North Carolina for the ACC Championship Game

Today, I took a personal day so we could travel to North Carolina. Earlier in the week, I received my grade on the rewrite that I did. I got 93%. I was so happy. I was so surprised. I have a much better grade walking into the final paper. I submitted my final paper for revision to Nikki before we left for North Carolina. I am going to try not to check my e-mail while we are away. I just want to enjoy North Carolina.
In the morning my dad picked us up and drove us to the airport. It was 3am and way too early! We hugged my dad goodbye and then we made our way to the gate. After traveling to England and France, we were pros at flying. I honestly like flying. It’s relaxing. On the way to the gate, I bought some magazines. I need to read on the plane. It’s hard for me to sleep. It was going to be a short flight to Chicago. Southwest is crazy. Pittsburgh to Chicago, then Chicago to North Carolina. It’s insane.
When we landed in Chicago, we made our way to the gate for our flight to North Carolina. I couldn’t wait to be in North Carolina and see our Bed and Breakfast. The layover in Chicago wasn’t too bad it was only an hour or two. I bought the book a Simple Favor. It was a movie that was in theaters recently. I do want to see the movie, but in most cases, the books are always better than the movie.
When we landed in North Carolina, there was some drama with the communication between the pilot and the guys on the ground, who unload baggage. The pilot pulled up to the wrong gate, and you could see the guys on the ground directing him to another terminal, but the pilot wasn’t following directions. It was kind of funny. This delayed us getting our bags. Eventually, our bags appeared on the conveyor belt. We were meeting my cousins for dinner at some point around 4:30pm or 5pm. We took an Uber to our bed and breakfast. The place where we were staying was called the Morehead Inn. The woman at the front desk, who greeted us her name was Philomena she was from Ireland. She told us about the history of the place and gave us a tour. She kept saying how beautiful of a couple we are.

When we walked into our room, it was called the Dilworth room it was so cute. it looked like a quaint hotel room. There was a door to the balcony. The balcony was a shared space among other guests. Philomena treated us to a glass of wine. While we waited for Philomena to bring us our wine, I got a shower. Apparently, she brought the wine while I was in the shower. I wanted to get cleaned up and ready to go to dinner tonight. When I got out of the shower, I saw there was a glass of rose there for me. She surprised me!
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How am I ever going to leave this place? After we drank our wine, we left the Bed and Breakfast and went to go meet my cousins. My cousins live about 3 hours away from North Carolina. We were meeting them at the Dilworth Grille. We walked to the restaurant and took in this little part of Charlotte that we were visiting. It was raining, but not an insane downpour type of rain.  It was a calming kind of rain and it was bearable to walk in. We saw there was a liquor store next to the shop. We went into the liquor store and picked up some champagne and a can of rose seltzer water from France. I couldn’t wait to head back to the bed and breakfast and drink with my husband.

After the liquor store, we went to the Dillworth Grille. They seated us at a table and we waited for my cousins. We took a seat and ordered drinks. We were starved. While we were at the table, Drew and I talked about how much we loved North Carolina. It has always been my dream to go back to the South to live. I have always been in love with the South. North Carolina everyone is so nice and they say, “Yes ma’am.” They are pleasant. I would love to end up there.

When my cousins arrived, we stood up and hugged them. My cousin Gretchen has a daughter Dorcas. Dorcas is married to Steven and they have 4 boys.  I haven’t met the youngest yet, Edison. All in all, I haven’t seen them since my wedding. It has been 3 years. It was so good to see them.

After dinner, Drew and I went back to the bed and breakfast and wandered around the house a bit. I was in love with the staircase.  Ever since England, I have been obsessed with staircases. I can appreciate a good staircase. I can just imagine old southern belles who are aristocrats walking this staircase in ball gowns, so jealous.  Drew took a video of me walking down the stairs, pretending to be an aristocrat.
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The house was all decorated for Christmas. It looked so beautiful.


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Dinner with In-Laws

This evening, we went to the Cafe in Aliquippa. We were going to meet Drew’s parents there. We haven’t been there in forever. I stuck to my keto diet had a hamburger with no bun and a side of coleslaw. I had a couple drinks with my mother-in-law, crown, and soda waters.

At dinner, we talked about all that has been happening in our lives and in their lives. We hadn’t been out to eat together in a long time. She asked about my diet and I told her it is going so well. I really feel better eating this way. She was glad to hear it. We talked about my birthday plants, and dinner at my parents, as well as their vacation to Cape Cod. I am glad I got to see them.

