’s house. He had a grill set up and some people from the community were sitting around chatting. We got to meet a few people who live in the other sections of our town home community. We played some corn hole and talked about the issues the board wants to fix.  It was nice. I hope they continue to do little things like this in the future.

I left the cookout around 5pm, I had to start reading for my online class that starts on Monday. I wasn’t sure if I had to post something in the discussion board by 5pm on Sunday or not, but I wanted to finish this book to stay ahead of the work. Drew came home around 6pm ish and said they moved the corn hole thing to the shade. He asked me if I needed more time to finish the book? I said, just a little and he said he was going to get a shower.

While he was in the shower, I finished the book and went upstairs where he was getting ready.  I said, “what should we do for dinner? Do you want to get out for a bit? It’s saturday night.” He said, “We can if you want to? We do need to go to Walmart.” I said, “okay, do you want to get Mexican? I am in the mood for tacos.” He said, “sure, we can do that.” We went to a local Mexican restaurant. It was empty! We tried Corona Premiere. it was pretty good and super light and low carb. I didn’t have the bloated full feeling.

After dinner, we went to Walmart, then home for the night. We were going to sit outside, but we ran into one of our board members, who was chatting with another board member. We thanked them for the cookout and said we had a good time. We talked to them for a little then went inside for the night.

Pitt Preseason Game

This morning, we had a chiropractor appointment, then we ate breakfast at Kings. After breakfast, we went to Walmart, then he dropped me off at home and went to to the grocery store. We are making burgers and dogs tonight.

While he was at the grocery store, I started bring up some fall decorations from the garage. I am trying to bring. It out little by little (pictures to follow).

When Drew got home, I helped him put groceries away, and sorted through my homework. I need to do some reading by next Monday. Maybe I will do some tomorrow.

Now we are watching the Pitt game. We look good. Even though it is only the first game! That’s a Pitt panther touch down! Roar!

I think I am going to start the macaroni salad. I hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Best Buy

It was one of those weekends, where we just took it easy. Andrew was on call for work, and it only happens like twice a year, so I can’t complain. Yesterday, I had a much-needed visit to the chiropractor. All the stress from the work week was just built up in my neck. I needed adjustment.  My neck popped so loud. It felt so good.

When I got home, I started organizing the basement and getting rid of somethings, and we took things to the garage. I hate clutter. Once we got to the garage, we started throwing away stuff that was old in a laundry hamper. My monthly visitor arrived later on in the day, as I was cleaning the house, and it slowed me down a little as I was making dinner. I never let it stop me from doing things. Drew helped me make dinner and clean up.

After dinner, I got changed, and then we went to Best Buy. Drew surprised me this week, and told me that he wants to buy me a Mac for my birthday! I am all for it. We are going to get one through Pitt because they will be able to do a payroll deduction. Instead of us having for it outright. After we looked at Macs, we decide to walk around the store. Typically, when we got to Best Buy it is for a purpose and then we leave. We never walk around and check things out. The movie section is so thin, and DVDs are still there, but barely. There are a couple video game consoles set up, but that section was pretty thin too. It is weird. We walked up to the Nintendo Switch and checked it out. I was like oh my God, the Nintendo. I used to play the original one it was a huge grey one, and then I had Super Nintendo. My dad and I played Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. Drew and I decided to play the switch and give it a try. We played three games of Mario Kart. It was so much fun! All the graphics look so different now, and so high tech and so real. It is not like it used to be when I was younger. It took everything in our power to not walk out of there with the Nintendo Switch.


Catching Up

Our first day back home, I had no desire to start laundry, but I knew I would have to eventually. I went to breakfast with my mom and dad, while Drew was at the Chiropractor, and he wanted to go to the gym and do some grocery shopping. We were trying to get back in the swing of things.
When I arrived at my parents, I got to see my dogs for a while, but I felt like my mind was in Europe still. I just wanted to go back. We went to Hanlon’s for breakfast and talked more about our trip. I felt so uptight and snooty, since Europe. I am forever changed. I don’t mind it.
After breakfast, my mom and I went shopping. She bought me a few every day tops things at TJ Maxx, that I could wear to work. One of them was a long sleeve blouse that had the Eiffel tower all over it. I said I don’t care that this is an  XL I will wear it with leggings. I don’t mind. I love it. It is a sign. I also bought a TJ Maxx tote bag, that had the Eiffel tower on it, with Spring colors.
After TJ Maxx, we went to Maurice’s. I typically don’t find anything, but I was going to try. I found a cute little top and a red dress with a few flowers on it. I thought I could wear it to the wedding at the end of this month. Drew’s cousin Kelly is getting married.
After we left Maurice’s, I had to go to Sally’s to get a straightener. I burned mine out in Europe of course. I was looking for the Hot Tools and was trying to avoid Ulta. I didn’t want to spend Ulta prices. The guy working at Sally’s told me about the brand GVP. He said it is comparable to the Chi. I am not a huge fan of the Chi, but I love GVP. I took his word for it. I put the box that contained the hot pink shiny straightener on the counter. He also said I could get a free GVP blow dryer or GVP curling iron with today’s purchase. I said, “really? I saw that sign, but I wasn’t sure if I read it right.” He said, “Yup you did.” I grabbed a blow dryer. I have one that works now, but it is from K-Mart, and if it fries, then I will have this one. I also picked up some nail magic. I was getting such a good deal today. I used to be all about nail magic, but I got away from it. It made my nails go so hard so quickly.
After Sally’s, I kissed my mom goodbye and thanked her for the day. I had so much to do at home. When I got home, I told Drew about my deals of the day. He said he was glad to hear it. He thought my straighter was going to cost $60 dollars. He was happy that I got a deal too. He liked the clothes that my mom got me today too. I did some laundry, and he got ready to grill out. I cleaned the house a little bit, but I figured a little at a time.
In between laundry, I was able to catch up on the Handmaid’s Tale. I missed two episodes while we were away. I was not looking forward to going back to work, but I was excited about our little cookout and what was left of the weekend.

