A Day with Mom

On my way to work, I stopped at Starbucks for Victoria and me. I had a free drink, well the woman gave me my drink for free as well. I gave her a little confused look. She smiled, I said, thank you. Today was a good day at work. I sent over a couple agreements. Victoria tried her hand at cold calling, and got an agreement. I was proud of her. I taught her well. We also went to the bank to deposit money. After work, I went to my parents my mom was going to the dermatologist, and wanted me to go with her. She was going to get a few things removed.

When we arrived at the dermatologist, the derm said that they appear to be warts on her, and that they should be biopsied. She said I could stay in watch, but wanted me to sit on the other side of her. I held my mom’s hand as she was numbed, and then the warts were taken off. She wasn’t feeling that good today. I felt bad for her. She is a bit overweight, and her blood pressure was pretty low. I want her around for a while, and I wish she would go to the gym with me, or at least go to the gym, period.

After the dermatologist, we got ice cream at dairy queen. Then we went home. When I got back to my parents, I said hi to my dad and the dogs, and then it was out the door and home to husband. We were supposed to go to Leanne and Dan’s today, but he rescheduled with Dan for Thursday instead. Drew needed one more day. I felt so bad that he still wasn’t 100%.

For dinner, I made tacos, and green beans. It was a nice dinner, but the Pens Game was coming on, and we had to get ready for the game! We lost. It sucked. I was so tired too for some reason

Danni & Tony Reunion

After work today, I went to Anthony’s for dinner. I brought over some chicken breasts that I had in the fridge. I needed to make them. When he saw them, he said, “Damn girl that’s a lot of chicken!” While he was cooking dinner, we documented most of it on Facebook live, which was so fun. We also talked about his date, and how uneventful it was, and listened to Britney Spears.

After dinner, which was okay. I liked the tortillas better, then the chicken we cooked in the oven. We went for ice cream at the Dairy Queen in Coraopolis. While we were there, I got a small ice cream sundae with caramel sauce on it, and whole peanuts. It was so good. Anthony called me basic. He got a chocolate covered cherry blizzard. We sat in the car, and ate our ice cream and made fun of the high school kids sitting on the bench. They were from Cornell. They looked so damn young. They had to be freshman. It’s weird to me that, High schoolers nowadays look so young. I remember when I was in 1st grade and seeing an 8th grader, they would look like they were in their 30s! It’s funny how time changes things.

When we got back to Anthony’s, we did an hour long Facebook live video. It was so bad. Facebook automatically posts the video, I had to delete it, but I made sure I saved it first. At one point, I called Drew to let him know that I was getting ready to leave Anthony’s. He told me to be safe and to text him when I got home. He said, “I love you baby.” I said, “I love you sweetheart.” He is so sweet. Even though, he was at the bar, he was saying he loves me.

When I got home, it was around 11:30PM. I texted Drew that I was home safe, then it was time for bed for this girl. I had to go to work in the morning.

Non Stop

This morning I wake up to a call from Earl, the old handyman at iHeart. He told me to get up and put some clothes on and come down to his building which is across the parking lot from iHeart. He has a job offer for me. I asked more about this supposed job offer. He said it was with a company called Fastest Labs. They are a startup company. Their build-out will be finished in two weeks. I said, “oh okay, sure.” I got up and got dressed. I got a shower, before bed last night anyway, and my hair needed brushing. I didn’t have time to wash it, so I just brushed it and put it back up in a ponytail. This was so unexpected. I put on some black pants and a sweater with heels. I drove to Greentree and parked in the parking lot.

When I walked into the building, I called Earl. He told me to come to his office. He came out of his office with the supplies man and the president of Fastest Lab. I shook hands with Chris. Earl gave me a hug. We went up to the office, where the company is going to be located. I am not sure what I think about this position. He said I would pretty much be the receptionist and the person who tests the urine, toenails, fingernails, hair, etc. I would be the one running the lab pretty much. He said, he will be there sometimes, but if he is not there, then it is due to the fact that he is out on an appointment. I wasn’t too sure about that. I asked about security? He said, there isn’t really too much that they could do. Sometimes I may have to observe someone taking a drug test. I was kind of turned off. I tried not to show it, but then when the man finally gave me a chance to talk about myself. I told him that I am kind of done with the receptionist duties. I have done it for like 2-5 years. I need to do more. I am more than qualified to do more. He understood. I kind of thought this was a total waste of time. I am going to see how it goes with the University. I was honest about the University of Pittsburgh and how I am waiting for an offer, and I am trying to get in the door there. He understood.

When I left, I shook hands with him and he gave me his card. I probably won’t pursue it. I received a phone call while I was talking to him. I let it go to voicemail. I think he could tell that I was in demand, and well overqualified for this position, and it wasn’t exactly up my alley. I am going to be dealing with some wackos. If anything I would rather be out there pounding the streets trying to talk to people to get to work with us. That is more my bag, but I am not touching people’s urine, even if it is in a cup, and I don’t want to go anywhere near that shit, no interest.

After my interview, I called my mom and told her about it. We decided last minute to go to Rocky’s for lunch. When I went home, I called Drew and told him about it. He kind of left it up to me. He told me about what Bobbi Jo was saying to him about my e-mail with Randy and thinks it may be a good idea to write up a follow up e-mail to everyone that I interviewed with, because when CSSD was looking for someone to fulfill the role of communications manager, they made a decision with the candidate that followed up, so I went home and wrote up the e-mails, and then sent them off, got a shower, and was back out the door again.

At lunch, I told my mom about Leanne and Fastest Labs. She was disappointed that Leanne was making a big deal about it, and doesn’t want me working at Fastest Labs. We had a good time at Rocky’s. I made her laugh a few times and she gave me $20 to keep in my wallet. I love that woman.

After lunch, I went home to do some laundry, and get packed up for Erie tomorrow. I just want to be ready when Drew gets home. The laundry is coming along, but its laundry kind of takes forever anyways. I am listening to 90s singer-songwriter and writing and messing with my music.

That evening, Drew and I went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. He got a simple hot fudge sundae, which is what I should have ordered instead, but I ordered a peanut buster parfait. I enjoyed it. However, it is 710 calories! I was being so bad. I didn’t finish it all, but damn did it taste good.