When Drew and I got home, I had another crown and soda, then it was off to bed for this girl.

Dinner and Out

After work today, I went home, changed, and got ready to go over Anthony’s. When I arrived, he was still inside. I needed him to buzz me into his apartment. Of course, he is taking his good old time. I took a Facebook life video (I will upload it later). As I was recording this video, he came out of his apartment building and scared me. It was pretty funny.


When we arrived at Settler’s Ridge, we decided to eat at Walnut Grill. The hostess asked us Lounge or Dining room. I said, “We are young, the Lounge.” Anthony laughed. We order drinks first. They had $4 dollar Titos. I know I am not supposed to have alcohol, but the week I had I felt like I needed a drink. I had a Titos vodka and water. I took my time browsing the menus. It is not hard to eat out on Keto, but it does take time to read the descriptions and decide.  I decided on a steak burger with extra bacon, lettuce, with a side of vegetables. I was being good, minus the alcohol.
At dinner, we talked about his dating drama, but also my group drama and school. I told him we were placed in groups based on our MBTI results (Myers Briggs’) and I said, “I am an ENFJ…” He laughed and then it hit him and he said, “Oh My God.” I am an ENFJ too!” We instantly grew even closer and developed an even stronger bond. We do get along so well. Typically, two extroverts don’t, but we do!


We had to take this picture outside to signify that we are intellectuals, but more importantly, we are best friends, who have the exact same personality type.

Anyways, we solved all the problems at dinner and we felt like we were successfully got up on each other’s lives.





We wandered into Michael’s craft store and checked out the Halloween Fall decor. I found some leaves and I had to wrap myself up in them. When I see fall leaves, I think of my wedding. I had such a beautiful October wedding. I was married on my birthday October 24th. I do love fall.

At Michael’s, Anthony did purchase a cute little wooden sign that says, “Thanksgiving is Cranberries without the liquor”, or something to that effect. I thought it was cute. If I hosted, Thanksgiving, I would have bought it myself.

Also, most of the Halloween decorations were cheap. I am picky when it comes to Halloween decorations. They can’t be cheap.

After Michael’s, we wandered into Barnes and Noble. I wanted to buy a Kate Spade Tumbler to reward myself for completing my first week of Keto and staying dedicated, so that is exactly what I did. This tumbler is some! I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but I will soon.  I do love some Kate Spade.

On the way out of Barnes and Noble, I had to pay respects to my favorite author, F. Scott  Fitzgerald and favorite book, The Great Gatsby. I wanted to buy this poster, but I am sure there are some corporate rules and regulations about that. There is another poster I want in the store and it is by the Starbucks Cafe, the cover of the novel This Side of Paradise.  I do love my Fitz!

After Barnes and Noble, I had every intention of going home,  but part of me wanted to get out a bit and go to the Blue Moon, or somewhere.  I was dressed to go out a bit, and I don’t really get a chance to go out that often anymore. Anthony didn’t really seem to want to go out. I didn’t push it.

On the way back to Anthony’s to get my car, Dylan texted him and said, “Want to go to the Blue Moon?”

Pitt Panthers vs. Penn State Lions

Pitt Panthers vs. Penn State Lions

Today is the biggest game of the year. It is the Pitt vs. Penn State game. This is the 99th time they have played each other. I so desperately wanted Pitt to win this game. There is this rivalry between the two schools. I tried to get tickets, but decided we would have more fun watching the game with his parents. His dad was going to make steaks on the grill. Plus it was going to rain all day!
During the day, I did some laundry, and cleaned up the house a bit. I was able to finish my reading for the weekend. I was ready to go for class this week. I just needed to do some things for my internship. I figured his mom might be able to help me. She had to write her own job description, so I know she will be a good person to ask.
Around 4:30pm, we got the car packed up and drove to his parents. When we arrived his mom opened the garage door and said, “Hey Roomies!” She was so happy to see us. I was glad to see her and be able to just relax this evening. We cracked open a Truly and brought our stuff in.
We sat down to eat dinner around 6:30pm. We had steak, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, broccoli, green beans, sausage, hot dogs, peppers, etc. We were so grateful for dinner and to be able to have the time with them. Dinner was so yummy. I was so full. After dinner, I painted my nails a grey color. My mother-in-law uses the OPI infinite shine polish. I love it. I need to invest in it.
After I painted my nails, it was time to get ready for the game. We all sat in the living room and watched Pitt mess up the coin toss. Pat Narduzzi looked so mad. I thought this is not a good sign. We scored first. There was so much cheering and yelling. We thought Pitt was going to win and that they had this.
As the game went on, Pitt was making serious errors and in the end, Pitt fell to Penn state with a score of 51-6. It was heartbreaking. After the game, we got ready to go to bed. I wondered if I would see the players around the campus on Monday, or if they will try to keep a low profile.

