Fun Friday

This morning my previous supervisor stopped by and she dropped off some Halloween decorations for me. She messaged me a while back, and asked me if I wanted some of her decorations. She and her husband love Halloween, but since her children are grown they don’t use them as much as they used to. I was so glad that she thought of me. In the picture above, she dropped off the coffin, skeletons, the witch to the left, the Lizzie Borden head stone, the cauldron and the broom. I am so obsessed!

The three of us carried the coffin to the garage. I wondered if any of my neighbors saw us. Once we got the coffin safely into the garage, we chatted some more. I invited her into our house so she could see our decorations. She loved them and was glad that her decorations were in the hands of a Halloween lover.

When she left, I virtually tutored two baseball players and hung out with my neighbor’s daughter. She is so cute and so funny! We colored a couple pictures and then she had to go to a birthday party.

Hair Appt & Lunch

This morning, I had a hair appt with Misty at 9:00am. I stopped and got us Starbucks on the way. Once I arrived, I described to her how I wanted only a little dark at my roots, but more blonde. She double processed me and of course I love it! (picture to be posted soon).

After my hair appt, I went to lunch with my mom at this place called Zoup. There is all kinds of homemade soups and sandwiches. It is like a Panera, but I think it is so much better than Panera. I had the tomato bisque with half a club sandwich. My mom had the tomato bisque mixed with broccoli cheddar, and half of a sandwich. I treated my mom to lunch. I do not get to do it very often, but she deserves it.

After lunch, I stopped at the beer distributor and picked up a sampler pack of the Truly spiked lemonades. Drew and I have been wanting to try them, but just never being able to find them.

Once I got home, I did the laundry. I took an hour nap on the couch and just wanted to take some time for self-care. Drew was working from home. When he was done working, we ordered pizza and wings. We got caught up on our shows; Tell me a Story, and Riverdale. One more episode of Tell me a Story, then I am cancelling CBS All Access. It is like $7.00 a month, which is not bad, but we have so many streaming services (Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix).

It was such a relaxing Friday!


This morning, I went into CMU for a couple hours, and then drove to the  Strip-District to meet up with my cousin’s friend. She was interested in perhaps working in athletes and was wondering what my thoughts were, and if I could possibly share my network. I wanted to meet up with her first before I gave her my contacts.

When I arrived to the Strip District, parking was a nightmare. I was looking for that one street, I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s where they filmed a scene from Mission Impossible 3. There for a fact is parking usually up and down that street.

However, it was in the evening, when I remembered there being parking, not in the afternoon on Friday! Instead of battling for street parking. I parked in parking lot on 23rd street. It was going to be $10. I didn’t care. It was better than fighting the other cars. I walked towards the coffee shop where I was to meet Lauren, but I texted her and asked if she wanted to meet for lunch instead. She suggested a restaurant, that was around 21st street. It was half way to her work. I went to the restaurant, and it was jam packed. There would probably not be anywhere for us to sit and it would take longer to get our food. I went to the sushi and soup restaurant next door and it was mostly empty. I texted her and told her where I was and how it wasn’t crowded at all and it would be easier to have conversation there.

While I waited for Lauren, I ordered a huge bowl of Chicken noodle soup.
IMG_3178.jpg I have never seen anything like this before. I texted her and told her I ordered some soup already. She said, not a problem and she was 5 minutes away.

When she arrived, I stood up and shook her hand. She thanked me for meeting her. She sat down and ordered her soup. This was her first time there as well. We chatted about athletics, and her background.  She was a student-athlete and is more interested on the events side of athletics and game day operations. I told her how I might be able to able her. I told her I could send an e-mail e-introducing her to who I know. The rest would be up to her and my contacts. I am so grateful to the people who have helped me along the way, and if i can do the same for someone else. I am happy to pay it forward.

After lunch, I wondered in and out of the shops in the strip district. I got my father-in-law his Christmas gift. When I saw it, I immediately thought of him. Then, I bought a Burberry type looking scarf. It’s not a real one, but it looks just like it!

When I got home from the strip district, I got to work on editing our final paper for assessment class. After the edits, I downloaded the paper from the google doc to check over the formatting one last time, and then I submitted it to Max for our group. The waiting game for the grade to appear began! I completed the online evaluations for my group members. The semester was officially over!

Finally Friday

Work was not too bad today. None of the faculty came in until around 12pm. I ate lunch with Nancy in the kitchen. After lunch, I answered e-mails. I was able to work on my paper for legal. It is actually coming along rather well. I am happy to have it almost done. I just have to write three pages left and a strong conclusion and then I am done. I talked to my professor about it last night and she was telling me not to stress about the paper. I am not stressing, but it’s just sitting down and crafting it.

