Paris, France

This morning we woke up, got showered, got dressed, and then went downstairs to eat the hotel breakfast again. This time we had double espresso. It was so yummy and the little cup is so cute.
After breakfast, we went to our hotel room gathered up our luggage, and went downstairs to the desk to check out, then we got a taxi to take us to St. Pancras, where we had to catch a train to Paris. I was so excited. The Euro Star station, was so huge. It had a bunch of stores in it, including a Chanel store. Drew gave me some notes to get coffee to distract me from the Chanel store. 🙂 I bought my first coffee with a British note.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people sitting Once we got on the train, I made sure to get the window seat, so I could see us arriving into Paris. When the train operator made the announcement that we were in Paris, I instantly freaked out! I was so excited. Right before we arrived to the station, I kept looking around for the Eiffel Tower, and I think I may have caught sight of it for just a moment. I can’t wait to see it! Once we arrived in Gare Du Nord, we followed the signs for taxis. All around us, we could hear the French language. I was in heaven. I was loving it. I heard “Salut, Ca’va, Monsieur?” I saw French police patrolling the station. On our way to the taxi area, a woman approached us and asked if we were looking for a taxi? I said, Yes. She told us to follow her, but we decided against it. It seemed shady. We walked outside and followed the line for the taxis, so apparently there was a demonstration (protest) happening, which was causing all the taxis to be late.
Once we finally got a taxi, it was around 3:30pm-4:00pm Paris time. We were so ready to get to our Airbnb, but so happy to be in Paris. On the taxi ride, I took some pictures out  of the window, we were finally in Paris, my dream city:
Image may contain: car and outdoorImage may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Once we arrived at our Airbnb, I took a picture of the outside of it. Our Airbnb was located in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris. You need a code to get inside the red doors.
Then go past the mailboxes, where you enter another set of codes.No automatic alt text available. Now you are in the lobby of the building, there is a tenant office, a staircase, and a small elevator, that looks like you could only fit one person in it. Drew took the stairs, with two suitcases. I got into the elevator, and I stacked one suitcase on top of the others, so the door would close, automatically. Then I pushed the second floor. Once, I got to the second floor, the doors opened, right in front of me was the door to our Airbnb. Drew came up the stairs at that point with the two suitcases. We used a card key to open the door. You put the card up to the door and turn the door knob to the right then the door, unlocks. You have to do all motions simultaneously for it to work.

Once inside, it looked just like the pictures. We put our suitcases in the bed room, and then we both go showered and got dressed in clean clothes to explore Paris and have dinner at a cafe, and sit outside like Parisians. We stopped at this place called, Cafe Marguerite.

First Night in ParisNow is the time to try out my French. When the waiter came by, I said “Bonjour Monsieur.” he said, “Bonjour.” He handed us our menus. I looked at the menu. It was most certainly in French. My eyes widened a bit. I only had French 1 and 2 in high school. I ordered a glass of Rosé, so I said, “Une Rosé, sil vou pliat.” and smiled. I was really trying here. Drew said, the name of the beer he wanted, and said Sil Vou Plait. I gave him a crash course of French basics, as much as I could before we arrived, plus he heard me speak French here and there.
When it came time to order our dinner. When the waiter came back over, I broke down. I said, “We are Americans. I am trying.” He said, “No problem. I will get you the English menu.” He took our French menus away, and brought back English ones. I sighed. I felt disappointed and bummed. It took the fun out of it for me a little. Drew tried to reassure me that I am doing well. I sneered. I wanted so badly to be good at this and perhaps wanted them to think I was Parisian. It mattered a little to me.
When the waiter came back with the English menus, I have to admit it was easier, but definitely less fun trying to deceiver what everything was. He gave a us a few minutes. I was going to try the chicken and spinach thing with potatoes.
Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak, smiling, sunglasses and outdoor

Drew at first ordered a burger, and the waiter said, “How American of you.” he had a little smile, but not really. We both laughed at the awkwardness. He said, “Okay, what do you suggest?” He said, “Chicken Cordon Bleu.” He said, “alright I will do that. I said to Drew, “You have had it before, however it is not like back home where it comes out of a freezer.” He said, “True.” Dinner was amazing. We had another drink, then thought about going some place else, or calling it a night because we didn’t want to be out and about after dark. We had a day of exploring Paris tomorrow.

When we arrived back at our Airbnb, we got ready to go to bed. The only down fall about our Airbnb is that it did not have air conditioning. It was so hot. We slept with the balcony doors open. We weren’t sure if Eric (the guy that owns our airbnb) was going to come back or not, or if he was gone for the summer and rented his place out, while he was away, but we were never sure if he was going to show up or not. It was 80 degrees while we were in Paris.




Alicia’s Indian Wedding (The first one)

Alicia’s Indian Wedding (The first one)

In the morning, when I woke up, I was so groggy.  I hardly slept at all. I did not want my hair to get knotted up. We had to be at the temple at 7am. Andrew took me to the temple, and stayed wit with me, while we all got ready. Regis and Heather were the first to show up at the Temple.

We all got ready where the ceremony was going to be. While the girls were getting a dressed, all the men had to leave the room. As Alicia was getting ready, people were trying to come up the elevator to get into the room, so they could take their seats for the ceremony. Alicia told me to tell everyone that they had to stay downstairs, because the ceremony didn’t start yet. I am not a wedding planner, so i went to the elevator and told the guests they needed to stay downstairs, until it was time to come up. Some of the guests were upset with me, but I didn’t care. This is not my job. It was the most chaotic thing I have ever been a part of ever. There was no organization. People were everywhere. They had no clue how this works, there were no signs there, the wedding planner had to leave to go to a different wedding, and didn’t stay for the entire time, so she couldn’t tell everyone the plan, if there is one.

