This afternoon, I went to lunch with Cindy. She is new to the division. My mentor left to take another position in another department, so now Linda is mentor. The person replacing my mentor is Cindy. She is so down to earth, nice, and will really fit in here. Brian, Cindy, Wynn, and myself walked to the Porch together.
When we arrived, we ordered our food, and Wynn paid for our lunch. She will probably get reimbursed as an expense. I still thought that was nice of her to do. We sat a table, and got to know Cindy. She is so funny and easy going. I am excited for her. We all talked about what it’s like in our departments. When food arrived, Wynn and I split a Marguerite pizza. I was still a little hungry after, but I would be okay.
After lunch, we walked back over to Posvar. Cindy and I talked about England and France. She said, that she vacationed over there recently, and was excited for me. When I got back to my office, the day went by so slow. I was ready to go home. I wasn’t quite feeling myself. I am a little bloated too. I know it’s hormones and period related, but it’s annoying.
On the way home, I was kind of cranky. I don’t know why I just was. Drew was a little cranky too. He was going to go to the gym, but decided to stay home with me. Tomorrow is another day.

Writing Center

I broke down and made an appointment with the Writing Center. I have heard that they are not constructed properly for Graduate Students, and they are more geared to undergrad. I needed to find someone else to proof read my paper. I did have my previous Lit professor, Spe read it. He made his comments, but I have no clue how to apply them. I agree with his suggestions and I think some areas of my paper need tweaked and tightened up, but I have no clue how to go about it. I also had another graduate student here in the Sociology department read my paper. I think he did a better job of trying to help me and giving me things to think about for me to expand my thoughts and add more sentences to some of these paragraphs, but I still needed help figuring out where to begin.
When I was checking out the website for the Writing Center. I noticed there are a few different schedules O’Hara Student Center schedule, and the Hillman Library Schedule. I want the Hillman Library Writing Center, it is closer to where I work. I made the appointment during my lunch hour at 1 pm. I printed out my paper, and then I figured I better call the writing center and see how this works. When I talked to the administrator, she said, that once you enter the library, walk towards the Cup and Chaucer (a coffee bar), then to your write, you will see a sign that says, “Writing Center.” You will hang out there and wait for the tutor. I said, Oh okay, easy enough. I gave her the name of the tutor I scheduled with online, and she told me what the tutor looks like, so I would know who to look for, while I was waiting.
When I arrived at the Writing Center, it was about 12:40pm. I looked around for my tutor and didn’t see her. I flipped through my paper, and scrolled through my phone. I was nervous. It was almost like a blind date. At one point, I looked up and saw a woman with red hair standing near a table, with her daughter. I stood up and introduced myself. I figured this must be her. She and I shook hands, and then she sat down at the table with me. I turned back and said hi to her daughter. She was so cute. She sat the table behind us.
Throughout the appointment, the tutor read over my paper from start to finish. She made corrections here and there, and gave me some things to think about and possibly how many sentences I might need to write to expand on my thoughts in certain places. I am so glad I made this decision. I wish I would have started this process last week, but I thought I was not going to need the writing Center, because of Spe, but it turns out I did need them and I just hope I had enough time. Time flew by, and I was a half hour late coming back from my lunch hour. I felt so terrible. I am never late. I never did this before.
When I arrived back to the office, I apologized to Nancy she said don’t worry about it. I immediately fired off an e-mail to Phyllis, my supervisor. I knew she wasn’t in this afternoon, but I just wanted to make her aware of the situation and how I planned to make it up during my lunch hour next week. I was hoping she would understand.
In the afternoon, I did some requests and made the corrections on my paper. I also e-mailed the tutor. We have an appointment to meet at 11am-12pm tomorrow. I talked to Nancy and I have to be here, while she is at a Department Meeting from 12pm-2pm and needs to leave her office a few minutes earlier to get set up. My appointment will be cut short, but I think I will be okay. My week is going to be a bit chaotic next week. We have prospective students coming in to visit the department. I will see what happens, but it’s going to come to a point, where I will have to turn it in eventually, and the grade that I get is the grade that I get. I will have to learn from this for the next paper.
After work, I walked to the cathedral to go meet Drew. I was ready to get out of Oakland.  When we met up, I told him how hungry I was and how I just wanted a burger. He said, I feel the same way. We drove from Oakland to Red Robin. It wasn’t a bad drive and we were so ready to eat some good food and have a couple beers.
When we arrived to Red Robin, we sat at the bar, and ordered Coors Light, and put our food order in. We chatted about England, work, and how it is almost the weekend! When our food arrived, it didn’t have a prayer. I was a bit of a glutton. I had two orders of fries and two beers. He had two beers and three orders of fries. Bottom less fries get us every time! It was such a good idea.
When we got home, I got a shower and put some pjs on, and then we watched the Office. We are on Season 4. Jim and Pam are together and officially a couple. They admitted it to the Office! After that I fell asleep. I was so tired. I have so much going on anymore. I can’t stay awake. Tomorrow is Friday.