After work, I drove to RMU where I am currently sitting in Massey Theatre to help sell tickets. I hope we get a crowd of students. There is another event on campus for Greek Week it is called Airband. I asked some students campus what Airband is and they said it’s like the biggest event. They dress up in costumes and make up, and they sing and dance on a stage. It is like lip sync challenge. It sounds pretty cool. I didn’t get involved in much when I was an undergrad at RMU. Looking back, I wish I would have. I dabbled in theater and made friends that I still talk today, but I didn’t participate in Greek Life. I probably would have, if I lived on campus and was a traditional four year student.

I may stop by Airband after and check it out, but I am a little anxious to go home and hang out.


Finally Friday

This morning when we arrived in Oakland and, we stopped at Starbucks. I can’t believe I am typing this, but I am sick of Pumpkin Spice Lattes already. I tried something new. I got a venti blonde roast, with a pump of pumpkin, and shot of espresso with room for cream.  Drew’s drink was up first of course. His was simple. He just orders a red eye. Once he got his drink, I told him he didn’t have to wait for me. I kissed him goodbye and wished him a good day.

Once I got my drink, I walked to my building and called my mom and we talked for a bit, but she was walking into work. I called my dad and we talked for a little, once I got in my office, I sat down and went to work. I had a little to do today, but I was hoping for a chill start to my holiday weekend. I am so ready to just relax and do some homework. I don’t have much planned this weekend, but homework. I am ready to go home and get the weekend started.

This evening we are going to Lens Crafters to get his sunglasses, they are in and ready for pick up, and hopefully, we are ordering mine. I am getting blue light lenses, but Coach or Burberry frames is the question?

Hello Friday!

Finally, Friday! A day I hav even waiting for since Monday! I was hoping for a nice relaxing day today, maybe a few requests here and here nothing major. I have been on and off the phone with Melanie all morning long adding things to my to do list. I can’t seem to finish a task today. As of now, the new semester already started for us, but I am already in the thick of it. I am hoping to get caught up today, but for now I am at lunch reading my new book, from the library, the Death of Mrs. Westaway. I typically don’t gravitate towards mystery novels, but this one was on the best seller list, so we will see. So far I like Ware’s style of writing. It’s accessible and seemingly easy. I appreciate it. I am trying to catch. Up on as much personal writing as possible before a new semester of grad school starts, then personal pleasurable reading ends until Christmas break!

Happy Friday!

Starbucks Friday & Friday the 13th

So today is finally Friday, but not just any Friday. It is Friday the 13th! Yesterday, I saw a black cat along our walkway, and that is not a good sign. I love the supernatural and the unexplained and scary. I am down for anything halloween and spooky, but a black cat is never a good sign, but they are so cute. Yesterday, was not a good day, which contributed to a long week. I really don’t want to relive this week. It was stressful and so trying. I am ready for a weekend.

Today, I have some requests to do and some things to follow up on, and then it is the weekend. I am ready for 4:30PM. I need a weekend. This morning, we stopped at Starbucks once we arrived into Oakland I got a Trenta iced coffee with one shot of espresso with no sweetener. a Trenta! I  didn’t even know they made a size bigger than the venti! I had to try it. So I dedicate this Friday to Starbucks and the Trenta size.
This evening, I hope we are doing anything, but hanging out. Tomorrow hopefully is another pool day. Sunday, I will at my cousins in Monroeville. I will have updates soon.

Date Night

Finally, Friday arrived, and it was much cooler outside. Autumn is vastly approaching.  I am excited for fall leaves, cooler weather, haunted house, pumpkins, etc. I didn’t think it was going to be this cool outside, so I didn’t bother to wear a jacket, but I had long sleeves. It was the Friday before Labor Day weekend, which meant a long weekend!

At lunch, I went to the Hillman library to pick up a book I had ordered it, it’s titled Tulip Fever. The movie is coming out today, but until there is a stream up on our Firestick, I will read the book.  After I left the Hillman, I went to the Carnegie Library with Nicollete. My stomach was off ever since I had a macchiato this morning, so I just sat with her in the library while she had coffee. When she left to go back to the office, I browsed the books a bit. I asked if I could be put on the list for the Outlander series books 3 and 4 Voyager & Drums of Autumn. I read them before, but then I got away from the series, but I want to finish it and try to refresh my memory. The new season is starting on Sunday! I can’t wait!
Unfortunately, we didn’t get out early at all for the Holiday weekend. It was a long day! That evening, Drew and I went to the Industry Pub for dinner. We had a coupon for a free appetizer, so we got the huge soft pretzel. I tried this new beer called Trick or Treat. It was a Vanilla porter beer, so good, but so filling. At dinner, we talked about Grad school, parenting, family planning, no subjects were off the table.
When we left dinner, I was a little buzzed, but when we got home we ran into our neighbor Anita, who bitched about the same things as she always does. It ruined my buzz. Once we finally got into the house, we tried to find a good stream for Annabelle and there wasn’t any. I was so bummed. I wanted to see this so badly. We watched Unforgettable with Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson. It was like Fatal Attraction, but it was a good Thriller. Then it was off to bed.