Late Start to the Day

Today, I did not have to be at CMU until 1pm, so I stopped over my parents and hung out with them for a bit and was able to see my dogs.
I love being able to see them. I don’t get to see them as much now that the semester started up back up. I am trying really hard to balance my commitments this semester. I think I am doing well, but at the same time it is tough to find the motivation to sit down and do the assignments. I am blessed with the opportunities and I am very grateful to have them.

The spring semester always seems to be the toughest. It is hard to find that rhythm and balance after coming off of Christmas break. I am trying not to think, just do and get it done.

In the afternoon, I assisted with the activities fair. Once the organizations are set up, I like to wander up and down the tables and see what each organization is about and all the things they have on their table for promotion. I tried a Chinese cookie from the Chinese Cooking Club. It was pretty good.

New Year’s Day

This morning we both were so tired. We were going to my parents today for New Year’s Day dinner. My mom was making the traditional pork and sauerkraut. I was so excited. This is the only time we ever have sauerkraut. My dad is German, so she made him dumplings as well.

Dinner was yummy as always. We talked about plans for the New year. I also got to see my pups!

Christmas Day

This morning, we got ready and went to Drew’s parents. We hung out ate cookies, drank coffee, and relaxed, until it was time to pick up Aunt Tootsie. I rode along with Drew to pick her up. She had a ton of goodies to bring over. We love it when Aunt Tootsie bakes.

When we got back to his parents, my parents arrived shortly after and so did their family friend Lou. My father-in-law made such an amazing dinner. There was ham, turkey, all the different sides, and fixings.

After dinner, we went to see Grandma at the nursing home. She was so excited to see us. Drew’s mom brought her some treats. She was so happy.

We need to make more of an effort to see her. She loves when people visit.


We had a very blessed Christmas. I hope everyone else did, as well!


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, Drew and I got to my parents for a bit have some snacks, open gifts, then attend 4pm Christmas together mass, then we go home, cook dinner together, and watch it’s a Wonderful Life.

When we arrived to my parents, I got to see my pups Paris and Louie. I couldn’t wait to give them their gifts. We got them both chewy sticks. We figured the chewy sticks would occupy them while we opened gifts.

Christmas Eve mass that we attended is at the church where we got married 4 years ago. The church looks so pretty decorated for Christmas. Of course church was packed with the people who only go twice a year. 🙂 Unfortunately, we are those people.

After church, we went home to make dinner. I made haluski and a beef tenderloin. I cherish this tradition that we have. Sometimes the holidays can get so noisy it’s nice when we can just take a moment and just be with each other and enjoy the holiday.

After dinner, we snuggled up and watched it’s a Wonderful Life. This movie is so special to me. I am so glad Drew likes it as well.

I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Christmas



Christmas with Tommy and Megan

This evening, we went to Drew’s parents house for dinner. His dad was going to make his famous chocolate chip cookies. Tommy and Megan were on their way from Erie. I couldn’t wait to see Butters and Waffles.

When they arrived, I couldn’t believe how big Waffles is now. He is no longer a puppy. We all ate dinner together, then opened gifts, played with the dogs, and ate way too many chocolate chip cookies.

We all are so busy, but it is so nice to come together for the holidays.


Hair Appt

This morning I had a hair appt at 10am with Misty. I wanted my ends to be a lighter shade of blonde and my roots to stay a little darker. She knew exactly what I wanted. After my hair appt, I went to my parents for a little bit and saw my doggies. I love when I get to see them. I wrapped little Paris up in my Burberry scarf and snuggled her for a moment she looks a little older in this picture. I can’t believe we had them since 2014! It doesn’t seem like that long ago.

After my parents, I went home to get ready to shadow Blair, at the Pitt basketball game.

Birthday Festivities

Today, is the eve of my 32nd Birthday and 4 year wedding anniversary. Andrew went to a conference in Miami and he comes back tomorrow at 4:30pm. I threw a fit about it at first. I didn’t want him to go to the conference, but I am glad that he will be home tomorrow, the actual day of my birthday and our anniversary!

This morning, I was meeting with my supervisor when I received a flower delivery. I was surprised. They are so gorgeous! I texted Andrew and thanked him for the beautiful flowers. He was glad that I liked them.

After work, I had to tutor a football player, I put my flowers in the center console of my car, and drove to where we have a parking lease. I parked my car, and left my flowers in the car. I tutored for about an hour, and then went back to my car to drive home.

When I got to my parents, I brought the flowers in, and put them on the bay window. Then I went to dinner with my dad at the Greentree Inn. We had a birthday drink and talked about my birthday, grad school, and etc. It was nice to have a father/daughter dinner together.

Back at my parents, I took a couple pictures with little Paris, then it was off to bed for this girl.IMG_2718.jpeg IMG_2715.jpeg I can’t wait to see Drew. When I was laying in bed, I received a call from Drew he and I talked for a bit, and I cried a little. I do miss him so much!