Division Christmas Party

Today, was our Division Christmas Party. The party started at 11am. It was supposed to go until 3pm. We had to dress like our favorite Christmas character. I was going to be a sugar plum fairy, but that would just be too much. I thought about Cindy Lou Who. I am not sure, if I feel like doing my hair like that and putting all that much effort into it.  I decided to be Sally from the nightmare before Christmas. I already had the costume and the make up. I changed into my costume around 10:30am. 56692952443__a5827abc-0f60-4596-8535-f22ded82f533
I was ready. I didn’t go all out with the make up. I just did a little. Nancy dressed up as an Elf. We loaded the cart up with things to take up to Africana. There weren’t any faculty around. The staff were ready to party.
When we arrived up to Africana, we set our grab bag gifts under the tree in the conference room. Then, we went to into the kitchen and surrounded around the food. Everyone was dressed up for the most part. We were all waiting on Linda to arrive with fried chicken. She was going to surprise everyone with her costume. I had a feeling that she was going to come dressed as Santa.
Eventually Linda arrived with the chicken, and she was dressed as Santa! I knew it! We all ate lunch first in the conference room. Then we played games. One of the games we played, was we had to build a gingerbread house in teams. Each team had to have a leader. Everyone else was to be blind folded except the leader. I was the leader on my team.  The leader couldn’t touch the house, but could touch the supplies. My team consisted of Wynn, Nancy, and Lynn, the blondes. Our house didn’t stand.
It was fun. We had a good time doing the team building exercise. After the gingerbread game, we played a game of family feud Christmas style. We had to an answer a questionnaire before the party and Jenna gathered the answers and put them into the game. We all had so much fun and made so much noise.

After the jeopardy game, we did the grab bag gift. When it was my turn to choose a gift. I chose the sparkling box. I opened the box and inside was a picture frame. The picture in the frame was a selfie of Linda my division administrator. I cracked up laughing. Everyone thought it was so funny. This gift was made for me. I love it. I have it in my office. At the end of the party we took a group picture. We truly do have such a good group of people in our division.
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RMU Winterfest

This morning I got up at 7:45am. I got a shower and put on some gym clothes. I had to head to RMU to help out with Winterfest, but I wanted to go to spin class first. John Locke, my supervisor of my internship as well as my previous professor was the spin instructor. I was so excited about my first spin class.
Image may contain: one or more peopleWe listened to Christmas music, throughout the class. It was challenging, but fun.

After class, I went home showered, changed into black jeans and a red Colonials top. I dried my hair and then I was off to help out at Winterfest. I was going to be on hand to help with anything until 4pm, then we were going to Anthony’s Christmas party.

The student program board, set up the build-a-bears and the vendors came and set up for the wax hands, and the bead bracelets. It was nice.


When things started to get underway, John and I went into his office and had our meeting about McDonough. We talked about the abstract that I was tasked to write 300 words and I would have to submit it to him by Tuesday. He also wanted me to come back to campus on Tuesday.

While we were meeting, Ray walked into John’s office. I was surprised to see him. They talked about Theater stuff and Ray is going to stage manage for the musical in the spring. Ray told me that he and Anthony are looking for a place together in the Northside. They fell in love with the one duplex. I knew that was Anthony’s dream to live in the Northside. He is trendy like that.

After the meeting, I went back to the cafeteria and helped the kids clean up. Jordan and I got our pictures taken in the photo booth, and then we had lunch together. Shortly after lunch, I left campus and went home.

When I got home, Drew had the house cleaned up and was cooking dinner. I got up and got a shower and got changed into some party clothes. After dinner, it was out the door to Anthony’s.
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When we arrived, Anthony greeted us, but Dylan seemed moodier than usual. He must be upset about the move. However, we still managed to get some Titanic references in. Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak and Dylan Murtha, people smilingHe wrote on my cup Rose Dewittbukater. He is my Jack Dawson.

We all sat around and talked about Anthony and Ray’s potential new place. We talked about Anthony’s job, and love life. Then Ray and Tony arrived, along with Rebecca and Shelley. Everyone was there.

Ray, Dylan, Tony, and Anthony did the gift exchange game. It was hilarious to watch because there were only a few of them participating. Then we played the game where there is a giant ball and you have to unwrap it with oven mitts, without tearing a hole in it. It is so fun. Meanwhile, someone is rolling dice to get doubles so they can steal it off of you.
After that game, we all took pictures and I think it was around the time to go. I had such a long day and tomorrow was Sunday.
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Anthony’s Christmas Party

Anthony’s Christmas Party

This morning, we had a chiro appointment. We both needed it, but we weren’t looking forward to going, but it was going to feel so good after. When we arrived, we saw his dad in the waiting room. His mom was getting adjusted. It is always good to see them.
When we went back to get adjusted, he adjusted me first, while Drew was on the traction table. I was so out of place. My back was really ugly he said, and my neck was tight too. He said, it has been too long. I said, “Yeah we are so busy, it is hard to commit to every other week.” He really didn’t say much, but we really don’t have the availability or the affordability to go. We didn’t meet our deductible yet.
After the chiropractor, we went grocery shopping at Giant Eagle. As soon as we walked in the door, there are these teddy bears that are so life size just all put together in a pile. I told Drew. I want to jump in there so badly. He said, “Do it.” I said, “here will you take a video?” I waited until no one was around, then I looked at the camera and said, “my name is Danielle. We are at the Moon, Giant Eagle and this is the teddy bear dive.” I wanted it to be like the movie/television show jackass. It was so fun and so funny. Thankfully, we didn’t get kicked out. Our friend Mike, who works at Giant Eagle, saw our video and laughed. He said, his manager did the same thing.”
After grocery shopping, we went home and did some laundry, and cleaning. We took a nap. The adjustment just wore us out.  When we woke up, we got ready to go to Anthony’s Christmas party. I love Anthony’s Christmas party it is always a good time.
When we arrived at Anthony’s, we helped him set up the food, and get everything ready. Ray was there already and so was Dylan. Rebecca and Shelley showed up, and we played games, and then Anthony’s mom and her new husband showed up. We all played this game with one giant present and dice. It was so funny. Drew ended up winning the gift. It was a pair of socks, that won’t fit him anyways, so they are mine.

Image may contain: 4 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing and indoorAfter the game, we decided to leave. They said, it was snowing pretty bad outside, and the roads were getting bad. When we left Anthony’s, there was some snow on the ground, and on the roads. University was clear, but the side roads were not, of course. When we parked our car, I was happy to be home safe. We walked up to the front porch and Andrew took my face and kissed me in the snow. It was so romantic. 🙂 When we got inside, I got changed, and we watched an episode of The Crown, then it was time for bed.