Christmas with Tommy and Megan

This evening, we went to Drew’s parents house for dinner. His dad was going to make his famous chocolate chip cookies. Tommy and Megan were on their way from Erie. I couldn’t wait to see Butters and Waffles.

When they arrived, I couldn’t believe how big Waffles is now. He is no longer a puppy. We all ate dinner together, then opened gifts, played with the dogs, and ate way too many chocolate chip cookies.

We all are so busy, but it is so nice to come together for the holidays.


Christmas Day

This morning, I could tell Drew was a little better, but not one 100%. We still were going to go to his parents for Christmas. My parents were meeting us over there for dinner. I was excited to spend the day with everyone, but I was worried about Drew. He wasn’t doing so well.

When we arrived to his parents, we hung out and opened gifts with Tommy and Megan.

Tommy and Megan got Drew a nice Eddie Bauer zip up, and they gave me a pink champagne 3-wick candle from Pier 1. I love Pier 1, candles, and pink champagne. They also gave us a $50 gift card to Lowes. We gave them together with a gift card to Amazon and I bought Megan a little wine glass ornament with a Santa hat on it.

I finally got to meet Waffles. I was glad to finally meet him. He has the sweetest little personality. He just comes right up to you and kisses you and pounces on you.

Butters on the other hand, just wants you to throw him the ball. He is not about kisses and cuddles. Tommy and Megan said he is the athlete.









After gifts,  Drew and I went to get Aunt Toostie. We took his mom’s car. Chippewa is a bit of drive from his parents, but we made it. Aunt Tootsie was so glad to see us. She filled us in on what has been going on with her.
When we arrived back to my in-laws my parents arrived shortly after. I was glad to see them. I love it when we are all together. I just wish Drew felt better. Dinner was a huge spread. Drew seemed to have an appetite. I was glad of that.
After dinner, we hung out for a while, we decided not to go see Grandma. We would see her sometime during the week. We didn’t want her getting sick and getting what Drew had.




Christmas with My Family

This morning we got up, made breakfast, got showered, then went to the Chiropractor. We took my car to the chiropractor, then drove to south park to get Drew’s car. When we arrived, we talked with Dan and Krista for a bit, and wished them Merry Christmas. We running behind.
When we left South Park, we drove separately to my parents. Drew went to go get my dad a balloon for his Retirement. I was so proud of my dad. When I arrived at my parents, I hung out with my dogs and my mom and dad, until Drew arrived. I put the gifts under the tree.
When Drew arrived, he gave my dad the balloon. My dad was so happy, and so touched it seemed. I was glad to see him happy. When we all got settled in the living room, we turned on some Christmas music and opened gifts. I received; brand new black uggs with a bow on the back, a swaroski crystal bracelet, that is Pitt colors, and a bottle that is Pitt colors, with lights inside of it, when you plug it in, it lights up, and a duvet cover. I love it. Andrew received; a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods, a case for his signed Pitt helmet. Andrew and I gave Paris and Louie, the first gifts of Christmas. They loved their braided bully sticks.
Dinner was so nice. We all sat at the dining room table. The table was decorated nicely Christmas. We ate chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans. For dessert we ate brownies.
After dinner, we watched the movie Office Christmas Party. I think they enjoyed it. After the movie, we got the car packed up, and were on the way back to Moon. When we got home, we watched Home Alone 2, until it was time to go to sleep.