Farewell Dinner

This morning we had a chiro appointment. It has been a little while since I was there last. I was busy with grad school and work. I know I needed this appointment. He adjusted my neck, my back, and my left hip. After our adjustment, we made an appointment for the Saturday that we return from England. We are going to need adjusted after the trip.

On our way home, we stopped at Starbucks. I called and they added up my rewards, and I had two free drinks to cash in. I got an iced caramel macchiato and Drew got an Iced coffee with a shot of espresso.

All of the sudden, we heard the brakes of a car skidding and then heard a crash. We looked out the window and car had collided with another car.  I told Drew perhaps he should go outside and see if they need help directing traffic until cops arrive. He agreed and went outside to check on the people involved. No one was hurt, but the airbags did deploy. Thankfully an ambulance was not too far down the road.
When Drew came inside, we grabbed our coffees and got in the car. We wanted to get on the way before they shut down the road. We went back home and I got in my car and went to my 11:30am nail appointment in Crafton. I was going to get a gel manicure before we went on our trip.
When I arrived to the nail salon, they took me right away. Anna filled me on the gossip at the salon and did a great job on my nails. After I left, the nail salon I went to my parents and hung out with them. There was no point in me going back to Moon, then back out to Crafton again.
So I went to 4pm mass with my mom and dad. They like it when we go to church together as a family. I wish Drew arrived in time to go, but he was at the gym. At church, my dad likes to get there really early and get a parking space. My mom doesn’t like to get there a half hour early, and I don’t blame her, but I find it cute that my dad is that excited about church.
After church, we went home I helped my mom get dinner ready. I requested my favorite dish. Meatball stroganoff over rice. I helped her with the meatballs. Then Drew arrived. I was happy to see him. It felt like old times; him arriving to my house to see me at my parents. We kissed, and then he grabbed a beer, and went into the living room with my dad.
After we ate dinner, I cuddled with my dogs and visited with my parents, then it was time to go. We wanted to have the rest of the evening together. We stopped at Walmart for some last minute things for our trip, then it was home to watch the Office and Riverdale.
When we got home, we snuggled and watched Riverdale. I fell asleep during it, and then my period finally came! I was cramping and it was awesome! I am so glad it is here, then I can get it out of the way before we go to England!

Restful Weekend

This morning, I stayed back, while Drew went to the Chiropractor. I watched the Handmaid’s Tale. Season 2 started this past week. I am hoping it is going to be a good season. I got up and got ready for Drew to come home. When he got back, we were going to go to Eat n Park for breakfast, and then to Beaver Valley to see about my ring.

When we arrived at Eat n’ Park, we ate breakfast. He had an omelette and I had a breakfast sandwich. I only ate half of it, and took the other half with us. After we left Eat n Park, we made our way to Beaver Valley Mall. I was excited to hear about my grandma’s wedding ring. I wasn’t sure what the jeweler was going to say about it.
When we arrived at the mall, we typically would walk in through Macy’s, but Macy’s is closed, along with mostly everything else in that mall. It is sad. I don’t see it lasting much longer. When we walked into King’s Jewelry, Mike was happy to see us. We talked about new things in life, before getting down to jewelry.
After I gave him my grandma’s ring, he told me that it is definitely platinum, it doesn’t need to be mounted, and is in good shape for how old it is. He sized my finger. We asked how much it would cost to get it sized? He said, for a normal couple $100.00, but for you guys, 83.00. I said, “okay, well we are going to have to wait until we get back from England.” I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to pay for this now, and Drew agreed. Mike and a few of his co-workers talked to us about England, and asked us about our trip. Meanwhile, my rings were being soaked in the cleaner. They were so dirty.
When we finally left the jewelry store, and I had my rings back on my finger. We went to Bath and Body works and I got some soaps and scent things for my house. Drew was going to the gym and do some grocery shopping. I was going to go home and do some cleaning and organizing, as well as some laundry. It feels weird not to have homework to do.
When we arrived at home, Drew got the bin of summer and warmer weather clothes from the garage, and I started to put away some of the thick sweaters. I am always early to get this done, but it supposed to get warmer soon, and I want to be ready, and I know I am not going to be wearing some of this stuff anymore, due to the weather getting warmer, so lets just get it put away, before it is more to do later.
When Drew came back from the gym, and the grocery store. We made fish for dinner. It was nice to have a nice cooked meal. Tonight, we watched the Office and relaxed. It was a nice day.

Cleaning/Laundry/Prepping for Easter

Today, we had a chiro appointment at 11am. I adjusted easily. Drew made another appointment next Saturday. I will make one again later. After the chiropractor, we went to the gym and got a little work out in. I was able to get a little running done on the treadmill, but then my head phones died, so I did some weight training and then left. I can’t do the gym without music in my ears.
When I went home I got a shower, got dressed, and then went to my parents. I dropped off the ham, my mom was going to heat it up before we arrived tomorrow. All we had to do was make the deviled eggs, easy! While I was at my parents. My mom read my first ever paper of grad school and she liked it. They were proud that I got a B+ on my paper. When I found out the grade, I almost screamed with joy, but I was at work, so I did a sigh of relief.
After I left my parents, I went home and we decided on tacos for dinner. I didn’t want to make dinner until about 6pm. We did some laundry and some cleaning. He took the garbage out and vacuumed. We got a lot done today I was proud of us. After we ate dinner, we watched the office, until it was time for bed. We had a long day tomorrow.