30th Birthday & 2 Years of Marriage

Today, I am 30 years old. I feel pretty good about it surprisingly.

This morning, we went to Starbucks, when we got off the bus and I got my usual. A venti blonde roast with a pump of pumpkin, and room for cream. Since I am a Starbucks reward member, I get a free Birthday drink. Drew got his usual, venti iced coffee with a shot of espresso.

We parted and went to our buildings, I called my mom and she wished me a Happy Birthday. We talked for a bit, then when I got off the phone with her I got some work done. I don’t have too much going on right now, but that will probably change tomorrow after I meet with my DGS. It will make the week go by faster.

When Nancy arrived, she brought me a blueberry muffin, and wished me Happy Birthday! I told her Thank you! I was glad I didn’t get any pastries at Starbucks this morning!

At 11:45am today, I met Drew at the bottom of the escalators and we went to lunch. He was so cute. He held my hand, while we walked to Stacked. He asked me how my day was going and if I was having a good birthday so far? I said I was having a great day.  We walked to Stacked together.

When we arrived at Stacked, they aren’t so busy. It was nice. We got right in and got a table. We both did a build your own burger and curly fries. Lunch was so good. After lunch, went to the book store and he bought me a Pitt phone case since mine broke this morning. I really need a case, this phone has to last me.

After we left the bookstore, we went back to work. I didn’t want to go back at all. Thankfully the day went by quickly, and it was time to meet up with Drew again to catch the bus

When we got home, we made dinner and he went to the store. He got me flowers and two cupcakes so we both could have one, while he sang Happy Birthday to me. After dinner, we watched Halloween II. It was a great way to start a new decade. I felt so loved and so happy.

Melissa & Mike

Today, we both had chiropractor appointments at Dr. Bailey’s. We were both pretty out of it. After Dr. Bailey’s we went to Starbucks, and I tried the new Butterscotch latte it was pretty yummy. While we were there, we sampled the reserve coffee. They brew it on this machine called the Clover. It was too strong for me, even with cream and sugar. When we left, I poured mine out in the parking lot, and Andrew mixed the reserve with his regular coffee. He put both in his Yeti.
When we were on the way to Lowes in Robinson, he had such road rage, and was so mean to the drivers on the road and had zero patience. I told him no more Reserve! He knew he was being a little feisty and on edge. We picked up the stuff that we needed at Lowe’s and then we went to Walmart in Moon to get a few things as well.
While we were in Walmart, we ran into Mike and Melissa Oblinger. Melissa was in my graduating class at OLSH. She married a man named Mike, who was in the class that graduated right after us. I always thought her boyfriend was so annoying. Melissa and I hugged and got to talking about the reunion and who she has talked to, since high school. Towards the end of the conversation, I invited them to our house in Moon for dinner. I looked at Andrew and realized that this was an impulse decision and I asked if it was okay? He said, definitely. We decided to order pizza, even though we just had pizza. Mike and Melissa were going to bring a bag of chips, a bottle of rum and coke. I was so excited to have them over, but now we have to clean the house. We said they should come over about 6pm.
After Walmart, we went home and did a quick power clean. I brought out the photo albums, and the old letters from high school that I kept. I put them on the chaise for the when they came over, so Melissa could see our memories. I will admit. I knew that seeing her was going to be a bit nostalgic for me. Melissa represents a time where things were easy for me in the beginning, but she also represents a time of change  for me. Melissa wrote me a letter warning me of my feelings for Bryan and how they would forever change me. She pretty much foreshadowed my heartbreak, and my life after, and she saw what was going to happen down the road, and warned me. Of course, I was too naïve to heed her warnings and people don’t live their life based on warnings of others, but she was right. She was right in so many ways. She was and still is an old soul, and someone that I respected even on the days where she was supposedly, “mad at me.” The woman changed her moods so often, and one could always tell what mood she was in that day, and whether she was going to be your friend that or not, but she owned herself that is what I respect.
When Melissa and Mike arrived, we started making drinks. I sent Andrew and Mike to the UniMart to get ice and paper plates. I didn’t want to clean any dishes that night. While Mike and Andrew were at the UniMart, I showed Melissa that binder of notes we used to pass back and forth. I told her she was right, about Bryan and about everything. She said, it does change you in ways that you can’t describe, but it just does. She said, looking back I don’t know why I wanted Kevin. I don’t know what I saw in him. Granted my situation with Bryan was a tad different, than the one she had with Kevin, but we both loved with our whole hearts, and had devastating break ups. She told me that she saw Bryan at Gander mountain and she said to Mike, is that Bryan? Mike I think that’s Bryan and Mike not wanting any weird situation to erupt didn’t answer her, until they walked out of the store, and said, yes it was.
Throughout the night, we tried to censor our conversation, so Drew didn’t feel so awkward. We tried not to bring up Bryan, and everything, but that was the last boyfriend she saw me with, and the last time I saw Melissa and actually hung out with her, was my high school graduation party. We had so much to talk about. Mike and Melissa didn’t leave until around 2am. When they left, Drew and I cleaned up a little, then went to bed. I was so glad to see her, but I did miss her and our friendship, and it made me miss our memories.