Supposedly, the ceremony was to  start outside, and everyone follows the horse, and that the groom rides in a horse. Well her guests did not know that, and there was no one there to communicate these details to them. I was losing my patience with Alicia, and everyone there. I couldn’t wait to get these two days over with.

Once the ceremony started, we were all outside, on the temple stairs dancing to the music, as the horse approached the temple stairs, Sambit was on the horse. The moment brought tears to his eyes, and I felt happy for them, but at the same time pissed off at Alicia. I was over her bullshit, and her stuck up holier than now attitude. She kept telling me to be nicer, and to calm down. She put me in an awkward position, and if she did not like something, or wanted something done, and you ask someone else to do it, because you don’t have a back bone to take care of it yourself, then don’t complain how someone handles it. She should have had this shit under control. It was no wonder why everyone is flustered and I was not the only one.  I put a smile on for the photographer. I really wanted to just leave.

After a few pictures with the horse, it was time to go inside and start the ceremony. We were about to walk down the aisle, but did not know where to sit. Alicia never told us where to go after we go down the aisle. When we asked her, she wanted us to stand to the side. So I asked one of the groomsmen if we could all just stand, like she asked me to do. Once again, she wanted me to handle it. I asked the groomsmen, if he minds standing, the bride wants us to stand on either side, and the Indian groomsmen said, “Well it is tradition to sit, so whatever tradition is.” I said, “I understand tradition, but it is what the bride wants.” He said, “Ok, but it is tradition to sit, so we are going to sit.” I said, “Fine.” I walked away and went back to tell the bridesmaids to sit in the first row of seats. There was one Indian man standing in the middle of the aisle, as I was walking down aisle. John the photographer told the man to sit down and get out of the way. I tried not to laugh. He did get my picture. What a mess!

After we sat down, the ceremony started, there was chanting, smoke, fire, fruit, and we were able to throw rice at them. The ceremony was very involved, and relaxed. It was a watered down Indian Wedding. Alicia and Sambit walked around the fire seven times and repeated their vows. It was interesting.  When the ceremony was over, we took pictures, and then ate a lite lunch, so lite that they ran out of food and plates for the guests. I laughed on the inside, and I was just so over all of this.

the-bridal-party-5 me-and-my-husband

Andrew and I made the first exit out of there that we could. The plan was to meet at the United Methodist Church in the Northside at 4pm for the rehearsal for the next wedding that is to take place tomorrow. I went with Andrew to the chiropractor, changed out of my Indian sari and into the dress for the rehearsal dinner. I was so ready for this to end.

Once we left Dr. Bailey’s, we went to Starbucks to kill some time, then to the Northside. We made it there at 4pm, and there was no one there. This is the time we were supposed to all meet at the church. I was beginning to notice a pattern.

We walked into the church, and met with the wedding coordinator, and then I got a Facebook message from Alicia saying, that they will be there at 5 or 5:30pm, that they got held up taking pictures, and said you know how it goes. I said, “No I don’t, because I was organized and planned, and things were on time because I had commitments to be somewhere, and it affects everyone else.” I hung up on her, and waited for her to get there.

When people arrived, I told them that she won’t be here until about 5:30pm, or 6pm. She sent me a Facebook message. The flower girl and ring bearer’s mom was frustrated with her as well. She said, “No one is checking Facebook today, so how would we know?” I said, “Well that is how we, the bridesmaids have been communicating with each other, so that is how I know.” I am sorry lady, what more did she want from me. The bride was a flake, not my problem. She took her kids to the humane society to kill sometime, and then came back for the rehearsal.


When Alicia finally got there, I could ring her neck. She gathered us all to the front of the church, and the reverend kicked off the rehearsal. He placed us into formation at the altar for Alicia to see how we looked up there, and if she liked it or not, and the Princess liked it. She and I desperately needed to talk, but I do not know if we were going to get the chance or not. I wanted to tell her how pissed off I was at her, and I am sure she was going to have a few things to say to me.

When we were at the altar, the plan was for us to have both candles and our bouquets. I said, “How is that going to work?” she said, “You could ask nicely instead of judging it and turning your face up at the idea.” I said, “Well I am not I just think it needs to be addressed, and I am saying the same thing everyone else is thinking.” The pastor probably could sense the tension, and said, “Well you and the best man probably won’t have to light a candle anyway, because we are down a bridesmaid, but she will be here tomorrow.” Alicia wanted us all to have candles. so the pastor said I could set our bouquets down on the table next to me, when the candle portion is over, I can pick up the flowers again. This was so fucking stupid, really. Nothing is ever simple. The church was hot as hell too.

After running through the ceremony a few times, we were able to leave and meet everyone at Peter’s place in Bridgeville for the rehearsal dinner. Finally it was time for a beer, and food. Andrew and I were so tired, and so over the day. When we got to Peter’s, Alicia and Sambit were the last to arrive of course, and she said at the wedding that there will be no beer bottles she said, its tacky. Drew and I just looked at each other and drank our beer, which were in bottles already. She said, “Yes you two.” Nothing like being singled out and being mortified. Who was this woman?  She gave us all necklaces for being in the wedding and wanted us to wear them. She forgot two necklaces. Alicia made a little speech, before she gave out the gifts. I just smiled and tried not to laugh at how silly this all was. I was so over this all. I wish I had the guts to tell her off and leave.