Halloween 2018

This morning, I helped out at the RMU football game. It was student government day, so every student, who swiped their freedom card and received a ticket, could vote for the organization of their choice. The organization with the most votes would win $500. The band, who belongs to the KKY organization, didn’t swipe in but wanted to vote for their organization. The student worker that I work with, Jordan, she is a member of Sigma Kappa and wanted her organization to win. I actually am not sure, who won, but KKY did get the most votes, but not sure if they count since the band didn’t swipe in.

After I got home from the football game, I went home and grabbed my acrylic dip powder set, and went to my parents. I did my mom’s nails. Then I went home to do some homework until it was time to go to Leanne and Dan’s. I couldn’t wait to get all dressed up.

After I got my witch costume on, I put my make up on and ended up dropping the eyelash glue cap down the drain. Drew had to take off the p-trap and get the cap out. I was a little off that night. I was starting to get a headache as well. I was a little hormonal, but I just had a day of being on the go and no time to catch up.



When we arrived, to Leanne and Dan’s, we knocked but then walked into the house. No one was in the living room. We walked inside the living room and I yelled, “Hello?” Maci came down the stairs dressed as a mermaid. She gave me a big hug she looked so cute.
44946624_10156822124644712_6338108845302218752_nShe is getting so big. I miss her being so little. I could tell that she is kind of a little uninterested in hanging out with me anymore. I am not around enough. It breaks my heart a little. I don’t live close to her anymore, so I don’t get to see her as often as before. Leanne hangs out with other moms, who have children that are friends with Maci.

One of the moms was there and Maci was playing more with her and not really sitting with me, and being around me like she used to. I will always be her Daniel, but she is growing up now.

I walked over to the stairs and shouted up to Leanne and said Happy Halloween! She said, “Hey broad.” she was up getting ready. Drew went down to see Dan and the rest of the boys. I went upstairs to say hi to Leanne before making my way down to the basement. Leanne was still getting ready with her friend. Eventually, I made my way down to the basement to join Drew and the guys. At one point, Nikki and Paul came in and Paul was dressed up as the mad hater and Nikki was dressed up as Alice and Wonderland. It was good to see them. I haven’t seen them in a while.

Andrew and I didn’t stay long. We left around 10:30pm. I was tired of having an early day that day. I needed to go home and go to bed. I had some homework to do tomorrow. Halloween was different this year

Graduate Dean’s Office

This morning I had a meeting at the Dean’s office, so I had to dress up a bit today, so I wore my navy blue dress, with beige polka dots. I also wore a grey light weight long sleeve shawl. I might be cold. I am always cold in some of the offices.
At the meeting we discussed, what is up and coming; the two reports that are due October 1st, changes in the job styles; most DGS used to use and abuse Grad Admins, but those days should be over and we have a clear cut idea of what we are supposed to do vs. what a DGS is supposed to do, confidentiality issues.
On the topic of confidentiality issues, since I work with both undergrad and grad. I brought up the fact that I had a confidential meeting with a professor about a student yesterday, and I shut my door, but the entry way to a professor’s office is in my office. One of the members of the Dean’s office, was shocked to hear this, she figured we all have our own spaces. I said, “No.” She said, “well that needs to change. you can’t be in that office anymore. You have to have your own space.” I just nodded my head in agreement, even Phyllis chimed in for me, and vouched for the shared space. She used to  be in my office, when they were trying to fill the position.
When we left the meeting, I filled Nancy in on what the Dean’s office said, and she said, “okay, we will move you, but we put you there because you are doing both undergrad and grad and thought it would be easier for you to be next to the undergrad advisor. I said, but I do both now. She said, “Yeah, you do. We are probably going to move you into Wes’ office, and then move Wes into Sorcha’s old office, until we hire an assistant professor, then we will have to figure out something different.” I just nodded my head in agreement with her plan, but she had to talk to the Chair too. I was so excited for my own office, and not have to share space anymore. It’s not that I don’t like the undergrad advisor; we get a long. It’s just I have to sometimes handle confidential matters and undergrads, and or Dan can’t be walking through my office. I will miss my office number 2410. I love that number.
Around 1pm, I had lunch with Frank at the Porch. He filled me in on everything happening in the Jazz office, and how the new grad admin in Music is doing. We talked about the Jazz Seminar and concert week. He asked if I would help at the survey table, and gather people’s e-mail addresses the day of the concert. I told him I would be glad to help in any way. I am excited for him and nervous for him, because it is about to get really busy. He told me he would e-mail me the draft for the posters, when he got back to the office. It was good to see him and catch up. I am not sure when we will have lunch again next month. It is going to get so busy for him.