Andrew’s 31st Birthday

Andrew’s 31st Birthday

Today, we went to the pool until about 2:30-3:00pm. Then we went home, the storm clouds were approaching and they were coming in fast. We went home to get ready for Andrew’s birthday party tonight. We wanted to to the Haufbrahaus there a little earlier, grab a table, and order some beers and the pretzel bites. We thought they were going to be packed since it is a Saturday.

When we got there, we got a table in the mess hall, and we had a huge long table for just us and our friends and family. We had some time together alone before people started to arrive. We also had the same server as two years ago, who waited on us, which was so cool! She remembered us, as well.
My parents arrived, and brought Drew his gift and two birthday cards. One was funny, and the other was a sweet son-in-law card. My dad bought him a picture framed with two tickets to the Steelers game, a picture of Franco Harris, and a program from the game. Drew loved it. Something for his man cave, then his parents arrived, and Zach came. After Zach arrived, Ben and Tricia showed up. Drew was on his 3rd beer at that point.

andrews-31st-birthday-weekend-2After we had dinner, and some drinks Ben and Tricia showed up, as my parents and his parents were leaving. We all went outside to the Beer Garden. Andrew at this point was on his 4th huge pint of beer. I knew this was going to be a long night. When we were in the Beer garden, Anthony and Dylan arrived for drink, and left. Then Patrick, Zach’s brother showed up, and he had a drink with us as well. It was nice to see most of Andrew’s friends show up.

At around 12:30am, it was time to get the Birthday boy home. I made sure I had his cards, he had already put the gift my dad got him in the truck, so that was safe, now to get this man home, who keeps saying it is his name day; too many episodes of Game of Thrones!

On the way home, I am driving. I reach over to touch Drew’s hand. We are a few feet away from almost being home and getting on the Thorn Run Exit. I had to pull over on 376, and he got out of the car, and managed to get vomit on the door, before getting out of the car, and vomiting up the rest. I felt bad, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked in the mirror, there were no cars coming. It was about 2am. It would be my luck if a cop pulled up right now, at this very moment. I got out of the car, and rubbed his back, he had vomit and snot dripping from him. I felt so bad for him, but at the same time, he did this to himself. I helped him in the back seat. I had nothing to give him to wipe his face, because we didn’t have any napkins or paper towels (I keep a roll in the car with me now though).

I finally got us home, and got him inside. He kept apologizing and I felt so bad for him. I got him wiped up and he started crying. He was so drunk. He told me how much he loved me and how sorry he was that he got like this, and that he let me down. I said that he didn’t let me down and it was okay, I forgive him, but he can’t get like this anymore.  He agreed. I got him in the shower, and I got random clothes on, so I could go outside and clean the car after I got him settled.

Once he was in bed, I went outside and cleaned the vomit out of the car. Surprisingly, it did not smell and thank God it did not, because then I would have vomited. It looked white like oatmeal. It didn’t take me long, then I went back inside, dressed in some pjs and climbed into bed with my lush husband.